Sep 172011

Abominor wrote:
You’ll have some money eventually, Katia. Things have been going great lately. Soon enough you’ll be able to afford all the ice cream you could hope for.

Though, don’t think for one minute that keeping away from booze isn’t why things are going well for you right now.

Heh, yeah…

To be honest you’re trying not to think about it too much. Things are going pretty well right now, sure, and staying sober all through yesterday probably contributed to this.

But when you let yourself think about it, you start to wonder if maybe today is just a good day and the soberness had nothing to do with it. Maybe a thimbleful of wine would be just enough to turn this good day even better. Hell, maybe today is such a good day that you’ll finally be able to drink responsibly and in moderation, like everyone else can. Maybe you even deserve a little drink to reward yourself for doing such a good job at staying sober. And, well fuck, this is exactly the kind of thoughts you were trying to avoid.

Whatever. If you can keep your mind off it, it’s not so bad. You just have to keep busy, keep having something else to focus on.

dranorter wrote:
Katia: Maybe put a pebble (or suitable substitude) in your mouth, that’s supposed to distract you from thirst by making you salivate.

Red.Grimgrin wrote:
Katia: If the plant doesn’t look like it’ll kill you. Eat it.

You’ve heard that putting something in your mouth can alleviate thirst. You’ve also heard that chewing alchemical ingredients can cause them to release magical effects.

In a stroke of creativity, you decide to kill two birds with one stone and simply shove a big piece of mushroom in your mouth.

It tastes okay.

In retrospect you probably could’ve picked a less phallic piece to break off, though.

masonthekiller wrote:
Goblins: Attack cat and armor persons riding the hoofed meat thing!

destinysWalrus wrote:
Katia: Collect a sample of all the random plants and ask someone later if any of them are useful.

Pajaul wrote:
All you’ve ever known is Anvil, this Kvatch is a whole new city, in fact, it’s a whole new start! Maybe you should learn more about it?

Good idea. You ask Asotil all about Kvatch. What it’s like, how big it is, how cheap the shops are, that kind of thing.

He stresses that he doesn’t know too much about the more laid-back aspects of city-life (such as shopping, sleeping, and basic social interaction), but does his best to answer your questions anyway. He explains that Kvatch is a mountaintop city with a strong military history – though there’s not much demand for fighters there these days. It’s about same size as the city of Anvil, and the crime rate is far lower. Its heavily defensible location means it’s also one of the safest places to live during Times of Trouble. Well, one time in the past it did get utterly destroyed in an invasion, but things like that typically don’t happen twice.

You write down as much of this as you can. Kvatch is a whole new opportunity for you, and you want to make sure you’re starting on the right foot. You want to make sure you know exactly what awaits you. You also ask Asotil how safe the areas around the city are. Like, would it be safe to leave Kvatch on your own if you need something outside?

He says that it’s generally quite safe, as long as you stay out of old ruins. Though, there seems to be an unusually high amount of Criminal Scum out this morning. Usually at this time of day you’d see one, two outlaws tops. Might be an upward trend, so stay vigilant.

EnigmaticMan wrote:
>Katia: Ask ASOTIL about the Kvatch Mages Guild. You’re going to Kvatch anyway, you might as well know what kind of magic they teach there.

You have one more question pressing on your mind…

I’m not sure if this is a taboo topic, you begin, but what exactly is the deal with the Kvatch Mages guild? I mean, half the people I’ve met refuse to talk about it, the other half seem to know nothing at all about it.

Asotil tells you that it’s a complicated situation. The Kvatch Mages Guild used to have a lot of enemies. Its practices were legal (and therefore perfectly fine), but many citizens still disapproved. After the necromancy ban cleared the place out, everyone was planning to simply destroy the building.

That is, until she arrived.

The most beautiful woman in the world.

Truly, words cannot do her justice, friend Khajiit! Bold and outgoing, strong and alluring. Skin as fair as snow, hair as gold as… gold. Her smile alone could light the darkest nights, her tears could shatter the stoniest heart. Yet below the surface, there was something dark and manipulative, sad yet hopeful. Lawless yet noble. Oh how scandalously she could skirt the edges of every law, every regulation – following all the rules but playing her own, mysterious game. She was something different. Something unusual. Something amazing. Her very name was like divine song:


Most of Kvatch had come to hate mages, but it didn’t matter. Within a single day, she had won the support of every citizen. She made them realize they needed a Kvatch Mages Guild. She made us all see that it was the Most Important Thing.

Of course, the Kvatch guildhall still has a few enemies. But she’ll show them they were wrong.

Sigrid will show them all.

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    mushroom be tasty?

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      Be tasty! lol. I think you mean is the mushroom nice. 😛

      • CW

        Definitely not
        No be silly

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        I see what you did over yonder.

    • speaking from personal experience

      mushrooms are ALWAYS tasty!

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    Mushroom: Be hypoallergenic.

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    Mushroom: be hallucinogenic. We have no reason to make the kitty sneeze.

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    Mushroom: Cause comic to wildly spurge between various art styles even more.

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    Mushroom: Be a penis

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      ?… But she already ate it. 🙁

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      You are so sick. How would like it to be bitten of?!

  • Zayle

    “Well, one time it in the past did get utterly destroyed in an invasion, but things like that typically don’t happen twice.” One of the best lines in the whole thing.

