Apr 132012

NitroGlyde wrote:

Katia, snap out of it.

She’s stealing everything you own, Katia.

zimmianZisk wrote:
Katia: Think of how disappointed Quill Weave will be. Insist that you keep what you are getting for her. You stood up to this lady multiple times already, you can do it again for this very good reason.

Don’t be silly! Sigrid wouldn’t ask you to do something that would sabotage your friendship with Quill-Weave. Sigrid is way too nice to do something like that. If anything, Quill-Weave is going to be thrilled to hear all about how you helped the Mages Guild. And how amazing Sigrid is.

Sure, asking for all your belongings might seem a little weird, but Sigrid made a pretty good case for it. You are confident she knows what she is doing.

BADEND wrote:
Sigrid asked for all her stuff. I presume this includes the amulet.

Oh! Right! You almost forgot you even had the amulet on.

You tell Sigrid to hold on, you have something else that she might be interes-

LZGanon wrote:
she did ask for the whole kitten kaboodle and it would be a catastrophe if you didn’t follow Sigrid’s requests pawsitively purrfectly

Kofiman wrote:
Katia, you aren’t a mage. You are a good for nothing furred Khajiit, standing around like a luck-bringing ornament. You aren’t a conjurer. You are nothing but a nekomancer.

Galeus708 wrote:
Now, furst of all, you can’t donate all of that money! It’ll reflect pawly on you if you don’t pay back Quill-weave on your first courier job. Can you imagine having to tell the tail to Quill-weave?

Jakerose wrote:
Nobody tries to scam Chairman Meow . You are not a kitten. Its time to unleash the purr-fect fire spell.

FURious CATastrophe Ignite !

immortius wrote:
Purhaps your amulet? Don’t paws, rush over and gift it to her – lace it straight onto her neck, then step back to admire the the flame of her beauty! She’ll be the cat’s whiskers wearing it.

Of course, your depth purception is not so great at the moment with your injured eye (your hand-eye coordination must simply be pawful), so you may well drop the amulet down her shirt, or get the cord tangled up. But a wonderous person like Sigrid will surely forgive you.

soleio wrote:
You just gave Sigrid your amulet, that may have not been the best idea. This totally wont end in a CATastrophe.

Xeivous wrote:
you useless weak-minded kitten. Fur all you’ve done, you’re on a path to mewling out of the night in a puddle of your own and someone else’s bodily fluids. Again. You’re hardly a mage, you’ve got two spells, one that is pawsitively unusable and the other is hardly capable of killing mudcrabs, fucking mudcrabs. Not to mention you were too much of a scaredy cat to kill one of those chitinous shit-heads with your axe, my grandmother is less of a pussy than you and she’s gotten several painful diseases! I used to be proud of you, despite your meek and kitten like ability to do anything. You were going somewhere you useless ball of fur, but now I see that you’ve gone upon the path of least resistance right into Sigrid’s trap. You’re going to die as a whore with her throat slashed in the gutter or as an ogre’s wife.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Even if you aren’t FELINE fine here, you really need to CLAW your way to safety.

Crazy-8 wrote:
>Katia: I hope you don’t think that by catering to her whims, she’ll become furendly, you’ve gotta do better than that! Purrhaps if you try telling her a heartwarming tail she might be more inclined to befriend you. After all, it would be just pawful if she didn’t become your friend.

KathiWithAnI wrote:
> Katia: Well, isn’t this just purr-fect. We told you, didn’t we, Katia? We told you something was off, didn’t we? But noooo, you didn’t listen you were so desperate to get in good with the Mage’s Guild, ignoring all basic logic. You didn’t even need to go to this particular Guild Hall. You knew it was ostracized to the point where the Arch-Mage refused to speak of it. Did you think there wasn’t a reason for that, puffball? Guess those big ears of yours aren’t good for listening to reason. And now look where it’s gotten you, you useless lump of mewling fur. Good luck with your dreams while you’ve been robbed blind and left with nothing but a ball of yarn on the side of the road, you stupid furball. Shame you’ll have to disappoint Quill-Weave a second time. Hope it was worth it.

Clean_Skunk wrote:
katia, give her the amulet! then go sleep is some dirty ally you stray! no claws for alarm!

Snow wrote:
>Katia: Hold on now, don’t forget to give the pretty lady your fetching amulet! It would look pretty pawsome on her.

Ineverus wrote:
Katia: First let me say as your subconscious: I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! I think it would be a good thing now to make sure to give her your necklace. But on a more defensive note: CONCENTRATE! CHARM SPELLS/PERFUMES CAN’T WORK IF YOU’RE TOO STRONG! YOU’RE AN ATRONACH! SLAP HER! KICK HER! SCRATCH HER WITH YOUR CLAWS! DON’T LET HER TAKE YOUR MONEY! JUST DO SOMETHING! GET ANGRY YOU FURBALL! THINK OF CAT PUNS. THAT SHOULD GET YOU ANGRY ENOUGH TO RESIST, RIGHT? Let’s paws for a moment and think back on how well you were doing before you cuddled up to this con-artist. How could you fall for a purrty face? How could you let her milk all that coin out of you? Show her some cat-ittude! What, can’t bring yourself to show her your claws? Cat’s got your tongue? I guess you’re okay with diving into purrverty again. You know, I was pretty sure cats always landed on their feet, but I guess you’re just special. You’re pawsibly the most weak-willed being in all of Nirn. All it took was a single dash of purrrfume to purrrsuade you to give up everything in your purrrse. You purrr thing. Is there some sort of legal clawse I can take advantage of to become some other purrrrson’s subconsious? Your life is like a catarang, it always goes back to where it started – impawsverished and/or drunk. Not even the best cat nip in all of tamriel could pawsibly make this any better. Who cares if you know how to use some fire or move some useless tiny things around with telekittenesis, you’re going to be broke at this rate.

Rainbowfox15 wrote:

Ineverus wrote:

ChetBetera wrote:
Snap out of it Katia! She’s wearing magical perfume! Not catnip. Though I guess for you they smell the same.

GiovanH wrote:
>Give her your necklace you selfish pussy!

OrenjiJusu wrote:
Indeed, that amulet of silence will be a purrfect addition to her outfit.

GeoMtch wrote:
Also take note of how flammable the room is. Couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting something that’d go up like tinder.

Klonoa wrote:
Katia I think what Sigrid did with that perfume is a little fishy. I’m not even squiding. Remember herring from all those people about how this place is bad? I mean for god’s hake you’d think after all those warnings you’d have taken that last opertunaty to leave whale you had the chance. Perhaps it’s best you stop being so koi put all your carp back in your bag and take your leave before this whole situation becomes a huge pain in the bass.

