May 252011

Iyestorm wrote:
>Quill-Weave: How do you know clear rum is colorless? You’re colorblind!

It’s called clear rum. It stands to reason that it is clear. Unless it’s another misleading fakeout like White Zinfandel.

SushiJaguar wrote:
Also, perform experiment to see how much alcohol Katia takes to get drunk and therefore jiggy with the fruit.

Well, you are a little curious exactly how much alcohol she can take before she starts shagging the nearest solid, but it would be rather disrespectful to actually test this. You’ll just keep a careful watch to make sure she doesn’t accidentally chug your drink.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
In any case, the best lie is mostly true.

Crazy-8 wrote:
Quill-Weave: Tell the countess that Katia is a mage in training, and needed a room to lodge, you let her stay at your home, and as rent you have her do odd jobs

“Katia just immigrated to Cyrodiil a few days ago,” you explain to Millona. “She’s planning on training as a mage as soon as she can afford it. For the time being, she runs errands for me in exchange for lodging.”

Millona nods softly, her eyes still on Katia. “Fair enough. You certainly make the most… interesting friends, Quill-Weave. I do hope you’ve found my town to be accommodating, Miss Managan.”

“It.. it is very well-kept and I’ve already made some friends at the chapel and Mages Guild.” You can tell Katia is struggling to maintain eye contact. She seems to be coping okay though, and forcing herself to speak slower. “It’s a lot different from back home, b-but I’m adjusting okay so far I think.”

“I see. I’ve never been to Elsweyr myself, but I have heard it is much less civilized,” Millona replies.

“I’m from Hammerfell, actually.”

“Hey! Hammerfell represent! I haven’t been back there in years though. You from the coast?”

“Sort of I guess, maybe. My father was actually a steward for one of the nobles. But when I was pretty young, um…”

She hesitates, glancing around and fiddling with her silverware in an attempt to look natural. Millona is still watching her. “I guess I started having some night terrors that made it hard for me to live in the castle, I guess, so we bought a farm and moved inland.”

Katia seems to be getting a little tense on this topic. You think you hear her humming a song to herself? That is so stupid and also sad.

You’re pretty sure she just piqued everyone’s curiosity, though, and Millona is about to push this topic further. It might be time to intervene.

  • Dipintus

    She started having night terrors when living in a castle? Please, let this not be a story of abuse…

    In case it is, I should point out that the idea that abuse memories are repressed is a now dispelled myth of psychotherapy.

    • tech

      No; she started having a nightmare about the Emperor turning itno a Shoggoth and eating her, and that evolved into a general terror of nobility.

      • Worm Anchorite

        Haha, a shoggoth? 😀 Perhaps a giant Mudcrab or an Ogre would have been more realistic?

    • speaking from personal experience

      it’s not a myth

    • NoriMori

      And now people are saying that it being a myth is itself a myth. Psychology doesn’t seem to have reached a consensus on the matter.

  • Grateful

    Also, argonians are colourblind, if you’re confused

    • anti

      Are they colourblind when you play the game, too? I only ever played with Imperials, Bretons and Orcs.

      • Woundedkneecap

        They see in color in the games, I don’t think the lore supports Grateful’s reply.

        On the subject of Argonians, they can’t display facial expression as any other race would, only anger is easy to pick up on. I forgot that bit of lore, now I got to pay more attention to QW’s face.

        • egg brother

          you get used to emotions after a while of playing the game. anger is easy, but later on you pick up on happiness, fear, suprised, and others

  • NoriMori

    “It’s called clear rum. It stands to reason that it is clear.”

    Clear =/= Colourless!

  • Edmond Dantés

    Totally forgot argonians were colorblind. D: Thank you SO much for adding it in Kaz, really adds to the change in point of view. 😀

  • amy

    the countess always looks like shes smellin somethin stanky

  • amy

    it would have been funnier if orrin didn’t say anything when he gave her a thumbs up. but we do have a story to worry about here now don’t we

  • Tormuse

    Is Katia having flashbacks of whatever happened to her in the castle? That’s so sad and makes me want to give her a big hug. 🙁

  • egg brother

    reply if you notice quill weave actually swallows the water in panel 3.

    minor things like that are what get me

    i thank you kaz for adding even the minor details to make this awsome

    • Uknown

      Wow i didn’t even notice that eb

  • The black guy “represent!” Lol

  • Gren

    Uh, I am not a native speaker but:

    -“You from the coast?”

    Shouldn’t be:

    -“You‘re from the coast?”

    • Kazerad

      In English it is actually very rare for a question to be phrased like a statement with a question mark, e.g. “you’re from the coast?”. Instead, that would be taken as a statement of confirmation (e.g. someone says something that implies they are from the coast, and you want to check that this is true). The technically correct way to phrase Orrin’s question would be “are you from the coast”, but the “are” is commonly omitted in casual conversation (the most common example being “you okay?”). The three variations each have very different implications:

      “You’re from the coast?” – Orrin heard something that implies Katia is from the coast and wants to check if he is right.
      “Are you from the coast?” Orrin is asking a serious question about Katia’s origin, possibly in an accusatory manner. There will possibly be consequences to her reply.
      “You from the coast?” – Orrin is making casual conversation about Katia and interested in what part of Hammerfell she comes from.

  • dtlux14

    I wondered why in Black and White. I didn’t even know about any Elder Scrolls game other than Skyrim before 2 days ago when I started to read this. Now I want Oblivian.