Mar 182012

NotTheAuthor wrote:
I dunno, that mural seems a little

You, ah…

JJA wrote:
Just tell her you love the colors – there are so many of them!

You tell Sigrid that you like the colors. It contains all your favorite ones, somewhere.

Ah, thank you! It was no easy task mixing all those pigments – nor finding a painter who could integrate all of them so well! Without a doubt, best hundred thousand septims I’ve ever spent.

Anyway, looks like the breadsticks are finally here! I hope you don’t mind chatting over dinner? We don’t get many other mages in town.

Salandras wrote:
Katia> Calm down and don’t jump to conclusions. Take a moment now to consider the counter points.

1) From what Sigrid is claiming, the mage’s guild has been in previous hands. Necromancer hands. That all up and left the place in an uproar. That room in the basement and the materials? Most likely left behind by those necromancers. She’s probably the only one left who chose NOT to leave and turn things around.

2) The weird flowers, the deer, the mural? The fact she uses the alchemy lab to make dinner and mixed drink experiments? Sigrid is nice, but trying to do everything at the same time. She’s scattered. From what you can see, Sigrid is eccentric, but hasn’t done anything bad to hurt you or steer you wrong as of yet. She’s got this whole reverse necromancy fung shui thing going on.

3) There are imps in the city. That would be your fault. She’s locking the window for a valid reason, kitty.

4) To get back to the chained up, bloody door in the basement? What if that isn’t her fault? She might just be telling you to stay away from it because its full of horrid abominations left behind from those nasty Necromancers. There’s a building full of imps across the way (Nice going by the way) because of another errant mage’s exploits. Don’t go blaming her.

While Sigrid and her friend head to their seats, you take a deep breath and try to let some of your worries melt away. Sure, you guess there’s still a chance she could be an evil necromancer vampire planning to kill you, but it’s starting to look less and less likely. If anything, it kind of sounds like she’s just a misunderstood wizard trying to make as many friends as possible.

And that’s something you can relate to. A lot.

So, ah, hi! I’m Katia Managan, you say.

I know, Sigrid says. You already introduced yourself.

Oh, sorry, you say. I’m not very good at conversations.

Sigrid says it’s fine, sometimes she likes to introduce herself several times in a row as well.

who149 wrote:
>Katia: Hey look, its Steve! Say Hi to Steve!

JJA wrote:
Now you get to learn “Steve’s” real name. Maybe you can draw him out of his shell a bit. Wiggle your ears at him so he remembers who you are. Did he ever tell Sigrid about your problem like he promised?

With Sigrid sufficiently overgreeted, you turn your attention to her friend.

Hi! Remember me? We met earlier today. We were in the general store, and I-

He cuts you off and assures you that if you were anyone worth remembering, he would have said something.

Sigrid lets out a long sigh. I see you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stephane. He works at the chapel so he’s not an active Guild member, but he still drops by to keep me company. Don’t mind his douchiness; being a Breton, he’s probably just huffy at the idea he might be the third best mage in this room.

Oh! Ah, him, third best? You’re flattered at the insinuation, you say, but there’s pretty much no chance you’re a better mage than he is. I mean, you just started practicing recently, and you don’t know many spel-

Sigrid says there’s no need for modesty. You’re an Atronach. Even if you only started with magic recently, she suspects you’ve been taking to it like a fish to water. With some proper reference books and a bit of practice she’s confident your abilities would exceed people like Stephane in no time – if they haven’t already.

Oh! You mutter a nervous “thank you”, quickly reaching for your cup to hide the huge smile spreading across your face. You’re trying to keep a professional demeanor, but… well, that’s more praise than you’re accustomed to receiving. At least for anything you wanted to be praised for.

Also, this is basically just a cup of applesauce.

Tastes okay, though.

GreyAcumen wrote:
Katia, I think the biggest question that is hanging in the air is that if this guild doesn’t specialize in necromancy anymore, what DOES it specialize in?

With a brightened mood and renewed enthusiasm, you delve straight into some questions.

So, um, since necromancy is apparently banned now, what does the Kvatch guildhall do? I mean, well, what does it specialize in?

Sigrid shrugs. Oh, a bit of this, a bit of that. She admits she’s never really been one for specialization, and thinks it’s important to teach a little of everything. Personally, she’s dabbled in every type of magic; alchemy, alteration, conjuration, illusion, destruction, mysticism, necromancy, restoration…

Not to imply that I’m mediocre at them all, she adds hurriedly. She still considers herself a damn good mage. For example, I could probably kill you right now without even getting up from my seat. I mean, if I had to, y’know, in dire circumstances. Probably.