Xeivous wrote:
Telekinetic/flaming rage caused beclaws of pawsitively pawful kitty puns.

MyUsernamesMud wrote:
oh no she cat-took all of your cat-things

you’re a cat

contemptibleComedian wrote:
Look at all those cats out of the bag!
It’s raining gold cat’s and dogs!
Can we have some catsup with our dessert?
Cat wait to see how bad our build is
Isn’t her charisma just purrfect?
How much to you want to pet you can get out of this situation just fine?
Take a meow and leave.

Funderful wrote:
Sigrid really let the cat out of the bag now. She’s been pussyfooting around your questions and now she has you trapped like a game of cat and mouse. In all your nine lives, you never expected this to happen, but now she’s pulled out the catnip purr-fume and it’s left you with the whole curiosity conundrum. So, let’s give paws to the situation fur now and get adorable, CATia.

Janx wrote:
Katia: Don’t be a paw guest, you need to hand over your amulet to Sigrid; It’s the purrfect addition to the guild’s much needed funds. Also, think about it, giving Sigrid all of your pawsessions is a furry good way of showing your appreciation for such a lovely night, beclaws it’s not often you come across people as furiendly as Sigrid. You don’t want to blow this, it’d be a catastrophe if you ruined this, then it’s goodbye mages guild, hello Meow Mix commercial.

Sigrid presses the amulet against your chest and tells you it might be best if you hang onto it. You tell her she’s probably right.

You apologize for the fires; you’re not sure what came over you there. It’s like this little voice in the back of your head is totally flipping out for some reason and trying to get you to run out of here. Sigrid says you should probably disregard that voice. Yeah, you say, she’s probably right. Anyway, hopefully this donation is still sufficient, even without the amulet?

Sigrid admits it is a bit less than she was expecting, especially from someone as well-dressed as you. Your robe is lovely, by the way.

Oh! You thank Sigrid, and tell her you just got it yesterday. You like it a lot. Sigrid says she likes it too, and asks you to give it to her.

You happily oblige. She’s a little shocked at how fast you managed to undress, but you explain that it’s kind of a skill you have. Or more of a liability, really. Sigrid says she understands.

You love how Sigrid understands everything you say. It feels great to finally have someone who gets you.

eerr wrote:
perhaps we can get on with menial mage-guild tasks.

While signing some paperwork confirming that all your belongings were voluntarily donated, you ask Sigrid if there’s any additional jobs the Guild needs help with. Sigrid tells you there’s still plenty of materials the guildhall needs; if you ever run into anything valuable, don’t be afraid to come by here and drop it off! We can’t take on any new members just yet, but if you keep donating we may be able to start soon! You tell her you’ll do everything you can to help.

You thank Sigrid again for the meal and all the help she has given you. You now understand why everyone here likes the Kvatch Mages Guild so much. You feel like you’ve made a very valuable friend. Sigrid says she made a new friend tonight as well, and that friend is you. Your heart practically leaps with joy.

Oh! And there’s that strawberry ice cream!

You ask Sigrid if you can have some. She says no. You tell her that’s alright; if only one of you can have ice cream, you’re glad it’s her.

You have a really good feeling about all these decisions you just made!

  • m3d


    • Riddler

      Alright I have been saving this cat pun for a special occasion, and I would be honored if some one would use it against this $@!@) $@$!?&@ ( add many other curses) sigrid the bipolar bitch…
      THIS IS KATIA!!! Thank you for your time… Free Eepy the awesome Dino!

  • randoguy101

    I have a feeling Nah is about to get involved

    • Aurom

      I don’t really think Nah can get involved. She and Sigrid have an “agreement” remember?

  • dude

    9:12 virginian time third comment

    • Kazerad

      What are these website timestamps even set for? GMT? I forget.

      • ChetBetera

        Yep, it’s GMT. And without that annoying Daylight-Saving BS.

        • Kazerad

          That sounds pretty boss, yeah. I think I’ll just leave it as such.

  • ChetBetera

    Panel 3: Sigrid doesn’t know What The Fuck!
    Also, Holy Sheeeeet! Look at all those Cat Puns/Burns. Except for Klonoa’s. That one was just weird.

    • ChetBetera

      Panel 6: Awww! Eepy’s being bashful again!

      • JC 042

        The Clanfears name is now Eepy. Eepy will now be Katia’s companion and protect her through the Oblivion Crisis. PLEASE make this happen Kaz, it will be so cool!!!

    • Random NPC

      Yeah Klonoa’s post was a little fishy wasn’t it? (sorry)

      • Kazerad

        The telekinesis was what was shaking the cameraman!

    • patrick

      MyUsernamesMud’s was the best. simple, sweet, and to the point.

      “oh no she cat-took all of your cat-things

      you’re a cat”

    • Diggey

      He was trying to levitate shit

  • Rallaa

    i mad

    • FURious

      YES, I MAD!


      She even took her clothes and didn’t even give Katia a spoonful of icecream.
      Sigrid confirmed for worst scum of the earth ever thought up by someone. I’d rather have tea with Hitler and talk about his gas bill.

      • Illidan

        maybe it’s time to forget the prequel thing and kill some existant Oblivion NPC’s?

        • Zerithos

          *ahem*Sigrid*ahem* You can find her in the Kvatch camp.

        • Agent Cay

          …I’m curious- does the name Wilmarth Cafe mean anything to you?

  • The Whicher

    Well Katia s still happy so everything s allright I guess.

    (and now where are those MythicDawn cultists I wonder… eh probably waiting for the next update) 😀

  • Ransom

    Heh, love the fireworks display, even if it amounted to nothing (I actually figured he’d set all her stuff on fire). Oh and…you guys got clanfear singed you jerks! >:(

    I’m really liking the shading in the scene with the doorway for some reason. Man, not even ice cream. Did you really have to take a big bowl right in her face just to prove your point Sigrid?

    So…now what?

  • Denis_Bondarenko

    well…… there is a bright side actually: it can not get any worse.

    • Cliff Racer


      • The Nerevarine

        Your pelt will rest at the foot of my bed.

        • Adoring Fan

          The Grand Champion said the same thing to me once!

          The Nectarine and Cliff Racer will soon be the /best/ of friends!

    • The Whicher

      I wouldnt be that big of an optimist

    • Brandik

      you have doomed us all with unwarranted optimism

    • Random NPC

      …You have obviously not met Katia.

    • patrick

      you must be new here..

    • Aurom

      Please don’t say that. Katia will get drunk… then find a pineapple and a yo-yo.

    • Dousiq


    • Ryuujin

      She could have had her lockpick stolen too…

    • Kathi With An I
    • Xiane

      This is a mild stumble. katia hasn’t truely fallen until she gets a hold of some liqour and wakes up back in Quills bed.

