Jun 012011

starburst98 wrote:
remark that is what charged you all the way. you were walking along the road and you felt drawn to the place. and you saw this glowing blue flame and felt you had to touch it so you did. and suddenly fire everywhere. you suppose it was pent up, trying to cast but no magika to use.

Fakeimposter wrote:
Katia: Hey, maybe you should bring up being mugged on the road on the way to Kvatch. Maybe they can put out a search warrant for that orc guy!

Actually, that well is where you got your first charge!

While you were on the road yesterday you saw a blue flame off to the side, you explain (leaving out the part where you decide to investigate the ruins like an adventurer). You didn’t know what it was but felt compelled to touch it, and suddenly you could set stuff on fire with your mind!

You totally got mugged on the way there, though. This highwayman ran up to you, pulled out this huge sword, and demanded-

The Countess interrupts you. Her eyes light up with an unmistakable glimmer of hope. A highwayman, on the Gold Road? In broad daylight?

Yeah, you say. Really big guy, an orc. If you have any spare guards maybe you could-

This highwayman, you say he was big? Probably quite tough? Was he perchance wearing anything that looked like it could have been looted from a dead Imperial Legion Soldier? You know, dark gray cuirass, leather kilt, jagged helm, that sort of attire? Or perhaps he menacingly mentioned that he had killed a Legion soldier? Or anything to imply that just maybe he had slain a soldier who was patrolling that road?

No, you say, you didn’t see or hear anything like tha-


The countess seethes with rage. You get the impression you said something very wrong, even if you were just trying to tell the truth.

Dairihill tries to change the subject. So, how about hair products? That’s a thing we use, right? We can talk about that? Baeralorn, I’ve always wondered how your hair keeps that spiky shape so well. What’s your secret?

Baeralorn says he uses this gel made from Daedra venom and crushed fennel seeds. Keeps his hair perfectly frozen in place. It’s imported.

Dairihill turns to you and Quill-Weave. I guess neither of you guys really grow hair?

You tell her that you usually have longer hair, you’re just still recovering from a razor accident a few months ago. You used to like braiding it, though!

  • Scy


    • evileeyore

      GOT MILK?

      Epic ‘Got Milk” face.

  • Rodrigo

    Hmm. The Countess apparently was expecting some information about.. something happening at the roads, and got angry when it was not a real lead to it.

  • lugosh

    This highwayman ran up you, pulled out this huge sword, and demanded-

    • He was running so bookingly that he didn’t bother to stop to accost. He just ran right up his victim and, perched swaggeringly upon her face-fur, demanded-

    • Kazerad

      While I like 1d30’s interpretation, I went ahead and fixed it. Thanks!

      • lugosh

        No problem! And might I just add that I really admire how graciously you accept people pointing out typos!

  • Beano Curufinwe

    The Countass’s euphemisms are the funniest thing 🙂

  • ZStarlight

    Anyone else would love to see Katia with braided hair…. I bet she would be so adorable….

    • Kazerad

      The Fanart section contains a lovely drawing of a younger Katia by Lexicon. There’s also a drawing of a pre-razor-accident Katia happily braiding her hair, by Bluemage. Needless to say, your theory holds perfectly true.

  • PSF

    um, i apologize but if i may point out a grammatical error.
    “yesterday you saw blue flame off to the side”

    • Kazerad

      Ack! Another embarrassingly obvious typo that has been there for ages. Fixed, thank you!

  • GreatFairy

    “This highwayman ran up to you, pulled out this huge sword, and demanded-”

    Am I the only one reading that as an innuendo?

  • Tirrinz

    Hey Kazerad, I don’t normally correct stuff, but since you seem to want people to point out past errors, I just thought I would point this tiny one out.

    “You know, dark gray curiass, leather kilt, jagged helm, that sort of attire?”
    It should probably be cuirass.

    Also, thanks for making this so entertaining that I feel compelled to check for new updates on a daily basis, It’s been a long time since anything resonated that much with me.

    • Kazerad

      Typo eliminated! Soon, thanks to brave adventurers such as yourself, we will have hunted them to extinction. Soon.

      (And you’re welcome! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the story!)

  • creeperbro

    i eat food like the farthest person on the left :3
    In the last panel…

  • Confetti

    I was hoping Baeralorn would say something like “Loreal; because I’m worth it!”

  • Uknown

    Oh youll figure out why she’s stabbing her food soon

  • MentallyUnstable

    *revenge* “Why yes, this orc bragged that he murdered many Legion soldiers for sheer sport. His name is (blank).”

    Proceed to point him out in a line up and accept two free tickets to his execution. With bonus backstage passes to his tortur- I mean interrogation.


    P.S. Milkstache. That is all.

  • dtlux14

    Love the last panel with the milk, also, braided hair? Hmm…