May 072011

Bropocalypse wrote:
>Express concerns about various temptations you may encounter at the party. Ask if you should go to the church instead.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
If you take a sip from the wrong glass, or you misplace your pendant or something… Well I’ll leave it to your imagination.

On second thought, you admit that you are a little apprehensive. Even if you only ask for water, there’s probably going to be a lot of alcohol there. Picking up the wrong glass could lead to disaster, especially considering that you can start fires with your mind now. You’re thinking maybe it would just be safer if you skipped the nice dinner and instead went to the chapel’s soup kitchen tomorrow.

Quill-Weave says there is a difference between “playing it safe” and “never trying because you’re afraid you’ll mess up”. If you really want to skip out you can, but she thinks it might be good for you to get a decent meal and maybe meet some new people. If it helps, she’ll make sure she’s the only one sitting next to you and only order water as well. That way there won’t be any unfortunate glass mix-ups, at least.

That would actually make you feel a lot better. Assuming she’s okay with it, that is. Quill-Weave says it’s fine; no big loss on her part. She should probably lay off a bit regardless; she says you have no idea how much she drinks when you’re not here.

Anyway, she should get going; she ought to let the cooks know she’s bringing a guest. The dinner is about an hour from now; just lock the door on the way out. You thank her again for her help, and say that you’ll spend the hour preparing. Maybe you’ll brush your fur, take a bath, or go to a non-flammable place and burn away all your magicka. You both agree that, for the next hour, you should avoid doing anything that might end in terrible disaster.

You don’t say it, but you honestly can’t think of the last time you felt this good about something.

RebeccaBlack wrote:
Then give her a big hug.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Oh, and remember: give Quill-Weave a big, BIG hug before leaving. ;P

In fact…

You call after Quill-Weave, and tell her to wait a sec.

This might be a kind of weird question, you say, so if it is feel free to ignore it, but you’ve been a great friend and helped me a lot and I guess I was wondering if it would be okay and not too weird if I hugged you?

Quill-Weave says that sounds really stupid and sappy but sure, what the hell.

Quill-Weave asks if you’re actually going to hug her.

You explain that you’ve never really hugged anyone before, so you’re not entirely sure the logistics of this. Like, okay, you understand the part about wrapping your arms around someone else, but for this to work out your heads are going to have to go on different sides and if you both pick the same direction then you’re going to bump noses. Is there, like, an accepted direction to lean one’s head when hugging? Or maybe a dominant hugger in this arrangement who picks the direction, and the other person observes and responds? Also there’s this whole issue of the chest area. I mean, it seems like our tits are going to be getting kind of intimate here, are we just supposed to sort of ignore that, or something?

In fact you know what this is kind of a bad idea to begin with, let’s just forget about it.

Oh my fucking hell, Quill-Weave says, you can’t chicken out of a fucking hug.


We are doing this. We are making this happen.

It turns out hugs are the best thing ever. You cling for way too long and eventually Quill-Weave just has to awkwardly pry you off.

PavlovianCat wrote:
> Quickly ask what Quill-Weave what her friend is like before she shoos you out because you’re just so exited you can’t wait aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

She says she really has to get going now. She hopes you enjoyed your first hug, anyway. You say you really did, and thank her for the experience.

One last question: you ask Quill-Weave what her friend Millona is like.

She replies that you’ll probably like Millona. She’s rather approachable for a countess.

You suddenly realize there may be something you forgot to tell Quill-Weave.

  • Zhandur

    Love the SBHJ reference.

    • runa

      what are you talking about

  • Vincent

    She replies that you’ll probably like Millona. She’s rather approachable for a countess.

  • shrubbery

    “Sweet Kat and Hella Quill”?

    • Yes good

    • Reiza

      Quite right

    • I just laughed way more than was necessary.

  • dow

    Oh god, alcohol and politicians. This shit’s FUBAR already.

    • dtlux14

      You mean FUR-BAR! HAHAHAHAHA! That wasn’t funny. Sorry.

  • Malpercio

    I love how her tail shrank in fear in the last panel.

  • because of this comic I want to play oblivian again as a mage or even a kajit at that

  • batteringRam

    where doing this!
    where making this hapen!

  • JageshemashFTW

    You all wan’t to know something really weird?
    My character in Skyrim is a female Khajiit.
    She is married to a female Argonian (As in, Shahvee, the only female Argonian you can marry).
    And, in my mind, their relationship is exactly like this.

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    aaaawwwwwww…. :3
    The hug scene is just cute, horray for friendship hug!

  • Kajex(

    “It turns out hugs are the best thing ever.”

    … I teared up a little. That’s too adorable. I want to hug her now- she needs plenty. <3

  • LehkiBug

    “You cling for way too long and eventually Quill-Weave just has awkwardly to pry you off.”

    Got a little mix up there.

    • Kazerad

      Fixed! Good eye.

  • alrieice

    Ffff, I freaking love this, it is so adorable. And I love how the relationship of Katia and Quill is basically defying normal standards. What I mean by this is that lore-wise, Argonians and Khajiit are usually at odds or at each others’ throats. So it is really touching to see an Argonian and Khajiit become friends.

  • Edmond Dantés

    So adorable all the way through.
    Also, I never thought I’d ever get to read the lines “Oh my fucking hell you can’t chicken out of a fucking hug.”

  • creeperbro


  • anonymous

    Well then… No matter how bad shit gets from here on, nothing can take away Katia’s first hug!

  • Tormuse

    I love the pacing in this; the build up to the hug is just brilliant! 😀

  • JosueM7

    That last moment…I totally listened “Peace of Akatosh” during that hug moment.

  • Gene

    Let’s hug it out bitch!

  • tc

    Reading Prequel from the beginning for the second time and I still can’t believe how good it is. story299.gif <3 <3 <3

  • Uknown

    Kaz im seeing green still. Is this to do with katias emotions?

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    So she’s a full adult and never had a hug; that’s sad.

    If you hadn’t made the point that she’s been a complete slut, and that her family at least cares enough about her to let her mooch off of them, I’d find it believable.

  • ArtisticBliss


  • dtlux14

    Oh, I can just imagine how this is gonna turn out…

  • dtlux14

    I also loved the hug.

  • Djinnfest

    I know that feel.
    Long hugs are the best.
    Hugging for too long is something I never wish to get over.