      With a pineapple up Stephanes robe.

  • Link

    Oh well… now to see what Katia will do about this when the effects of the musk wears off…

    I wanna remind people that she isn’t even really wearing underwear… Sigrid dumped her in her birthday suit on her doorstep… yeah… she’s slightly evil.

    On the plus side, Katia still has her lockpick…

    • The Amazing d20

      Hope it doesn’t get too cold…

  • Soadreqm

    So THAT’S what happens every time she drinks.

  • And she’s back to square one, with the potential to hit square zero if Quill Weave finds out. Ah well; at least now it’s going to get very interesting.

  • dude
  • rarborman

    Oh, thats something brb got to suggest that the Jakhajiit did indeed forgets something she could give to Sigrid…

    Her Lockpick.

    Also revelation, Gro-upp is probably the MC…

  • The Nerevarine

    Oh dear, looks like we got rolled. Obviously the frontal approach won’t work because of her alchemy skills, especially since she probably brews the damn bug musk right at home. When Katia snaps out of it and realizes that she has nothing to her name but an amulet and a lockpick, I hope she realizes what she must do.
    Katia, you must become a thief, if only for one night, if only in one place.

    • nic

      well put.

    • Spatzist

      Thief? No, no. Well, maybe. Just a little. Just one teensy thing.

      Steal that musk perfume.

      You don’t need to be a master alchemist to use it, and it’s equally effective on all people. Get her to give back everything she took, and then some. Show her that all the bests swords are double-edged. Get us out of this goddamn sandtrap of sliding character progression.

  • nic

    Katia i command you to go back in there and at the very least get the icecream!!!

  • cake

    sleep here. wake up tomorrow.

  • Better head back to Quill-Weave and let her know about all the progress you’ve made.

  • R’becca

    And then Oblivion Portal.

  • Tybalt Maxwell

    oh god the clanfer blushed when it saw katia undress

    that is too cute

  • smetzler

    Night time. Alone and half-naked. Perfect chance for an encounter with a vampire. You’re desperate enough Katia. Strike a neck-licking deal with her to get your stuff back if you ever realize what has happened to you. Maybe she can snap you out of it. De-charm you.

    • smilee62991

      She’s actually completely naked, unless you count the bandages and amulet. The undergarments are just painted on.

  • Crumplehat

    See? She’s not back to square one.

    She’s got a new Clanfear boyfriend!

    Well, at least until his summon wears off.

  • ClancyDamon

    And more than likely, the Diversity mural was spared so we can’t even have THAT little victory of ruining Sigrid’s prized fetish painting.

  • Katia is such a bleeding idiot. Why would she do that?

    • chris

      because of the musk Sigrid put on?

      • I have a hard time believing that *musk* of all things, could make you lose your mental faculties. That sounds like complete fiction.

        • Sir Sneaky

          It’s obviously a potion with some heavy charming and personality-fortifying abilities. Sigrid seems like an experienced enough alchemist to whip up a potion potent enough to cause something like this, and give it a nice Lavender scent to boot.

        • Expresate

          Uhm, er, it is fiction. This whole story is fiction. Did you think a humanoid cat name Katia is going on a magical adventure in a land called Tamriel somewhere right now? Also, all of this is based off of the Elder Scrolls games. Telvanni Bug Musk is a thing in those games. It didn’t just not happen.

        • Soadreqm

          Telvanni Bug Musk. The Great House Telvanni, for reference, is one of the larger political factions of Morrowind, and comprised entirely of insane wizard-lords (and lackeys thereof) who spend their time sitting in their giant living mushroom towers abusing slaves, being racist, dissecting vampires, researching incurable diseases, using levitation as a substitute for stairs, collecting artifacts, hatching schemes, assassinating rivals, and getting it on with the four opposite-sex clones of themselves that they created with wizard science. They make this perfume that makes the user seem incredibly attractive and charming. It comes in bottles just like the one Sigrid had. Nothing mysterious going on here. Just plain ol’ magic.

  • Lirance

    Not gonna lie, it was hilarious to just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and *scrolling* down past all the suggestions.

    • LP


  • Seg

    Okay, forget Gro-Upp, this bitch is the new murder-frenzy focus of the story.

    • Seg

      You know what? You should totally take off that amulet and head over to that orphanage. Maybe get some new clothes. Amongst the fireworks and torch tar.

      (It’s time to set the world on fire, folks. You know what you must do.)

  • Daniel

    I guess the magical effect of the perfume does not include lack of dreams. It seems that our dear Katia will spend the night naked in the gutter knowing that will disappoint Quill-Weave and you’ll face the monster of dreams if you stay sober. It seems that it is time to drink.
    Think about it: you’re too far from the house of Quill-Weave to wake up in her bed. What would be the worst thing that could happen at this point? Drink.

    • Hungry

      Katia could wind up waking up in a pile of money/icecream, having slept with a certain clanfear while Merchandise is writen all over the place (again) while Asotil half naked lays on a pile of criminal scum or drugs all back at Quill-Weaves…

      Or you know, something that isnt expected, like a new joke maybe?

  • tronn

    I laughed.
    But not giving her ice cream? Cold.

  • Liquid Dinosaur

    Bravo, Kazerad. Bravo.

    I was expecting some truly epic dream-crushing with this update, but you’ve really outdone yourself. I thought it couldn’t get any better when Katia gave Sigrid her robes, putting her back to square-“find clothes” again. But then you come out with the strawberry ice cream.

    *standing ovation.*

  • Daniel

    At least the magic perfume does not cause hangovers. Or does it?

  • Darziak

    Well at least she didn’t ask for her tail, I heard a rumor that it’s a good alchemy ingredient.

  • Aaron

    first off woudnt donating ALL of your stuff seem alittle idunn ODD?

  • Supes

    Damn Charm potions. Sure, they boost your speechcraft to insane levels. But do we ever think of the costs?!? Do we?

  • The S

    I hope that Sigrid will suffer and after hours of pain she will die.

    • The Letter Q

      She won’t. She’s a NPC in Oblivion. She survives the ruin of Kvatch.

      • Calimari God

        notinthis continuum she dont.

  • Tenfey

    How disappointingly cliche.

  • Very Disappointed

    Find Nah, and ask if you can stay with her for a while.
    Accept any propositions she might have that may include your neck and jelly. You need the money so you can donate it to the guild.

  • naturallyInconspicuous

    Who else read each and every one of the puns?