Yeah, that’s, uh. I can totally respect that. I’m not the best, I know that. Not yet. I have a long way to go, lots to learn, and that’s after I join the Guild and so on.

Sigrid snickers at your reaction. So, do you have any particular magic discipline you’re interested in?

I’m, ah, not really sure yet, you say. You emphasize that you’re really new to this; you haven’t even really learned what’s out there. But you’re looking.

Kayito wrote:
Katia: Come to realization. Mages are a little nutty sometimes. You’re a little… off… sometimes too. You are a mage. You belong here. – Relax a bit more with Sigrid and enjoy the meal.

You pick up your cup and take another tongueful of pear-applesauce. You have to admit, this place is kind of growing on you. Sigrid seemed a little suspicious at first, like maybe she was up to something, but you guess you’re starting to see why people admire her. She’s nice to talk to. Like, you get the impression she really does appreciate your presence.

Though her jokes are kind of lame and her bragging is maybe a little irritating.

  • Kazerad

    For the record: the delays in this update are almost entirely due to me discovering that, after four years, TF2 is still a pretty fun game.

    • Wise-Ol’-Man

      Aww, Now I feel bad for ragging on you so much, You fell into the same damned trap that I did!

      and yet, after FIVE years of playing, I still get pissed at EXTREMELY trigger happy pyros…

      • Kazerad

        That’s the thing though, there’s that new Spy weapon that lets you put out a fire at the (temporary) cost of your knife. As soon as I discovered that, I knew I was about to lose a lot of time.

        • Apostical


          • Stahlbrand

            Spies don’t deserve the warmth of fire to begin with.

          • Rage Inducer

            XD I’m more of a “eternal reward” and “cloak and dagger” type. Playing it smart saves my bacon.

        • Ch’marr

          And, look, omg, the comments are nesting/stacking/cascading/playing-stacking-nesting-canasta properly!

          • Ocylith

            I told you. The comments section was striking.

          • Link

            I still believe the stacking issue began when Kaz deleted one of my replies in the last page. The reply that was deleted had further replies to it and those ended up confusing the system or something =P

            Now to ponder on why my comment posted yesterday on this page never showed up… perhaps I derped and never pressed submit =P

          • Ch’marr

            Link: You know… that makes perfect sense! And would be just the kind of wordpress bug that I would expect. Okay… lets see if making the appropriate adjustments to the database will “magically” fix things….

            … okay, perhaps when I’m less drunk.

      • Volchek

        I’m sorry, I can’t here what you’re saying over all that burning. ; )

        • Scow2

          Hah! The only way a Pyro can be “too” trigger-happy is if it’s out of ammo. EVERYTHING SHALL BURN!

      • Halide


        Seriously, that comment was like an extra punchline. Totally free of charge.

    • FiveForty

      I bought TF2 at launch and played it for a while but I never could get into it. Especially after they started the class updates and items/hats, from there it just got out of hand. All I see when I try playing is 2 teams of clowns, running around frantically and throwing pies in each others faces.

      Yeah I’m more of a Red Orchestra, EVE Online, Total War series kind of guy. As far as multiplayer goes anyway.

      • brecheisen37

        That’s kind of how you’re supposed to see TF2. It isn’t a serious game; it’s just fun. It’s a good game and I can see from your choices of games that it’ just not the right kind of style for you.

    • Neuronyx

      I tried getting into the game but it just felt like there was no room for me. Like the playerbase was already set in stone and there was nowhere for me to squeeze in, and during matches nobody actually paid attention to the game. They just talked about other bullcrap and the game was just a background distraction.

      • Rade Inducer

        You probably entered an achievement server… That usually happens in there.

    • Will

      Ooh! What servers do you play on?

    • Motherfucker

      Wait you mean I get to CRUSH YOU on the FIELD OF HAT-BASED COMBAT?

  • Soadreqm

    He really does look like a Steve.

    • Armael

      I know a steve IRL and this guy definitely looks like him

      • Anza

        Headcanon: Anyone who has the name “Steve” on their birth certificate grows up to look exactly one way. That is to say, all Steves are the same.
        Stefan, Steven, and Stephens do not experience this effect.

        • Though “Stephens” are are more likely to become douchebags. Q.E.D. Stephen Harper.

