Apr 152012

With Sigrid gone, you take a couple minutes to calm down and collect your thoughts.

You made some really good progress tonight. You got a full meal, a new wizard-friend… but most importantly, you feel like you’ve finally found a place where you belong. A place where people believe in you. It’s the greatest, most heartwarming feeling you’ve ever had.

And it’s all thanks to Sigrid. You can understand why everyone in Kvatch is so fond of her.

JohnRochard wrote:
First, you need to somewhat snap out of the charm Sigrid put you under. If that little voice in your head can still have some control over you, I advice you to put fresh water all over your face…Maybe that’ll help your clear your mind.

Huh? Sigrid might be awesome and know a lot of magic, but you’re pretty sure you would’ve noticed if she used some kind of charm on you. The only spell she cast at you tonight was a quick frost spell on your tail, after it caught on fire.

Other than that… she was just really nice to you. Like, really nice. She said things that made you feel like you’re not just some worthless piece of trash. Things that made you feel important. There was this one compliment – you can’t remember exactly what it was – but you swear it made you feel like the most amazing person in the world.

“You’re pretty” sticks in your mind for some reason, but you suspect it was something more substantial than that. You’ve gotten that much from drunken sailors.

Practical_Thoughts wrote:
Yep, the world must be a happy place for you Katia. Making the decision to give that poor wealthy master mage all of your money and your ONLY PAIR CLOTHES.

JJA wrote:
Katia: No legitimate Mage’s Guild ever, no matter how poorly run, has ever left a prospective associate STANDING NAKED AND SEPTIMLESS ON THE STREET.

You only gave her what was fair.

You don’t remember the exact words that were exchanged, but you both agreed that the amount was fine. Sure, she took a lot, but you remember she had some really good justification for it. She could probably explain it again if you went back inside.

Asthanius wrote:
Katia, think carefully about what just happened. You walked into the Mage’s Guild, unsure what was going to happen. Then you met Sigrid and almost immediately had dinner with her, next to the strange mural. After dinner, you were promised ice cream and then gave Sigrid everything except your underwear, amulet, and possibly your lockpick. And now you’re outside. Without ice cream. Even though there was obviously enough ice cream for you to have a little bit. Doesn’t this seem a little strange? I mean, you promised Quillweave that you would do something very important to her, and you ended up giving everything to a woman you just met.

StormyDragon wrote:
Katja> Think of the disappointed look on Quill Weave’s face if you fail to bring back her letter and book.

You… really really really don’t want to let Quill-Weave down again.

But it’s okay, that’s not going to happen. Quill-Weave won’t be disappointed in you. You remember there was some reason she wasn’t going to be disappointed. I mean… you did give away her package, but there was some reason that was okay. Some reason it didn’t matter.

You don’t remember exactly what. It must have been something complicated that Sigrid explained to you.

But… you know you had had some reason.

MarcsterS wrote:
Katia: Maybe you should think a bit harder about what just happened

That bitch took all your stuff!

  • Barthurs


    • The S


      • grege


        • Merth

          OH GOD WHY

          • Cracked


          • BarrelDragons

            Let all have a moment of silence of our dear departed friend, lockpick, who have left us for a better world.

          • calvin

            sorry to burst your bubbles, but i don’t think he was in the inventory the other times either, so we might still have him, wherever he’s being stored

          • ApocalypticCritic

            Wait, if lock pick wasn’t in our inventory….

            I don’t think I want to know where he’s being stored.

          • calvin

            i was about to say tail fur, but that would be if this was fallout, because they’re bobby pins

          • Riddler

            … You can steal all Katias stuff
            … You can steal from Eepy the awesome Dino
            … You can even have weird murals that shows your disturbing feddish
            … You can even make katia go back to the booze if you want to


            DON’T EVER $@?@¥}>€*%+#% $@?€# OF A &$*%^ $@&!?#+^#£€^¥<#*€#*^%£+¥#*£$@&?! MESS WITH THE LOCKPICK!!!!!!!!!!