    • Jeizar

      me 🙂

  • Vostok

    Fortunately, long term exposure to Telvanni Bug Musk has been known to cause severe cases of Lymphoma. The joke’s on Sigrid. Now we play the waiting game…

    • ChetBetera

      Nice. Except for 2 things: 1) Sigrid is a Master Alchemist, 2) She can brew Cure Disease Potions.

      • Interrupting Passerby

        I was under the impression Cure Disease only worked on contracted illnesses.

    • Bluescale

      I don’t know about lymphoma, but there was sort of fortify personality hangover in Morrowind.

      If you boost your personality to insane levels, the disposition of all people raises accordingly, however the ceiling is 100, so when your personality drops back down, the disposition drops accordingly but from the level 100 since it’s max. Result? Everyone who talked with you or saw you under the effect of the boost *hates* you.

      …which is exactly what happens here in the comments.

      Shit just got meta.

  • Yorokonde

    You know… generally wood doesn’t like having fire applied to it so rapidly or viciously. So why isn’t the Mage’s Guild burning down? You can’t tell me they fireproofed EVERYTHING in there.

    • MrSing

      They fireproofed ALL the things.

      • Brandik

        all of them

    • Woolytop

      Why not? It’s a mages guild. Misfires probably happen all the time, in all parts of the hall.

    • ChetBetera

      Well that and the fact that it appears that Sigrid cast some Ice spells on the fire.

  • Doggod101

    If I was walking by I would pull out my deadric katana and stab her through the stomach then cut her head off…Alexander (khajiit archer/swordsman) likes khajiit women but does not like thieves >_>

  • raven

    So many mysteries left unsolved! What’s behind the bloody basement door? Why the deers? Why is Stephan such a passive aggressive weird person?

    • Dkd


    • grammar/spelling enforcer/nazi

      The plural of “deer” is “deer.” “Deers” is not a word.

      • DKD

        I was trying to emulate semi literate rage mode what with the lack of disclosure on the contents of the locked room with all the blood and the deer.

        Irregardless, i could care less.

  • DKD


  • qlmaX5

    Everybody. Everybody, everybody. It’s okay. We still have the amulet. and the lockpick, if it still retains its unerring plot-convenience enchantment.

  • Shleipnarr

    Considering the amount of awful cat related puns (couldn’t even be arsed to read through them all) I was hoping for a reaction more like a fiery inferno powerful enough to instantaneously torch all of Kvatch, but concentrated to the spot where Sigrid was standing. Or at least a bit more impressive than a few random flames. :<

    • Imp Williams

      I agree! like, only a third of those cat puns blew up an entire Ayleid Ruin a couple months back, don’t you remember that? And that was an ancient stone structure, not a guild hall made of WOOD!

      • Bluescale

        Imps blew the ruin. While firing lightning blasts at Katia and hitting some flimsy pillar instead. The firestorm is definitely the most impressive thing to ever result from cat puns. Bodes well for Katia’s magical ability – at least when she finally stops tunneling into rock bottom repeatedly.

  • Gavinfoxx

    Okay all. She’s still under the effect of the incredible charisma. Just yelling at her won’t break the effect. What we need to do is encourage her to do something that is strange and dramatic, and which gets at the core of who she is, and which really challenges her in some way, so that she snaps out of this. Any ideas?

    And then we need to come up with ideas for how she can sneak back in and strip the place for all its worth.

    • Brandik

      this is a good idea
      we need to edge her to the realization of what happened slowly
      point out that the universe seems determined to rob her of everything, even when she helps her new friends she ends up pitiless and destitute. Maybe this is the god’s plans for her? An unofficial courier for small sums of money and nigh worthless items? A little Khajiit whore fated to prance across Tamriel, losing everything at least once a week? Are the gods working to break her down just so her failure finally culminates in her pitiful, unnoticed suicide?
      Are you going to let that happen?
      Are you going to disappoint Quill-Weave? Ride on her fortune until she finally sees you for what you are?
      Are you going to disappoint Asotil? Prove to him that some people really can’t amount to anything and will always need his protection
      Fuck that
      You are Katia fucking Managan.
      You will not stand for this.
      The gods want you to fail, to fall?
      Fuck ’em
      You are Katia FUCKING Managan.
      You will not stand for this.
      You’re going to end up a pitiful wreck, disappointing every friend you ever hoped to make?
      Fuck all this.
      You will not stand for this.
      If fate would break you, break it instead.
      If the gods would crush you, show them you will not bow to their desires.
      If your friends would abandon you, prove that you are worthy of their praise and admiration
      Tear this world to pieces, it will only bring you to your knees.
      Throw this repetitive little sob story into chaos.
      It doesn’t matter if you are the hero, or the villain, or one outside all ideas of morality, just be something.
      Something greater than you are now.
      Something powerful, beautiful, undying in the hearts and minds of men and mer.
      something perfect.
      Defy fate, surpass the gods, prove yourself.
      you will not stand for this.

      and now I’m off to post this as a suggestion

      • Pfft

        >Implying Kaz won’t tl;dr it

  • Weomur

    Hey, uh, guys?

    …Where did Steve go?

    I thought I saw him walking away last page… and he isn’t here now… he left just as Sigrid was using the musk, so I guess he probably went away so that he wouldn’t get charmed, too.

    But I’m still kind of wondering. Steve’s cool. Maybe he’ll get involved somehow?

  • Carbon

    Hmm, once you’re done feeling good about yourself, feel free to flip out.

    Maybe burn the place down, or something really magical and destructive?

    Magical rage is never not fun.

  • Raithe

    Break in, in the middle of the night…strangle Sigrid with your bandages….

  • 8bitplaya

    Sigrid, a Nord alchemist, is an Evoker of the Mages Guild and the former alchemy vendor of the Kvatch Guild Hall. She is its only survivor and can be found in the refugee camp outside the ruined city.

    Still distraught from her loss, she is finding it hard to get back to her normal routine and lives a very uncomplicated lifestyle. After waking up early at 7am she will spend the next eight hours aimlessly wandering around the encampment and will skip lunch. Between 5pm and 7pm, she will sit down in front of the campfire and consume her dinner in the company of the other refugees. After wandering around from 7pm until 2am, she sleepily crawls into her bedroll, her only remaining property, in the make-shift tent southeast of the bonfire.

    She has a Mercantile skill of 100 and only 200 gold, which makes her a particularly bad deal for bartering. She will buy ingredients, potions and alchemical apparatus from you while only selling the latter two. She will offer her services at all times except when eating or sleeping.

    She wears a mix of upper and middle-class attire consisting of a blue velvet outfit and a pair of quilted shoes. Her only other possession is a leveled amount of gold. She doesn’t wield any weapons, relying instead on a set of leveled spells from all of the magical schools.

