Jun 242011

FredMSloniker wrote:
> Quill-Weave: suggest that you could offer tips after Katia’s trip, as she’ll probably want as much sleep as she can get. Hope she forgets about an apparently embarrassing topic before she gets back.

Quill-Weave says that borrowing a pencil is fine, and hands you one from her pocket. It’s late, though, so it might be better to discuss writing tips when you get back from Kvatch.

She’s probably right; you need to get to bed. You thank her for the pencil and continue gathering your supplies for tomorrow.

Pidmon wrote:
>Invent water clock by hanging tub near the bedroom with a long burning candle plugging a hole near the base of it. Before going to sleep make sure candle is lit. When candle melts down to a certain point water will start running out of the tub and into a cloth that will slowly become saturated. This cloth will be hanging over Katias face and drip water onto her at some time early morning. (Hopefully she chose a candle that will burn the right amount of time!)

You are positive that you could build an elaborate alarm clock using only the supplies in this room. But that would take a while, and you’ve already borrowed enough of Quill-Weave’s stuff.

So you’ll opt for Plan B. You call back into the other room and ask if she has any regular drinking water. She says it’s on the shelf by the door; make sure it’s the bottle that says “water”.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
> This will sound stupid but… ugh, whatever… try talking to your amulet

By the way, enchanted items have souls in them, right? Do you think it’s possible to talk to them?

Quill-Weave says it’s definitely possible to talk to them, but it wouldn’t do much since they have no ears to hear with and no mouth to respond with. Also the soul is usually that of an animal, meaning it couldn’t carry on very good conversations even when it was alive.

Oh, you say. Just wondering.

MochaBean wrote:
WAIT do we still have that skeleton the necromancer left behind?

>Train skeleton to be an alarm clock.

Alas, the reanimated skeleton appears to have collapsed face-first and died immediately after completing his task.

He did a pretty good job though. Looks like he changed the sheets, stacked up the skulls, bundled up those leather straps, and cleared the broken glass out of the window frame.

Re-rest in peace, skeleton butler.

Crazy-8 wrote:
Katia, you are becoming way too excited for this late of night, I’m sure quill weave would agree, its late and time to get to bed, you want to wake up early after all.

True, you’ve got to get up and travel in a couple hours. It’s time to calm down, switch off the darkvision, and actually get to sleep.

You thank Quill-Weave again for letting you stay here. You guess it’s kind of funny, since it’s the same place you stayed the last few nights. But seriously you really appreciate it.

She says it’s fine.

lexavian wrote:
Oh yeah asked her about that what one time in… what was it again, Chorrol? You missed that story.

Yeah, what’s a sleepover without some gossip. At least you think that’s what people do at sleepovers.

Oh! Back at dinner you mentioned something about a friend in Chorrol? I was listening to something else and missed that story. I am super curious though, what happened?

Quill-Weave says it was nothing. She’d rather not talk about it.

Fishbat wrote:
You’ll just have to pester her for details later… After all, she knows a lot about YOUR sex life.

You pester her a little more about it. Come on, you say, you know all about my sex life.

Quill-Weave reminds you that she never asked to know about your sex life, you just kept fucking in her bed.

You say you’re really sorry about that. It was an accident. But I really am kind of curious what other people’s sex lives are like. And it kind of sounds like you had something going on in Chorrol?

She says it was nothing. She has a writer friend in Chorrol. There was no sex involved. End of story.

It was just a kiss.

You barely contain a squeal. That’s adorable! And romantic. I never pegged you as a sappy smoochy romantic, Quill! Oh gods, did you travel all the way up there just to see him?

To see her, yeah.



So this whole thing right now, with us bedding down together while wearing almost nothing, this is probably really awkward and uncomfortable for you?

Yeah, she says. Kind of.

So when you gave me that pineapple the other day, was it because you knew I was going to-

Quill-Weave interrupts you and says that absolutely any time but now would be a more comfortable time to talk about this.

Right, sorry. Sleeping.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
I suppose we can just wait for you to have that nightmare and hope it wakes you up at the right time, but that doesn’t seem ideal.

You may be biased on this matter, but quite frankly you’d rather not have the horrific, life-ruining nightmare wake you up in the morning.

This is your first time sleeping sober since you arrived, and that’s scary to you. You’re pretty sure that you’ll dream about whatever you’re thinking most about when you fall asleep – that’s how you got through the ship ride, anyway. You don’t like the way your old nightmare is lingering in your head. You need to concentrate on something else.

  • NoriMori

    “To see her, yeah.”

    I. KNEW IT. Not that the person in Chorrol was actually a “she”, but that Quill-Weave is a lesbian. I could just feel it!

    • Cynicalpicnic

      Yep, I picked this up really quickly too. I’ve also noticed that Quill has had a sad/concerned look on her face for almost all of the panels since the dinner started. They could all be alluding to the closet homosexuality and the maternal instinct for Katia, but I don’t think we’ve heard her full story yet. Onwards!

