May 252011

aceofspudz wrote:
Quill-Weave: Tell everyone you’re negotiating for the rights to Katia’s story, and as such she is legally bound to keep quiet about it. So they can read it all in your next gripping drama about the lower classes.

“It’s quite a fascinating life story, actually. I’m negotiating for the rights so I can work it into my next book. Hopefully you won’t mind if she keeps the more interesting parts under wraps, so I can still surprise everyone.”

You are a smooth criminal.

“So, Baeralorn! How has your research been progressing?” Dairihill asks, moving the conversation onward. You aren’t sure what Katia was so afraid of back there, but at least she seems to have calmed down now that the pressure is off her.

You wonder what’s going through that Khajiit’s head right now.

Sputnik wrote:
Katia, imagine the Countass in her underwear!

It always works!

TheFinalWraith wrote:
In fact, don’t even think of her as ‘Countess’ just to be safe.

McFrugal wrote:
Katia: Take note of the salad fork.

Guile wrote:
Don’t be crazy.

You are now the Khajiit again.

Everyone but you has forgotten to wear clothes.

The wizard on the other side of the table is talking about how he uses rats as test subjects for his shielding spells. It’s a rather fascinating topic; you listen intently while enjoying the salad the KNAVE’s servant brought you.

  • Dude

    is that song what I think it is?

    • Kazerad

      It is. I didn’t quote it, but one of the user commands was for her to sing that song to herself.

      Anyone who recognizes it will get the joke anyway.

  • J-Ro

    I’m really upset with myself for not being able to read music.

  • Vincent

    Though I can’t read notes, I’m pretty sure it is a pun related to cats.

    • fernando

      Meow Mix.

  • Some Random Guy

    She’s humming this specific part from Meow Mix, for those that are curious:

    • VodkaMutini
      • Xel`Naga

        I knew it! She’s humming it to herself so she doesn’t feel as afraid. Thank you Kazerad! /)(\

      • Some Random Guy

        Maybe it is… I was just looking for an excuse to try out noteflight 🙂

      • Tormuse

        Aww, I’ve never watched an episode of My Little Pony before, but every time I see clips like this, I feel like I’m missing out! 🙂

      • Deimos

        Hell no; it makes a lot more sense humming Meow mix. Shes a cat. It makes it funny.

  • Anonymous

    … Giggle at the Ghosties?

    • Salamore


  • Rtas’ Vadam

    So im wondering, why is the Argonian color blind? I mean I never heard any mention of it in any of Elder Scrolls lore.

    • eternity08

      Are you implying that because she’s colour-blind thus al Argonians are?! That my friend is Rascist! Or speciest. I forget.

    • MisterD

      Reptiles are colorblind. Therefore, argonians are colorblind, or are they? I don’t know.

  • LunchBox

    that line of music is definitely the line giggle at the ghosty guffaw at the grossly from the my little pony: friendship is magic song giggle at the ghosty

    • Salamore

      /) Knew it was.

  • Bombzinski

    Those are some impressive visualisation skills, Katia!

  • C

    You’ve been hit by,

    You’ve been struck by,


    • IRInsane

      You ok annie?

  • Caspercraft

  • killashnikov

    katia should’ve imagined everyone doing the pineapple yoyo trick that would’ve been much funnier

  • dtlux14

    Nice last panel, I love it.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Some times you have to go a little crazy, and everyone will lose their clothes.

    Managan Mix

    I like salad
    I like water
    Quill-Weave Quill-Weave
    I’m a quiver
    I like friendship
    Fearful dinners
    Keep me singing
    I like the Knave
    Yes the Knave, not a noble
    I feel
    ‘Bout myself