Jun 172011

McFrugal wrote:
Katia: Get that milk! Then FINISH YOUR CAAAAAKE (maybe ask if anyone isn’t going to finish theirs? MORE CAAAAAAAKE!)

Yeah, it turns out most people lose their appetite after a pile of dead bodies is dumped in front of them. They gladly donate their delicious cakes to you. This is the best day.

Niklink wrote:
>Katia: Politely inquire if you can loot the corpses

Dairihill apologizes for the abrupt, disastrous ending to the dinner. The soldier usually doesn’t show up until later in the evening, she says, but he apparently made better time than usual today. He does displays like this frequently, but his heart is in the right place. So very, very wrong, but in the right place.

You say it’s fine; you’re no stranger to extremely awkward disasters. So what happens to the bodies?

Dairihill says she doesn’t know; Baeralorn generally comes in later and takes them away, probably to bury. If you’re asking about their belongings, well, I guess it just goes to whoever is willing to take it. Bandits usually don’t have much of value.

You thank her for the help and tell her to pass your compliments along to the chef who prepared tonight’s meal. You’re gonna go loot those corpses now.

Vero wrote:
>Grieve over your own dead body in the pile.

Oh come on. He looks nothing like you. Racist.

SushiJaguar wrote:
Katia: Drain their mana. Drain it like you’re some kind of mana-sucker.

Skelatox wrote:
>Get yon axe.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
try too keep that axe, it’ll help you to defend yourself while you learn to control magika

You have no idea how to siphon magicka out of dead bodies… or if that is even a thing you can do with your weird Atronach powers.

You do take the Khajiit’s sweet machete, though! This is way better than the one you made out of a piece of glass and a broomstick. Oh, almost forgot, you’ll have to add “a new broomstick” to the list of things you owe Quill-Weave; her old one is buried under a hundred feet of rubble.

This is kind of a brutish weapon, you guess, but it’s not like you’re actually going to use it on a regular basis. It’s for emergencies, and in a true emergency you frankly don’t care how much blood splatter there is. As long as it’s enough to make the emergency go away.

But yeah, you and Quill should probably leg it before an enraged and violent countess storms back into this room.

genericuser2 wrote:
Finish cake. Notice Quill Weave has a bit of delicious cake on her face. Maybe if you just…lick that…off…for her…

You meet Quill-Weave back at the entrance to the dining room. She seems a bit eager to leave, possibly due to the pile of dead bodies. You point out that she has some icing on her face.

She thanks you for the heads-up and licks it off.

You sure are helpful!

  • J-Ro


    • LunarSoul


    • fernando

      Look at the comment that inspired the first machete.

    • MentallyUnstable

      Because its funny.

      Hey are you turning green?

  • Rtas’ Vadam

    Ya, but look at genericuser2 comment, my god that was fucking hilarious!

  • uh20

    still, that pile of bodies (especially the one at the bottom) scares me

  • TheLegendaryFoxFire

    As long as it’s enough to make the emergency go away.
    Shouldn’t it be, get* away not go away?

    • Kazerad

      Enemies get away, emergencies go away! The emergency itself doesn’t move, it just comes in and out of existence as circumstances change.

      Thanks for keeping a typo eye open, though! There’s probably plenty more still waiting to be found.

      • MentallyUnstable

        Enemies *get* away if they run.

        Enemies *go* away if you have machete. :3

  • Highdra

    I don’t know if no one notices, but why did the dead khajit’s face turn down? o.o

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Get yo axe on (means pose awsomely with new machete)

  • NeonDarkness

    I might be horribly wrong, but when Dairihill says “but his heart is in the right place. So very, very wrong, but in the right place.”, shouldn’t there be some mention of something being wrong before repeating the words “So very, very wrong”? As it is, it sounds a bit off to me, might just be me of course.

    • Kazerad

      It’s supposed to be like that. It’s not grammatically elegant, but intentionally so. Thanks for keeping an eye out, though!

  • Raurie

    I am very confused… where did this pile of bodies come form?

    • Kazerad

      You’ve been clicking the links to the animations, right?

      Sometimes I feel as though I am fighting against an instinct ingrained in all internet users where they avoid clicking things that say “click here”.

      • MentallyUnstable

        But thats how I founs this web comic.

  • Gene

    I don’t know if this there’s actually a need for a correction here but the last sentence below the first panel: “This is the best day.” Yes, your large violet-colored letters that pop out say it all, but still. Shouldn’t it be “This is the best day ever!” It better fits the mood in my humble opinion. Just nitpicking here. Lovin’ the comic thus far btw. Thanks :3

  • Seanmyster6

    I’m not gonna lie, that last page had me on the edge of my seat.

  • MentallyUnstable

    Hey Asotil! Ever heard of the professional highwayman orc? He called you a pussy. Kill him.

    The cake is not a lie! Bestest Day Ever!

  • dtlux14

    Oh genericuser2, I love that sugestion to lick the iceing off. Too bad she did it all ready and that ship isn’t working the way you want πŸ™‚