          • dragonkeeper1

            Stephen King, Stephen Hawking. I am insulted.

          • Wind

            You’re both wrong. His name is Stephane. <.<

          • Bacon_Elemental

            Stephen Colbert.


            oh HELL no.

        • Steve Potluck

          What the hell man, that isn’t true at all. I am WAY more handsome, and at least twice as modest.

          • Tyl Frank Tygard

            I see what you did there, you sexy beast.

        • 123

          MY DAD, ASSHOLE

  • Zombiepaste

    It’s cool bro…doing a fine job

    now off to see if we can make katia do something embarrassing…

  • Chris

    Step away from the TF2 and ENTERTAIN US, DAMMIT!


    • The Whicher

      Well. U could always write your own comic. That way the updates would be always on time and the content would never dissapoint u. 🙂 “too much cute in this comic” – not at all

    • JC 042

      Its those ears!!! Cant stop looking at those ears flapping in her hood! Eventually Im gonna go so insane about it and have to make a Khajiit mod that does that.

    • Rage Inducer

      What’s wrong with the cute parts ??? As long as nobody sees you watch it there sould be any prob- hey little bro, er… how long have you been standing there? … Ok, maybe a little too cute SOMETIMES. But it does get cancelled out by blood, clumsy fails and near death experiences.

    • Dragon

      You can never have too much cute.

  • tronn

    Yay! Nothing bad happened!

    • cake

      don’t jinx it, man.

      • Brandik

        We’re screwed

        • Zerithos

          Triple facepalm. With two hands.

  • Mani

    “Sigrid says it’s fine, sometimes she likes to introduce herself several times in a row as well.”

    That seems to be a pretty widespread Cyrodiilic custom.

    • Murder

      Come to think about it…

      • Ma’iq the Liar

        Ma’iq has no idea what you are talking about. Ma’iq does not introduce himself multiple times. The idea is just proposterous!

        • M’aiq the Liar

          M’aiq calls you out, impostor. The real M’aiq places the apostrophe in the correct place, as the fake M’aiq does not.

          M’aiq is tired of accusing. Go bother somebody else.

  • Tokage

    I rather liked the deep-breath animation.

    • NoriMori

      Me too. 🙂

      • Heliros

        Me three!

        Actually, to be quite frank that breath animation is damn good. Reminds me of a a couple of games I used to play when I was younger. It has that feel to it, hard to describe.

        Overall, your animation skills are commendable! I’m getting more and more impressed for each update.


  • Katia

    nah =^.^= shes having a good time, she DOES deserve at least a few updates without trouble to catch her breath. And a comic without a story and just a plain chain of despressed katia woudn’t be fun anyway. Great post =^.^= Looking forward to the next one. *secretely hopes though that theres ‘something’ in the juice*

    • Neow

      Since when did the spy start reading this?
      Bloody useless spys.

      • Engineer

        A spy is sapping my sentry!

      • Red_Spy

        It seems I am not the only spy…

    • Titanium

      Holy fucking hell it’s you isn’t it. Oh god why.

  • AnonBus

    Wooohoo. Moar updates!

  • Riddler

    So, lets look at the facts and see what might happen.
    The woman we know as sigrid appears to be a nice person and a bit strange, this combination of traits leads us to believe something is amiss, with her history of being a powerful Mage and apparent fascination of homosexuality, I think it’s safe to assume that she is an otacu ( forgive me for misspelling) all around there is evedence of dark magic and she denotes this to mages that pass by every now and again , this would normaly explain it but from what we know from nah, she is in command of most of the vampires in the city, making it possible that this goodness is just a ploy to ease newcommers, though this posses no threat to katia, seeing as she is considering her a friend, the town is very much like her appearing sweet and harmless, but truly dark on the inside, remember we still don’t know were the slaughter fish came in to the well. She is in control of the vampires, the best thing to do is be caring and careful

    • NoriMori

      “with her history of being a powerful Mage and apparent fascination of homosexuality”

      O.o? What are you TALKING about??

      “I think it’s safe to assume that she is an otacu”

      It’s “otaku”. 🙂 And…nothing Sigrid has done has ANYTHING to do with otaku. :/

      • Rambo Dash

        I’m guessing next update she’ll reveal her secret obsession with Akaviri artefacts and culture.

