Jun 222011

Andorxor wrote:
As alternative build yourself a nest a tree.

digeridude wrote:

Hey! You’re not a… bird?

You understand the cat jokes, but where the hell did the bird thing come from? It’s not even offensive.

Guile wrote:
The bed is big enough for Katia and an orc (and a necromancer, and…), I think they could all fit.

You tell Quill-Weave that you assumed it was going to be, like, a sleepover or something. You figured you’d both just cram into one bed, or maybe you would make a pile of blankets to sleep on. But you can understand if she’s not okay with that.

She says yeah, that would probably be kind of awkward. She really doesn’t have that many blankets and is used to sleeping in her underwear like a total hermit. She’d kind of rather you just find somewhere else. It’s nothing personal.

You tell her you are fine with underwear, but it’s okay, you understand. She’s already done a lot for you, and you don’t want to impose. You’re thankful she invited you to dinner, and you really appreciated how she agreed not to drink anything while she was there. It might not have seemed like much, but that meant a lot to you. Most people wouldn’t do something like that, you say. Thanks.

You’ll just grab your hood and be on your way, then. It’s fine. They’ll probably let you sleep on one of the pews back at the chapel.

InvaderGIR wrote:
guilt her about the spiked water and share the bed.

Onamar wrote:
With her luck, there would be some sort of freak thunderstorm overnight.

It is a big enough bed, Quill-Weave says. If you seriously want to do the sleepover thing it probably wouldn’t be too weird, right?

You promise you won’t make it weird, you say! You don’t want to, like, be a burden or anything, if she’d rather you stay somewhere else though.

She says it’s alright. She thought about it and you’d just be sleeping here for like half a night before leaving. It’s no big deal.

You thank her profusely and promise you’ll be out of her hair as soon as possible. I mean, metaphorical hair. Fins? You’ll gather up your stuff right now so you can leave right away tomorrow morning and she’ll have the place to herself again.

You were kind of worried about staying at the chapel, you explain, since you’ve never been very good at sleeping on hard surfaces and it also would have been easy for someone to steal your amulet. If you lost that in the night, you might have accidentally burned down the chapel or something. That would be awful!

Yeah, Quill-Weave says, she knew a mage once who accidentally started a fire at a bar. Someone tried to pour a bottle of water on it, but it turned out the bottle was actually full of clear rum. Can you believe that?

They DO look about the same, you reply. You think most people can smell the difference? You don’t know; your nose is kind of bad, especially for a Khajiit. But visually you can see where someone would make the mistake.

Tenebrais wrote:
Quill-Weave may be friendly but I don’t think she’d be willing to exchange writing notes just yet.

By the way, would it be alright if you borrowed a pencil? You’re thinking you might want to take notes tomorrow, in case you have to remember anything.

You don’t know a lot about notetaking, though. Maybe you guys could exchange writing tips before you go to sleep? You heard she had some.

  • MrMagoo22

    Racist bird jokes caused the amulet to light up…

    In case anybody missed that. New spell maybe?

    • Faren

      racism is what fuels magic, that is why wizards seem like a childish in this day and age~

      • Someone Somewhere


      • Anonymous

        Is that why the KKK has such wizardly garb?

        • Lawx Lawlz

          That explains why the KKK’s leader was (is?) the Grand Wizard!

          • Pel Talapos

            The KKK are just a bunch of racist LARPers, calling themselves Knights, being lead by Grand Wizards, & I believe there is a position for an Imperial Dragon; they used white robes for the sake of anonymity because they were a pre-internet group, & in this analogy, those of non-Caucasian decent would probably be regarded as the “Hord”.

    • Tom

      It’s probably because racist jokes cause her to set things on fire, so the amulet glows whenever it’s blocking her magic.

      • epopisces

        Dead puppies hate racism. And Ogden Edsl.

  • Aero

    Why did Quill-Weave blush at the mention of “writing notes”? Is this, like, a reference to something that happened in Oblivion?

    I really don’t get it…

    • Kazerad

      Nah, I keep the Oblivion references (hopefully) more subtle. The writing tips remark is a reference back to the end of this page!

    • MentallyUnstable

      Quil-Weave has a “friend” in Chrorrol who is a fellow author. Look up Quil-Weave for more info. Specifically her schedule in Chorrol.

      Mainly we gamers have dirty minds.

  • Moonwalker

    And burn down the chapel=silly fun refrence! 😀

    or wait it is supposed to be refrence to the fact that the churchs gets attacked and people get brutally slaughtered in there as in the knights of the nine right?

    • Dalen Vreth

      Probably not since they aren’t actually burned … though the Chapel of Dibella IS the first to be sacked. More likly a reference to Kavatch

  • Aero: The writing notes thing might refer to the letter that Katia has to carry to Kvatch. Katia did open the letter at one point, and QW might have suspected that Katia had read the letter.

    • MentallyUnstable

      Nope. Has to deal with her “friend” in Chorrol.

  • dtlux14

    Rasist = Spell Learned… Cat = Fire, Bird = SOME SORT OF GLOW! What could it be?

  • Bob

    I JUST noticed the glowing amulet after the bird jokes, on my second read. Along with all the little fires sprouting up after cat jokes. I feel as if my awareness is suddenly lacking.