Sep 242011

Cobalt wrote:
You’re thinking about this too deeply, Katia. Don’t *search* them or rummage around their filthy corpses. Loot them.

If done correctly, you should have a tally of their current inventory and should be able to abstractly pick them from their bodies with little muss or fuss.

Neon-Blue-27 wrote:
> Katia: You’re not actually contemplating gutting those creatures, are you? Aside from the mess, I doubt body parts are very valuable. Although, if that top corpse weren’t in your way, the fellow under it seems to have some clothes and a bag…

d2r123 wrote:
1. Take all the wolf’s teeth now.
2. Take only the armor parts of the clothing. Use your claws to separate them from thread.

Avi wrote:
Check their necks and pockets for jewelry

Okay, now that makes a lot more sense!

You proceed to rummage around their filthy corpses.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Regarding your health, isn’t your laughably low alcohol tolerance somewhat worrisome? Like if you’ve been drinking for at least five years, and heavily so at that, so shouldn’t your body have gotten used to it by now?

Pajaul wrote:
Have we ever had any recollections of what we’ve done while drunk? and if not, does that sound normal?

Look, you seriously don’t want to think about booze, drinking habits, or anything like that right now. That’s always when things start going downhill for you. Quill-Weave is counting on you to stay sober and finish this job, and you have no intentions of even tempting fate this time.

But if it answers your questions: yes, you realize your low tolerance is unusual. It’s been that way since you first started drinking and – for whatever reason – hasn’t changed much since. And no, you don’t black out every time you’re drunk. Sometimes in the morning you can remember every one of the dumb things you said or did, and it usually makes you feel a thousand times worse about yourself.

But whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore. You’ve drank for the last time ever and you’re leaving those days behind you. You’re well on your way to becoming a constructive, respectable member of Imperial society. You’re going to forget all these old problems, get a job, make some friends, join a guild, buy a house… normal people things. You’re Katia Managan now. People are going to look at you and see more than a worthless Khajiit slut who screwed up every opportunity she was ever given and ruined every friendship she ever had.

You’ve hit some bumps, yeah, and you’ve started to accept that this isn’t going to be easy. But you can do it. Katia Managan can do it. She’s brave, and doesn’t have to hide her face in a tankard every time something goes wrong. She’s strong, and when things get tough she can just shrug it off and keep moving forward. Failures happen, you guess, but hey…

Maybe things are starting to look up.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Katia, I just remembered this: you can use the wolves’ manes/fur to make some cloak of sorts or even other sorts of clothing – maybe you can sell those for an average price. Plus, you’d increase your leather-working/tailoring skills! 😉 *wink*

Maybe even merge the gray haired goblin’s piece of clothing with the fur to create some kind of ultra stilish outfit that every traveler would like to wear. That would be a hit!

Well, okay, your badass wolf-skin armor doesn’t turn out so great. But other things are still looking up!

Across the road you spy the vague form of a mountaintop city. Kvatch! You’re almost there! And it’s about time, too. For this entire trip you’ve been kind of worried that something horrible would happen when you least expected it, completely negating any progress you made. But no, you’re totally going to make it to Kvatch and deliver Quill-Weave’s letter and earn some money and find some friends and eeeeeee oh my gods you can do anything.

You excitedly catch up with Asotil and make sure that this is indeed Kvatch, and not some kind of horrible, hope-dashing mirage. He confirms that it is Kvatch, and says you’ll arrive within the hour. Hopefully you’ve found your journey along this Fine Imperial Road to be adequately Safe, Just, and Lawful?

You tell him that the trip was nice, but you’re glad it’s almost over. Your inventory bar is getting really full by now. Asotil declines to comment on this.

  • cake

    love the new character design.

    • somebody to love


      • Wind

        I second this; new?

      • Zayle

        I think he means the close-ups where she looks different.

        • ClancyDamon

          Those aren’t new. They’ve been there for a while now.

    • shotgun steve

      It’s not a new character design, she’s rolled up her sleeves.

      • Worm Anchorite


  • While Im Waiting To Get Admin Aproval…

    You should ask some one when you get to the town (that isnt a random stranger) [Not that I don’t trust you not to do anything stupid like that] {And after you deliver the note} -Which I really hope you haven’t misplaced through the holes in your bag *dare I say something that may be true*- about your low alchohol tolorence. With your luck it’s related to your magical powers in some way, and is easily cure-able. And if the voices in your head keep mentioning booze just promise yourself you wont drink until some one has cast a spell on you that helps with your crazy drunkeness. And lastly when your in town spit out the mushroom in your mouth and stow it somewhere, you’ll look kinda retarded with a ‘shroom in your mouth, not to mention since the place is run by a litch they’ll more than likely be mean and rude about it.