    When you approach her in the refugee camp, she will tell you: “You picked a bad time to visit Kvatch.” When you ask her to go into details she will tell you this: “Go look for yourself. The town is gone. And most of its people. The Daedra came out of the gate in the middle of the night. People who fought, died. People who ran… they at least had a chance.” After you have closed the Kvatch gate, she will be more optimistic: “Thanks. Kvatch is safer for all of us, now [sic] you’ve closed the gate.”

    This is Sigrid’s future, ENJOY

    • Kathi With An I

      And then a level 19 PC with enchanted everything comes and shoots her full of arrows until she dies.

      (Which totally didn’t just happen in my savegame >_>)

  • 8bitplaya
  • gsrggas

    Oh man, I want to see that clannfear become a recurring character so much…

  • Dan-za

    just came back from killing her and letting her body roll down the side of the highest mountain i can find 100 times, lets see the new comic!


    looks like it is time for Sigird to learn how to swim in lava

  • WHY?

    What the fuck…


  • Timothy

    That nordic bitch makes that douchebag Orc seem like an angelic manifestation of everything good.

    • Vanguard

      I know, Gharug at least left her with something, Sigrid to EVERYTHING (except possibly the lockpick, she will always have the lockpick). He also didn’t take her awesome pirate outfit, god knows what happened that outfit.

    • David Argall

      Now now, she is a hot piece. She’s allowed to be evil. Just ask any boy. In fact, she has to be evil. Just ask any girl.

      But Katia is likely to love her for some time. It seems like our soldier was another victim and he has yet to recover. That means Katia is not going to get her anger on any time soon.

  • Kathi With An I

    I got a command in?


    (It was a mean command and I’m sorry Katia, but OMG I GOT A COMMAND IN!!!! :D)

    • Seth


      • Kathi With An I

        …Pixie dust?

        • Seth

          out of all the dum **** i hear! my god bro, r u serious?

  • Amindex123

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    Katia: Understand what just happened.

    Katia: Flip out.

  • Othoniel

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    what do katia gonna do next? D;

  • GroUppHaterzz

    I do not understand why everybody hates Gro-Upp. He may not be the shining paragon of virtue that Asotil is, but nor is he evil like Sigrid. He’s simply… hilarious.

    • Link

      Don’t forget that he’s probably also a victim of Sigrid, why else would he slice the throat on poor Dmitri just for mentioning the Kvatch Mages Guild? =D

      • dumpsterrat

        Imagine his RAEG when he finally recovered and realized how she’d turned the tables on him – going in to rob her, he wound up being taken for everything he had. As a professional, that had to hurt.

      • Alex

        That’s what I’ve been thinking! I wonder if Dmitri was trying to trick Upp by suggesting he attempt to sell things to Sigrid?

  • dana

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  • Ocylith

    Completely expected. Tons of nerdrage. A good update, though.

    I’m curious what happened to Stephane.

    Also: Does killing an NPC in Oblivion really make you guys feel better? Why don’t you just go masturbate or something?

    • ChetBetera

      My guess is that it’s the same principal as chasing a rolling cheese wheel down a mountain in Skyrim. It’s fun!
      And you have many ways to do it!

  • Sai

    Awwwww Katia, I fear what may happen with the effects wear off.

    Also the joke about the protagonist quickly dressing and undressing never fails to amuse me.

  • KeyFox

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    • Seth

      RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait you mean sirid or whatever her name is right?

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  • Seth

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  • Duster

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  • Naesr

    Welp, I’m out. IIRC, this is the third narrative arc that’s ended with Katia back at square one, save for the magic… but that’s not something anyone can take away from her, so whoop-dee-doo (watch, I’ve jinxed it now, she’ll run into Vassinus and he’ll drain/damage her dry).

    There are only so many times you can watch a cat go destitute without growing frustrated, and after a while that frustration fades and you find that you’re just bored. People have mentioned “one-trick pony” and “fetish” before, Kaz, and given the dramatic structure, I’m starting to think that they’re right. Which is a damned shame, because there’s plenty worth reading otherwise (ASotIL barging in on Millona’s formal dinner party is probably the highlight).

    Fun while I lasted.

    • I really don’t see the amassing of material possessions as the point of Prequel. This story is about building Katia’s character. She started out as a pathetic, alcoholic loser with the desire for self-improvement as her only positive quality; now she’s made friends, amassed a modicum of confidence, addressed her drinking problem, and taken real strides toward her dream of becoming a mage.

      The progress she’s making is toward becoming a confident, effective person. Having things is just a nice perk.

      • OneOfMany

        That’s the problem. There is basically no such thing as progression. Katia is still a pathetic loser with barely contained alcoholism, her “friends” are just less rude indifferent people and the steps of becoming a mage is erased right now. I can’t even feel sorry for her because that fourth wall is gone and it seems like Kaz really has some sadism-fetism thing.. then I feel sorry for him.

        • Mind Equals Blown

          This is kind of a silly complaint when you consider the setting.

          The best case scenario for Katia would be to wind up as the player character in Oblivion. That means she has a year to learn basic survival skills (like tying her shoelaces) and get to level 1… only to wind up locked in the imperial dungeon with no friends, no guild memberships, no money, and no material possessions. Obviously that’s a pretty dismal-sounding way to end a story; then again, if she manages that much, it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll go on to save the world and earn the admiration of literally almost every character who’s shown up so far.

          The bad news: If she becomes a hero too soon, then we know she’s not the Champion of Cyrodiil, and the best ending is therefore out of her reach forever. So the people who want her to be the Champion basically just have to watch her roll with the punches and hope that she continues to be a useless loser barely managing to survive.

          • Kathi With An I

            Not a year. We’ve got a week a most before it’s off to the dungeons with Katia.

            If she’s the Champion, that is.
            Which I hope so.

  • Rambo Dash

    And then it started raining, taking away the last thing Katia had to call her own.

    • Seth

      bro shes had enough. but its mostly gooding to happy. 🙁 she needs a hero. i would do it :-), but im here not there :-(. good luck katia you’re gooding to need it, sorry.

    • Zerithos

      Becoming a wet Khajiit? Cus the bodypaint is unwashable (as proven before), her lockpick is… er… anyway the amulet isn’t going to melt in the rain and she doesn’t really have anything else.

      • Rambo Dash

        No, her anus.

  • Mister Cheese

    … And there goes about a year (not in the story, but actually writing this story) of work down the toilet in less than 4 minutes.

    Not sure Quill-Weave is gonna be pleased.

    • Seth

      no she isn’t.

  • Bad_Skeelz


    • Seth

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  • kept me cool bro



  • Svarog

    Wow, I had completely forgotten about this until someone I knew started bitching about these pages and how it’s basically just a repeat of what’s happened before. No kidding, this pretty much just happened where I left off.
    Welp, time to forget it again.