        • Link

          You get one internet for presenting an idea that would kinda make otakus possible in the Elderscrolls universe =D Though wouldn’t that make her more of a weeaboo? =P

    • Grammar Nazi

      Hey, did you hear about this cool new thing called periods? They’re the latest in making any bloody sense.

      …Sorry. I have a problem, a serious problem.

  • Anomynous

    Oh wow,

    Katia dislikes joke and boast, and loves admire and coerce.

    Kaz, you’re amazing.

    • ClancyDamon

      Holy shit, I didn’t notice that at all! God damn, the inside jokes are amazing! Nice catch!

    • That flew over my head, but now that you pointed that out, it makes me happier than words can express. I love the writing in this, Kaz… this is absolutely fantastic.

    • Robrand

      Yup, that’s Kazerad’s work alright: in-game reference that is also appropriate to what we know of her personality.

    • This is amazing.

      This goes a long way towards explaining exactly what’s going on here – Sigrid has mastered the persuasion minigame, and probably has a very high Speechcraft skill and personality. Hence the flowers, her popularity with anyone she’s met and the reason everyone seems willing to do anything for her.

    • EveryZig

      I noticed that with the last line about jokes and boasting, and I laughed quite a bit.

  • Corovaneer

    I read this comic for I don`t know how many months, and this far, im still thrilled and I have absolutely no idea what will happen next. I salute you, sir.

    Just hope that Katia will be allright, and her joining this mages guild won`t end abysmally wrong, like accidentally running through oblivion gate, or daedra encounter (which is possible around conjurers), or something like that.

  • *Insert Interesting Name Here*

    >she’s dabbled in every type of magic; alchemy, alternation, conjuration, illusion, destruction, mysticism, necromancy, restoration…
    >alchemy, alternation,

    Isn’t that supposed to be alteration?

    • Kazerad

      Typo, what typo?


      • Adoring Fan

        Kazerad is a Grand Champion in Retconjuration.

  • Corovaneer

    And Katia breathing in deeply is absolutely adorable! Like eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • NoriMori

    Okay, I love Sigrid. Jeez, Kazerad, that’s two totally loveable characters in very rapid succession! (Nah and Sigrid.) I love them!

  • Erik

    Katia: Be careful out there. You literally just met Sigrid, and don’t know anything about Stephane. They might be hiding something. Who knows what’s in the room in the basement? The smartest thing to do in this sort of situation is stay cautious and play it cool.

    • Erik

      Whoops… I was supposed to put this into the suggestion thing. I’ll just… Go do that now.

  • DarronRanston

    Okay, Katia, take it slow with that pear applesauce stuff. Maybe they aren’t evil at all. They’re still a bit nutty. Nutty enough maybe to lie about virgin applepeartini sauce. Take it slow lest you forget your tendency to wake up naked and hung over in potentially dangerous situations.

    • Gaardus

      Eh, if it were alcoholic, we’d be up to three fruits by now. (Four if you count the peas.)

  • DarronRanston

    Oh, and on an unrelated topic, I really like the story so far. Gotta say, Gharug gro-Upp could use a theme song. I suggest Stand And Deliver by Adam & The Ants

  • JJA

    I see a very slight glitch in the first image – when she moves her eye, there’s a tiny area that flashes above her right eyebrow.

    • Kazerad

      Oh wow, that’s… VERY subtle. Wow.

      Yeah, I’m not even gonna fix this one. Good find, though!

      • Titanium

        Oh god now I can’t unsee it.

      • Guvernor

        There’s some on her chin too hehe.

  • Gillsing

    Aww, that ear-wiggling is just too awesome. 🙂

    And I think I see a typo: “third best mage this room” looks like it should be “third best mage in this room”.


    “Oh! You mutter nervous “thank you”, ”
    dont you mean,
    “Oh! You mutter a nervous “thank you”,”?
    p.s, this webcomic is awesome.

  • Rage Inducer

    I found this page quite recently like, 2 days ago. I knew a thing or two about it and when I first got in the page and saw her eye patch i kinda freaked (my mind suddenly jumped to “happy tree friends”).

    I just finished reading from the beggining all the way here and I didn’t quite get to read all the comments but… Did anyone else find that nightmare she to be like a vision of something that will happen (not the killing, the confrontation) Maybe someone’s afraid of her and makes her have these nightmares, A KING MAYBE that doesn’t want her to fight back?