    • Wind

      It’s going to be a long time before Katia finally makes it down there, but there’s a Khajiit Alchemist in the Leyawin Mage’s Guild that is working on a cure for Skooma addiction. Even if he doesn’t have the cure yet, he might know something about her problem considering that he’s spending most of his time working on problems with alcohol.

      • AnonymousDragonWolf

        Skooma isn’t alcohol, it’s refined Moon Sugar.

  • StupidNwah

    Oh good, Asotil is still alive. I figured with her luck he ate the poison apple, and the last leg of the trip would be him quietly riding forward without a gesture or sign of acknowledgement.

    • Tybalt Maxwell

      “Asotil declines to comment on this.”

      Fingers crossed

      • StupidNwah

        Alternatively, it can happen during an encounter with Gro-Upp. “Gro, what are you doing here? I have a Legion guard with me!” “Mean Ex-Legion. Sweet, never had a chance to loot one of these with plausible deniability.” “What?” “I’m saying you’re walking along a stiff. Have to say you had creativity.”

  • VinnyTheGuy

    >Katia Wash yourself off woman.

  • Ethan

    Why does that horse always have such angry eyebrows?

    • Anon44

      Because he drew them on.

    • somebody to love

      they’re painted on

    • Skullman

      and the horse is furious at being asked about them.

  • MylesTheWiseCat

    > Katia: There’s always the possibility you can trade some things you’re bringing along to get that wolf pelt turned into a proper bag so you can carry even more stuff. Plus, a proper bag might keep loose change among other stuff from falling out, and you could use every coin ya got.

  • Erky

    What’s that in the distance? A green man holding a bloody sword?

    • TechUnadept


  • sansuki

    Hey, what is Asotil drinking there?

    • Mouse

      Be VERY careful with this line of questioning.

    • Illidan

      Katia: Ask Asotil about Bottle

      • jayngfet

        You fool, you realize what you’ve done?!?

        • Calkhi

          Don’t worry, suggestions are not taken from here.

      • andwhyisit

        I’m pretty sure it’s a flask, not a bottle.

  • Norexicu

    I’m assuming that ring looks awfully familiar.

    Smells of undead cat and sweaty Orc…

    • Death Puppy


      • StupidNwah

        Doubt it was Gro’s ring (well, not Gro’s, but you get my meaning). Would mean either Asotil killed him off-screen, or a bunch of Goblins did instead. And killing him off screen? Gro-upp

  • Heliros

    I have to say, I appreciate the more detailed close-ups alot. They add alot of character to the, well, characters.

  • Calkhi

    I swear if the trolls make asotil die I am going srs nerd rage. Although I did read SOMEWHERE that he would already be dead by now.

  • kaidencio

    does the ring has any magical powers
    and everyone makes a big deal of the kovatch´s mages guild what about the fighters guild i guess it would have a better reputation

  • Crazy

    > Katia: Try to find some flax and eat the seeds to recover Magicka. There should be plenty of flax around Kvatch.

    • Wind

      You don’t remember do you? Two posts ago Katia had a Steel Blue Entoloma and Flax flowers. She’s already got stuff to raise her magika (although she’s already eaten a piece of the mushroom, so her magika should have come back slightly).

  • Marcus

    Should give that horse an apple.. It looks so mad.

    • StupidNwah

      How about Moonsugar, to speed up its travel? I see absolutely no way things could go wrong for Katia the Khajiit if AsotIL found / acquired some Moonsugar and pulled it out.

      On the same note, give the horse some Skooma to increase its carry capacity.

      • ASOTIL

        Skooma is highly illegal, and if my horse were to use it, I’d have to apprehend him for criminal behavior. The unrefined Moon Sugar is only legal for Khajiit religious purposes. I’m not sure what religion my horse follows, but there are no legally-sanctioned Khajiit worship centers nearby, and it’s illegal to buy or sell Moon Sugar regardless, so he’ll have to do without.

  • Locke

    Have we had a close-up of Angry-Horse? I want to see him in all his fake-eyebrowed glory.

  • ricky

    > Creator: start fucking updating for once.

    • Kazerad

      Hey, submit commands in the forum thread!

      (seriously though, sorry about the delays lately. Still have some stuff going on).

  • Kreetn

    Hey katia, I heard there’ a guy who’s selling a house in Anvil for an exorbitantly low price! What could possibly go wrong?

