Apr 182011

Andorxor wrote:
>Imp:Fly away as fast as you can from the collapsing ruin.

Unfortunately, your animalistic mind is far too simple to understand that the ruins are shaking because of the pillar you just exploded. To you, the two events are unrelated. The ruins are just shaking. Maybe if you wait a bit they’ll stop.

You can no longer be the imp because the imp is dead.

The_Codfish wrote:
>Kat: Abscond from crumbling ruins.

You are now the Khajiit again.

And things are starting to look a bit better for you. You toss the book containing Quill-Weave’s letter into your new satchel, make sure the satchel is secured, and take off. All in all, this is a pretty nice turn of events. You’ve secured a small fortune in alcoholic beverages, found a bit of excitement, successfully pulled off the scary-eye-thing, and might have discovered latent pyrokinetic powers. Not to mention you’re totally going to be able to finish everything Quill-Weave wanted you to do in Kvatch and then some.

I mean, assuming you get out alive. But you’re trying not to think too hard about that. Maybe that’s the secret. Maybe you just have to go… a little crazy, and everything you do will turn to gold.

You can hear the rooms behind you collapsing in on themselves. No time to turn and look; slowing down could mean your death.

But you’re almost there. Nothing can stop you now. You’re Katia Fucking Managan, and everything you fucked up today, you’re about to make better!

frostedWarlock wrote:
drop and break everything.

  • Tallgrass

    Holy crap, I just realized, when Katia “went a little crazy and everything turned to gold,” she just leveled up. Holy crap D:

    • Suraru

      when did everything turn to gold?

      • Wallaby

        When you level up in Oblivion you get a little phrase at the top of your character sheet that supposedly reflects your thoughts on everything you’ve done so far. “Maybe that’s the secret. Maybe you just have to go… a little crazy, and everything you do will turn to gold. ” is the one you get when you level up for the first time.

        • Ch’marr

          That’s actually the Level 12 message, and I can’t see Katia being Level 12… yet 🙂

          reference: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Leveling

          • I’m a tad late, but so were you, so here’s the post anyways.

            Why would the message be shown if she didn’t reach level 12? Level 12 seems a bit high, sure, but with all the drunken antics it’s entirely possible that she has managed to jump through the first 11 throughout her life.

            Remember, when we play a game of TES we start at the lowest levels, but that’s not realistic. Anyone else would start there either at birth or during their childhood.

          • LJEgbert

            Also late, but… not realistic?

            TJ. We’re reading a comic about a slutty alcoholic cat who hears internet voices.

            I don’t think “realistic” applies.

          • Tylor

            Yeah, that’s her problem, what works for level 12, doesn’t work for low-levels like her.
            I’m not even sure her level is a positive number. First-level in Oblivion already has 7 skills at decent level.

  • Anonymous

    FrostedWarlock, you DICK.

    • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees


    • Alex

      To be fair, that was a much earlier unused command taken completely out of context. I’m not even sure she had ENTERED the ruins when that command was posted.

  • Zerp

    And then in panel three, epicface again. This growing trend gives me hope.

    • David Kim

      (Post removed.)

      Wow, glad you like the panel but that’s TMI about how much you like it. -The moderation

  • Hone

    another incoming eyeburn?

    • PriffyViole

      She turned off her Night-Eye ability.

  • NoriMori

    I remember once in grade five I tripped over the last step while carrying a tray of cucumber and orange slices. And I felt just about as awful as Katia, because everyone in my class hated me, and I wanted to prove to them that I could do something right…AND I FUCKED UP. 🙁 They had even said, “No, don’t pick her!” when I had volunteered to go get the tray. So I gathered up the slices and didn’t tell them — there was no way I could own up to it — but they saw the dirt and figured it out themselves, and that was ten times WORSE.

    I did not like grade five.

    ANYWHO, bottom line is, I totally get how Katia feels in the next few parts.

    • creeperbro

      5th grade as my worst year. Many people pretended to be my friend, my bullying was about the worst it could get, minus the physical torment.

      • creeperbro


  • “Maybe that’s the secret. Maybe you just have to go… a little crazy, and everything you do will turn to gold.”

    o i c what u did tharr, so is kat like lvl 3 nao?

  • Jorin Gedamke

    Third panel- Katia Managan, Tomb Raider. 🙂