May 262011

GeneralMister wrote:
Well now, Quill-Weave distracted the countass, it’ll be safe for you to take off the Knave disguise. You can keep her in her underwear, if that helps. But come on, she isn’t even wearing a crown. She’s so not royalty.

You’ve got something that works right now, and you don’t want to mess that up.

You don’t know how many of these imaginary things are actually necessary to keep you from flipping out, so your plan is pretty much just to keep them all going. And if it looks like things are coming apart, you’ll haphazardly layer more mental defenses on top of it and see what sticks.

For instance, now you’re not even in a castle anymore.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
…Also could you do me a solid and upgrade the Knave to the ‘Lady’? I mean there’s nothing wrong with that word, it’s just a slightly more polite way of saying ‘woman’ isn’t it?

Okay, that one is probably a good idea.

While you’re at it you mark the GLASSES OF WATER to differentiate them from the actual glasses of water.

Fishbat wrote:
Ask him questions, as a young mage it is good to be curious.

Well, you know you should stay quiet, but you don’t really want to pass up this opportunity. When Baeralorn is done describing his research on magical defenses, you ask him if he has any tips for a new mage who is just starting out.

He says that the best thing you can do is to apprentice yourself under a trained wizard. Up at the university, it’s even pretty common for apprentices to join the Archmage on his personal errands. Other than that, there are plenty of other mages who might be looking for an apprentice. Have you visited any of the nearby Mages Guild guildhalls – or are you planning to? He has connections at some of them, as well as knowing a few now-unaffiliated-mages who are frequently looking for new trainees.

  • Iridius

    I see everyone is enjoying their Frothy Mugs of Water.

  • brofist

    is “countass” in the first sentence a spelling mistake or on purpose?

    • Kazerad

      Only GeneralMister would know for sure. I keep the command quotes pretty much unmodified, other than cropping.

  • Chris Nemo

    There was at least one other case of it being spelled that way in a command. It probably caught on after Stranger used it.

  • Dmitry

    3rd sentence needs an “of” in place of the “if” and a period at the end.

    • Kazerad

      Not anymore!


  • Dmitry

    Still needs a period at the end of the sentence, though.

    (no problem)

  • creeperbro

    now i know what a vulcan looks like in his underwear

  • Gren

    “…as well as knowing a few now-unaffiliated-mages…”

    Lol, clever way to refer to necromancers, Baeralorn.