    • English Teaching Ninja

      I think you want “extravagantly” low price. “Exorbitant” implies a high cost. If you are extravagant, however, then money matters little to you, and thus the word would apply both if you’re buying a ridiculously high-priced house, and if you’re selling a house for far less than its obvious value.

      *throws smoke bomb and disappears*

      • …muhrr? I’m fairly sure ‘exorbitant’ means as much as ‘excessive’… so, ‘exorbitantly‘ is a qualifier that definitely looks like it can be used in place of ‘very’ / ‘extremely’; which is what Kreetn was using it as. Now, while ‘exorbitantly low price’ is perhaps counter-intuitive and thus not necessarily ideal, it nonetheless seems (to me) to mean precisely what was intended.

        Differently worded: The ‘low’ is what’s exorbitant, not the ‘price’.

        Either that or I honestly fail far more at language than I ever guessed, which is always an option.

        • NoriMori

          No. I looked it up, and “exorbitant” means “(of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high”. So, “exorbitantly low price” doesn’t work.

  • Pogiforce

    It’s just as plausible that Gro already hocked the ring off and through some form of transactions found it’s way to the goblin. Considering the events with the necromancer and Gro-Upp was the day after Katia’s last drunken trist, it’s very possible that those events had happened a day or two ago at this point, and thus gave the ring ample time to make it’s way around.

    • iMad

      Oh but if THAT happened gro-upp wouldn’t be able to curbstomp katia by resisting the only spell she can cast. But not kill her, just make her cry and drink and get raped because KAZERAD IS A BAD DM. STOP PLAYING TOMB OF HORRORS KAZERAD GET OUT OF MY MOMS BASMENT

      GROW UP

      • Iceheart

        LOL U MAD BRO?

        …oh wait.

        Seriously? You’re pissed about that? This is actually reasonable and logical. gro-Upp is a high level orc thief and Katia is a low level pre-mage. Basically, she’s your level 2 character. gro-Upp is the perfect asshole, and seems to be a pretty accurate amalgam of several pain in the ass orc characters who love to crush dreams no matter what you do. Kurdan gro-Dragol anyone? Or have you not heard of “Caught in the Hunt”?

        I think you need to grow up, seriously. Kazerad doesn’t hate his fans. Well, unless they’re whining angry demanding children like you. You remind me of this one fellow who ran off because this story wasn’t full of daisies and rainbows, declaring it “horseshit” because it was realistic.

        Everything isn’t going to go perfectly. And no offense to Katia, but the type of person she is, things are going to go poorly a lot of the time. She’s learning to do well.

        TL;DR- STOP TAKING THIS SO F*CKING SERIOUSLY it’s for *fun* you idiot.

        Hey, play nice! Angry people aren’t idiots, they are just really angry all the time. Be considerate of their tragic condition.

    • Kazerad

      Nah, the events with Dmitri and Gharug happened just where they were shown chronologically. Remember that story-wise, not much time has passed since Katia’s drunken threesome. Immediately afterwards she went to the Mages Guild, that night she had dinner with the Countess, and at around 4:30 the next morning she left with Asotil.

  • Calkhi

    I came here from reading an FFF hoping I could find refuge in the next page………..
    Sorry about that, had to run to the toilet to puke. But found nothing. moral of this story, never read an FFF if you don’t have memory bleach at hand.

    • Tybalt Maxwell


      • Iceheart

        Urban Dictionary sez: All girl threesome

        • Link

          I can’t say for sure but considering the way people act on the internet regarding the subject my guess would be “Furry Fan Fiction” =P

  • Iceheart


    I for one love this comic. I love that life is hard on Katia, it’s realistic, and helping her keep her chin up [even if I haven’t made commands, I sort of feel like I am] is just like helping friends feel better in real life. Go Katia! <3

  • Rai Fox

    I love how expressive Katia is in the slightly more detailed, close-up art style. It’s really impressive what you can do with fairly minimalistic art.

  • NoriMori

    Um, “who screwed up every opportunity she was ever given and and ruined every friendship she ever had.”

    Two “ands”.

    • Kazerad



  • Cerulean Starlight

    >You’ve drank for the last time ever

  • Kreton

    You tell him that trip was nice, but you’re glad it’s almost over.

    I assume you meant “You tell him that the trip was nice, but you’re glad it’s almost over.”

    • Kazerad

      Good find! Corrected! =D

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    Your inventory bar is getting really full by now. Asotil declines to comment on this.


  • dtlux14

    I love this story, and can’t wait to read more, but have to 🙁 It is 1AM on a school night, but I wish it wasn’t so that I could read this… Night…

  • Dragon

    I don’t see him.