Mar 252011

Schazer wrote:
Four leafed clovers. Can’t go wrong with four-leafed clovers.

If four leaf clovers aren’t magic, you don’t know WHAT is!

Zaffa wrote:
Mushrooms! If they aren’t good for you, they’ll probably kill you! Useful no matter what you’re trying to do.

Don’t forget mushroom soup, too! Mmm.

The mushrooms prove kind of a hassle to pick, though, since they have these three-leafed things tangled all around their stems.

  • Thornclaw

    Weird. am I the only one ever to post here? cool. my only first. 🙂

    • That Guy

      I’ll say it’s been your only first! Ba-zing

      • Thornclaw

        Your right. Ba-zing.

  • That Other Guy

    Poison Oak. :p

  • PriffyViole

    I read the title as “Katia: Kick Plants”.

  • Anonymous

    Normally cat’s aren’t negatively affected by poison ivy!

  • Keith

    i love this series so much, i started reading it today and im not sure how long it goes on since its been a year since this was posted