  • Steve Potluck

    Oh! You mutter nervous “thank you”, Shouldn’t there be a “a” in between mutter and thank you? so it would read
    Oh! You mutter a nervous “thank you”,

    • Kazerad

      Fixed! Thanks D=

      • Steve Potluck

        I merely read this adventure for the occasional typo I can spot. I can now rest another night.

  • At first you think Katia’s awkwardness is cute.

    And then you think Katia sighing in relief is cute.

    And then she does the ear-hood thing again. asfasfgf

  • David Argall

    “…best hundred thousand septims I’ve ever spent…”

    So maybe that gold was just lying around because she had no place to put it because everyplace else also had gold… Of course maybe she gets the gold by turning apprentices into gold and then turning them into coins. But this place may turn out very good for you.

  • “Oh! Ah, him, third best? You’re flattered at the insinuation, you say, but there’s pretty much no chance you’re a better better mage than he is. I mean, you just started practicing recently, and you don’t know many spel-”

    Aw, that’s so cute. Katia is stammering. “better better mage”.

  • Arcen

    Hey I’ve been reading these for ages! Love them 😀 Saw a little typo; “he might be the third best mage this room.” *in this room* right? Ahaa keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Kazerad

      God I am rolling in typos today. Thanks!

  • Trowzers

    Wow! A hundred thousand septims? Uh, does she want any more picture painted?

  • Kasi-Sei

    Really loving this comic… Too bad I reached the last update already! Must… Await… More… Pages…

  • Uzi_Man

    l kinda miss the moments like when Katia had sex with the orc and the necromancer. It was not too visually rude to be a +18 page, but at the same time it did make a funny point about what was going on there.

    Kazerad, make more erotic moments with Katia please!!

  • Kreetn





    • Fancypantsman

      Actually, so told Stephane back in the shop, and he said he would tell Sigrid she was coming. Since this was hours ago, he could have just went to the mage guild and told her about it.

  • nathan

    >she does seem pretty nice but maybe she is lonely, inquire into the possibility of becoming her apprentice<

  • Link

    I think Steve (Stephane) is one of my new favorite characters simply due to his “Why do others EXIST?” look =D

    Also, yes, TF2 can be loads of fun still =)

  • Timothy

    This comic is fucking amazing. Katia is an outstanding heroine, one that is flawed yet determined to improve herself. Art and entertainments don’t have enough clumsy, sympathetic female protagonists, and it’s amazing to finally witness and experience one. Either you have dumb, useless and obnoxious love interest for a male protagonist or you have a bad-ass perfectionist who is an utter ass hole to everyone. As nonhuman as Katia is physically, she is incredibly human in every other way. She’s just an outstanding character.

    Kaz, you’re a phenomenal writer and animator. You have the potential to be a great artist in the big leagues.

    • Fancypantsman

      Amen brother, amen.

  • Aerodynamik

    Katia, why are you being so calm? She obviously crazy, and while you seem to be dismissing it as harmless, a crazy person with the ability to kill you and thousand different ways without getting out of their seat is a very dangerous crazy person indeed. Just wait until she get’s upset about something, and then you’ll be running for your life.

  • guest

    A little sort-of-typo thing… shouldn’t that be tongueful with one “l” rather than tonguefull? I mean, technically it’s not a real word, so it could be spelled however you want… but I think it would probably be spelled “tongueful” if it was a word.

    • Kazerad

      Eh, I could see it going either way but I went ahead and changed it. I guess it looks a little better.

      • Kirsten

        I believe ‘tongueful’ would be more like “The young man was rather tongueful in his throws of passion” and ‘tongue full’ would be more like a “tongue full of apple sauce”

        Thats just my thoughts on it…

  • just another user

    Sifrid got freaking fangs in the 8th picture!

    • just another user again


      • fangs*

        But hell… Who cares..

  • Husk

    Random sliding bowl ACTIVATE! D8 lol.

  • Furnut

    Awww love the licking animation! 😀

    Good thing all is totally fine and normal and NOT going to hell in 3……..2……..1……….

  • Suddenly someone threw cobblestone through the window.
    There was magical note on it:
    “YoU’lll pAy fOr TrreAson oF ReaL MagiC”

    • Anyway, she should ask for healing!

      Nah(!?) help her, but st’s still painfull.

  • SplinteredReverence

    Assuming this has yet to be pointed out, baneath panel eight (I think) “pretty much no chance that you’re a better BETTER mage than he is.”

    • Kazerad

      Somehow, you’re the first to notice that. Thanks!