  • Laufente

    I love how Criminal Scum is capitalized xD

    • Halbean

      Haha, I can’t help but giggle when I noticed that~ XD

    • Link

      Asotil like to capitalize a lot of things =P
      He even did it with the “Most Important Thing” at the end =D
      Makes it look like they’re missing a ™ sign =P

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    Mushroom: Give the cat woman a badge.

  • Anon44

    Commenters: Remember that suggestions are only considered in the MSPA thread.

  • Faren

    … I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here and guess Sigrid has a powerful command humanoid spell, and ASOTIL has gotten hit by it, and I bet he isn’t the only one.

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  • MindEqualsBlown

    OH NO!

    Hannibal Traven was the one who banned necromancy, but he’s not Archmage yet…. Or is he? That happened in 431, two years before the events of the game.

    Was the ban mentioned by Asotil specific to the Kvatch guild?

    • Link

      Wasn’t it stated that these events take place roughly a year before the events in the game?
      That would make his statement plausible =)

      • JustSomeRandomGuy

        These events occur roughly a WEEK before the events in the game. How can you tell? Because *SPOILER ALERT* in the minigame later on there’s a mythic dawn member who says he’s a week early to a get-together his friends and him are having.

        • eternity08

          Or Kaz could just Shyamalan the hell out of that and have them attack in a year.

  • Madkat89

    Got a bad feeling about this Sigrid lady… Sounds very much like a heresiarch.

  • Beeps

    I really like your comic, I check for updates everyday, like a fiend!

  • cake

    that horse looks pissed off… I bet he’s gonna attack Katia for mentioning the Kvatch Mages Guild.

    • cake

      by the way, Sigrid is an actual character in Oblivion who can be found outside Kvatch when you find it under attack. she’s an alchemist.

      • Riddles

        The only time I ever talked to those people was on my first ever playthrough. Here I was thinking that Sigrid was made up but it is interesting to see she is a real character in the game.

      • a Drow

        the orc, katia, Asotil and the necromancer are the only characters that arn’t from the game, also the eyebrows are painted on, astoil did it while Katia was killing mudcrabs

        • cake

          that doesn’t mean the horse isn’t pissed off.

  • mpuone

    I just guessing here: Sigrid is some sort of evil brainwashing witch, right?

    • Riddles

      According to UESP she is an alchemist that you can trade with, rank 4 out of 10 in the mages guild.

    • Soadreqm

      And then it turns out that Sigrid IS an evil brainwashing witch. Well, perhaps brainwashing isn’t the right term. She just fortifies her personality and then wins the persuasion minigame.

  • Kurry

    Why does the horse look pissed?

    • Pajaul

      Remember Asotil painted on angry eyebrows.

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    Oh, man, that is -adorable.-

  • I started reading this today! Did it all in one night, hahaa!

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    ==> furries: pretend the mushroom is your penis and masturbate again.

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      You’re so fucking judgmental.

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    Ahahaha the last two frames before the last one are hilarious, with him staring off hauntingly like that!

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      He is staring at the lighty beacon of light.

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    9th picture down is lol.

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    And thus, we learn about Kvatch Mages’ guild, little by little!

  • Chris

    That mushroom was hallucinogenic, man!


    • Chris

      Also during SUPER HYPER REALISM TRIP GO, make Katia realize the answers to the mysteries of the universe while to everyone else she looks like she’s trippin’ balls.

  • Barguist

    Search the goblinoids for any potential money, meat-jerky or other food, or a dagger or something. There’s at least one pouch I can see, maybe there’s something to use! At least, if Asotil allows the Repatriation of Neutral Goods from Evil for Positive Use by Lawfully Abiding Citizens.

  • Tubbdawgs

    “and you want to make sure you’re starting on the right foot.”
    She’s standing on her LEFT foot when it says this. DUN DUN DUN…

  • CriminalScum

    *Looks at Asotil’s pose*

    “Criminal Scum. Criminal Scum EVERYWHERE.”

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    2nd-to-last panel: Scum, scum everywhere.

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    Sigrid, Sigrid everywhere

  • Rodrigo

    Soo… the reason no one likes the mages gild in that city is… because they are necromancers?
    Yeah, I know no one likes when a big mistery is reduced to a simple answer =p

  • Denis Bondarenko

    “He stresses that he doesn’t know too much about about the more laid-back aspects of city-life”
    You have doubled “about” things over there—–^——^

    • Kazerad

      Man, how does that keep happening? Repeated repeated word word is is now now fixed fixed, thanks thanks.

      • Denis Bondarenko

        Glad Glad to to help help

  • Chris Nemo

    Oh, yay! I was hoping there’d still be some typos left unspotted for me. Er, nothing against you. I just like proofreading stuff for fun.

    Between panels 3 and 4; “Well, one time it in the past did get utterly destroyed in an invasion, but things like that typically don’t happen twice.”

    You’re either going to need to separate the denoting of time with commas or dashes (“ time, it – in the past – did get…”) or just move the words around (“…one time in the past it did get…”).

    • Kazerad

      Proofreading is pretty much the coolest hobby I can think of and you are a cool person for having it. Typo is now fixed!

  • fatblackidd

    I wish I was the Mushroom.

  • MuseTheDraunkenDragon

    Seeing as the mushroom is a blue-ish color, I will assume that it is a Steel-blue Entoloma, whose first effect, and the one she would experience by eating it, is restore magicka.

    More fire soon?

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    wow, everytime i see something by “MasonTheKiller” it’s a negative event, STAHP, MASON, STAHP

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