Sep 192011

Draegur wrote:
>Katia: Commence using WIZARDLY STAFF as a scratching post. There are three very good reasons:
1. wonderful stress relief
2. keep those lovely claws sharp
3. personalizing a staff with ones’ own carvings is a smart thing for -any- wizard to do, but the fact that you would be capable of doing it WITH YOUR OWN NATURAL BODY will make your emotional, spiritual, and magickal association with the staff at least an entire order of magnitude more potent than it would for any other wizard.

Ouroboros wrote:
> Katia: Grab a branch from the ground somewhere. With your fire powers, you can turn the end into charcoal. Then all you need to do is find some scrap paper that someone threw out, and you can set yourself up as an artist possibly. All the best artists start out poor, hungry, and tortured by visions, so you’re already most of the way there!

Argonian wrote:
>Katia: Enquire about Asotil’s admiration of Sigrid

You remark that Sigrid certainly sounds like a very… interesting lady. How long have you had feelings for her?

Feelings? Asotil says he didn’t mean he was in love with her. That stuff about her being the most amazing woman in the world was a statement of fact, not endearment. He’s only ever met her once, when he was filing his Justice Report with the Count.

Oh, you reply.

Maaaaybe it’s better if you don’t push this line of inquiry any further.

Ninth_Computer wrote:
Katia: Take Inventory.

You don’t need to take inventory, because you can just:


Oh, whoops, forgot to list your clothes and stuff. You decide to mark the robe and amulet a slightly darker color to signify that you’re actually wearing them.

Anyway, you’ve got all the stuff from Quill-Weave’s place, a bunch of plants you picked up, and the remaining half of your wizard’s staff. Your plan to carve decorations into the staff didn’t turn out so well, but maybe you can burn its remains into a piece of charcoal for doing art. You’ve never used charcoal before, but Quill-Weave said you were okay at drawing. Maybe it’ll work out, and you will have finally found your “thing”.

Supaaku wrote:
>Katia: Check your health and magicka levels.

You’re… not really sure how to judge your magicka levels. Bear in mind that your magicka-tank or whatever has been pretty much empty for the last nineteen years. You haven’t had much time to feel the difference between “full” and “depleted”. You’re not even entirely sure what you’re supposed to be feeling for. It’s probably something that just comes intuitively to most people who grew up with it.

As for your health, you guess your health is pretty good. I mean, you don’t smoke, you get a decent amount of cardio exercise, and whenever possible you are careful to augment your voracious carnivore appetite with a Khajiit-appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables. Your alcohol intake has probably left you at serious risk for liver failure, but you haven’t noticed any symptoms yet so you guess you’re lucky there. And other than an allergy or two, you aren’t aware of any chronic medical conditions.

So yeah, your health is fine.

SatansBestBuddy wrote:
Katia: try actually reading that book you’ve been writing in, it could have valuable information about the surrounding cities and cultures.

It looks like it’s just a reference text on cross-cultural grammar differences. You guess that’s something a professional writer would care about? You flip through the first few pages but it’s pretty dry and, due to your drunken scrawlings, mostly illegible.

This edit makes you giggle though.

Pajaul wrote:
Ask Asotil if it be okay if we looted some of the bodies he’s Brought to Justice or if there was a law against it.

You tell Asotil that when you finally make it to Kvatch you were hoping to sell some goods to make a little money, to help get started. Would it be okay for you to, like, take any valuables off those corpses? Or would that be tampering with evidence?

He says to help yourself. Criminal Scum has no rights, including property rights, so it’s always acceptable to take their belongings whenever you want. Just make sure you leave enough of the body there for him to report how many Criminals were Apprehended In The Name Of Justice today.

Iarei wrote:
Katia> Ride the raft of corpses, search them for epic loot. (wheeee!)

You thank him for the permission, slip out of his arms, and climb onto the moving corpse raft.

Hm…. you don’t see anything easily lootable on these guys, like weapons or shields. You’re not entirely sure where to begin on a more thorough search. The whole concept is a little morbid.

  • cake

    oh god is she gonna start skinning the wolf now

    • Thornclaw

      so? I always skin the wolf. 😛

      • Burgrus of Corgi

        I skin the wolves and foxes (man I HATE killing the foxes) but only sell the wolves’ pelts, because I like the fox pelts.

        They’re obviously lucky.

  • CW

    A new professionals sport has dawned on the world!

    Corpse surfing. Surf moving corpses while looting their belongings.

  • Sharkey

    Katia: Ride corpse raft home, beat the crap out of your family, realize you were the monster all along.

    • CallHimGeorge

      That was a good comic. Or meta-comic. Whichever.

      Also, Sad Nord made me giggle, too.

  • Sad Nord


  • Chris

    Every hallucinogen has a period of time, or something that triggers it.

    Which means the next time a drop of alcohol hits her lips, BAM.

    Should’a done your homework before you ate that mushroom, Katia!

  • Fieron

    >rein-act “the lustful Argonian maid” with corpses of monsters

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer

      What? But that’s… that’s…

      Eh, who am I kidding, she’s already fucked a skeleton. Bring on the Lusty Khajiit!

      • Neow

        Don’t forget the Orc and necromancer!

        • Aguytolazytogototheforumashehasnoaccount


          • Reohajj Ouduru

            Imperial Legionnaire.

  • Ravenwrath

    Katia: make a cute plushie out of the wolf corpse.

    • Jebediah Oldenheimer


      • Dragon


  • Karne

    Well, I always wondered where goblins keep that one lockpick…

    Inb4 Katia shoves her hand up some dead goblins ass.

  • Aguytolazytogototheforumashehasnoaccount

    A couple pages back, one of the goblins ASOTIL tied to the horse had a bag.