      • NoriMori

        I think she has that look on her face pretty much all the time though. :/

    • Dalen Vreth

      I knew… the again I’m the kind of nerd who knows that QW actually goes to Chorral in-game to visit a female writer….who, if I’m not mistaken, wrote “Woman Gone Wild”…. so… yeah.

  • Paradoxal God

    Ok, I know this is a great and cute story.
    But I bet I’m not the only one who believes argonian lesbian sex is freakin’ hot.

    • Faren

      you aren’t…. and since she says she will likely dream about what is on her mind last~ heh

      • Alex

        Hey, a bit of a tangent, but can someone explain what it means when you end a sentence with a “~”?

        • M.

          I always interpret it as a sort of sing-song, or rising and falling inflection

    • Felix

      No you aren’t

    • Glav

      No you aren’t

    • DiedinVain

      No you aren’t.

    • FireHeart

      you aren’t

    • SplinteredReverence

      Three words: Rule. Thirty. Four.

      • Vorlice

        Whiiiiiiiiich is what i’m google now…

      • HappyCoincidence

        I actually saw the rule 34 for this before I found the comic.

        • skunk

          you did? cant fined it! lol, i saw a few nudes of katia, but never this seen this rule 34’d. i must admit, im an anthro porn artist my self (not my first choice) lol. btw i was hoping for a nice, soft emotional bond like relationship between them, but: “aim high , get hit low” so ill take what i can get.

      • Woundedkneecap

        One word repeated over and over again: no no no no no no no no no no no

      • creeperbro

        If you want Argonian/Kha’jiit rule 34 you don’t actually have to type in ‘rule 34’. Simply search ‘argonian’ and you’re good to go!

    • No, you aren’t.

    • Zephyrion

      Hahaha,sigh… No.

    • NoriMori

      You’re on the internet, dude. You are never, ever, EVER the only one who thinks ANYTHING.

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      Actually, and sorry to disappoint you on this, I think the woman Quill-Weave is talking about is Casta Scribonia, an Imperial. In a desperate bid to figure out Quill-Weave’s ‘penpal’, I searched her profile up and apparently in-game she visits Casta’s house and sleeps there when in Chorrol.

      That may not seem like much, but Casta is also a writer. No Argonian female in Chorrol is a writer.

    • SotiCoto

      I bet Quill-Wave wanted Lifts-Her-Tail to clean her chamber.

    • MentallyUnstable

      Quill’s friend isnt an Argonian. :3

  • matty406

    Story tangents ahoy!

  • Scy

    Her room is still screwed up.
    I feel sorry for Q.W.

  • FreeGlass

    Hooo boy.

    (also: sudden style change or summing?)

  • Rai Fox

    The way she’s drawn here is so adorable, I love it.

    • Felix

      100% totally agreed, I hope she keeps being drawn like this.

    • NoriMori

      I dunno if you’re referring to Katia or Quill-Weave, but either way I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!

  • Henrik

    “To see her, yeah.”
    I choked, seriously.

  • King_Burgerking


  • MrC

    She does make that trip to meet Casta Scribonia in the actual game too. Very nice research.

    • Sparrow475

      And occasionally, instead of heading back to Anvil that evening, she’ll spend the night in Chorrol. In Casta’s bed.

      • Woundedkneecap

        And if she died, QW would not make the trip… Don’t you miss the days were Todd didn’t complain about radiant ai being to strong.

  • Tormuse

    Aww, Quill-Weave looks so sad there. πŸ™ As in, “I know nothing is going to come of this, so I shouldn’t think about it.” It’s made more poignant by the contrast of Katia’s excited expression right next to her.

    Speaking of which, this is easily the second-most adorable image of Katia so far! πŸ˜€

    • Uknown

      Wats the first?

      • manarim

        Clearly the one with the wizard robes in the mirror.

  • Rodrigo

    Now I feel kinda bad for talking about a friend that loves to do lesbian couples that drew these two in the same bed. Looks like it was 2/3 canon. =p

  • Flodos

    Omg it’s 23.17 over and i reeealy should be sleeping right about now, but this is just to adorable and i’m afraid i’m hooked! πŸ˜€ i wish i had a tail to wag…

    • Rubberduck

      01:10 here. Really should stop reading.

      • Shoushin

        2:37 here, I win ^^
        And last time it was like 4 am lol

        • 7:27 in the morning.
          I haven’t slept.
          COME AT ME.

          • Dalen Vreth

            First time I found this, went all the way round the clock ((not counting school and such)

          • Uknown

            1 pm haven’t slept since 2 days ago LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          • MentallyUnstable

            3 pots of coffee portable tablet, 5 days later still going strong.

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    I feel this is awkward to ask,
    but has Katia ever slept with another women in her past,
    cause with the fact that she has had 2 crazy nights so far,…
    I just wonder.