            To witch ever god watching over our beloved kajit guiding her actions as a whole, make this über bitch PAY!!!!!!!! I want Hell to seem like a hot spring, we want to out do katia in horrible events, on the bimbo inside, an eye for an eye, demitri for sigrid, after all you wouldn't like katia when she's ANGRY!!
            Thank you for you time, LOCKPICK the lucky, your loss will not be in vain

          • grege

            (Amazing Grace plays in Lockpick’s honor)

          • baman

            ridler is STUPID

          • Amon


            I’ll stop now.

    • Seth

      how do you know its gone?

      • Guvernor

        Because it’s not in the inventory…

        • calvin

          the inventory is based on what she knows she has, the lockpick wont be listed until she checks for it

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  • Ur-Quan

    Hell yeah, she snapped out. Anyways, I find the relevation about being swindled awesome. Go Katia go!

    Time to put those burglar skills useful, Khajiit aren’t made of forgivingness, and you least of all can’t live on air alone. When you catburgle, you should take back your stuff and 100 septims of reparation for emotional damage, then another 50 septims for baneful alchemy influence. If you can, try to leave a receipt, too. Nothing if not fair, aren’t we?

  • The Whicher

    Does that mean that now we can burn this place down :>?

    • Snowteth

      Burn EVERYTHING!

  • Nhoj

    Burn it all down Katia.
    Burn it down to the ground.
    The town will be better off from it.

    • Rhaz

      maybe that’s what really happened…Katia burned down the mages guild…the fires spread to the rest of Kvatch and then oblivion happened just as Katia leave and they blamed the Daedras instead :O

      • Vulmen

        Well…think about it…if Katia starts a fire that could potentially burn all of Kvatch…and Sigrid has shown potential of summoning Daedra…. hmmmm!!! 🙂

    • KTB

      Even if we were to burn down the guildhall and everything we would probably be hauled off to jail/killed by the guard thus ending our story, when weve only been in cyrodil for like 3 days. Dont get me wrong i pesonally would do it, but I just act and dont usually think when I get really pissed. I just dont think that it would be good if we ruined Kat’s life just becouse we all are pissed at Sigrid.

      I mean if you are that mad, go play oblivion and kill Sigrid in every way posible. make her eat a poison apple, bow her, make her kill herself with the skull of curuption. I don’t care, but at least dont ruin Katia’s life.

      • Smoky64

        i agree with KTB… counting the point within millseconds Sigrid extinguished all of the fires.
        She is most likely going to do it again… no matter the amount of shitty or extremly catchy cat burns you can put in… its just completly a terrible idea (no offense) and if she trys to get in and steal her stuff back. It’s just COMPLETELY unethical… IT’S KATIA WHERE TALKING ABOUT (no offense again) but she can’t do it even at her best it… it just is not as good as everyone else’s average………..

    • xwinnor

      When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see sigrid! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Katia Managan lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the khajiit who’s gonna burn your guild down! With the lemons! I’m gonna use my magic to make a combustible lemon that burns your guild down!

      • cave johnson

        hay thats my line!

        • Caroline

          You tell him sir!

          • Chell

          • Wheatley

            Yeah, what you’re doing there is jumping. That’s fine.

          • Glados

            It’s good to see you’re holding up so well, because I’m a potato!

          • Space Core

            What’s your favorite thing about space? Mine is space. Space going to space can’t wait. Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space. Space space wanna go to space. Going to space going there can’t wait gotta go. Space. Going. Space. Space. Gonna go to space. Space space wanna go to space…..


          • Rick the Adventure Sphere

            Oh, hello angel. What, you fighting that guy? You got that under control? You know, because, it looks like there’s a lot of stuff on fire. Such a beautiful woman, if you don’t mind me saying. I don’t want to scare you, but I’m an adventure sphere, designed for danger! So why don’t you go ahead and have yourself a little lady break, and I’ll take it from here.

          • Crow


      • Nicholas

        Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, take the lemons! Yeah! Oh, I like this guy! Burn her guild down!

