Apr 182011

Xander wrote:

no no no UNF

The imp flaps down and knocks you off your feet. You can hear more wings fluttering in the distance.

Well. It looks like you’re going to die in an ancient ruin. This isn’t really how you wanted to go. I mean, you didn’t really want to die to begin with, but of all the ways you COULD die this is like, #6 on your list at least.

You guess all you can do at this point is pray. You’re not exactly sure if you should be praying to the 8 or 9 Cyrodillic gods, or the like 13 Khajiit ones… or all 22? Some of those might actually be repeats, you’re not sure. Maybe you can just pray without a specific god in mind? But that might mean your prayers are lost and just go nowhere. Or maybe all prayers are lost and go nowhere. That would explain a lot of things.

Religion is horribly confusing. You swear, if you were a god you’d at least try to make sense.

In fact, fuck this bullshit. You’ve been ridiculed, robbed, and treated like an animal. You don’t deserve to die like this, at least not now when you are so close to turning your life around. All you have to do is get these bottles to Kvatch and shit will be better. People will believe in you. And like hell you’re going to let some swarm of ugly winged things get in your way.

Whatever that little flappy bastard thinks he can do – whatever he thinks he has over you, YOU’RE about to show him otherwise.

You are now the imp.

You are an imp. Your level of cognition is roughly equal to that of a dog. Your hobbies include flying, sleeping, and shooting explosive blasts of lightning at innocent people. Of these three hobbies, shooting lightning at people is your favorite. You love the part where they stop moving.

Oh hey it’s a people.

You’re gonna shoot lightning at her until she dies.

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(Music credit: Beltaine – An Astrailhad)

  • Suraru

    epic epic EPIC!

  • Ourordinary


  • justme

    Awesome! Didn’t notice the video first time around

  • matty406

    “You love the part where they stop moving.”

    • Worm Anchorite

      Indeed! F*cking indeed!

  • Titanium

    I sure love it when a people comes around.

  • Scy

    That reminds me, I gotta’ check if MSPA’s strifes get any more interesting…

  • Ninjamaster_255

    this is the most awesome thing i have ever read

  • Jadav

    I love the ghost’s excitement while the imp’s throwing lightning at a people.

  • This was the coolest goddamn thing I have ever seen.

  • Demetrius

    That was really epic!
    Damn,I was so excited x)

  • Yuri

    I am infinitely grateful to you (and Katia) for introducing me to Beltaine! Which is like the BEST. POSSIBLE. THING!!! thxthxthx!!!

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    just wow.
    Excellent Flash; flawless victory!! 😀

  • Jone

    This is easily the most awesome thing in the internet, author, I fucking love you.

  • ST

    Damn, totally loving that song in the flash, and have been browsing everything by Beltaine I can find on youtube. I really wish their songs were available to be purchased in mp3 format. Can’t seem to find their music on any of the online retailers’ sites. (Yes, I know I can make mp3 rips of the youtube vids, but these guys are so good that I want to pay for their music.)

  • Facade

    Fuck yeah Beltaine!

  • Tech

    Ironically, since Katia will end up as the protagonist of Oblivion, *SPOILER* she’ll become Shegorath, The god that makes the least ammount of sense.

    • Worm Anchorite

      Not necessarily… Only one of my characters have ever entered the Isles. I like to stick to character, and it just isn’t my problem who invades/destroys/does what ever to the Mad God’s realm. ESPECIALLY if I were a scrawny, helpless Khajiit girl.

  • George

    i don`t like to hurt katia, there isn’t an option that gives you to forgive her?

  • crystalCat

    We need more of these STRIFE scenes!

  • M

    I noticed the ghost threw a fireball at the imp in the flash.

    That was nice of him.

  • random fan

    every time it told me to electrocute i’m like “nuuuu, i don wannn toooo! *cry*”

  • Worm Anchorite

    This was just awesome. Really. Wish I could play as an Imp in Oblivion… Actually asked Todd Howard if he could add playable Sloads… He just laughed…. 🙁

  • Kaze,


    And that is when I fell in love with this comic.

  • LeGabenFace


  • egg brother

    panel 2: aaaawwwwww!

  • egg brother

    vid epic.
    song epic
    katia epic

    how much more epic do you need!?

  • Tygrahof

    Sweet! Wished ghost had helped out better…

  • oops!

  • It’s nice how Aggy actually helps her just a little bit.

  • Shadowkey392

    Well, that animation was pretty awesome, I think my favorite thing was the ghost clapping throughout the whole thing.

  • dtlux14