      • fljailuwkhblkjuhfeweukjla

        WHAT? I noticed that on March 18th!

        • KTB

          You might have but oy udiddnt say anything. for instince i noticed it then too, but didnt point it out.

        • Kazerad

          Wait, crap, you did. Sorry Splinter, I am revoking all your thanks and transferring it to fljailu’.

  • LehkiBug

    I got the impression that she wasn’t aware Katia and Stephane had met before when she said ” I see you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stephane.”

    You’d think she would have said something that she knew Katia was going to show or Stephane mentioning she’d be coming, or SOMETHING. Something with that does seem a little off to me

    • Fancypantsman

      But wait… if Sigrid didn’t spoke to Stephane before Katia came to the Mage Guild, how could Sigrid have known Katia was an Atronach?

  • fareydoon

    >dat tail
    >dem ears
    dammit katia stop that its giving me heart attacks

    • ?????????????????? (: /
      Really? I doubt it…

  • Random NPC

    Asdfghjkl! Why is no one else gushing over how cute Katia is while “drinking” the pear-applesauce!

    Also this whole Mage’s Guild thing is going surprisingly well…

  • Some Guy

    I would just like to point out that applesauce is commonly used as a medium for giving pills to patients that are difficult to administer pills to. They grind the pills into powder, then mix them in with the applesauce. Unless the pills have a very strong flavor, the patient can’t tell the food was modified.

    Given how much I miss making a cat cry, I’m liking where this is going.

    • Rambo Dash

      Wait… maybe Katia never left Hammerfell. Was her whole “New Life” really just a hallucination in an asylum?!?!

      • Some Guy

        I was thinking more along the lines of Sigrid doping her up for some hi-jinks later on. I can see it now, she comes to sitting in front of the chained door, bloody weapons in her hands just as the local guards show up. Sigrid and Steve are nowhere to be found. Cue hilarious chase scene where she manages to get herself blacklisted from three towns and lose half of her possessions all over the place.

  • Ransom

    Yet another person dropping to say I found your comic randomly at 12:30 or so. Big mistake. I think I got to bed around 3:30 am. Keep it up!

    • KTB

      The same happened t ome last month.

      • KTB

        *to me

  • lu bu

    ARGHHHH! Why am i finally seeing this on the 21st when it updated on the 18th T.T!?!? I checked on this every day too!! (Sad face)

    • Beano Curufinwe

      …I’m having similar problems. I could’ve sworn I checked less than nine days ago, and I’m just seeing the new page now. Is this the fault of my browser’s cache?

      I’ll check the next update more carefully. I likely just missed the => symbol or something.

  • Ineverus

    Katia, I know you’re having a ball here, but you DO have a job to do, specifically get some money for a replacement book for Q.W. and then give her that reply from Hirtel. On top of this, you found what, 5 or 6 things that REALLY seemed out of place here? AND you already learned something pretty important: Alchemy is where the money’s at, and apparently you could have a knack for it.

    But I’m sure you’ll disregard me if I stopped there. And then there we go again, waking up in Q.W.’s bed naked. But here’s something: Back in Anvil, at the Mages Guild, that elf guy seemed very hostile towards the Kvatch guild. What if this is a universal thing in Cyrodiil? You could be making enemies right now, as well as alienating yourself from any chance of getting to the Arcane University. Hell, the Arch Mage said he wanted the place destroyed.

    I think you should really just try to get out of there. There are how many other guilds in Cyrodiil? 4? 5? 6? Hell, if you followed Asotil back to Anvil I’m sure the guild there would be happy to take you in now that you know two spells. Maybe you could even learn a third on your way back! Also, I have this weird feeling about Kvatch, like something terrible will happen to it soon. I can’t place why, but it is NOT good feeling.

    So would you please do the smart thing and get out of here before things get weird? If this IS a necromancy place, you do realize what you need to do to practice it, right? Kill things. Often people. And then we’re not dealing with just waking up naked with someone you’ve never seen before, we’re talking things like getting your head lopped off by Asotil and then having your decapitated body dumped on the floor at Umbranox’s feet for being a murderous criminal scum. You wouldn’t want to have that happen to you, would you? To have the guy who made your magic more than just a random thing end your hopes of succeeding?

    Really, you shouldn’t be dealing with these people. Mages you’ve met have been weird, yeah, but Sigrid is weird AND suspicious AND is at the head of maybe the most loathed place in Cyrodiil.


