Mar 222011

Drakenforge wrote:
> Think about leaving her stuff alone, you’ve done enough to the house without stealing her spare stuff.

Yeah, you’ve probably taken enough of Quill-Weave’s stuff. You already owe her a lot, both figuratively and literally. It’d be rude to keep taking advantage of her hospitality. Anyway, that bottle is making you think things you don’t want to think about.

You clear your mind by cleaning up that mess you made with the watermelon. It’s too bad your idea to hollow it out and turn it into a Fruity Tote didn’t work out. That would’ve been pretty neat.

Wait, you hear the front door.

You welcome Quill-Weave back and tell her that the orc already left, nude. You both agree that was pretty weird of him; maybe it’s some orc thing you don’t understand. You also mention that you used her tapestry to make a bag to carry some supplies, you hope she doesn’t mind? She says it’s fine. It’s not even a real tapestry, it’s actually just a blanket she hung up like one.

Here’s some clothes. She hopes they’re close enough to what y-

Huh. You got those on fast. Laces and everything.

You explain that you’ve always been remarkably quick at getting in and out of clothing. Some people would consider this a skill, but for you it’s always been more of a liability. She understands. Anyway, you can’t imagine this ability ever having any practical applications, ever.

Now that you’re fed and decent, here’s the letter, 25 Septims, and a map of Cyrodiil. You just need to head northeast along the Gold Road until you get to Kvatch, take this letter to the proprietor of the bookstore, and wait for his response. In that same store you’ll be able to get a new copy of the book you ruined; it should be about ten Septims, leaving you fifteen for food and lodging.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Also do you have to worry about bandits/goblins/monsters on the way to Kvatch? You’ve heard stories about not traveling unless you’re willing to fight to the death.

You mention that you’ve heard some bad stories about travelling alone. The trip won’t be… dangerous, will it?

She says as long as you stick to the main roads you should be fine. Imperial Legion soldiers patrol the roads on horseback and are stationed at most inns; they’ll help you if you feel like you’re in danger. If you run into any trouble, just keep moving as fast as you can until you find a soldier. But if something goes really wrong… here-

It’s a potion of invisibility. Chug it and run. These aren’t cheap, and she’ll expect you to pay for it if you use it, so don’t drink it unless you have to.

You thank her, but admit you were expecting, like, a weapon. Something to defend yourself with, if you had to.

She reminds you that these are bandits and monsters you’re talking about, not balls of yarn. What do you think you can do?

Quill-Weave uncomfortably apologizes for the cat burn. She didn’t know those upset you.

  • Anon44

    There goes another candle!

  • matty406

    On the map:


    • Vincent

      Is it that surprising to see a continent on a map?

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer

      I love how some people forget that Skyrim was always an Elder Scrolls continent, not just a new setting created for TES V.

      • Mazza

        Too bad it isn’t a Continent, it’s a Country 😛

        Tamriel is the Continent

        • patrick

          This is true. Skyrim is not a continent. You punks and your non-willingness to learn about the world of nirn.

        • Woundedkneecap

          It’s a province, what up punk!

          • nocbl2

            Actually, it’s a country if you chose to free it from the Stormcloaks.

          • Kagji

            for. for the stormcloaks.

    • Latencess

      I was surprised too when I saw Russia on my world map.

  • Adult Puppet Show

    Skyrim is a province and historical nation of the Tamriellic Empire and the continent of Tamriel respectively. Not a continent of it’s own.

  • Andrew

    oh katia, you cry at everything. So adorable.

  • Hone

    Dogs wag their tails when they are happy, cats wag their tails when they are angry.

    • Jacul

      Dogs and cats both wag their tails around when they’re excited, both negatively and positively, not when they’re happy or sad. It’s a fidgety response to being ready to take more action than they’re currently following through with. If people had tails, they’d do it too, but since we don’t, we do things like tap our fingers, shift our weight around, pace, etc.

      • Jesus

        cats actually shake their tails because they are sending a warning that they are pissed

        • the-well-man

          Perhaps, but Katia’s a Khajiit, not a cat.

  • CaspianRoach

    I might be a retarded foreigner but
    >You’re already owe her a lot, both figuratively and literally.
    shouldn’t it be
    You already owe her a lot, both figuratively and literally.

    • Kazerad

      Ack, you’re right! Typo fixed. Thank you!

  • Michael

    At first I d’awwed at the last panel.

    Then I noticed the candle, and I lol’d. 😀

    • Edmond Dantés

      Same here. :3

  • Gro grog bash malog snoop dog Grog

    Of course its an Orc thing! Why else do I run straight out of the sewers every time to jump around naked punching imperials? UNARMED FOREVER!

  • Umbreon

    The clothing speed does have a practical application! Theatre!!! Master of the quick-change, Katia Managan!! (Dramatic music score)

  • Tendoking

    Why did she give her a map of the whole continent if she’s just going to Kvatch? that seems a little excessive.

  • Tigersong

    So far this isn’t a bad read. Will you start another so this one can participate?

  • egg brother

    wait, she had a bow when she left. purrhaps she sold it to buy the clothes

  • ronin1337

    Those sick fires man! They just won’t stop burning!

  • Djinnfest

    Yow, I felt that one from here…