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        When God gives you lemons, you FIND A NEW GOD.

        • Festus Krex

          When life gives you lemons…go murder a clown.

          • COW

            bad idea, the clown decided to murder me back, i am now a bigmac

      • Vaeron

        When life gives you lemons you don’t give it lemons back, that is just white noise, you make a Lemonzooka, and crash that joint.

      • woundedkneecap

        Why would Life give Katia lemons when it’s well know life has always given Katia pineapples. Come on people, we can’t make pineapple-aid! All hope is lost, abandon ship!

    • Dragon

      Kill her with fire.
      …Manipulative little human.

      [Edited; realized previous version had some unintentional Unfortunate Implications]

  • ClancyDamon

    Please let this end in righteous anger and furious indignation, and not pitiful crying. Please have grown that much, Katia!

    Also, I don’t know why, but pose is hilarious to me. Maybe it’s just the goofy look with the upturned nose.

    • ClancyDamon

      The Fairest Negotiations pose.
      Forgot about the HTML tag enclosures.

    • KTB

      Even if we were to burn down the guildhall and everything we would probably be hauled off to jail/killed by the guard thus ending our story, when weve only been in cyrodil for like 3 days. Don’t get me wrong if I was in that situation I would totaly kill that bitch and probably d osome uspeakabley sadistic things, but thats just becouse when I’m pissed off so much I dont think reasonbly.

      Aynway if your that pissed, play some oblivion, go to the kavach camp and kill sigrid in every way posible. Make her eat a poison apple, bow her (I know its not a verb, but Idont care), blow her up. Just dont make cat end up in a bad situation, like running away from town like a covict and get killed by Asotil and get dumped on the countess’ lap in a dead heap.

      • they’ll have to catch us

  • Tau

    AHAHA Oh lol okay, I really, REALLY like that last pic 😀

    Kaz, your “cast suspense” skill is awesome!

  • Hey, new reader here. Loving this story so far!

    Time for some well-deserved indignation now that she’s out of that trance. Perhaps she should get some other people to help her while she’s at it. That musk can’t be as effective against a group of people, can it? And Sigrid is only one mage/alchemist.

    • Kenneth

      I say she should go get Asotil. Two reasons:

      1. He values justice over everything else, and justice has not yet been done.
      2. His performance-enhancing….. Substances will most likely block the influence of her perfume.

      • Mythrrinthael

        Hey Katia? Remember that nice, red-robed fellow by the gate? And how he’s waiting for some friends of his?
        I don’t know about you, but he struck me a man who has dabbled in conjuration. His friends might be conjurers too. Or they might have other magical talents.

        If you want to get your stuff back, you could try to convince him and possibly his buddies to, lets say, summon some Daedra to gently persuade Sigrid to give you back your belongings?

        After all, what could possibly go wrong with experienced conjurers summoning lots of Daedra and setting them loose upon Kvatch?

        • rakkar

          I dunno, he kinda looks like a cultist, and I don’t think I need to tell you anything about cults, now do I?

      • robotnik

        Well on one hand katia signed a legal agreement to say she “donated” her stuff to the guild however on a second note katia was not in a mental state to leagly give consent for the document she signed so I guess its a 50/50 chance the law will help even if the imperial guard does head into town and I doubt he will cause obnly bad things happen in this story its how kaz keeps you hooked… id likne to see someone prove me wrong trust me but I don’t know how good the odds are. For gods sake all this misfortune is getting old its like dieing in skyrim before a save and going back two hours it makes you go do somthing else 🙁

        • rakkar

          The guards won’t help, they’re probably under her spell as well.

  • McFrugal

    Kazerad, I think this would work better as a webcomic. It seems like you want the main plot points to go down no matter what people suggest, but at the same time you’re doing it as a MSPAFA, a format which is generally considered to be reader-driven, not author-driven.

    I believe it would be much more satisfying to read when there’s no reason for people to think it’s a puzzle to solve or a challenge to overcome. It would be much better to just trust in the author that things are happening for a reason, rather than to have a wonder in the back of your head that maybe if you or other people had suggested something different, things would’ve gone better.

