Mar 242011

NitroGlyde wrote:
Katia: Open the door and make your first steps towards Kvatch. Trip and drop the invisibility potion.

You pack away the invisibility potion in the safest part of your bag and very, very, very carefully leave Quill-Weave’s house. You can’t imagine how you’d feel if you broke something expensive due to your own clumsiness.

Before you leave, of course, you have a couple more questions.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
…Before you leave, you should ask Quill-Weave if you’re in trouble with the Guard. I mean she said she’s never seen you wearing clothes and then you apparently did the Pineapple and Yo-Yo thing in the middle of Town Square… are there any public decency laws you haven’t violated?

Most importantly, you check that the City Guard isn’t after you or anything. I mean, you evidently made quite a scene.

Quill-Weave says not to worry about it. You technically broke a few laws, yeah, but even the guards were all really impressed by what you did. Nobody thought it was physically… possible. The Countess might’ve had something to say about it, but you ran away as soon as she showed up.

You probably did more damage to your reputation than your legal standing, but you shouldn’t worry about that too much. There’s another female Khajiit who lives in this town, and people keep thinking it was her that pulled the pineapple stunt last night. You guys do look pretty similar. You say that you hope you didn’t hurt the Khajiit’s reputation too badly with this, but Quill-Weave says not to worry about it. This girl’s creative, she’ll find a way to turn it to her advantage.

Well, time to get a move on you guess. You profusely thank Quill-Weave for all her help and promise you’ll be back as soon as you can with a response from the bookstore owner and a shiny new book in hand. You decide not to tell her about Gharug’s money – that way you can surprise her, and she won’t be disappointed if something goes wrong.

You consider hugging her, but decide against it. She probably doesn’t want to touch you. Actually you’re just too embarrassed because you’ve never hugged anyone before, but you tell yourself it’s because she wouldn’t want to touch you.

Off you go.

You slink out of town as discreetly as possible. Before you, the Gold Road stretches into the distance across the hilly countryside. You have a long journey ahead of you. But you also have a full stomach, clothes on your back, a good pair of shoes, and someone counting on you. You can do this, you tell yourself. This is the (for real) beginning of your new life in Cyrodiil.

You are Katia Fucking Managan, and you are going to Kvatch!

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Pose like an adventurer!

You have no idea what an adventurer poses like but try anyway.

… maybe you’ll try again later.

  • Suraru

    the first appearance of katia’s epic face 😀

  • Faren

    The truth is sadder than the lie…

  • matty406

    Another self-brofisting guard

    • Pete

      I’m sure it’s the same. Heck, maybe there’s only one guard in the entire town. That’s why he’d be self brofisting. He’d be so lonely.

      • patrick

        Aw man, then why did the guard hesitate to let her join?! What are the requirements of becoming an epic fist bumping guard? Surely that is something you could not mess up too badly


    That “other khajiit” wouldn’t happen to be the siren, would she?

    • Worm Anchorite

      Heheh… That’s what I thought as well!

    • egg brother

      id have to say. i searched all of anvil and the only khajiit was that guy whose name i convieniently forget. the point is that he is a dude

  • DogBoss

    You’re an adventurer QUICK! Take an arrow to the knee!

    • Thornbrier

      That would be one way to become a guard.

      • Kirone

        Taking an arrow to the knee is Viking slang for getting married…

        The knee armor of Tamriel is actually done of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Righteous Almond

    Wow, I’ve read this countless times and only now realize that the first appearence of “The Adventure Pose” came out on my birthday. It was a wonderful present, Kaz.

  • George

    “never hugged anyone before”… so sad =(

    • krazy khajiit

      I want to hug her so she may know the feeling.

  • Tygrahof

    Damn it; I can’t get the pineapple vision out of my head. Like a bad song…

  • Khajiit

    wow George im with ya

  • Samuel McAfee

    Maybe the guard brofists himself because hed schizophrenic

  • Thane

    What did she do with pineapple and yo-yo I wonder, the pineapple I have an idea but the yo-yo not so much

  • Random Reader

    OMG no thats sad but I know how you feel and don’t be sad I will hug you. 🙁 *tears of emotion* TT~TT

  • Because Why Shouldn’t Name

    … What the hell brain.
    What the hell
    Why did you make me visualise the pineapple+yoyo stunt.