Apr 242011

Aelyrin wrote:
You look great. :3

Eee, thanks! Of course Quill-Weave will probably want her bedsheet back eventually.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Take some time to relax. Is there a central commons or a park to Cyrodiil? Maybe you could spend half an hour of the 2 or 3 hours you have right now just to take a breather. That, and you might find someone looking for workers there or get an idea of what to do next.

Cyrodiil is the country, not the town. But yeah, maybe it’s time for a break.

You find a nice little spot and lounge around for about twenty minutes. Take some time to just meditate on your own thoughts.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find some more work in town. Even if they didn’t know of any jobs at the docks, maybe someone else will have a better idea? Maybe some manual labor; something you absolutely can’t mess up. If you absolutely have to head out of town again it might also benefit you to find a travelling partner. A friend willing to watch your back. Of course, to get that you actually have to make some friends. You keep hoping someone will talk to you, but they mostly avoid getting near you or whisper things to their friends and children when you come into view.

Right now though, you have a bigger issue you need to tackle: spontaneous combustion.

You guess you have magic powers or something? You can’t help but feel that your life might have been different if this had happened sooner. Maybe you could have built it into a talent, apprenticed under one of the few wizards in Hammerfell, and had your life go down an entirely different path. You wish you knew why this is only happening now, when it’s too late to matter.

Well, only one way to find out.

Yamtaggler wrote:
>Go find some mages to ask about these sick fires. That seems like it should be a priority.

GeneralMister wrote:
>Visit the mage guild Katia

It takes you a little while to find the local Mages Guild. You are nervous out of your mind as you walk down the steps into the building. It’s been a decade since you even saw a wizard, and you’re not really sure what to expect. In Hammerfell there were some pretty weird stereotypes about wizards, but you’re sure they aren’t all true.

You are greeted enthusiastically.

Zahrasha! This is certainly a surprise! What are you doing all the way down here in – oh dear, you’re some other random female Khajiit aren’t you? Well this is certainly awkward! What is it you need?

  • Zerp

    RACISM: Even wizards do it.

    Though in this case, species-ism, maybe?

    • Whiteshadow467

      Well he was obviously mistaken I mean earlier it was stated that there is another Khajiit in Anvil.

  • Mao

    Male wizard looks like Hannibal Traven.

  • GreatFairy

    Wizards like holding their hands up.

  • Nyerguds

    They DON’T have beards! Your entire anti-wizard theory fails!