Mar 102012

Argonian wrote:
>Katia: Ask for a non-alcoholic baverage.

distainfulCatalyst wrote:
>Katia: have your meal underscored by an implacable feeling of impending doom. Just to humour that feeling, take note of all exits, have an escape strategy planned in case something, for some reason, goes south.

ForthanEldiar wrote:
Before dinner, you should ask if you can browse through the books. It would be a good chance to make sure you intake some knowledge in case anything unfavorable happens. Try to look for how to improve your current spells.

While you’d certainly like to flip through some books before dinner, it doesn’t look like you’ll have a chance. Sigrid grabs your shoulder and swiftly ushers you into the next room.

Just look at you, she says! Scraggly fur, pale nose… you look positively famished! Let me guess, been out on some magical adventures? Traveling Tamriel, seeking fame and fortune?

Kind of, you say. You’ve actually just sort of been running errands all day, but it’s kept you pretty busy. You admit you kinda haven’t actually eaten or drank anything since this morning.

Sigrid grins warmly. We’ll have to fix that, then! Come, have a seat. Oh, and careful not to slip on the flowers. I keep telling people to leave them off to the side of the walkway, but, well, you know…


Something to drink? Sigrid explains she has a couple of her specialty drinks mixed. She’s got Applepear Surprise – which is made from pears and apples mashed together. She’s got Holiday Punch – made from a mix of ham and lettuce. Aaaaand she’s got a pitcher of melted cheese mixed with more cheese. She hasn’t come up with a name for that one yet.

Ah… all virgin, you ask?

As a Redguard who can’t swing a sword, she replies.

You opt for Applepear Surprise, being the only one that sounds remotely like a beverage. Sigrid commends you on the choice, and says it’s her personal favorite too.

You smile uneasily and thank her for the drink. She tells you to wait here – she’s going to grab the rest of the meal and join you in a moment. It’s been so long since she’s met a real, traveling mage, she looks forward to hearing all about you!

LordFenrir12 wrote:
Katia: Be very, very, VERY cautious around Sigrid. She’s super friendly, but something feels…off about her. Tread carefully, Jo’Khajiit.

Guardianangel…maybe. wrote:
Katia: Add it all together girl:
All those bones must have come from previously living people.
No students or member mages in a place supposed to have many.
Blood from under a heavily locked door.
(Blood?) stains on the floors.
Bookshelf section on necromancy empty of books= books that are off a shelf tend to be in use.
Large alchemy laboratory.
Unusually alluring and friendly lady in charge.
Come to conclusion.

With Sigrid out of the room, you take a moment to assess the situation.

A few of the things you saw downstairs were… unsettling, sure. But you don’t want to jump to any conclusions just yet. I mean, there still might be a perfectly reasonable explanation. After all, this is still the Mages Guild, and Sigrid herself seems nice enough. You suspect there’s probably nothing to worry about.

DayDream wrote:
And, uh, Does Sigrid have Fangs?

Fangs? You’re pretty sure those were just the regular, nubby little fangs most humans have. Pretty sure.

You guess they looked a little pointy, but… nothing to be concerned about, probably.

Just to be safe, you glance around the room and note your potential escape routes. It’s a long way to the front door, but you guess you could always go for the window and…

Oh, don’t mind me, Sigrid says. Just handling some security stuff. Wouldn’t want an imp flying through the window and crashing our meal now, would we?

Heh, no, you say. That would be terrible.

Kofiman wrote:
Sigrid only has places for two people to eat, so there aren’t a lot of people here. There is going to be a reason for that.

In an attempt to curb your implacable feeling of impending doom, you cautiously bring up one of the most pressing questions on your mind. So, ah, Miss Sigrid? I can’t help but maybe notice that there are a lot less people here than I expected. Like, the whole place really seems sort of… empty.

Sigrid confesses the Kvatch guildhall has been a little barren since the Necromancy ban. Most Guild mages still view the place with a bit of a stigma. Archmage Traven won’t even give us funding, she says. As far as he’s concerned, this whole building is permanently evil.

But I’ve been working on turning things around! I’ve been doing some renovations, restocking the library, and trying to restore the Guild’s reputation with the citizens of Kvatch. You know, showing everyone that not all mages are evil, soul-stealing necromancers. It’s hard work, but very rewarding!

It does get a little lonely sometimes, holding the place down on my own. But I do what I can to make it as inviting as possible. To remind everyone that there’s still a Kvatch Mages Guild, and that everyone is welcome here.