  • CenturionsFTW

    QuillWeave is going to be sad, Katia. Think about that. She put her trust in you TWICE, and you let yourself be smooth-talked into giving everything up. YOU ARE KATIA FUCKING MADIGAN, not that Khaijit harlot you used to be. so TAKE OFF THAT AMULET, and WATCH THE WORLD BURN TO ASHES AROUND YOU. RAIN DOWN SOME VENGEANCE! MAKE SIGRID YOUR OWN PERSONAL LITTERBOX!!

  • Jirekianu

    So, I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take until Katia dies in a totally meaningless and pitiful way.

    • Tech

      This may be what lands her in prison. I’d be wicked pissed about being tricked into giving all my worldly possessions to some bitch with mind-control perfume. On a related note, ever wonder why the Oblivion gate opened up in the middle of Kvatch?

  • Alec

    Omg…. It IS telvanni bug musk. Dang it. I knew the potion device looked familier. Been awhile morrowind… been awhile.
    Lets see…. options.
    Katia should snap out of it very quickly, since sigrid isn’t around anymore. Legality isn’t on her side with the signed paperwork. But…. Katia came here to straighten out her life. Even a moment of thiefing would be wrong and Katia would regret doing it. Successful or not.
    We have to do this…. the right way.

    Katia…. find Nah. Tell nah of how much stuff sigrid has and how nice it is. And what she did to you. And about the funny bloody room. Get ye Bug musk. Tell sigrid to donate all your possesions back, and the items the mages guild hands out to new members. Get some ice cream… dump hundreds of septims into the streets… and get Sigrid to agree to all of it on paper.
    Oh… and make sure shes not using some kind of potion to somehow resist the effects of the bug musk you used.

    Wait… scrap that… Katia’s no hero…. All that stuff sounds quite heroic if done in order with lots of success. Hm….
    Cry and in the words of Metallica “Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home”.
    Actually holy shit…. Wherever I may roam fits this story perfectly.

  • Hide-of-Scales

    Damned mages… you know, there’s a saying about wizards being jerks, and I think it applies here.

    I noticed some of the commenters mentioning how Quill-Weave is gonna be unhappy about what Katia done… you guys aren’t actually suggesting Katia go back to Anvil and tell our marsh friend she screwed up again, are you? No! That’s a terrible idea – she’s already forgiven Katia enough as it is! People, the day we go back to Anvil is the day we get what Quill-Weave wanted us to get (er, whatever that was… something about books, right?)!

    With that said, I’m gonna guess Katia’s never gonna realize she’s been had and that she’s gonna refuse to steal anything from the Mages Guild because she’ll still think Sigrid is super awesome. Yes, we all hate Sigrid and we’re unhappy that Katia’s back at square one, but we gotta come to terms that there’s not a lot that can be done about it and that we need to find another way to complete Quill-Weave’s task* – if we can’t gather the goods here in Kvatch, maybe we should move on to the next city and see if they got what Katia needs? Come on, Katia’ll love Skingrad!

    *Alternatively, we can always just blow off Q and go find some other quest to do. After all, it wouldn’t be an Elder Scrolls game if we couldn’t blow off what are supposed to be important quests (I know I wasn’t the only one that left Kvatch at the mercy of Mehrunes Dagon and his Dremora while I did unimportant stuff for the Fighter’s Guild or something like that – if Martin Septim could wait for me to save him, then Quill can wait for us to get her book).

  • Seth

    The boy in the striped pajamas, good movie with great ending. hopefully katia doesnt have the same.

    • Liquid Dinosaur

      What? Katia may have awful luck, and khajiit are often mistrusted and discriminated against, but I don’t really think Katia needs to worry about genocide.

  • team3lost

    Okay stay calm, wait about two more hours then sneak back in there by using your lock pick, maybe on one of the locked windows. Then silently rip that bitches neck off with your teeth, then find Stephane and do the same to him just to be safe. Get your stuff and fill every pocket you can with gold, books, potions and that perfume Sigrid used on you. Take your time and don’t forget anything, because your burning this place down when you leave. Lastly pick a nice safe place to sleep and await your new family to find you, trust me, the Dark Brotherhood would make a lovely home for you. You ARE a Khajii after all, sneaking, robbing and killing is in your blood.

  • Guillebon

    >Remove amulet
    >Burn guildhall down to ashes

    >Blame the vampires

    • Bad_Skeelz

      At this point, why stop at the guildhall?

  • Actua

    I don’t think it’s pawsible to pun harder than that! You know what? Screw it. I NEED A DRINK NOW! The Fu-Sonofa-I WANNA SHOOT THAT BITCH!

  • Tech

    Torches and pitchforks!
    GET-CHA torches and pitchforks!
    Torches! Pitchforks!
    Buy a torch, get a pitchfork for half-price!
    Buy a pichfork, get one free torch!

  • Furnut


  • Billy

    I think it;s about time you just let katia die…..this is depressing

    • eternity08

      So… because something bad happened, you think she should just end it all?
      And yes, I do realise that these horrible things have happened before. But did we decide to end it all then?
      And I also realise the arguments of this being the “straw that broke the camels back”. And in response all I have to say is, “It is only the straw if we let it be.” a.k.a. “Stop whining about Katia’s situation and try to do something about it!”

      And for all those people saying that this is unfair or something because of Sigrid’s potion, let me ask you this. Will whining about the unfairness somehow disrupt time-space and allow us to relive those events? No. Instead, we need to forge onwards. Forget the past! Focus on the future!

      P.S. For all sakes just imagine Katia is playing Ironman mode. No saves. No loads. No nothing. Just one straight playthrough. You die? You have to play all over again.
      Now, suggest that Katia act like how you would play in a situation like that.
      P.S.S. tl;dr Your whining will not change the story. Insulting Kaz directly is like insulting the screenwriter for a movie, It will not change the movie itself. Kaz gains no monies from this website, therefore, he has no need to pander to his audience (Make of that as you will.)

      • Bahahaha

        >Do something about it
        >Implying Kazerad would allow reader input to change shit
        >Implying this won’t happen again and again
        >Implying Katia will have any sort of meaningful growth and will ever stop being stupid or learn from her mistakes

        • jja

          Since she arrived in Cyrodiil, Katia has:

          > learned that she has the power to become a mage.
          > learned to cast balls of fire.
          > learned strategies for recharging her magicka.
          > overcome her phobia of royalty enough to converse with a countess or count.
          > made at least one friend who believes in her (Quill Weave)

          Sigrid took none of these things away from Katia. She has had ‘meaningful growth.’