    There also wouldn’t be any frustration when people actually DO suggest the right stuff but Katia ignores it because you don’t want the story to get derailed.

    • Bove

      The readers, specifically the people who submit their suggestions, do have influence over the story. What happens TO Katia is up to Kazerad. Remember, the readers are voices in Katia’s head. Kazerad will govern the story according to the character’s personality that has been developed and her interaction with these voices will be subject to her personality.

      Kazerad had created this personality. To allow her to do whatever the reader says in conflict to her personality will ruin the story. But the voices and her interaction with them do influence the story and how she acts. The voices do not influence events that happen to Katia because of external means.

      Katia will only “ignore” certain suggestions because they are in conflict to what she would actually do. You do not act on every thought that passes through you head. Katia, when in line with her personality, does do what the readers have suggested. Just because you think that Kazerad already had that path planned out, doesn’t necessarily mean it is so.

    • Soadreqm

      I think it works pretty damn well as a forum adventure. Kazerad is running this thing like an especially sadistic GM. All railroading is strictly by the book. You are free to do whatever you want, unless the action would be incongruous with the character background you chose chosen for you, or you fail your roll to resist mind control, alcoholism, diplomacy, or any other effect the world (ie. Kazerad) has seen fit to throw at you.

      Kazerad’s whims also govern the consequences of your actions. Whenever you try something you have no prior experience in, he’s free to rule that you fail miserably. And a lot of the possible actions are booby-trapped in some way. That orc from before? He’s a bandit. Dinner invitation? You’re irrationally terrified of the hostess. Kvatch mages guild? Yeah.

      The story isn’t getting railroaded. Just its tone. Katia is free to try to become whatever she wants. She’s doomed to fail, over and over again, but there’s nothing intrinsic to her that’s stopping her.

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        I agree with most of what you’re saying. Kaz obviously has a lot of stuff in mind, but he lets reader submissions partially influence his writing — case in point, “going down the well” was decided by votes in the forum. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. Besides, has anyone actually read what gets suggested on the Internet? Thank goodness Kaz has opted not to pay attention to most of that content!

        I disagree that Katia is doomed to fail over and over again though. I think that the comic’s main point is to deliver humor, not failure. In this case, Katia’s failure is the vehicle for humor because it’s contrasted against the zillions of copycat (ha!) RPG’s where “you are the lone hero / chosen one to save the world!”. It’s like 007 vs. Archer, or Johnny Quest vs. The Venture Brothers. You have to know the generic, overplayed pulp fiction to appreciate the converse.

        However, I think that Kaz is quite capable of using other methods of delivery, and we’ll see how they manifest.

        • Celly

          This this this this this.

          If an author doesn’t have an idea of where a story is going, and takes everyone’s suggestion, it turns into a series of defecating and urinating on things and gets pretty terrible pretty fast. see: jailbreak.

        • patrick

          But Soadreqm has a point. Nothing is stopping her from becoming the very best at fishing for example. We are just looking at the big picture here. Katia is not exactly a savior of nirn. So her trying to become something big so fast is going to result in possible failures. hence the story laid out before us.

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            Well, yes and no. Sure, Katia can invest her life to something simple (like gathering alchemical ingredients, or tanning), and gain mastery of that subject. But is that a piece of fiction that anyone wants to read?

            The value of this production is in what’s delivered to the readers, and the satisfaction felt by the author — and there is only an extremely weak connection between these values and the imaginary money or skill-points earned by a fictitious cat character. If you want to mentally test this hypothesis, just ask yourself: If the next three months of Prequel updates were the chronicles of Katia becoming an expert tanner, and her modest success selling leather goods… would you care? Would you want to read more?

            If I had to toss out a generalized hypothesis that described the value attributes of Prequel, it would be something like this:

            Katia must continue to display elements which trigger associations with “endearment” and “innocence” in Kahneman’s “System 1”, both visually and through behavior. This will cultivate pathos when readers make associative connections as we review her inner thoughts / motivations / struggles.