Ah! For instance, I see you’ve noticed my ethnic diversity mural!

I had it painted last month. One of my many attempts to brighten this place up a little.

A pretty successful one, I think? I bet you feel more at home here already.

Additional resource credit:
Squiggles – priceless work of art

  • Useful

    Three’s a crowd!

    Also, Katia needs to learn to float bowels like that.

    • Calvin

      Please, PLEASE tell me that’s a typo, and you meant bowls.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Why on earth would you want to correct that?! It’s so much better that way!

        • Harlander

          I’m pretty sure “floating bowel” is what you get after drinking Holiday Punch..

        • Dragon

          On the other hand, the unintentional hilarity makes it up for me.

      • TypoBlindJiit

        how could anyone notice that? you do have thoughtsofyour own rightt?

        • PedanticButPolite

          How could anyone *not* notice such an amusing error? Besides which, saying a radically different word than you mean is simply poor communication and manners, but easily forgivable when it is not done often and steps are taken to prevent/correct it.

          By the way, of, your, and own are all separate words.

          • FlutterScratch

            his username is typoblindjiit I think he was making a joke.

  • soleio

    That mural will haunt my dreams.

    Started reading the series yesterday finally caught up last night and couldn’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Tech

      [looks again]

  • I most certainly do NOT need to learn to float ANYONE’S bowels.

    • CW

      Now, miss, just you think of how useful such a skill would be! Imagine the uses you could find for it! And try to forget the, uh, legal complications.

    • The Nerevarine

      Miss Managan, I do have to reprimand you for so foolishly venturing into the spider’s parlor. However, we have no way to undo this mistake short of breaking the Dragon, which I am not sure you are equipped to do. It is obvious that this place is extremely dangerous.
      Unfortunately you are rather low on spell power for now, and I doubt your resistance to magicka is anything special. Our only hope is that if Sigrid and company start to get…. trigger-happy that your birthsign will help you absorb their spells.
      Also: run. Run as soon as you can. Burn the place down if you have to, just get out.

    • moom241

      Where is there internet in Tamriel?

  • ClancyDamon

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about that Diversity Mural makes me uncomfortable.

    • Julienya

      That they’re all naked, perhaps?

    • The Nerevarine

      Perhaps it is the rainbows, or the proximity of the men. I have never seen a Khajiit and a Dunmer so close together without attempting to kill each other.

    • tobi2500

      They are all males perhaps ?

  • Jim Henson

    Katia already knows how to float bowels man, that’s the kind of lifestyle she’s trying to get away from here in cyrodiil

    • Quill-Weave

      Katia can float my bowels ANY day.

  • Herp D. Erp

    That ethnic diversity mural needs to be painted somewhere in real life.

  • Tenfey

    All of those drinks sound delicious.

  • Kazookie

    That mysterious guy got something in his basket. Looks like eggs. Maybe there will be cake, so cheer up.

    • Hammy

      “…there will be cake.”

      Where have I heard that before……


      • GLaDOS

        And then you will be baked.

        • JustSomeRandomGuy

          Couldn’t we get baked first? It would make the cake so much better…

          • GLaDOS

            Only if you’re rhubarbs.

  • Janx

    The ethnic diversity mural caught me ridiculously offguard. Funniest thing I have seen in my life, thankyou Kaz, thankyou.

  • ilvos01


  • Ah, nothing like a good old fashioned Problem Sleuth reference to get me in the mood for shenanigans. Also, I wonder if the surprise in Apple Pear Surprise is that it actually functions as a Damage Health potion.

    • Sebas

      That would be a great suprise, yes.

      The same with a apple/Strawberry mix, or apple/Grapes juice. (or Pear/Strawberry , Strawberry/Grapes and Grapes/Pear) but these wont taste as good. 🙂

      Fruit mixes seem pretty dangerous in Cyrodiil.

      • Bluescale

        And now that’s worrying.
        There is no way Kaz would miss such a detail which means that Katia is being poisoned.


        Also, does anyone else think that some effects are assigned to ingredients in pretty retarded manner in OB?

  • Lar

    I have no earthly idea how, but this has become my absolute favorite webcomic. We’re talking ravenous waiting for updates, here.

    And I’ve never even played an Elder Scrolls game.