  • Welp, she’s naked again

  • TheLogicalOne

    Hahahahaha….The amount of cat-jokes made me laugh. So did the GIF under those commands….

  • Katia’s guardian angel

    I’m so glad everything turned well =^.^=

    negative : Loss of clothes
    Loss of money
    Positive : meal that couldn’t even be afforded yet
    A great excuse to keep her dignity : she was robbed by Sigrid : and we all hate that guild so much that we will fall into sympathy for poor katia !

    Could be a lot worse =^.^=

    • Seth

      🙁 now its going to get worse good job.

  • Patapoulos

    After scrolling and scrolling past all those puns I was almost expecting to see the entire city of Kvatch on fire.

    • andwhyisit

      If it wasn’t for Sigrid’s ice magic…

  • Ransom

    It strikes me, based on the bloody door and barrels with scrape marks on the inside downstairs… It probably was best she fell for the charm.

    Let’s hope she’s able to break free from the charm. Based onAsotil and the barrel of letters by the pictures, for some people the charm lasts almost perpetually. But based on the way people outside of Kvatch talk, or don’t talk about the guild, maybe not.

    • David Argall

      The behavior of the people who “don’t talk about the Kvatch guild” does argue it will eventually wear off, but it clearly lasts a long time and can be renewed fairly easily, So Katia may be quite bitter after a month or year away from Kvatch, but unless she stumbles onto some cure, she is going to deeply admire Sirgid as long as she is in town.

      • Echo_Hotel

        One of the little fun Morrowwind factoids that the author likes to throw in (since this is between morrowind and oblivion).
        Anyone who even sees you while under the influence of a Fortify Personality effect will have their Disposition lowered by the same amount it was raised.
        Which is why nobody will talk about or to Sigrid whthout her being there to buff the stat back to neutral.

        Katia “I am scared of you and this place” Disposition 45/100
        Sigrid (bribe) “Here have some free food and a magic refill”
        Katia “OH! Thank you I needed a magic refill and was quite hungry” Disposition +5 50/100
        Sigrid (admire) “You know 2 spells after only a week of practice? you may be even better than this guy here”
        Katia “well shucks I guess that is pretty impressive” Disposition +5 55/100
        Sigrid (Intimidate) “I know so many spells I could kill you without even trying”
        Katia “HeHeHe yes you could and that’s why I want you to teach me” Disposition +5 60/100
        Sigrid *use bug musk*
        Katia “I love you in a completely platonic way take all my junk I am a dumb kitty” Disposition +40 100/100
        Sigrid *slams door in face*
        60 seconds after use the potion buff wears off
        Katia “What just happened?” Disposition -40 60/100
        61 second after use the potion de-buff kicks in
        Katia “Oh that Nord BITCH!” Disposition -40 20/100
        Everyone and their Cousin in Kvatch “WE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY”

    • Liquid Dinosaur

      The time that bug-mask takes to wear off is likely affected by your willpower or intelligence, so Asotil isn’t really a good example of how long you keep worshipping Sigrid.

      I mean, Katia isn’t the most strong willed person around, but this is ASOTIL we’re talking about.

      • David Argall

        ASOTIL seems to have very high will. He upsets a girl he likes by dumping bodies in her dining room, and having seen this negative reaction, he then dumps a body in her bedroom, when she is in the bed. And he still seems to have no idea she is in the least annoyed with him. Facts just don’t penetrate at all easily. So if we assume strong willpower shortens control, ASOTIL suggests it will be a very long time indeed.
        Now we can assume the reverse. Having once been enslaved, the one with high will will use that high will to continue to believe Sigrid is wonderful and ignore the facts. But we still have the same basic point. Katia will admire Sigrid for a long time.

    • Saint Jiub

      I think it will never actually “break”. She could someday reflect upon the outcome of what she did and whether would she do so again, but right now, I would compare katia to ugly high-school nerd helplessly in love with popular girl way out of his league. Exploited and never admitting it, because of the satisfaciton he gets from her every smile. Maybe when Katia sees Sigrid without musk, she won’t be so charmed anymore and would refrain from acting THAT stupid, but would hardly turn on Sigrid for being super nice to her.

  • Darn it, foiled by Sigrid’s common sense.

  • Sithorn

    Boring. I think I read this out of ritual. I’m officially bored of it, though.

  • ChetBetera

    I guess this is as good a place as any to put this here: http://i.imgur.com/W1rnf.jpg
    That image-link basically says that a) People assume that they control Katia directly, b) People also assume that they are here just for the ride and have no impact on the story itself, and c) We do not control Katia, only advise.
    For a greater explanation of what I’m talking about, see this. You may have to read for awhile to get the idea however.

    • Ger

      …May I ask where did this come from? Or did you draw it? It’s both very hilarious and painfully true. 😀

  • Sagem

    Something’s not right, Kat. Normal people don’t stand outside in the cold with so few clothes on and you’re a normal person now. What gives?

  • ScienceGuy

    It’s time for some “Now you are Sigrid/Stephane” parallel plot twist.

  • Wind

    It would have been cooler if when she took off the amulet the voices made her summon all of Oblivion without her even knowing what happened… O.o

  • Norexico

    It is time to pull a Taxi Driver maneuver here…

  • Trevor

    Aren’t the undergarments just brown paint?

    • Seth


  • Vins

    There has been plenty o’ people complaining on the outcome of all this…
    So much, that I think I even forgot what did I think of all this. :c

    I mean, I AM quite upset that this happened to Katia, but I kinda find it interesting how it shows one can always have his/her belongings taken away, but never the knowledge and experience. Alright, Katia likely isn’t going to think wrong of Sigrid any soon – but hey! Katia didn’t un-learn(?) her little pyromancy and telekinesis tricks, did she? All I can guess it that she learnt a mightier fire magic that needs some practice to be performed properly.

    Honestly, even if this was rail-roading, or whatever, then some readers seem to be expecting to dictate what is yet to come and the ending as well. :/

    Kaz just tried to spice up the story a bit, didn’t (s)he? (I don’t know, I’m just new here)

    Maybe we could take it as a life lesson? Maybe life isn’t that easy and there’s always those who will take advantage once you naively give them the chance? Maybe you should disregard those things and don’t let them keep you down? Maybe everyone should keep going on for the quest of their lives whether the world and the stars are against them or not?
    … Maybe I’m just over-thinking? 6_6

    Nevertheless, the best to do is overcome that misfortune. Learn from the past and look for the future. There’s still hope to keep that kitty from crying (too often).