    Please, just be careful. Your subconscious wants nothing more than to see you succeed.

    • lu bu

      You should copy/paste this into the command thread.

      • Ineverus

        Already did.

  • Willhelm


  • Maussso

    Katia, Ask Sigrid and Stephan how there days were. Its usually a nice way to get a friendly conversation going.

  • Casey

    I like how Mr Morbid (Stephane) just plunks the bread on the table like its not with the effort to place it there. Then takes a whole 4 panels just to remove one piece from the basket.
    And Katia lapping at her “drink” again is SO KYOOT! I know everyone likes the hood flop. But the drink thing just gets to me. Hehe!

  • Adude

    Katia, Sigrid didn’t know that you had met Stephane until now, so he obviously hasn’t talked to her about you. Additionally, she seemed to have never heard of you before today, given by her demeanor. Somehow, though, she knows that you’re an Atronach, a fact which you have never mentioned to her. Something’s amiss. Be cautious.

  • Naima

    Wait, the imps are Katia’s fault?
    Now I feel like I’ve missed something… When did this happen?

    • lu bu

      Remember when she destroyed that aylied ruin? All the imps went flying out before it fell.

      • doggod101

        No the imps died it says in the comic that the imps are to stupid to realise the ruins were falling.

        • Shadowscale

          Some died yeah but u also see in that redguard ladies shop where some imps broke in, meaning some escaped and went looking for new impy turf

          • doggod101

            No offence but last time I checked all the imps in Cyrodiil don’t come from one old ruin.

          • lu bu

            Aparently in this fan fiction this aylied ruin the main occupents were imps and if most of them survived they would surely seek a new home. That new home in question would be kvatch. If you have a problem with the probability with that take it up with the auther ^.^

  • 2dumb2die

    why do you make katia look so damn adorable up close, i can’t breath from the love when i see the deep breath flash…

    • KapnFunky


  • Quill-Weave

    Hi kaz, just wanted to tell you that I love your comic, I’ve loved it since I started reading it on the 12 of Feb update and need to point out that I’m a web-comic addict and yours is my favourite by far but you need to regulate your updates the other comics release from a range of 5/week to several per day and I’m not asking for a huge difference just please for the sake of your fans try and reduce the update time down to around 3days like it was last year PLEASE.

    • Adoring Fan

      Space debris is not going to kill you if you don’t read a blog post every three days. Go relax with that Nerevarine fellow over there, he’s almost as cool as the Grand Champion.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Okay, let’s talk about update frequency. There are ultimately only two scenarios for any web production:

    1) The comic remains free and untethered to financial drivers. Kaz updates as he sees fit, according to his creative drive and inspiration. Since Kaz has other responsibilities (work and / or school), this is not his primary focus or source of income or career goal, and will be treated as such.

    2) The comic adopts a for-profit model, including ads / subscriptions / other practices to maximize income. Like other publications, it would have a more regimented (but hardly guaranteed) production schedule.

    I see a lot of people on here asking for updates as if this were some kind of business — but Kaz has never operated this site as if it were for-profit. Also keep in mind that he’s is free to do whatever the hell he wants, including just saying “f*ck this”, and just shutting the whole site down.

    Now all this is coming from a guy who admits to checking this thing daily — and I absolutely love the story — but there is no way in hell I think that Kaz owes me anything. I’m glad that he creates and shares this stuff for free. I’m also quite impressed by the fact that he has flat rejected offers of cash, and instead directed people to donate money to worthwhile charities.

    So, before hitting “submit”, everyone should think about the ultimate impact of their comment. Is it showing gratitude for something you enjoy for free? If not, then you’re just one more reason for Kaz to say “f*ck this noise” and find something better to do.

    • Fancypantsman

      Your argument makes perfect sense, it’s just that I’m obsessed with Prequel and just can’t stand the long waits (although this must be seen as an compliment). Checking daily? Pfah! Make that hourly and your more close.

      Maybe I have a problem? I don’t care. Gief meh moor Prequel!

      • lu bu

        I agree with old school on this one. I love the story and I think Kaz is doing a great job of making a TES webcomic. He’s making it like its a piece of art. You wouldn’t rush Da Vinci while hes painting the Mona Lisa would you?

        Kaz, don’t rush to put out more updates, take your time creating this story because your hard work definitely shows.

