May 042011

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Actually… her statement about “the bigger plan” gives me an idea for your final query.
Why not ask Trevaia the all-important question: that of fate. If the gods have a plan, do mortals have any say in it? I mean Katia, you have to admit that there have been moments where it seems like you’ve lost control of your life, where probability defies itself to make things go as bad for you as possible…
So ask her that if life is a story do the characters have any agency in seeing in how it goes? Do people really have a choice, or is everything they do… everything they are… already written?

You ask Trevaia about fate. If the gods have a plan, does that mean everything you will ever become is already decided? You admit there are times that it feels like the entire universe is against you, and no matter how hard you fight it you always fall back into being the same, sad person. Is that just how fate works?

Trevaia says that is a heck of question. She’s not sure any mortal really knows the answer. Many would say our fates are written for us – even if we can’t always see it. Maybe you are destined to revert back to who you always were, or perhaps you are destined to change? These are questions only the gods can answer, and the best we can do is have faith that they know what is best for us. What is best for everyone.

Some legends do speak of heroes whose fates were unwritten. Their destinies were said to be ambiguous even to the gods, who could only respond to the heroes’ actions – or attempt to guide them with no guarantee of success. Often, these mortals would grow unimaginably powerful, and their choices would affect the lives of millions. It was said to be a blessing and a curse: to hold your own fate, but to be the unknowable black wall that clouded the future from the divines…

…But I’m guessing you don’t have to worry about anything like that!

Anything else?

Soadreqm wrote:
Anyway, mentioning that you were born under the sing of Atronach and could really benefit from someone casting some spells at you every now and then doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The people at the mages guild said that they do healing that the temple can’t handle, implying that the temple does healing, and Trevaia is the only one around. She probably uses any magic she has on actually healing paying customers, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

You mention your magic tribulations to Trevaia. You’ve recently uncovered some latent pyrokinetic powers and have to wear this amulet to keep them under control. Which is a good thing, since you’re pretty sure you would’ve accidentally set this place on fire at least four times by now if you had taken this off. You ask her if an Amulet of Silence could’ve kept your prayers from working, but she says no. The gods are probably just thankful you kept it on rather than burning down the chapel. Which is made of stone, by the way, so that would’ve been a feat.

You also explain that you want to practice your magic, but the people at the Mages Guild said you could only regenerate magicka by drinking potions and having spells cast on you. You don’t have any money for potions, or any friends who know magic, so you were wondering if maybe if it wasn’t too much trouble if she could…

She is happy to oblige.

You’re not sure if you absorbed any of that as magicka, but it did heal your cuts and poison ivy. You ask if it cured your alcoholism as well, but she tells you no, they don’t really have a thing for that yet. Regardless, you thank her profusely, both for the healing spell and everything else she’s helped you with. You have to leave now, but you hope to see her again soon. She says you’re welcome back any time, and not to forget about the kitchen tomorrow.

McFrugal wrote:
does she know anything about why the Kvatch Mages’ Guild has such low reputation here?

You remember you have one more question.

You ask Trevaia if she knows anything about the Kvatch guildhall for the Mages Guild.

There is an uncomfortable silence.

It’s been almost a year since she last visited. It was so beautiful and so sad. Every day it inspires her. She’s never seen so much heart in one place. There are no words for it.

Just… she’d rather not talk about it. You should get to your friend.

Sputnik wrote:
Go to Quill-Weave, DAMN IT!

Yeah, you’ve never made someone else cry and you don’t want to hang around to see if it happens or not. You say a quick sorry and goodbye and hightail it across town back to Quill-Weave’s.

Hopefully you’ve given her enough time. And aren’t late. You’d check your wrist-based-timekeeping-device, but you healed it away.

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    Katia: Well?
    Assorted deities: *cough*

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    That face in the third panel is PRICELESS.

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    Does anyone know how long this goes on for?

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    Anyone notice the uncolored hand in the last panel?

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    Anyone else looking at this post in light of today’s update? 😉

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    *cough* Dark Souls *cough*

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    This story got me to talk to myself in second person inside my head, I guess 5 or 6 hours of reading it will do that to you 😛

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    I need poison ivy so I can have a wrist based time keeping device.

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    Funnily enough, the first two things that came to mind were dark souls, and kingdoms of Amalur, which has its entire plot based around the fact that you’re not bound by fate.