Jun 182011

MysteryJack wrote:
>Katia: Make a mental note to learn how to make cake. Because cake is awesome.

Wait… cakes are just a thing you can MAKE? Any time you want?

Your mind is overwhelmed by all the new possibilities this opens up.

Niall wrote:
Time to turn in for the night. Bid farewell to your guests and politely inquire to Baeralorn if you may visit him tomorrow to further gain some insight into how you should go about becoming a mage. Escort Quill-Weave out of the building and return to her house.

You tell Quill-Weave that you’d like to walk back home with her, but there’s a couple people you want to talk to real quick first. You’ll try to make it fast, if that’s okay.

She says that’s fine; take your time. She doesn’t want to get in the way of you making friends. She’ll wait here with Capital S until you’re ready to go.

You thank her and offer the Strange, Dangerous Man a piece of cake.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
> Seek Orrin, and ask if the machete is sturdy enough to withstand a fight (because you… don’t really know much about weapons do ya? :S ). We don’t want it to break in half right in the middle of a fight…

You don’t see Baeralorn anywhere. He must have already turned in for the night. You do spot Orrin, though.

Orrin! You know stuff about weapons, right?

Among other things, he says. What do you need?

You explain that you’re going to be traveling to Kvatch tomorrow and want to have something simple for self-defense. One of the bodies in the other room was holding this; do you think it would be okay?

Orrin examines your machete. He wouldn’t take it into a straight up fight, he says, but if you are jumped by a wild animal or something it should be enough to make them run. You can do that scary Khajiit eye thing too, right?

Sort of, you say. You can pull it off once every day or so, but much more than that and your eye gushes blood and you can’t see out of it for a month. Which is weird, since you swear your mother could Eye of Fear all day long like it was nobody’s business.

Well, he says, you’re just headed to Kvatch so he thinks you’ll be fine with this. If the handle breaks or something, you should be able to bind it back together pretty easily with some nails and metal. Anyway, if you’re looking to travel light, this is also a useful tool. You can use it to cut down trees, make firewood, things like that.

Huh. Thanks, you say.

For the first time in your life, you suddenly understand where lumber comes from.

Squiggles wrote:
That soldier however, that’s important. Perhaps ask around about him, because really, if we’re going to Kvatch is having him as a bodyguard a safe idea? I’m sure he could be perfectly fine but he’s also kinda… enthusiastic about his job.

You have one more stop to make before heading back to Quill-Weave’s.

Dairihill said the soldier’s “heart was in the right place”, which you guess is a good thing. And he’s enthusiastic, which you guess is good too? If he’s headed toward Kvatch, this could be your chance to get some additional protection on your way there. It might even be a chance to get a friend.

He’s on his way out, but luckily hasn’t left yet.

Hey, you say to the soldier, I was kind of maybe meaning to ask you if y-

Do not fear, noble citizen! You are in safe hands now. How can the Imperial Legion serve you?

  • St4rw4k3r

    How I wish the would appear and pick you up like that instead of telling you to pay the fine.

    • slashkamei

      Yeah no kidding, wish they were this helpful when I was being attacked in oblivion!

  • Scy

    Better not drop the damn cake dammit…

  • It’s not a machete, it’s a hatchet!

  • Someone Somewhere

    I can’t wait for the moment he screams about CRIMINAL SCUM. The ordinary guards were hilarious with it, this guy? Oh gods he will take it up to a new level.

  • Sara

    Am I the only one who kinda wish he’d yell “Stop right there!” Instead of “Do not fear” ?

  • Pat

    Amazing comic! Nice flash animations and interesting style. I love that guard… am I the only one imagining him with Mayor Adam West’s voice from family guy?

  • Woundedkneecap

    Some major revelation on this update… Maybe we should stop it, her brain might explode once she learns were babies come from.

    “they… What… No… You’re kinding”

  • “You can pull it off once every day”

    I have no idea what emotion i’m feeling right now, but I do know that there is an emotion there. And it’s pretty stagnant.

  • C

    Now whenever I see the Imperial Soldier, I must play that song.

  • Antaeus

    Okay, now I have to admit this. Stallone’s voice has changed to an odd mix of Mayor Adam West and Captain Falcon (from the cartoon… weird stuff, if you haven’t seen it).

  • GreatFairy

    That brief animation of her licking the cake is adorable.

  • A Pissed Off Russian

    Actually, the process of re-handling a hatchet is much simpler!

    Hatchet heads have a big square hole (usually, but not always, going all the way through) that the handle goes into. If your handle breaks, you get a rock or a hammer, knock it out, whittle a new handle using a knife/the hatchet head and knock it back in!

  • creeperbro

    “You can pull it off once every day or so, but much more than that and your eye gushes blood and you can’t see out of it for a month”


  • Amon

    This soldier is the fucking best. If I was a soldier in the Imperial Legion you can bet your ass thats what I would be like.

  • Tormuse

    I’m impressed that she was able to avoid spilling not only the cake, but the milk too!

  • Caspercraft

    Worst… Guard… Ever…

  • PersonPerson

    I hopefully await more lumber science in the future panels.

  • TheNoobzTubez

    Hey Kaz, I believe you misspelled “Dairihill” at around the middle of the page. It’s spelled “Dairhill” up there right now.

    • Kazerad

      Wow, good eye! Fixed it.

  • dtlux14