May 062011

Squiggles wrote:
Be nice and polite and things will be alright!

KamikazeScotsman wrote:
Katia: Before you go in, fold the pants and the sheet nicely; there’s no harm in showing her you’re making an effort to be helpful. When you see Quill Weave, the first thing you should do is return the clothing you borrowed from her and explain how you got the robe. You don’t want her to think you have the money to buy clothing and that you are taking advantage of her trust.

After all that, wait patiently for her decision.

Sounds like a plan.

You unfurl the bedsheet and fold it up nicely, then do the same to the trousers.

You take a deep breath and approach the door. All you can do now is let whatever happens… happen.

You tell Quill-Weave you’re returning the pants and sheet you borrowed. You don’t need them anymore because it turned out you have magical powers and the people at the Mages Guild gave you a free robe. You haven’t found a job yet, but did make friends with a priestess at the chapel and she healed those cuts on your arm.

You thank Quill-Weave for all her hospitality, and say that you’re ready to hear whatever she decided.

Quill-Weave says you’ve kind of taken her off-guard. She was wholeheartedly expecting you to show up at her doorstep drunk, naked, and doing unspeakable things to a pineapple. She thought about it hard over the last two hours and came up with a whole bunch of berating stuff she was going to say to you, and then she was going to surprise you by still offering you a second chance to deliver that letter to Kvatch. But you’ve sort of thrown a wrench in that whole plan.

So, uh.

Give her a sec, she wants to start over.

Katia! Welcome back! Come on inside; feel free to leave those anywhere.

Quill-Weave apologizes for the mess. She honestly didn’t think she was in any danger of looking like a slob by comparison. Seriously, what the fuck happened to you? You look good.

You tell her all about how you were accidentally starting fires yesterday, so today you went to the Mages Guild and learned you had latent pyrokinetic abilities. You can’t really control it yet, but they gave you a magic amulet that helps. You have a lot of practicing to do before you can learn spells, but you’re actually looking forward to it. Quill-Weave is impressed and commends your enthusiasm.

You admit that you feel a whole lot better knowing the two of you are still on okay terms. You’re really sorry about what happened last night and are still willing to do whatever you can to make up the damages to her house. You heard her mention the courier job was still open?

Quill-Weave says her actual plan was to offer you the job, but with the stipulation that you would be given no money for the journey. She was going to ask you to deliver the letter and get the new book if possible, but to find your own ways to fund it.

Which doesn’t seem like much of a job, but…

Well, she was thinking it over, and maybe what you really need is simply someone to believe in you. Someone to give you a difficult task and tell you that you can probably do it yourself.

Of course, she understands sending you off without any aid may be a little daunting. If you’re not up to the task, you could always find some other way to pay her back. She won’t take offense to it.

  • Skelitor

    I know alll tooo well how Katia feels. Or how Quill-Weave feels. By the way, Is this supposed to be what happens BEFORE the story begins in Oblivion? Because It seems like it explains why a female khajiit (if thats what you choose) is in Cyrodiil, with no knowledge of the land, and in jail.
    …And why the comic is called Prequel.

  • Spore

    Please somebody tell me about the yoyo and pineapple. I don’t understand at all. It’s freaking bothering me.

    • Jadav

      The point is you aren’t supposed to understand. It’s implied within the first few pages of the comic that she does a party trick, unsuitable for most parties, with a pineapple and a yoyo. You never find out what it actually is, but the occasional comment about it relays some information that would suggest it’s an impressive, filthy trick… It’s a writer’s technique. Will we ever find out what sexual capabilities a pineapple and a yoyo actually have? Who knows, best keep reading to find out 😉

      • SplinteredReverence

        I believe it’s called a “noodle trick” or something. To humorously suggest something unsuitable in an indirect way, keeping the story rather tame whilst making a sexual joke.

        • Kajex(

          Noodle Implement- where you take several items that seem mundane, yet remarking them makes them sound far-too-inappropriate. Related to the Noodle Incident trope- refers to Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, where the characters occasionally remark on “The Noodle Incident”, but never explain what happened and how it such a messed up event.

      • Righteous Almond

        I really hope Kazerad never gives us any more insight on “the trick” then that. It would ruin the love I have of Katia’s innocence and cuteness.

        • Captain_Eaglefort

          While I essentially agree with not being given more on what happens, I think so for very different reasons. I feel it adds to the mystery of her life. She doesn’t even know what she did and (presumably) is better off for it…unless it’s somehow a marketable skill. Which I doubt it is, save for in the non-existent redlight district.

          Also, as a note…I wouldn’t say innocent can be used to describe her. In the two days she has been in the country, she has fucked AT LEAST that many people (possibly also a skeleton and a unicorn), been black out drunk as many times (admittedly it apparently only takes a thimble of alcohol to get her there), and admitted to a past where she “got around”. She’s an adorable character…but she is most certainly NOT innocent. Perhaps a little naive.

          To Kazerad – I love the comic, by the way. Painfully cute. Katia really reminds me of a girl I used to date. Kudos on the awesome.

    • Lol

      Not appropriate thing to post here, sir! -Kazerad

    • dtlux14

      Google is your friend.

  • alrieice

    You admit to that you feel a whole lot better knowing the two of you are still on okay terms.

    This should be one of the following:

    You admit that you feel a whole lot better… (take out that first “to”)

    You admit to feeling a whole lot better…

    • Kazerad

      Whoops, probably rephrased it and accidentally left a fragment of the original in there. Fixed now, thank you!

  • MisterD

    Come on inside; feel free leave those anywhere.

    You probably mean : feel free to leave those anywhere.

    • Kazerad


  • 123

    are you a girl Kaz?

  • Curse

    You all you can do now is let whatever happens… happen.

    I think you can drop one of YOU’s

  • neongecko06

    “You all you can do” is quite a (redundantly broken) mouthfull. 😉

    • Kazerad

      Tens of thousands of people have seen my embarrassing typo! D= Corrected.

  • Tormuse

    I love Quill-Weave’s awkward, “Hang on, I’ll come out again” moment, especially when juxtaposed with Katia’s disconcerted, then smiling face. It’s a really cute moment. 🙂

    I also love the fact that she’s devoured all the chocolates; I suppose that, at this point, she feels she deserves to get *something* back for all the mayhem Katia has caused her. 🙂

  • SilentSymphony2

    You thank Quill-Weave for her all hospitality, and say that you’re ready to hear whatever she decided.
    I’m no grammar expert, but I think this might be a typo…?
    Shouldn’t it be “for all her hospitality”?

    • Kazerad

      Wow, how did that slip under the radar for over a year? Yeah, it’s a typo. Or it was, but now you have killed it! Thanks.

  • Uknown

    Still have green noses kaz