Apr 292011

acerbicAves wrote:

Hurray, I got in this time!

Solifuge wrote:
I really like both of Aves’ designs, especially the green one with the hood addition. The shape and hue of the blue one is nice, and I really liked the brown mantle too. Here’s one that takes bits from each (plus a Colovian Hat, because I can’t get enough of them :3). It’s my last one, I promise!

It looks… wizardly.

That still feels strange to you. You never really thought of yourself as a mage. You guess you never really thought of yourself as much of anything. Your own reflection feels foreign right now, like a stranger on the street. She looks like someone better than you. In a way, it’s like you’re meeting that mythical Katia Managan for the first time; that person you’ve been striving to become. Seeing her behind that glass is strangely inspiring and a little scary. You’re almost afraid you’ll be a disappointment to her.

…This is silly; it’s just a fashionable new robe.

You’ll try not to like it TOO much, since loving things tends to guarantee their destruction.

You meet the wizard back in the lobby of the guildhall. He says the new robe looks very nice on you. The colors go well with your fur.

You say thanks, and thank him for giving it to you. You’re just not sure what you’re going to do from here. This whole magic thing is all very sudden and a little scary. You still don’t really have any friends you can turn to if things get out of hand.

He assures you that if Khajiit mages are anything like real ones, you’ll be able to figure things out on your own pretty well. When you have enough money to afford professional training, every city has a Mages Guild that will happily offer their services. Each one tends to specialize in a different branch of the magical arts.

For instance, down here they specialize in healing and other restorative spells, making it one of the few places that it is safe for Carahil to conduct her very important research on the effects of snorting bonemeal. Over in Skingrad they focus on Destruction magic, up in Chorrol they teach Conjuration, and that’s pretty much all the nearby guildhalls you need to know about.

He has work to get back to, but if you have any other important questions before you leave, he’d be happy to give a quick answer.

  • agog

    Awwwwww, she looks so cute in that first picture!

  • Titanium

    She does!

  • Scy

    She does?

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer

      SHE DOES.

  • Foxx

    Is that COCAINE on the side of the plate?

    • Kazerad

      Don’t be ridiculous, that is clearly ground up bonemeal that is being studied for purely alchemical reasons!

    • SplinteredReverence

      This isn’t a picture book, bro. Read the words between the panels. They help a lot.

  • Zerp

    “If Khajiit mages are anything like real ones”

    Has no one else noticed JUST HOW RACIST this wizard is?

    • Chris Nemo

      This. This so hard.

      • Snout

        .. That’s what she said?

    • Worm Anchorite

      Well, yeah, shure. Traven is a bit xenophobic….

  • Felix

    I just passed out from the horrific amount of cuteness contained in the first panel

  • FireHeart

    She’s so adorable in that robe!

  • Spielmann


  • Acksed


  • Felidire

    Adorable outfit! :3

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    Now, she looks super cool and cute.

  • george

    very cute picture, gotta love her =)

  • NoriMori

    Last panel — lol Carahil is so creepy. XD

  • GreatFairy

    I must agree with the mage. Everything is better with ROBES.


  • Skunkplush

    *Tears up with joy* Katia’s life is going to turn around now =^-^=

  • *sees image*
    *immediately posts*

    That color scheme (let alone ROBES), that demure look, and that added fur detail. It’s still all MS Paint, but I lost, here. Not “adorable”, really, but oy.

    *goes back to reading*

  • creeperbro

    Reading while listening to Last Friday Night. Fuck my head cannon.

  • Evangle

    OhMyGurd! I thought that Katia was an okay character but when i seen her in that robe she became so freakishly adorable and kick ass i love her now.

  • Tormuse

    Panel 1 = concentrated cuteness.

    There’s just something about the look of vague surprise on her face, of “is that really me?” that’s incredibly endearing. 🙂

  • PersonPerson

    I immediately thought: “Link, she came to town!”

  • lim


  • Ina

    is it just me or does this webcomic read much like Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck? idk im a fan and it reminds me a lot of it. also if im not wrong Kat’s race comes from Skyrim. idk sorry if im pointing obvious things out

    • SerpentXeos

      It was inspired by the elder scroll game, Oblivion, and indeed, homestuck. The story is based in cyrodill, just before the oblivion crisis it would seem. And indeed, katia is a khajiit.

  • dtlux14

    Not sure which is better, piratly or wizardly. I think I may be leaning towards this one though.

  • Djinnfest

    “You’ll try not to like it TOO much, since loving things tends to guarantee their destruction.”
    Jesus, that’s a new level of nihilism…
    Dat first panel though.