May 062011

Zombiitwo wrote:
Katia, you heard her, you’re looking good! For once in your new life, someone thinks that perhaps you’re IMPROVING! You can do this!

Yup, you’ve finally hit rock-bottom so hard that someone is proud of you for simply not screwing up.

And it actually feels pretty good.

Riou wrote:
Do it.

RebeccaBlack wrote:
Tell Quill-Weave to keep the stuff until tomorrow so you don’t lose it, and explain that you’re hungry and the church is giving out free food.

You accept the job.

You say she should probably hold onto the letter for now, though. You don’t want to leave until tomorrow so that you have time to find some food. You’ve eaten almost nothing over the past few days, and even on the ship ride over here you pretty much just lived on saltine crackers.

Quill-Weave says that she was actually planning to head up to a formal dinner at Millona’s this evening. She is sure Millona wouldn’t mind a guest, as long as you don’t do anything horribly embarassing. Maybe you could tag along?

You promise Quill-Weave that you won’t do anything weird and you will be the bestest and most well-behaved dinner guest ever. You are a bit concerned people might remember you from that pineapple incident, but Quill-Weave says that you can just claim that was some other Khajiit, and everyone there will likely believe you. She should probably leave now, though, so she can tell them she’s bringing a friend. And that you only drink water.

Maybe you could head up there in about an hour? Just ask for directions if you need help getting there; anyone will know where to point you. You say that you will do that, and thank her again for the invitation.

There is totally no way this is going to backfire disastrously on you!

  • Ourordinary


  • Vincent

    “There is totally no way this is going to backfire disastrously on you!”
    OH YOU

  • Titanium

    oh god

  • Latencess

    … Millona…? So she doesn’t know… Poor kitty.

  • Cactus from outer space

    I have a bad feeling about this…

    • Caspercraft

      Tell me about it.

  • Zerp

    That face in the last panel is ADORABLE

  • TechUnadept

    oh, yes it will. I have faith that the god of Luck hates our protagonist as much as i want to give her a hug when she tears up.

  • Curris

    The nice thing about hitting rock-bottom, is that if you hit it hard enough, you can bounce back up!

  • Kajex(

    I was worried when she thought nothing disastrous would happen.

    It’s usually a bad sign.

    … usually. ^_^

  • GreatFairy

    “What could possibly go wrong?”

    • JRCameron

      “Yeah, this couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

      • moom241

        At least it’s not raining.

        • Strength of One

          It always gets worse when you say stuff like that, so don’t say it.

  • grimSAGE

    I’m reading this without having played through all of Oblivion so everything is new to me.
    Feels good man.

  • anonymous

    There will be blood.

  • Famous last words.

  • amy


    just wait for soup.

  • Project_Demise

    Millona…as in, the Countess Millona Umbranox?

    • Uknown

      Yes that is wat kaz is referring to

  • Drey97

    “There is totally no way this is going to backfire disastrously on you!”

    well this says to me that something is gonna explode or she will transform into a dog

  • Tormuse

    “And that you only drink water.”

    LOL! 😀

  • Uknown

    are you just adding the green noses kaz?

  • MentallyUnstable

    …she just said that didnt she?… *facepalm* why would she tempt fate?

  • killashnikov

    that kind of mean to tell someone to blame it on somebody else who didn’t do anything

  • dtlux14

    Yeah, sure… No way at all… What’s gonna happen?