Apr 022011

Plagorath wrote:
> Grab the other 4 leaf clovers on the entrance.

Ooh, right! You turn around to quickly nab those-

AAAAAAAAH fuck fuck fuck fuck

ewar wrote:
Fall down the stairs, set off every trap on the way.

Yeah, how about no.

You stuff your painfully-acquired clovers into your collar and VERY CAREFULLY descend into the ruins, keeping your eyes peeled for traps. You’re not going to screw this up; your life could be on the line here.

Anyway, tripping on stairs? You’re not that much of a klutz. And with these two clovers, you’re far too lucky to fall down like that!

Schazer wrote:
Of course, that’s likelier if it’s a crypt. Does it look like a crypt?

It depends how you define “crypt”.

Like, for this guy? It’s totally a crypt.

You hope it doesn’t end up a crypt for you too.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Do you have any material to write with? If so, I’d consider using the book’s pages to make a map of where you go.

You kind of wish you thought of that before leaving Quill-Weave’s house. Without a writing implement, you’ll just have to remember your way back to the surface.

The air down here is thick and muggy. You can’t even see sunlight anymore. A little voice in the back of your head is reminding you what a horribly bad idea this is, but you do your best to silence it. This is your chance to make things better, you remind yourself.

  • Thornclaw

    I’m the only one! the first! I’m amazing!!!! (Please post if you see this. PLEASE)

  • Hone

    Why do you want people to post?

  • AAGH! A welkynd stone right there! She could’ve just taken it and left and been able to make up those 30 coins she lost, easy! All problems, solved. Except the invisibility potion.

    • Salamore0

      Or used it to give her more majix! Well…It’s restore not permanently fortify, but STORY MAYUN…

  • Rebookah

    I just caught the foreshadowing here about the stairs.
    …And wow, now I have the feeling like I could say “she warned us about stairs.”

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    That scythe looks pretty valuable; if you could detach it and carry it to a smithy it would be worth heaps, especially since it must be enchanted with preservation to still be shiny when the guy it hit is a skeleton.