Aug 072011

Miles away and deep underground, a man composes a letter. Typically his letters are signed with a single initial, “D“. This letter, however, is much different from his usual correspondence. This letter, he feels, warrants his full name.

  • somestickguy

    Denzel Brandt.

    • asdf

      Seconding this.

      (Also, the forums aren’t letting me register so I’m forced to suggest in the comments)

  • bobnintendo

    >Donovan Henselt

  • CarelessAntics

    Dick Smith

  • cake
    • cake

      because check out that ‘fro, man.

  • Anonymous.

    Daric Bielle.

  • Alex Nichols

    Dazarek Rassoul!

  • Jadrie

    Dustin Hoffman!

  • Dys

    Dale Thrush

  • Kalte


    No last name, just Desmodus

    (for those of you who don’t know, desmodus rotundus is Latin for the common vampire bat… Did you catch what look like claw tips on those fingers? Very far underground… Yap, I think that’ll fit just fine :}

    • Anonymous.

      Those are nails, not claws. Vampires can have nails too.
      Also, Ayleids lived underground too.



    (And you’re about to play a game of disappearing Bears).

  • Jimbotholem III

    Demitri von Wardintose

  • Anonymous.


  • Beat Bandit

    D, Sunny

  • mercury01

    Divayth Fyr.

  • Masch

    Datia Womanagan. I’m not sure why, but it just feels right.

  • NickTheSushi

    Dick Army

  • Nicksdrago0

    Dean Evilguy.

  • Matt

    Deep Underground
    (or any silly spelling that sounds just like it, like Dheep Undurgrownd or something)

  • JERK

    Derren Stahlt

  • Dirk Bolero


  • puffaliaz

    (he had very uncreative parents, who named all their children alphabetically)

  • Shufly

    Dick Masters!

  • mizter

    Desmont Nergall

  • Anon44


    Thank you!

    • NuVanDibe


      • Muffalopadus

        I’m just going to assume these people know this and are too lazy to care.

        Dirk Chesthrust!

    • Cruxador

      The comments should be the place for suggestions, it’s really a superior setup for suggesting. You read the update and then there’s the text box right there, just punch the suggestion in and go. Whereas the MSPA thread is in a different place and is a mess of discussion and fanart.

      Also damn near every post here is a suggestion, so yeah.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if you considered that the superior setup for you might not necessarily be the superior setup for the author.

  • mpuone


  • Koriar

    More Prequel is the best birthday present.

  • NotAName

    Derp Herpman

  • Halbean

    Dumbledore. Seriously, lol~

  • Namer

    Daemon Grey

  • Dust

  • Kyle

    Damien Thorne

  • Adolf

    Doofpap Shooshnak

  • Lamprotornis

    Deuce, Clubs

  • Debaser

    Derek Vance

  • Shenrongohan

    Drels Theran

  • Ochita

    Annnnd now we are a necromancer.


  • insertnamehere

    Derailing the plot.

  • ViniVidiVici

    Darius Vardek

  • Zett

    Dale Gribble

  • Zayle79

    I know it was posted above, but just so you guys know, suggestions posted here in the comments won’t be used. You need to go to this forum thread:

  • Silentwolf12

    Dagon Mehrunes :p Just kidding…uhm…how about Dalkar Moss?

  • TheBMG


  • blind sally

    Dick Gentry

  • Chris

    Devon Managan

  • Herpa

    Dee Dragonovich. But you were never one for flattery.

  • William


  • davesignal

    Dirk Hardpec

  • White

    Dominic Dementor

  • matty406

    Urist McDwarf

  • dow

    Oh my gods, is that skeleton dead?

  • TechUnadept

    Dick Pound Brown

  • bob

    David Haslehoff!

  • Zionus

    Wow, I know this was made LONG LONG AGO…but I can’t believe no one suggested this name (I know you suggested names in the thread but there was a long list of names here so….).

    Dio Brando


  • I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.