May 312011

Armok wrote:
> Amulet: Overload.

You are now the amulet of silence.

Or more specifically, you are the imprisoned soul of a puppy that is being used to power the amulet’s enchantment.

And don’t worry bro, you’ve got this. You’ve silenced much greater mages than this lady. You’ve had master wizards screaming “Slowfall! Slowfall!” to no avail, skilled conjurers frantically trying in vain to summon a Daedric sword, and trained healers baffled at why their Cure Poison spells did nothing. After each of these instances, you ended up with a new owner. Unfortunately, your animalistic mind is far too simple to understand the reason behind this.

But seriously, you’re doing fine. Rock on, motherfuckers.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Before you do anything you should probably keep your face as stoic as possible and examine the reactions of others at the table.

You are now the Khajiit again.

The countess stifles a giggle and looks away. Oh that smug bitch. She thinks this is funny. Well, it kind of is, but it’s also hurtful! You’re not a stray cat.

torac wrote:
You managed to get this far without any disasters. Do not let a stupid waiter ruin it!

Iyestorm wrote:
Chug your water, and just pour the milk into your water glass.

You’re offended, but you’re not going to let this lead to disaster.

There. Problem solved.

You try to shoot an Eye of Fear at the servant, but you’re pretty sure it doesn’t work. Probably for the best; you’re just going to take this in stride and enjoy your food. This time.

ScarfNinja wrote:
>Ignore the dumb waiter and just enjoy the rest of your meal with your company, you’ve done splendidly so far with no freak outs or miscellaneous disasters so far aside from your little happy world popping. You should mention to Baelorn about being born under the Atronach(sp?) and see if he has any tidbits on ways to replenish your powers in a cost effective manner, as well as safe for yourself and those around you.

Thanks! You’re a little surprised yourself how well this is going.

You pick up your conversation with Baeralorn where you left it off, explaining that you just recently learned you could use magic. Some unlucky star alignments evidently made it so you can’t generate your own magicka, so you have to absorb it or something? You’re still learning the details, but basically it means you spent most your life without any magical energy. You still don’t really have an easy way to recharge.

Baeralorn jokingly proposes that you could simply try to make more enemies. Anger the wrong people and you’ll have no shortage of mages casting spells on you. You thank him for the suggestion but say that you’d rather not have a cult of insane wizards or something trying to kill you.

He asks if you’ve ever been to an Ayleid well. They are hundreds of years old but still one of the best magicka sources, he says. There’s one east of here, near Garlas Agea. It’s a long hike, but not a dangerous one. You could just make the trip every couple of days.

  • Faren

    doesnt she have a whole city of jealous necromancers eager to end her already?

    • Bobby Fabulous

      Aye, she does.

  • matty406

    Inb4 Quill moved the wrong glass.

    • virtuecry

      yeah, no

    • Felix

      No she didn’t.

    • Chuck Testa

  • NikolaiReznov

    Look at Quill’s eyes when Katia reaches for a glass. Quite humorous.

  • NoriMori

    Oh thank God the amulet didn’t overload. *Phew…*

  • epopisces

    First time reader, and I suspect this is only a brief respite from disaster, but wanted to say “bravo Quill!” for her quick reaction to the water chugging 🙂

  • ZStarlight

    Oh, god, please tell me she is not taking the amulet’s power. That will surly bring fiery consequences…

    Poor Katia…

    • Stunning realization.

      Holy fuck, thats why the amulet stops working!

  • ΣΩΔ

    “There’s one a east of here”
    What’s that mean?

    • Kazerad

      It means you have found, and killed, what may have been the last typo in the entire comic. You monster.

      (but seriously, thanks, I fixed it)

  • kurry

    Jesus, I love the entire cup animation. QW’s eyes, Katia’s upset face, the way the liquid moves, it’s LOVELY. It just has a perfect air about it. Like, “TAKE THAT.” And I love how QW remembered to look out for Katia <3 Gooosh. Lovely.

  • Uknown

    She just needs to realize she already drained that well.

  • dtlux14

    I love how QW moves the glass away.

  • khajiitlover

    skyrim is such a great game like srsly

  • Djinnfest

    Hah… dumbwaiter, I just got that one.