    • NoriMori

      Same. I mean it’s not my ABSOLUTE favourite, but it’s way up there, and I’ve never played Elder Scrolls either! XD

      • Volchek

        There are a lot of in-jokes that make a lot of sense if you’ve played the games.

  • Ellert

    If there happens to be any alcohol in that drink and we have a blackout panel with Katia waking up at Quill Weave’s…

    • KTB

      I would laugh my ass of. XD

    • asdf

      Are you kidding? We’d probably somehow wake up lying next to the bookstore owner.


      • Murder

        Or Steve.
        Still looking pissed.

        • Wise-Ol’-Man

          Or next to sigrid…
          “I’m not sure if that Pineapple trick is magic, but the rest certainly was *wink wink*”

  • Zombiepaste

    show off your magic tricks

    like the one with the pineapple

  • SplinteredReverence

    Surely this can’t go the way I’m expecting or this’ll be a short story. XD

    • The Whicher

      Hope ur right 😀 (I’ve been seeing grim images of “the end” for the last 10 updates)

  • SanguineScale

    Best $11,000 dollars you ever spent! 🙂

  • Run before it’s too late!

  • Barthurs

    Adoring fan? NO, NEVER AGAIN!

  • Interloper

    I know what’s so creepy about that mural – The adoring fan is the one representing the high elves. EEEEEEEEWWWWWW.

    • Anza

      Ya’ mean bosmer, right? Wood elves.

      Bit of a nit pick, but whateva’.

    • Adoring Fan

      So the Grand Champion and I went an met the nice man inside a painting. Not as nice as the grand champion, mind you, but we met him. Inside a painting! And there were all these trolls, but they were no match for the grand champion! I offered him a backrub while he was fighting the trolls, but he told me to wait on that. Actually, he told me to wait right here. So I did, because when the arena grand champion tells you to do something, by Azura, you do it!

      While I was waiting this nice Nord, not as nice as the grand champion mind you, came and asked me if I’d pose with my clothes off for her. At first I was reticent, but then she told me that the grand champion had sent her with the painter’s magic paintbrush and this racially diverse set of nude people to get ready for the grand champion’s return! I was so excited that I can’t really remember what happened next…

      I hope she brings the grand champion soon!

      • Volchek


        • MrPainful

          You see, Valen Dreth is the one posing for the dunmer… AND OH MY GAWD, ITS BAURUS.

        • Adoring Fan

          By Azura, by Azura, by Azura, it’s the Grand Champion! Standing here! Talking to meeeeeee.

          • creeperbro

            Adoring Fan, are you rlly Cicero? >:O

  • 😀 “Cheese w/ cheese” is one of my favorite beverages! It’s right up there with “Gravy” and “Bacon-smoothie”

    • Wind

      Are you a wizard? O.o

  • Dakka

    Clearly this woman is at least half as stupid as yourself and so deserving of significantly more pity and mildly less suspicion. Socially inept chronic failures gotta stick together, yo.

  • Insane-Randomness

    Wow, so much innuendo. Katia, shouldn’t that door with blood oozing out from underneath have sent you running like a scaredy ca – oh hey look, a Steve has appeared! That mural has certainly worked on him, hasn’t it?

    Man I’m gonna miss this comic during basic…

    • USMC_Nerd

      Ah, but think of how much fun catching up on all the missed updates will be!

  • Tokage

    Was the Kvatch mages guild speciality really necromancy? As in, in-game? I tried to verify this half-heartedly but did not find much success.

    • JC 042

      Well actually its easy to make the conclusion that Kvatch mages guild is for necromancers because we know all the other magic classes are present in all the other cities.

    • Dragatus

      In Oblivion it’s never mentioned what the specialty of the Kvatch guild was or even if it had a specialty at all.

    • Denis Bondarenko

      In game there is no mention on Kvatch mages guild’s specialisation – it was a destroyed with the entire city before you get there

      • justsomedud

        actually it’s mentioned somewhere that kvatch’s specialty is enchantment.
        hence the lack of it as a skill in oblivion.

    • DiedinVain

      Unfortunately, necromancy falls under the school of conjuration, therefor it would be taught in Chorrol if anywhere.

  • Soadreqm

    Oh man, she picked the one with a damage health effect! 😮

    • Noah

      Oh shit, I totally forgot about that aspect of Oblivion. o_0
      And as a master alchemist, Sigrid most know what those two make together…
      Katia should have picked the cheese-with-cheese drink. 😛

      • Evil Argonian

        Cheese Wedge plus Cheese Wheel: Potion of Resist Fire. It’ll help for later at least…

  • Norexico

    Everything is going to go ok, niggaz – stop rubbing salt on out dear khajiit lass. Katia: Stop giving a shit. If you gonna die, then let it be: rather dead than to be dead in fear of dying, This is a movie, nigga; be the cool cat here and show ’em mages what you’re worth!