  • ScienceGuy

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    By the way, Its the first time I post and I just wanted to thank the good work so far, thanks for this and keep the good work! 😉

  • Katia

    I think if we were allowed to donate, someone would be a millionaire =^.^=.
    If you ever get in any financial problems to keep the website up, be sure we all want to do our part in keeping prequel alive =^.^=.
    Go go go Kazerad !

    • lu bu

      I would go bankrupt for this comic. It’s that good.

  • eternity08

    By my watch you’ve got just over 3 hours left before you your promised update is redundant. Or is that 4 hours? Damn you Daylight Savings time!

    P.S. And before anyone starts saying anything, Yes, I do realise that his message says “should resume sometime this weekend”. I just wanted to rant about DST. At least here he can’t blame us for going off-topic!

    • Kazerad

      Yeah I’m probably not going to make the “3 hours from now” mark D=.

      Protip for any comic authors out there: if you get home late, pulling an all-nighter works for getting graphics done, but not when you actually have to write intelligent sentences afterwards. The moral of the story is basically “work hard before the deadline, rather than on it.”

      • Fancypantsman

        Kazerad: Enriching life with prequel and giving life lessons since 23-07-2011!

        • Kazerad

          Bonus life lesson: when starting a big project, organization pays off later down the line. I’m beginning to suspect one of the reasons newer updates take longer to make is because my Prequel resource folder is basically a single directory with about 3500 image files dumped into it, most of them containing important stuff stowed away on later frames or hidden layers.

          A friend of mine offered to organize the files for me. I might take her up on that. If she can actually do it without going mad I’ll give her a trophy or something.

          Bonus bonus life lesson: people fucking love trophies.

          • lu bu

            Trophies are awesome! To bad I’ve never received a trophy in my life time. At least not for physical achievement T.T. btw upload your new episode! You said you finished it already T.T I’m dieing to see it, along with your thousands of fans. btw I wasn’t aware of your exsistence until bethesda mentioned you in their facebook posts. and I am still impressed til this day ^.^

          • Whimbrel

            ~◕ w◕~!!!

            Mission updated: Get Kaz Organized> trophytrophytrophytrophytrophy

  • Fifi-La-Fume-Fan

    i would like to talk to katia manganan, because i have many questions for you. like what is the history of the mages? where did mages come from? and more. i would love a chance to get to know your history in this quest you have. so if you are willing to talk, then look me up on the playstation 3 network. then sent a friend request to Fifi-La-Fume-Fan. dont go on my e-mail please. thank you and bye.

    • Beano Curufinwe

      Katia’s world is based on the Elder Scrolls game Oblivion: wiki

      Kazerad is the author, and the suggestion box is found in the mspaintadventure forums: Prequel Suggestion Thread

      • Fifi – Seth

        i see thanks bro

  • Seth / Fifi-La-Fume-Fan

    o sorry dont think it was working at first my bad senting the same message 2 times.

  • Lavinny

    Does it not think that is am less than I? Their am is less me than more.
    *shakes fiercely*
    Ahem. YM apologies, too much 4chan. What I meant to say, is…
    Try showing off. Ask for a spell you can practice- maybe that telekinesis thing she’s always doing!

  • Guvernor

    Voting best animation frame as the dinner with the countess where katia pours the milk into her glass.

  • BassEffect

    I love this series so much. It brings me many LoL’s. And Katia is a great heroine, embodying the spirit of a Tragically Flawed character.

    Also, this comic deserves funding. How do i send you all my money? Because its more interesting than most things i’ve read. AND I WANT TO SUPPORT IT GOD DAMNIT! ^^

  • Daved

    Katia: Press X to not die.

  • Willhelm


  • Motherfucker

    Dude, Technically Sigrid has at VERY BEST 50% chance of instantly killing her but also a 50% chance of her just absorbing her attack harmlessly.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      That would be hilarious!

      I mean option 2. That would be hilarious.

      • Vanguard

        If option 1 happened, i would be extremely sad… 8-(

  • lu bu

    I guess no update tonight :/

    • eternity08

      That’s what you [b]thought[/b]!

  • Vanguard

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  • AnonymousDragonWolf

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  • fredsite

    The combination of Katia lapping from that cup and flapping her ears is too much for my weak heart.

    • fredsite

      Aaaaand, resurrecting a dead comments section, yet again. I still haven’t quite got it through my head that this is old stuff I’m commenting on, and it’s going to take a long time and lots of commitment to get to current events and be able to sit anxiously on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next update along side my fellow fans.