Apr 272011

McFrugal wrote:
Do not follow Matt. Seriously. You do not want to get in trouble with him. He is very obviously an assassin.

Crazy-8 wrote:
Don’t follow matt, that would lead to some unsufferable cat related pun about “Curiousity” and we don’t want to start MORE fires.

Iyestorm wrote:
>I agree with not following Matt. That’s just asking for trouble, and when you ask for trouble, you *get* trouble.

Yamtaggler wrote:
>Wait for that one feller to get back, that seems like the most prudent course of action.

soundCloud wrote:
Katia should NOT follow Matt!

Onamar wrote:

Scholm wrote:
Okay, now that I think of it more, curiosity did kill the cat, so lets NOT follow Matt now.

ewar wrote:
Yeah let’s not follow the blatant assassin.

Armok wrote:
> Just stay and keep chatting with the nice wizard.

GeneralMister wrote:
Don’t follow Matt.

you don’t follow him what so ever unless you are immune to poisons and daggers first.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Whatever you do, DON’T FOLLOW THE GUY!!!

Healy wrote:
> Katia, pay no mind to the chef and/or murderer that just walked by.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Just… just try to pretend that Matt doesn’t exist.


There is nobody in here but you, the elf, and the wizard.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Ask about local jobs or for what natural foliage and other plant materials would be worth the most to collect?

You continue to chat with the elf lady while you wait for the wizard to return.

You lie and say that you already have some folks lined up who are willing to purchase ingredients from you. However, you have trouble recognizing which plants are worth the most. You are wondering if she has any good resources on alchemy you could borrow.

She replies that she knows a bit about alchemy herself. For her standard 50 gold/hour training fee, she’d be willing to give you some basic lessons in identifying useful ingredients. You tell her that you can’t spare that kind of money right now, but she refuses to budge on the price. She just can’t spare the time without compensation. She has too many important experiments going on right now.

Like this thing!

It goes back and forth!


Before you have much time to admire the Swingy Ball Thing, the wizard returns and asks you to come with him. He found exactly what he was looking for. You uneasily follow him into the next room, unsure what to expect.

First things first, he wants to lend you an old trinket of his. Put this on.

It’s an Amulet of Silence, he explains. As in, an actual enchanted amulet, not the slang term for a ball gag. Not that I’m saying you’d be familiar with BDSM jargon just because you’re a Khajiit! That would be an incredibly racist thing to imply.

It should solve your fire problem. You can still speak while wearing the amulet, but you won’t be able to use magic until you take it off. Needless to say, it’s been involved in quite a few practical jokes. Most of which accidentally ended in the joke-victim getting killed.

In fact, forget lending, maybe it’s best if you just keep the amulet. It’d be good to get some new fingerprints on it.

You thank the wizard for his gift, but confess that you were hoping to learn why this was happening to you, not just suppress it.

That’s why he needed your birth date, he explains. See, sometimes when magic talent first manifests in a person, there is some… spell discharge, before they learn to control it. Usually if this was going to happen it would have happened when you were a child, which made your case rather unusual. But then he figured it out: you’re an Atronach.

You ask him what he means, because you’ve got no idea.

You were born under a constellation called the Atronach, or Golem. The stars often have some small impact on peoples’ lives, but none so great as being born under the Atronach.

You handle magicka differently than most people. While their bodies produce magicka, yours absorbs it. In the past when you were unable to use magic, it was probably simply because your reservoir was depleted. When you touched that “blue sparkly thing”, which he suspects was an ancient Ayleid magicka well, it fully charged you up for what was probably the first time in your entire life.

Judging from your display in the lobby, you’re perfectly healthy in terms of magic ability. Many people would say that because of your birthsign, you’re destined to become a powerful mage.

This is a lot for you to take in. You are more than a little distraught that your life might have gone down an entirely different path if you had learned about your birthsign earlier. Like, if you hadn’t avoided reading about astrology due to being irrationally afraid of the Lord constellation.

You’re just not sure what to do about this now. Part of you feels like it’s too late in your life to simply start learning magic, especially when you can’t afford any kind of training. But at least you know there’s nothing really wrong with you like you once believed.

The wizard says that what you do now is up to you. Not to be racist, but he admits that magic can be difficult for Khajiit, especially getting a late start like you are. It’s not impossible, though. In fact, that close Khajiit friend he mentioned, Zahrasha, was just a bit younger than you when she started! She has rapidly progressed to one of the most respected positions at the University. He thinks you’d get along with her really well; if you ever end up enrolling, the two of you would probably become best friends upon your first formal meeting.

You say that sounds very nice. You always wanted a Khajiit friend – no racism intended, human friends are fine too. You’re not sure the university is really an option for you, though. I mean, you’ve never really identified as a mage or scholar before; you’re pretty sure you couldn’t do anything like that.

He tells you that your problem is a lack of confidence. And if being head of the Arcane University has taught him anything, it’s that there’s only one cure for a lack of confidence:


Seriously, up at the university we give them out for about anything. It’s like “hey, you found a soul gem. Take this fancy new robe”. The kids love it. I love it. Everyone loves robes.

Why, I remember when I was a young lad in High Rock I’d always wear my mother’s dresses around the house, pretending I was a wizard. Also a ballerina. My parents were so worried. It was awesome.

In fact, you know what, we’re gonna go in back and find you a mage robe. Something that can give you confidence. Come on.

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    A human is fine too.

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    • Anon

      Good work /a/non

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    • WaveDash

      “My parents were so worried. It was awesome.”

      I lol’d

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    • The Minstrel Knight

      If you watch it for 5.372 seconds, you get a robe.

  • NathanBennett

    i bet Matt is Mattiew Bellemont from the Black Hand lol

    • Fruckert

      Seems to be so.
      Which makes this doubly unsettling.
      Considering that he’s COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS GOURD.

  • Jeiluifang

    I love robes! 😀

  • Rooooobes

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    “voided reading about astrology due to being irrationally afraid of the Lord constellation”
    Also, your comic is awesome.

    • Kazerad

      Nice catch! Fixed!

      And thank you!

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    This. Guy. Is. Awesome.

  • Mao

    I love this characterization of Hannibal Traven.

    Now, if only Brother Martin would make an appearance at Kvatch…

  • xfall123

    Aww, I was hoping we would see more of Matt. He seemed like he might have some work for Katia.

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  • Brian

    The timing on the eyetwitch in the first panel is just…perfect. It goes EXACTLY when I’m convinced there’s no animation, and look away, so I end up looking back going “Shit, did her eye just twitch? Did I really see that?”

  • bob

    i love the lord sign how dare you!

  • “you’d be familiar BDSM jargon”

    *with, but it’s so impressive to see past points worked into new ones, like her avoidance of astrology.

    Also: Zarasha, or Zahrasha? (I’ll prolly know once I read moar.)

    • Kazerad

      Double typo combo! Fixed, and thanks!

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    this university is magicka aproved.

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    I think I found a mistake: “I mean, you’ve never really identified as a mage or scholar before;”

    -I think it should be –> “I mean, you’ve never really been identified as a mage or scholar before;

    • Kazerad

      I appreciate you keeping an eye out, but that usage is actually correct. “Identify” can both be used to refer to recognizing something and be used to refer to how one sees themselves – for instance, “I identify as male” or “I identify as an American despite being born in Italy”.

  • Raurie

    i was kinda wondering if being an Atrianat was her issue.

  • Dalen Vreth

    As obvious as it honestly is, I’m pretty darn sure Matt is Mathieu Bellamont…. which exactly the sort of joke I read this piece of perfect for ^_^

  • Gordion

    I knew it! I saw her turn purple after getting hit by lightning and I was like “Spell absorption much?”


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    I guess this is good…