May 162011

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Oh and here’s my bit of dinner advice: even though you haven’t had a real meal in several days, be sure to eat slowly. Really savor every morsel. Because… this kind of opportunity comes around very rarely. Also it’s more polite than just stuffing your face.

Ooh, good point. You guess people at a formal dinner wouldn’t be expected to eat like they were starving. Consider it noted.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Politely greet the (evidently very tall) man in front of you (possibly curtsey?) and say that Lady Umbranox invited you to dine with her but you could use some directions.
If it looks like he’s going to be difficult, specify that you’re there as a guest of Quill-Weave.

You tell the seated man hello and attempt your best curtsy. You say that you’re here for the formal dinner with the Countess, at Quill-Weave’s invitation. Would he perhaps know where the dinner room is?

He heard Quill-Weave was bringing a guest, he says. CAPITAL to meet you! The dining room is directly through the door to his left, though you’re a smidgen early. The guests typically don’t arrive for another ten minutes or so. Surely, it would be improper to show up before everyone else. There are plenty of seats out here, and you are welcome to wait.

  • Orcrest

    Oh, hello there Gray Fox! 😀

    • Zerp

      *hums Metal Gear Solid theme* …sorry, couldn’t resist.

      • MentallyUnstable

        Amen to that

        Dun, dun, dadun
        Dun, dun, dadun
        Dun, dun, dadun
        Dun, dun, dadun
        Do-do-dooo, do-do

        • MentallyUnstable

          Sorry I went mission impossible instead of metal gear. My bad.

          • Groggarioth

            I prefer a good solid James Bond theme when talking about thief/stealth music.

    • Mccmangus

      Melenkurion Abatha?

    • Izacat

      New Readers coming through, please don’t spoil things.

  • Skelitor

    I KNEW it was the grey fox! Damnit. I can never remember him as anything more then a “Random dude bumming around Anvil Castle” xD

  • patrick

    and that guard is not a bro.

  • Will

    As soon as he said CAPITAL I started smiling.

  • Uknown

    Man i just love when people spoil a surprise (sarcasm)

    • SotiCoto

      Surprise? What surprise?
      It only barely qualifies as a surprise if you’ve started playing Oblivion with the plan to continue but haven’t done the Thieves Guild quests yet.
      If you have done the quests you already know.
      If you haven’t played the game, this is just an irrelevant side-reference of no real consequence.