May 212011

Aelyrin wrote:
Also, you kinda have nothing to talk about if anyone asks you.

Also I kinda have nothing to talk about if anyone asks me.

  • Zayle79

    This story is awesome.

  • Titanium

    It is.

  • FreeGlass

    It srsly is.

  • it obiously is

  • Sai

    I just started reading this tonight. As awkward and irresponsible as Katia is she’s also quite lovable, I’m really enjoying the story. And being an Elder Scrolls fan adds to the humor :p

  • Aero

    Woo boy, look who’s showing up in the top right corner!

    • Aero

      And with right, I meant left.



      Never go full retard.

      • Pel Talapos

        Right & left are just words, they only have the meanings we assign to them because the majority has decided they should have those meanings. Thus the mystery person could be said to be coming from the left, right, top or bottom, it doesn’t matter at all. Are you confused yet?

  • SplinteredReverence

    I knew very little about Elder Scrolls. But my recent obsession with Skyrim led me here, and gleaning information from this comic that is faithfully pulled from Oblivion has really helped make sense of the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls games.

  • Uknown

    This iant gonna go bad, right?

  • Uknown


  • dtlux14

    I love this story 😀