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McFrugal wrote:
I agree that we should tell her we’re new and ask more about the gods and stuff. Plus, ask her what kind of things she can help us with. You could also ask for possible employment opportunities. Maybe she has an errand or two to run.

You explain that you’re mostly just exploring the city, and admit that you don’t actually know much about Cyrodiilic religion. You just immigrated here two days ago and haven’t really had time to get your bearings.

The priestess says that’s fine. They get plenty of travelers and immigrants coming through here, and greet them with open arms. She introduces herself as Trevaia, and welcomes you to the Chapel of Dibella. Don’t let the name mislead you, people worship any of the Nine here, not just Dibella. You’re from Hammerfell, right?

That’s spot-on, you say.

She could tell from your accent; it’s different than most Khajiit. She’s guessing you didn’t grow up around many of your own kind. She asks if you were raised on the Yokuda pantheon or the more expansive Khajiiti one. You tell her you were raised with the traditional Khajiiti beliefs, but you… branched out in later years. You’re pretty much unaffiliated at the moment.

That’s fine, she says. If you’re looking for some familiarity to help you get your footing, you’ll find most of the Khajiiti pantheon is recognized here in Cyrodiil, just under different names. Alkosh, Khenarthi, Mara, and S’rendarr from Khajiiti lore are all an accepted part of the Nine Divines. Azurah, Hircine, Hermorah, Sheggorath, Sangiin, Namiira, Mafala and Merrunz all have some Cyrodiilic followers as well, if Daedra worship is your thing. You explain that you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and don’t ever plan on dealing with Daedra again, ever. You admire her extensive knowledge of Khajiit religion, though. She says thanks.

Sputnik wrote:
Also, maybe talk to her about our troubles? Isn’t that what priests do and stuff?


You introduce yourself and tell Trevaia your plight; about how you’ve had nothing but a string of bad luck since you arrived in this country, and are presently unemployed, homeless, and a little hungry. You ask if there is a deity here who can help you out with this, because you could really use some help.

She suggests maybe trying to get in touch with Stendarr? Much like in the Khajiit religion, here he’s regarded as a god of mercy. If you’re willing to branch into the less-familiar maybe you could try speaking to Kynareth, who deals with matters of luck?

Both of these sound like pretty good ideas to you.

Oh, by the way, last night you might’ve had a drunken threesome with a necromancer you just met. Are these guys going to be okay with that?

Trevaia says it probably won’t help your case, but maybe they’ll overlook it.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
More than praying that you receive good fortune, you should try praying for guidance to avoid letting Quill-Weave down again.
Also, even though the cuts you got from the broken glass seem to have healed, you should still ask about that rash you got from poison ivy.

You kneel at the altar and reach out to Stendarr and Kynareth.

You really need things to go better for you. You want to turn your life around, to be someone new and special and better than you were before, but you don’t know if you can do it alone. All you ask is a little bit of luck on your side. Not a lot, just enough to have some things finally go your way. You don’t want to disappoint any more friends. You don’t want to disappoint yourself

And if things have to be hard for you, you at least want the strength to not give up. When you came to this country you were given a second chance to live your life right, and you need help making sure you don’t botch it up. You need guidance.

Also you really want to know if the skeleton was involved in whatever you did last night. You’re not sure if this is in either of these gods’ spheres, but it’s driving you crazy trying to figure out how that skeleton could’ve fucked you. Oh my god what if you also had sex with that unicorn? That would be almost as weird as the time you – shit this prayer is totally going in the wrong direction.

um um um

This poison ivy is pretty bad and you want it to go away. Can you guys do that? I mean if it comes down to either getting the luck or the healing, you’d prefer the luck, but if you can get both that would be pretty nice.

Praised be the Nine?

You say you’re done and ask Trevaia if anything is supposed to happen now.

Yeah, she says. When they listen, there’s usually a flash of light and some divine healing. You just got cold-shouldered.

She attempts to console you. The divines work in mysterious ways, she says. Maybe what’s happening right now is part of a bigger plan? Maybe they are making you stronger? She is sure if you keep searching, you’ll find something that works out for you.

While you’re here, you ask her if the chapel has any job openings, or needs any errands ran. You really need some money and have found almost no opportunities to get it.

She tells you that they really have all the duties in the chapel covered. It only takes a couple people to keep this place running, so she can’t think of any reason they’d need new workers any time soon. If you can hold out through the night, though, they have a soup kitchen tomorrow afternoon. You could get a piece of bread, a bowl of soup, and a friendly smile. If that helps.

You thank her for all her help, but you have to go meet up with a friend and see if you do, in fact, still have a friend. Trevaia asks if you have any last questions before you go. She wants to help you however she can.

  • Vincent

    Trevaia is a real womanbro.

    • Skullman

      This is a true lady-type gentleman indeed.

    • neongecko06


      • kurry

        It’s called “sis,” guys, c’mon.

    • Kagji

      I wonder if she keeps healing potions in her breasts?

  • Duke Sparky

    Ummm. Not to sound like a whiny bitch here but in the second paragraph under “That’s spot-on, you say.” The name is actually spelled Sheogorath.

    • Kazerad

      Don’t worry, pointing out typos is fine! Whenever someone locates one I fix it as quickly as possible.

      Though, this one is actually not a mistake. Trevaia is using the Khajiiti names for the daedra/aedra, since Katia would be more familiar with it.

      • patrick

        which i think was a great touch. i have been enjoying this story.

      • If typo-correction is fine then “last night *you* might’ve had”.
        But maybe there should be a tucked-away comments section reserved for errors like that?

        • Kazerad


  • Worm Anchorite

    Heheh. You just got cold-shouldered. And after THAT prayer? She shure sounded like someone who really could need some devine guidance!

  • Tigersong

    That’s spot-on, you say.

    …Why yes, Khajiit do have lion-cub-like spots in their fur.

  • Tygrahof

    Even the gods dissed her. LOL

  • Lynny97

    Why is katia from hammer fell? Kajit or from Elsewhere.

    • darkening

      Yes, Khajiit in general are from elsweyr, but she, individually was born in hammerfell it seems. Just because your race originated in a location doesn’t mean you can’t have been born somewhere else.

      • JJREEVE

        indeed, just because the Khajiit race hail from Elsweyr, doesn’t mean you can assume that any individual Khajiit isn’t from elsewhere.

  • FrenzyFirenze

    I’m guessing at this point the story is being skewed in the hero’s journey format… Read on! I’ll find out if I’m wrong!

  • Alex Franklin

    “you don’t want to disappoint yourself
    Was not putting a period there intentional?

  • dtlux14

    I don’t want to stop reading, but I will right here. I am tired at 4:31 AM and I think I will go to bed after watching a video and bookmarking where I am in this story. I love it, and can’t wait to read more. THIS STORY IS FILLING UP MY COMPUTER WITH CUTE AND WEIRD PICTURES!

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