            Once we care about Katia, then we can follow other threads woven into the story, including all the ironic, facetious, and sarcastic jabs at video games, popular culture, and parallel “self-important” (i.e. non-self-effacing) works of fiction.

            Of course, there are likely very wide, disparate clusters of readers who enjoy this comic, so these may not apply to everyone — but it’s the most broad framework I could think of.

      • Kelibath

        The only real issue is where hundreds of forum commands are seen to be ignored PER POST. An awful lot of people commanded Sigrid to feel some sense of remorse or pity considering the small pile of goods delivered; most of those people requested that she allow Katia to take the letter (and potentially the book as well). After all, letters are worth 0 Gold in Oblivion, anyway.. even at 100 Mercantile, it’d be difficult to turn a profit. However, I’m not sure whether there is any reference to this in the previous update saving that Sigrid asks the clearly impoverished Khajit for her clothes as well. . . perhaps that was Kaz’s method of including those posters? And understandably, when a MSPAFA generates over ten pages of comments per update, it’ll be difficult to look through them all. I would have liked, personally, to see some reference to her looking the letter over with pity, or similar – something that would have followed many forum requests without altering the plotline?

        • Soadreqm

          Sigrid is not the protagonist. Sigrid is the OPPOSITE of protagonist. You cannot command Sigrid to feel pity, any more than you can command Mehrunes Dagon to stop trying to invade Tamriel. 😛

  • Dipintus

    Well, at least this time wasn’t your fault.
    The magic book wasn’t yours.
    you should point out to Sigrid that keeping it is technically receiving.

    Look, worst case scenario you can sell the amulet.
    You should be out of magika by now and there should be enough to buy the clothes and the book.

  • Soadreqm

    Yess! She DID realise what just happened! I knew you had it in you, Katia! 😀

    Well, not knew, exactly. More like “hoped against all odds”.

  • dude

    That fucking bitch!

  • byrd

    Ha! If for nothing else you win my approval for this Kazerad.

  • apersonthatreadsthiscomic

    Kazerad,you should show katia ”off” a little more *wink*

  • 23 456

    wow you did this much in a few days Kaz, wow!

  • Ransom

    I’m strangely comforted by her reaction. Although hopefully ‘get mad, not sad,’ doesn’t lead to her being behind the door with the strawberry jam.

    Is there a local thieves guild in Kvatch? I don’t recall finding one in the flash game posted awhile back.

  • cake

    i want to stick my dick up in side of you and make it happen

  • NoriMori

    Time to go all fireball on Sigrid’s ass. Do it, Katia! Take off the amulet and BURN THAT SHIT DOWN TO ASHES!!!!

    • NoriMori

      Wow, I wrote that? I…don’t remember writing that. O_O

  • DKD

    Yes. Burn it down and let the champion of cyrodil rebuilt it!

    And Im totally not trying to sell this mod


    • SF Legend

      Speaking of mods, I made a thing:
      Katia in Skyrim

      • Seth

        NOT WORKING!!!

        • Zerithos

          Two things, Seth. One, Skyrim mod. Otherwise wtf are you talking about? I have it myself!
          No not really you’re fine. But Seth IS the name of my argonian in ES 3 4 and 5

          • Seth


  • Seth

    come on katia, kill sigrid, kill sigrid, Kill Sigrid, Kill Sigrid, KILL SIGRID!!!!!!!!

  • A Pink Poodle

    Okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay…

    … okay okay look you gotta get your stuff back. BUT FIRST you need to find something to plug your nose. I saw she applied some sort of perfume on her that made you give her your stuff in the first place. Perhaps there are some mushrooms by the well you can stick up your nose and block the smell? Even cram some grass and dirt up there even?

  • Emtu

    So… it wasn’t actually the oblivion gate that destroyed Kvatch, but an enraged Katia Managan?

  • Buckle up, folks. We’re making a kitten cry.

  • