Apr 032011

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Kat: your weapon was a piece of shit right? You know you need a better one in case of emergency: so try to snag that huge half-pick half-axe thingy out of the corpse (and the wall). To do so you might need to break the pole to which it is attached. Maybe a strong kick will do (if that’s wood) – and then you got yourself a real weapon! >: D …JUST TAKE IT, ITS HUUUUGE, DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!! 8p (but keep the shity one as well, might come in handy sometime)

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Oh, and after inspecting the marks on the wall, inspect the floor as well (cuz I’m not sure if those dark areas are just shadows or *gulp*… dry blood… and that would mean danger ahead). There also seems to be something on the floor – maybe a couple of rocks (in front of the gate, do you see them?). Might as well inspect those.

Well, this looks like a scorch mark on the wall.

And yeah, this seems to be dried blood on the floor.

Aaaaand this looks like poop next to it. There’s probably some way to tell how long ago this was left here, but you’re no poopologist.

Yamtaggler wrote:
>Glowing Crystals are in high demands these days, what say you hop up there and snatch it?

Okay, this isn’t working so well. Time for Plan B.


You can’t reach it. You kind of figured something like this would happen. At least bad luck is predictable.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
cautiously proceed through the gate.

You carefully slip through the metal gate into the next room.

This must be the main hall. This place is a lot bigger than you expected. You remind yourself of your goal: get in, find something valuable, and get out. Quick and quiet. You just hope you’re alone in here.

You have to remain brave! You are Katia Managan! You are a master of stealth… and far from unarmed.

This is the best idea.

  • Suraru

    ok, katia scrambling up that post is cute as hell!

    • Thane


  • Lieutenant Fish

    The dragging the giant axe gag cracks me up every time.

  • Tallgrass

    Grabbing the axe: Obviously the best course of action.

  • ILoveTsundere

    Hahahah, her dragging the axe is hilarious.

  • matty406

    Elves living underground?

    • a Drow

      Disgusting creature, this will be the last laugh you ever uttered!

    • Sydonai

      Dwarves are a kind of Elf in this setting.

  • Gorim

    Man, I remember accidentally knocking those stones behind the pillar EVERY TIME. I hated it.

    Katja’s experience is shared by hundreds of gamers the world over.

    • StClair

      Including this one. 🙁

    • JustSomeRandomGuy

      TK BABY! SO worth it

    • Schrau

      Every. Damn. Time.

      And nine times out of ten, the arrow I used to knock it off would get stuck behind there too. The tenth time it would ricochet off into the darkness.

      • Denis Bondarenko

        I’ve always used telekinesis, lol ^_^

        • Jacob English


          • Peyton Lehew


    • Spatzist

      I screwed up the first one. From then on, though, I’d just hit it from the side, so it’d fall somewhere reachable.

    • Dreadmaster231

      Uh… Am I the only one who just jumps to grab them?

  • Djinnfest

    Couldn’t she have used the rock that she just threw to knock the crystal out into the other side, where it could be reached?

    • poop

      Exactly what I was thinking. Or even the machete.