May 242011

You are now Quill-Weave.

Katia looks like she’s about to have a nervous breakdown. She shifts uncomfortably in her seat and tries to avoid eye contact. You aren’t sure what her problem is, but you have a feeling this is going to end disastrously.

You suspect it’s going to be a long night. While her attention is diverted, you draw your hip flask and make your own glass of water more interesting. You are positive this action will have no negative ramifications whatsoever, and Katia will never know since clear rum is colorless.

You’re almost certain it’s colorless, anyway.

“Hello Miss Umbranox,” Katia nervously squeaks out, “my name is Katia Managan and you are quite pretty and how are you today?”

Millona disregards the question, addressing you instead. “This must be the friend you mentioned. Please tell me it isn’t the Khajiit from that little performance in the town square.”

“It couldn’t have been her,” Dairihill interrupts, “Miss Managan is deathly allergic to pineapple. Quill-Weave arrived early so the cooks could adjust tonight’s meal accordingly.” (You are truly a smooth criminal.)

“Ah, pardon my tone then, Miss Managan,” Millona apologizes nonchalantly, “the Khajiit in question must have merely been a look-alike. A very close look-alike. Where did you meet this one, Quill-Weave?”

  • Faren

    Ohhhh she totally defeated the point of the sitting arrangement

  • Titanium


  • Jeff S

    Wait, Argonians are immune to poison. Would alcohol actually have any effect on an Argonian? If not, why would she drink it? Maybe she just likes the taste of rum?

    • Felidire

      I think it’s 50% disease immunity, but don’t quote me on that one!

      • SplinteredReverence

        Correct, at least in Skyrim.

        • patrick

          TES:3 is 75%, TES:4 is 50%, TES:5 is 50%

      • Worm Anchorite

        Argonians are resistant to both disease AND poison. I don’t know about how resistant they are in Skyrim, but at least I’m shure they have a 100% immunity to poison in Oblivion. Oh, and I think that they’re 75% resistant to disease. In Oblivion, that is.

        • egg brother

          oblivian is 100% poison resistance and 50% disease(although ive caught about every disease in game)
          in skyrim its 50% disease and no poison resistance at all

          • DagothUr

            It’s 75 disease resistance in Oblivion. Skyrim disease resistance is irrelevant as this is a prequel to Oblivion. Also disease resistance itself is irrelevant as alcohol is not a disease in the least, it’s classified as a poison, which Argonians are immune to. However, in one of the prequel side stories, Quill states that it takes something like 15 bottles of beer minimum to pass out for Argonians, so it must have some effect. And in Oblivion Argonian characters still suffer the intelligence / willpower / personality drains when drinking alcoholic beverages.

  • tech

    Aaaaand now I have to listen to Smooth Criminal…

  • zuke

    Argonians aren’t color blind but then again miss QW might have had an accident

    • Uknown

      Or qw was colorblind at birth as that sometimes happens with humans

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    Lizard people are color blind?

  • flyingtoast

    Suddenly, quotation marks

  • dtlux14

    :O what will happen to the totaly flamable looking cutain?