May 012011

Zuki wrote:
I’m actually quite curious to know if someone that can set SICK FIRES might be useful odd-jobs-wise at the Smithy.

Wow, yeah, a job opportunity where you would be in direct competition with a piece of flint. Way to find the one way to make magical fire powers seem useless.

Sputnik wrote:
Now we should get drunk and fuck some random guy go wander around town a bit. You know, get our bearings on this place.

Maybe practice our magic somewhere? I don’t know, I just don’t want Katia to be late for meeting with Quilly.

It would probably be safest to practice your magic outside of town, and you don’t want to stray too far before heading back to Quill-Weave’s. You decide to just poke around the city. Have some fun, sightsee, socialize with the locals, hopefully find a job, that kind of stuff. You haven’t actually taken much time to get acquainted with your surroundings. At least not that you remember.

Since finding the Mages Guild took you into one of the more upscale districts, you wander around there for a bit. It’s all very clean and orderly; a lot different than back home. The houses are pretty large and, with a few exceptions, well kept. You do find this stonework a bit drab, though.

While you’re not sure you’d call the robe a “cure for a lack of confidence”, you do feel less ashamed now that you have some proper clothes rather than a borrowed bedsheet. You find it a little easier to keep your chin up and smile at the people you pass. Nobody says anything to you, but a few of your friendly nods are returned, which at least makes you feel accepted. It’s a warm, cozy feeling you have little experience with.

Plagorath wrote:
> I say seek help in the Church.

epoxy wrote:
On our way to wherever we go next, let’s greet a nice-looking stranger, wish them a good day, tell her about our new robes, and invite her to behold them. That’s good citizenship, eh?

You check inside the chapel for potential friends.

The place isn’t very busy right now. It must not be… whatever day Cyrodiil people worship on.

You approach the priestess in front, throw a general “good afternoon” at her, and kindly ask her to behold your new robes. They are very nice robes, she says. You picked her favorite color. Is there anything she can help you with, or are you just here to pray?

  • Colourtastic

    I just noticed the behold robes joke…

    • bob

      i dont get it DX

      • Alex

        It’s a Homestuck reference.
        “I am a secret wizard. Behold my robes.”
        Behold robes?

        • runa


    • Drey97

      ME NEITHER!!!! ._.

  • “You approach priestess in front”

    I know it’s a missing word, but I want it to be a missed capitalization.

    • Kazerad

      Holy crap, how did that go unnoticed for so long? Corrected!

  • M.

    “You find it a little easier to keep your chin up and and smile at the people you pass.”
    You got a double word there

    • Kazerad

      Whoops, how did that happen? Fixed, thankee!

  • Uknown

    This time theres a green katia kaz

    • Uknown

      Panel 2

  • I thought it was obvious that I was here to show off my robes

  • titulartizz


  • MentallyUnstable

    Let just “pray” she doesnt drink anymore. I have enough repressed memories thank you very much.

  • dtlux14

    And again, love this story, and I have never played any Elder Scrolls games. My friend had just finished telling me about the star thingy with the magic when I was reading. He also pronounced my pronunciation. I should probably go to bed after reading for at least 5 hours, but I just can’t stop. I even made an account just to comment about how awesome this story is.