    … On a side note: If you guys think I’m saying nonsense or speaking out for no good reason, please disregard me. >_>


    • Seth

      dude u r right. im happy u spoke out because its nice to know someone else thinks like me. all that other stuff i wrote, just trying to be funny. O and thanks for noticeing my made up character in “about prequel ” at the bottom. sorry my brother dont make him or ‘ Seth ‘ i did. hey if anyone else reads it please leave a reply, i check all the time to see what people think of my ‘ over night ‘ creativity.

  • The Amazing d20

    You can tell who the optimists, cynics, realists, and the pessimists are here.

    The optimists are hella glad that Katia’s finally out of the hellhole! Sure, she lost some shit along the way, but the girl is ALIVE AND WELL! It’s going to get better now that we’ve weathered through the worst of it! They can just FEEL the good pick-me -up coming along!

    The pessimists, however, are getting tired of this shit. Wow, Katia, you lost EVERYTHING. AGAIN. They want to up and smack her, but they know that it’s going to rain or something, and that this isn’t the worst of it all. The pessimists are gearing up for the ultimate letdown that Kaz will bring upon us.

    The Cynics are tired of this bullshit and just want to leave. Oh, wow, Katia is getting trampled on. This comic is a one trick pony, and this ‘depression’ fetish is getting VERY, VERY OLD. It’s as if Kaz can’t write for shit or something – oh, wait. It is. Get a new shtick or we’re ollies outie, you damn prick.

    The Realists, however, understand that a good story needs conflict…on all fronts. Kaz advertised this as a hurt/comfort comic from DAY ONE. The fact that Kaz is keeping to Kaz’s word should not be surprising. Also, this is a nice game of give and take. In life, people sometimes get to somewhere good, only to be kicked down again. It is good writing, and we applaud you for your work, Kaz.

    I like the way that Kaz runs this ship.

    • David Argall

      Your definitions are a little off.
      The optimists are largely the ones currently yelling and screaming to burn Sigrid/building/city down since something terrible happened, just when they were sure it was smooth sailing. They remain optimistic that anything they say will have serious effect and that Katia can actually do anything about Sigrid.
      The pessimists are currently rather smug. They knew all along Katia was about to get it good and hard and they can gloat about being right.
      And the cynics have much the same opinion. They knew long ago that Sigrid was up to no good. As to the realists, well the definition of cynic is “…someone who sees things as they are as opposed to as they want them to be…”

      • The Amazing d20



  • The_Dude

    I’m drunk wheeeeeeeew!

  • Frued2231

    i just hope it dosen’t get chilly in Kvatch tonight
    (excuse poor spelling, I can’t type for nothing)

    • Seth

      me too

  • Olympichimp

    You know what would be a great idea to get the money needed by that nice lady that in no way is evil or manipulative or a possible necromancer that is probably dabbling in some sort of Dorian Gray hocus pocus with that painting of the old woman that was stashed away behind all those boxes, entering that dancing contest, you’ll make more than enough money for her….all for her.

  • Rob Cain

    Maybe this comic should be retitled “Prequel: making the readers cry… while I laugh.”

    • Seth

      so true so true, lol :-).

  • Seth

    read 97’s reply to Vins.

  • Nilithius

    Burn it. Burn the guild. Burn the city. Burn everything.

    • Wind


  • TB Tabby

    Dammit, other shoe, I warned you not to drop. I’m tying you to a lamppost.

    • Wind

      You… You certainly have experience standing under a lamp post… O.o

  • Some Guy

    Katia nekked and penniless in a strange town. I feel great things coming out of this.

  • Beano Curufinwe

    Back into Making a Cat Cry mode. Man, this turn of events really upset me.

    I guess the cat pun firestorm was pretty awesome, but I can’t muster up the energy to care.

  • Hal-Na

    …I knew there was a reason I always killed Sigrid to join the Brotherhood…

  • Subconcious Badger

    Just got the Katia follower for Skyrim…perhaps I should follow this comic’s example and make her Skyrim’s “Adoring Fan” and make her life as miserable as possible while coming up with hundreds of creative ways to kill her….sorry put her out of her misery I mean.

    • Seth


  • Wolligepoes

    Break in, steal the contract that says you gave her all uour stuff. Use old-Katia’s thiefing skills to bring justice and take your stuff back. Maybe use eye of fear? If you do not succeed maybe go to the elf traveler just outside the city, he seemed kind.

  • Spotlight

    cats don’t wag their tails when they’re happy. They do it when annoyed, or intensely focused on something. stop making her wag her tail. it’s stupid.

  • DustyMuffinsss

    Well now i cant wait for the Kvatach invasion :I

  • Jessica U. Ingmann

    I just… Wow. I can’t even… Geeze. I mean I… Just…

    I can’t even form a coherent thought right now because of what just happened.

    • Elosan

      You are not the only one. I tried to think of a sentence that best demonstrates my hate to Sigrid. But it just alot of awful words came out.

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    Sigrid is so nice. 83

  • Rik

    I honestly know why she did it… I’ve had people take advantage of me all my life, through my own fault- they seem like they actually like me so I do anything they want, even giving them some of my most prized possessions… what do my possessions matter, I’d think, if this person LIKES ME? And it still happens… I understand, Katia. Even though you’re a fictional character. :/

  • Tormuse

    Jeez, I’m surprised Sigrid didn’t take Katia’s eyepatch! 😐

  • Defutz

    Lul at MyusernamesMud command XD

  • Twilight-Kun


  • Uknown

    #$&@ YOU SIGRID!

  • dayum

    Sigrid’s extremely evil. Damn, she showed no remorse whatsoever.

  • Mzuark

    I can’t believe she just got conned to that degree.

  • Shadowkey392

    So…she has managed to take everything you own…and you are happy about it? She is SO a vampire.

  • dtlux14

    This was a PURRfect way to end the day 😀

  • Dragon

    Dimitri’s thoughts on Sigrid are perfectly justified.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Sometimes things seem so wonderful that you just want to sing. Here’s Suthay, Mages Guild and Sigrid.

    Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when you use perfume
    Better give my lucky clover,
    When you’re here my
    Gold just disappears, take, And I’m feline fine
    Just to know of you Sigrid

    My life is Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    That’s how my thoughts do go, so Quill-Weave, won’t be

    Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    Everything that’s wonderful is sure to waft your way
    When Sigrid’s place you stay

    Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    Everything is wonderful is what I know when
    I Give you stuff
    Brighter with a random , cat pun
    When your near the voices flipping out, fear
    And I’m feline fine
    when you quench flames that were mine

    My life is Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    That’s how my thoughts do go, so Quill-Weave, won’t be

    Suthay, Mage’s Guild and Sigrid,
    Everything that’s winningful is sure to come today
    ‘Cause you gave all, to Sigrid
    And Sigrid’s here to help!