    • Nilithius


  • Norexico

    Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing more to lose anyway.

  • R’Becca


  • Seba :3

    Katia: Say hello to hooded guy, ask him if he is a member of this guild and take a look what is in the basket. It could be important clue because who knows if Sigrid tells truth. Maybe she is serial killer and cannibal… or maybe not. Enjoy your meal 🙂

    • Shadowscale

      If your looking to suggest commands you need to go to the forum thread or else they are not recognized. 🙂

      • Seba :3

        Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Zombiepaste

    Find out what you can learn here

  • Dousiq

    ‘As virgin as a Redguard who can’t swing a sword’

  • Plus

    Katia needs to have a little faith in people, she seems nice enough

  • cischiral

    The ethnic diversity mural is one of the most delightfully homoerotic things I have ever seen in my life.

  • The Wealthy Aardvark

    For one terrible moment I thought that the man in the last panel was Matt the Chef / Assassin.

  • Dkd

    Ask her about the chained door with the blood seeping out underneath. Again. Even after she implied that the behind the door is the remains of the last guy who asked about the door.

  • Dinderwall

    D: Katia’s in trouble!

  • Dinderwall

    wait isn’t that the man?(assassin) she saw when she got her amulet?

    • KTB

      No. the hooded man is the guy from the general store. Remember, his name was Steve or somthing.

      • look down


  • Dinderwall

    no, wait! that’s Steve! from the shop!

  • Liquid Dinosaur

    I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Thanks for the new desktop wallpaper.”

    • Erhannis


    • Husk

      Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual! 😯

      • Adoring Fan

        Show us on the doll where the Grand Champion touched you.

        • JustSomeRandomGuy

          Sir, you win all the internets for that comment.

        • Husk

          Here! D: *points to the nipple of the doll* He pushed my buttons! DX

        • seelcudoom

          AF:right here right above my eye
          Judge:thats not so ba-
          AF:with an arrow, and it made me fall off a mountain

  • Yinello

    I’m going to laugh so hard if Sigrid is truly a nice woman and that all the scary stuff was from the other mages who left.

  • TheCalicoFox

    Maybe singrid is just a lesbian and not a vampire katia. You could have your future wife here!

    • Link

      Except… you know… Katia is straight.
      She even pointed that out herself that night before she left Anvil and woke with Quill-Weave flopped over her.

      But she could always go for Steve =P
      He looks like he’s in dire need for some lovings to get that frown off his face =D

      • Link

        Goddammit… guess I didn’t do anything wrong, it just took a while for the comments to appear =/ Could you do me a favor and delete the extra copies of these replies Kaz? xD

        • Ch’marr

          One of the downsides of the aggressive caching. 😛

          • Kazerad

            Oh, whoops, I guess I should’ve deleted or responded to this post after I deleted those repeats like he asked =x. Well I did, which is why his post no longer makes sense.

          • Link

            I take it that comment was made for me, even if it wasn’t a reply or anything =P
            I’m glad you took care of those extra replies =)
            Any idea why it seems to take several minutes before new posts appear? I used to be an instant thing…
            Perhaps the system was just a bit overloaded back then.

          • Ch’marr

            We’ve gotten really aggressive on the caching. Used to be that once you posted a cookie would be set to include your name, but that would also bypass the caching. Given how “efficient” wordpress is (and by that, I mean “not efficient at all”) even a one-hour cookie was killing the very underpowered back-end server.

            So, we’ve done away with the cookies (ie, it doesn’t save your name). But the aggressive caching means you won’t see an update for a couple of minutes. And, no, not even “refresh” will do the trick, since the caching ignores those refresh headers 🙂

          • Kitty

            So there is another update ? I just have to waite to see or … ?

          • Adude


          • Kazerad

            Cold, bro. Actually made me check.

            EDIT: I cannot figure out why comments are not properly stacking into neat little comment pyramids.

          • Adude

            Kazerad I just did it because I love you and I want you to update. I’m sorry. 🙁

          • Ocylith

            The comments section must be on strike.