  • katianator

    “yeah, to see her”…”oh”…..”oooooohhhhh!” lmao. best reaction ever!

  • Dihydrogen monoxide

    Since when did Katia have underwear. Didn’t she just paint over her breasts and stuff?

    • Woundedkneecap

      Yep, stuck to her, the bath didn’t get it out. It’s kinda a play on the default textures that had unremovable under garments in Oblivion. I don’t think it’s coming off any time soon.

  • MrSammich

    Hey, who really cares if Quill prefers women, Nirn is a much more progressive place in general, as long as it isn’t dead and is one of the dominant races (does bestiality count for animal races?) its fair game. I don’t really know if she would like that kind of Khajiit lovin’ unless she likes it rough, catch my drift? πŸ˜‰

    • Shoushin

      remember falanu hlaalu? The dunmer alchemyshopkeeper from skingrad? The was guite into necrophilia if I’m not mistaken…

      • Dalen Vreth

        Yeah, but there’s still a fine… I mean that’s why she left Morrowind. Ancestor worship + necrophilia = :c

  • NoriMori

    1. I only just realized Quill-Weave + writer = obvious meaningful name.

    2. I just noticed the hazard sign on Quill-Weave’s hamper. XD

  • Mike

    Maker of this, I love you so much.

  • Lineo

    so far this is entertaining.
    also this made me laugh “Quill-Weave reminds you that she never asked to know about your sex life, you just kept fucking in her bed. “

  • TacoSin

    My god — I lol’d so goddamn hard to this comment feed. ^oo^

  • fatblackidd

    Did she shove that pineapple up her….

  • Razor

    oh.. oooh… now i think i got what katia did with the pineapple and yoyo o_o

  • Google

    Wow, I have received multiple requests to look up things like “Argonian/Kah’jiit hentai”, “Argonian and Kah’jiit lesbians”, and my most favorite, “Argonian helps Kah’jiit do a party trick.” After looking this up for you, some of my servers were forced to take a day off to cool off and contemplate what they had just processed.

  • PersonPerson

    Hmm. This makes for an unusual character trait, as I can only think of two other stories I’ve read that have such a character in a main role. The fact that she’s already paired and Katia isn’t interested is a good counter-weight.

  • Erik

    This page…so cute i cried, cried some more, bawwed, died from cuteness overload..Oh! Did i mention crying?

    Also…Argonian x Khajit? *GASM*

  • Servus_Vepcil

    Katia’s clothes in the last picture are a bit uncolored! D:

  • Zetrex

    *wholeheartedly ships Katia x Quill*

  • BaandaarTheInevitable

    this just got incredibly interesting, I love how QW is drawn here by the way

  • Xshu

    It’s kind of sad that this ship was sunk before it even left the harbor. Even disregarding Katia’s heterosexuality, in Oblivion, Quill-Weave is still visiting her “friend” in Chorrol and Katia is nowhere to be found. Even if Katia is the player character, it’s not possible to have a relationship with Quill-Weave in it. Oh well. :c

  • dtlux14

    But you just typed it…

  • dtlux14

    Maybe they thought her and Katia were together, I know the internet thinks so… So many pineapples, yoyos, and Quill-Weaves…

  • Pel Talapos

    I don’t think Argonian lesbian sex is “hot”, I’d think it be a very awkward & disturbing thing to behold. Consider for a moment that Argonians have sharp claws on their hands & feet, sharp teeth, scales with sharp edges, & in some cases, pointy horns; meaning that the potential for ocular injury is quite high, as well as injury to other; more sensitive areas of the body if the Argonian were to attempt coitus with a non-Argonian without the proper, ahem, “equipment(maybe biological or artificial), & in addition to that, we can’t just assume that Argonians would have similar sexual behaviors to mammals, despite the presence of mammary glands(without nipples mind you, suggesting to me that they probably serve some other function besides nursing, or are perhaps a recent & purely aesthetic development in the Argonian population due to the affect that centuries of Imperial rule might have had on the culture of the region of Black Marsh & what is considered “beauty” there; developing due to males choosing females bearing the oddly enticing but useless trait, or perhaps they “sweat” milk from those queer biological instruments; as a Platypus or Echidna.), the Argonian could regard Sex(with a capital “S”) as being purely for reproduction & not something that is “pleasurable” or can be done “recreationally” as with the human animal, but rather as a matter of instinct; but then again, the “kiss” mentioned in the comic(?) could throw a wrench into my idea, which is admittedly based on the reptilian appearance of the Argonian. Also consider that the idea of homosexuality might not be such a big deal to Argonians, since according to my sources; which I assure you are quite reliable, the gender of the Argonian is not set in stone, but is rather akin to life phases. Oh, sorry, am I rambling again? I have a bad habit of doing that…

  • ja-king

    well. 3;07…………………………………………………………………………..PM!