Mar 252011

Pharmacy wrote:
>Three-leaf vine: Be poison ivy

You come to the obvious realization about the vines. Fuck.

Schazer wrote:
Try not to panic and cause undue damage, just cut your losses, and quit dawdling.

It’s just poison ivy, though. It’s not, like, real poison. Maybe you can find a stream and wash it off.

Either way, you don’t need any more setbacks on your way to Kvatch. These mushrooms and totally-magical clover you found should give you a little bit of extra spending money, but you still want to make it to the city before nightfall. You throw your plants in your bag and continue along the road.

Hours pass. You encounter absolutely no water sources. Not only is this poison ivy starting to act up, but you’re getting kind of thirsty. According to the map, you’ve still got a ways to go until you reach Kvatch.

Suddenly, a familiar voice calls after you.

  • Faren

    quick, rub the poison off your hand with your eyes

  • Ickorus

    I’d have loved this bit even more if there was a nirnroot in the background.

  • yo

    listenin to elder scrolls soundtrax and readin this, awesome….

  • Grymm

    sorry to be the one to point this out. but poison ivy doesn’t grow in vines.
    wait apparently im wrong. alright nvm.

  • NoriMori

    Wouldn’t her fur shield her from the poison ivy…? *confused*

  • Djinnfest

    Hey, he found his red trousers-
    Wait a minute…

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