          • Kazerad

            Probably from me updating the comic too slowly. It’s all like “man I’m not even gonna bother stacking these things until you give me a new page to do it on”.

          • Ch’marr

            okay, I just found out something even more broken about wordpress… selecting a comment to responds to doesn’t automatically add in the “replytocomm” as part of the updated form field but set it when you hit the “reply” button. And… the aggressive caching is messing with that. Argh!

            Okay, I tweaked it again, but I’ll see if we can fix it properly in the javascript, since I’m opening up the site for a minor amount of disaster should we, say, get a billion people posting comments.

            No, that is not a suggestion!

          • Ch’marr

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            Did you know that this blog has over 7000 comments now?

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            Yes! I just noticed it at 6999 the other day, and wondered who’d get 7000. Congratulations, Ch’marr. *bump*

          • Adude

            Wait, it was Ocylith that got it. Disregard my previous message. (Still gonna give you a fistbump though Ch’marr.)

          • Ch’marr

            If people start trying for “gets” we’re going to switch to UUIDs 🙂

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            So I guess it wasn’t me who borked the comments then =P
            I guess that’s good, this thing has quite a few fans, I’d hate to get lynched xD

          • Ch’marr

            Testing Testing… again!

          • Ch’marr

            Testing Testing.

          • Maiq the Liar

            Adude knows much, but tells some . . .

          • Rambo Dash

            DAMN YOU.

          • Sheogorofl

            does that say a few minutes? i think you might of meant days haha

        • Ch’marr

          Well, I found the broken linkage in the database, Link (or should that be BrokenLink from now?? 🙂 ) but it appears that it hasn’t fixed it yet. Ah well.

          • Ch’marr

            WordPress once again makes a liar out of me.


      • Quill-Weave

        Actually the first time she denies it then when someone points out that she is now a new person she doesn’t actually deny or try to prove anything re-read it if you don’t believe me.

      • Mandrake

        When she’s sober, that is… ( insert evil laugh)

  • Dipintus

    Find a way to casually mention that Asotil will be waiting for you tomorrow. If there really is something fishy going on they might be less tempted to try anything funny knowing that a one man army of a legionnaire might be coming after them.

  • sbpr

    Katia should try and ask her about necromancy and vampires. Maybe express a little interest in the subject, so that way she’ll seem more like a helper/minion than prey.

    Alternatively : Be Sigrid!

  • EponymousRex

    …. You know the new hooded mage that showed up doesn’t look particularly evil. Just frustrated. And a little feminine.

  • Victor Grunn

    Remember to bring up your atronach problem. It’s important, and it shows Steve you’re taking his advice seriously.

    Also, consider using your wounded eye as an excuse to hit them up for a healing spell. One they can teach you. Oh, and some recipes for healing potions. Explain that your eye bleeds a lot, so it’s kind of important.

  • Alexander

    If your scared Katia hide your face in your hood, Maybe if you can’t see them, they can’t see you?

  • David Argall

    It’s purely an accident that she locks the window just as Katia thinks of jumping out of it… right?

  • Pancake

    that’s the creepiest mural depicting an orgy i’ve ever seen, and i’ve seen my fair share of murals depicting orgies.

    that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIA! prequel started exactly 1 year ago! YAY! this calls for CAKE!

    • Skaffa Bob

      You don’t need a excuse to eat cake.

    • Bluescale

      The fact that it masterfully* reflects potato-with-hideous-tumours looks apparently typical for anyone living in or passing through Cyrodiil doesn’t really help.

      *) No irony here, I wouldn’t be able to draw oblivion-style face without taking a hefty SAN hit.

  • blazikenowen

    SHE NEEDS TO BURST THEM INTO FLAMES its only natural there obviously insane

  • Crav

    New reader here. Just caught up.
    I just wanted to say this is an awesome work you’ve got going here and I really enjoyed it.
    It’s funny, adorable, and it pulls on the heartstrings a little.
    Keep up the good work.

    If I had one piece of advice, it would be to borrow a little less from MSPA.
    Not because I don’t like it. Homestuck is great and I’m totally hooked on it too. I say this because I think what you’ve got here is really great, so much so that I think it could stand on it’s own two feet. (Or paws as the case may be.)

  • Rustyarmor

    “As a Redguard who can’t swing a sword” makes no sense at all. Smell it to check how virgin it truly is. Last thing we need is for you to try a “Avocado trick”

    • Wise-Ol’-Man

      Redguards have a very natural affinity for swords, all redguards can swing a sword, damn near to the point that it’s the first thing they do when they exit the womb. So saying “as virgin as a redguard who can’t swing a sword” is saying that it’s completely virgin.

      • Quill-Weave

        I’m pretty sure it means that a redguard who can’t swing a sword will never get laid, so is therefor a virgin.

  • Erisian

    Katia: Appreciate the crap out of some ethnic diversity.

  • Nitro

    It seems today is the 1 year anniversary of Prequel. And, we seem to be running low on our “making a cat cry” quota.


    • Kazerad

      Smiles on my 1-year anniversary? I’ll have to fix ASAP.

      • JC 042

        YAY we’re back in the misery making business! I wondered how far she’d climb before falling. But from how many good things have happened somthing has to happen to reset the luck equilibrium… Goodbye Kvatch 😛

    • Wise-Ol’-Man


      Sorry for caps, but you’re messing everything up man, you’re making this happen”

  • Uh-Oh

    This is about to go really well or really badly.
    Also I didn’t play elder scrolls are sigrids fangs something you would get if you played?

    • Evil Argonian

      Nope, shes just an alchemist and a survivor from Kvatch.

  • gilbbbr

    Don’t eat any of the food until you’re sure someone else has eaten the same thing as you. If you are put in a situation where you can’t, politely ask for some salt, subtly empted a large amount into your beverage, consume, and vomit over your food and table. This should safeguard you against any poisoning, and would make a great story to tell the folks back home.

  • Husk

    that mural….8<…is…8(…a MASTERPIECE!!! D8 lol. *purposly draws mustaches* …just a little touch up. 8P

  • Link

    This is rather funny, I guess because the comment that was replied to doesn’t exist any longer all the replies to it, and replies to those replies, end up at the bottom of the comments for me xD

    I’ve inadvertently managed to get this site all borked =D

  • Millird

    Don’t forget to mimic their arm Gestures,
    Show them you know what you’re doing!

  • Impstool

    Is that Kalthar on the far right of the mural? Surely no one else has those eyebrows? 🙂

  • Kazerad’s Dad

    Son, I’m disappointed in you. A year or so ago, when you started this little project, you would post an update every day. Sometimes more than once a day! Now look at you. Weeks pass between updates! Get it together or don’t come home for thanksgiving.

    keep up the good work! <3


  • SigFloyd

    That mural is like Sanguine and Sheogorath would collaborate on.

    • Thomas


  • Thomas

    whats funny is that this whole story reminds me of the “night to remember” mission in skyrim…… KATIA!!!! GO TO SKYRIM AND
    RAID FOR TEH NEW LOOTS!!!!! plus you could see if you could fus roh dah someone into the stratosphere

  • Koal

    oh, thats funny, you just updated right after I commented on the previous page. XD

    Aren’t you just sneaky?

  • Furnut

    Hey my bro has those little fangs too 😀

    I’m cringing at what happens next o.o;

  • Koeshi

    Should Sigrid prove to be a vampire (she is) and tries to use you as a snack, try to persuade her to turn you into one as well, rather than just killing you. You are starting to make real progress with becoming a mage, with immortality you would have plenty of time to master it all. Plus you would be immortal which would be awesome 🙂

  • SerpentStare

    Ohey! A friend recently suggested I read this, so today I came back and checked it out. Fun stuff, and I must say, I think your little flash games, illustrations and mini animations are very, very awesome! I shall have to come back and follow this! Poor, lovely but somewhat clumsy Katia, how I empathize with thee…

    As for advice… uh… Nervously greet familiar mage from bookstore, and ask about his position here.

  • come on, kaz! I posted five times yesterday. FIVE. It’s been FIVE days since you posted a single thing. Effectively you are 25X less efficient than I am. HURRY IT UP! This shitty comic with it’s shitty cat lady is the only respite I have in this brief, miserable existence of mine. please help me kaz

  • Nemanzin

    Steve: Remove your hood and turn out to be… Stevette!

    XD Nevermind.

  • reaperslayer

    hey remember when she thought you needed a beard to be a mage? *flashback remember flashback remember*

  • Ocylith

    Oh! I got the 7000th comment!

    What’s my prize? Is it an update? Please?

  • Willhelm

    I am currently reading something close to 4 web comics and follow 10 mangas and I’m waiting for updates in all but one of those. Am I cursed?

    • Kazerad

      Yeah, probably.

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