May 242011

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Oh, and make sure that the clear drink is not vodka or something alchoolic though…

Better safe than sorry. You carefully sniff the clear liquid to make sure it is, in fact, regular water.

Yup! Clear, crisp, and refreshing. Especially after running all over town.

Whimbrel wrote:
Why I do believe I see a lady getting ready to sit down. You should take your cues from Quillweave on how to behave here.

Soadreqm wrote:
Is that the Countess in the green dress in the background?

You take note of the woman approaching. Is that the countess?

No, Quill-Weave says, this is Dairihill. She’s the Countess’ steward.

Dairihill takes her seat in front of the incredibly flammable looking curtain. You must be Quill-Weave’s guest, she says, and welcomes you to the castle. You say thanks, and introduce yourself as Katia Managan. Dairihill is sure countess Umbranox will like to meet you. Once she warms up a bit, anyway.

Quill-Weave explains that Dairihill is pretty much in charge of everything here at the castle. She keeps the servants busy, the guards happy, the accounts balanced, technical stuff like that. Quill-Weave says Dairihill is the best steward there is, and Dairihill agrees that this is a completely true assessment.

Over there is Baeralorn, the castle mage. He tortures animals or something, I don’t know. The man talking to him is Orrin, the blacksmith. They’re all pretty nice and welcoming; you shouldn’t have much trouble being sociable here, Quill-Weave tells you.

You admit you’re a lot more comfortable with this than you thought you’d be. You were pretty nervous at first – not just because of the countess but because you’ve never really been to a formal dinner before. But this seems like it’ll be a nice meal and a good way to make some new connections. Anyway, if you thought Dairihill was the countess, you’re sure you won’t find the real countess too scary or anything. Quill-Weave agrees that you should be fine, and she thinks you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s why she invited you.

You really don’t want to embarrass your friend here, you think to yourself, so if you start to panic you’ll just keep telling yourself “don’t be crazy”. You’re sure that won’t happen though. I mean it’s not like countesses are any different than normal people.

That would be silly.

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(Music credit: “Eternitybox” from the 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors soundtrack)

  • Kiera

    I’m caught up to this comic now, but I have to say, that lapping up water from the glass? One of the most adorable pics I’ve ever seen X3

    • Zerp

      YES!! I have to say, some of the sprites in this have really been amazing. I dunno if the artist checks these comments or not, but if you do, your art is really great. I love the minimalist style, it still manages to convey a lot of emotion and personality.

      • Kazerad

        I don’t always reply, but I do read all the comments. Thanks!

        • SplinteredReverence

          Must… resist… most interesting man in the world joke…

          • JRCameron

            It wasn’t until I read your reply that I realized that wasn’t originally a Most Interesting joke. I just automatically attributed it and moved along. Thanks for catching the lack of a joke there!

      • fredsite

        It reminds me of Homestuck (when I used to read it). It has the same MSPaint feel, and I loved that about Homestuck. Seeing it here is awesome, and Katia being as adorable as she is is even better!

        (Yay for resurrecting dead comments!!…)

  • Karnewarrior

    Just realized that the reason the mages have their arms up is because in Morrowind when you had a spell ready you held your hands up to cast!

    • Worm Anchorite

      Yes, but then you held your hans straight out like some kind of mummy.

  • batteringRam

    the panel of katia drinkin the water…
    it’s too cute 0_0

    • Worm Anchorite

      Yeah… A bit too cat-ish, though? I mean, for a Khajiit hwo hates being compared to an ordinary house-cat…

  • brofist

    dat ominous countess

  • Wulf

    D’awwww. She’s –
    Oh bugger it’s 1am and I’ve got work in the morning.

    Loving the adventurestorygottagettosleep!

  • anon

    Oh, the 999 soundtrack, I never got around to playing that game, what a polite reminder.

    • unsteddy

      Oh god…I on the other hand have played and completed 999…and now I think I share in Katia’s horror.

  • absolofdoom

    999 music! Such a good game~

    • 123

      so true, i can tell you like games like those because of your icon

  • George ..
    o myg.. she looks pretty cute.. i love her…


      I agree, she is just so loveable

  • GreatFairy

    I just realized that the website’s icon is a pineapple. Nice.

  • BlueBelle

    I’m trying to figure out why they hold their arms up all the time, xD

  • Richard

    ” incredibly flammable looking curtain” oh god

  • Snout

    That is no mage, Jim! That’s SPOCK!!

  • Burgrus of Corgi

    Seeing Katia drinking the water is adorable. I love this story! I haven’t seen this much cute in a while!

  • Gamer47
    There is a video of a dog drinking and some pics of a cat drinking beneath the video.
    Check it out. Both are pretty tricky

  • Tygrahof

    Was totally expecting to hear katia scream like a cat does if its tail is pulled.

  • ronin1337

    I can’t belive noone made this joke before me. Here we go: You can’t beat Dairihill in a steward-off, she is simply the best there is.

  • dxm2000

    Love you’re story so far, you’re characters are well thought out the plot keeps my attention and art is great. I look forward to reading more. just so you know thought, it appears the link to the video or the page of the video is broken, a bunch of programming code is all that shows up.
    Nevertheless, keep up the great work.

    • Kazerad

      Thank you! Though, are you sure the link is broken? I’ve tested it a few times and it works for me.

      I’ll get some other people to test it later. If you’re on a device that can’t play flash, that may also be be why it isn’t showing.

  • guest
    Page in UTF-16, but Content-Type says “UTF-8”

  • Djinnfest

    Uh oh…
    She doesn’t look to be in the best of moods.

  • Rocky

    Bit late here, but the flash is broken again.