  • Illidan

    1. Learn healing spells;
    2. Save necromancer;
    3. ???
    4. Be killed by the necromancer.

  • Kyle Hyde

    The “sad nord” made my day a happy day. Laughed out loud.

    • Sad Nord

      At least you’re happy… <:C

      • Illidan

        This reply made my day.

      • TechUnadept

        u sad? [trollface]

  • StupidNwah

    No need to save the Necromancer. We know there’s at least three inhabitants of the cave, and only two were seen killed. Mind, if he comes back, he’s probably going to be little better than Scruffles (Congrats Katia, you now have a Bonewalker curious about you!).

    Oh, and speaking of the Necromancer and dead bodies, are you sure you’re fine? Just one morning ago woke up to a lot of what was either blood or red paint in the room. Dead bodies is a good way to segue (oddly) into either thinking of the Nord or Quill (since you kind of did lead to a body or so left in her room) as well, if it’s desired to reflect on one or temporarily control Quill again.

    ~ ~ ~

    Actual suggestion, use those Khajiit senses to look and see if any very sloppy ambushers are nearby. While I have no doubt of your guide’s competence in combat, I also have no doubt of your luck that a cocky ambusher will manage to somehow hit him in the eye from 100 paces with their bow (or, alternatively, gib your ride).

    • Neow

      Suggestions are on the forum Fucknuts 😛

      • StupidNwah

        As you can see, my name is quite accurate. I was given it by this most helpful Dunmer…

  • Reinholdt

    Strike a surfer pose while riding the corpses.

  • Totally Normal Guy

    Katia: Search them more thoroughly.
    …More thoroughly than that.
    ……..Yes, there. That’s a good girl. Yes, riiiiight there.

  • VinnyTheGuy

    Shit just got real, you’re surfing a pile of dead corpses with a strange guard on a horse dragging them. Knowing where they’re going to end up only adds to the comedic pleasure of looting them. Find more weapons and items to sell. Maybe even clothes if you want . . .

  • Well, you could always sell their pelts for a profit, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with a cavity search…although that’s eerily close to cannibalism…in a monetary way…capitalism!!!

  • ricky

    are you gonna start fucking updating?

    • Wind

      Hey, he’s got school work to do, I get it. School’s a lot more important than a comic, and even though I love to read it, Prequel’s not going to get Kaz a job and pay the bills.

      Even so, I hope there’s an update soon. I’m going into withdrawals. <:C

    • Kazerad

      I will! Just been juggling a few more things than usual over the last few weeks. Hopefully it’ll even out soon.

    • Kyle Hyde

      Quality is slow, going to have to admit that.

      • StupidNwah

        A wizard is never late, Kyle Hyde. Nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to.

        Well, provided they don’t get drunk, but I haven’t seen any signs of Asotil carrying Mazte.

  • justme

    Panel Three: so much win.

  • Marcus

    That horse just looks so angry.

  • Coming soon in Skyrim:


  • Lin

    “mostly illedgible”

    dont you mean “illegible”?

    • Kazerad

      I am astounded by my ability to overlook wiggly red underlines. Fixed, thanks.

  • iNfeRnO

    “Criminals Scum has no rights, including property rights, so it’s always acceptable to take their belongings whenever you want.” I think it should be “Criminal Scum have no rights”

    Unless there’s some Oblivion joke in there that I’m not getting, and it’s the Criminal’s Scum that has no rights, but in that case it’s missing an apostrophe and the last part would have to be “it’s always acceptable to take it’s belongings”

    … I think. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I just don’t understand it properly.

    • Kazerad

      Oh, whoops, the “criminals scum” was a typo. Thanks for the heads-up.

      I’m probably going to keep the “has no rights”, though, even though it technically causes a pluralization mismatch. Using plural verbs forms for collective nouns is more of a British thing and reads kind of unnaturally to me.

  • Shinypants

    This page is just full of mistakes isn’t it?? (But it doesn’t matter, except to you I guess? Not wanting a work full of typos makes sense.) “Bare in mind” should be “Bear in mind”.

    While I’m here, do you have any plans on posting the full, un-obstructed sprites/art? Like that hero-Katia with Trevaia over it, and the unicorn? (I actually tried completing herokat for fun, but I gave up on the skirt thing since I had about zero hints as to what went there. I used the banner to help fill in though.) Or any non-Prequel art of yours, for that matter.

    • Kazerad

      Most of the other mistakes were typos, but I admit I had always thought “bare” was the spelling used with reference to holding something. I checked, though, and you’re right. Whoops, and thanks!

      And I might post the sprites eventually, though probably not any time soon. I have the Hero Katia uploaded already though, here:

  • Voye

    Second paragraph after “check magicka”. heatlh -> health.

    • Kazerad

      Damn, what is even WITH this page and typos? Fixed, thanks.

  • YinYang

    “Anyway, you’ve got all the stuff from Quill-Weave’s place, a bunch of plants you picked up, and the remaining half your wizard’s staff.

    Shouldn’t it be “remaining half of your wizard’s staff”?

    • Kazerad

      oh my god

      this page

  • The Diamond

    “a more thourough search”

    Should be “thorough”.

    • Kazerad

      Holy typos, Batman! Corrected!

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    Would be okay for you to, like, take any valuables off those corpses?

    Would it be okay for you to, like, take any valuables off those corpses?

    • Kazerad

      Wow, how did that blatant word omission slip under the radar for so long? Fixed, thanks!

  • dtlux14

    Oh, ok then…

  • MrFlimsy

    Possible typo at the end of this sentence:
    “You tell Asotil that when you finally make it to Kvatch you were hoping to sell some goods to make a little money, help get started”

    I might just be having a brain fart and interpreting theis wrong, but it doesn’t seem to make sense. Shouldn’t it be “to help get started?”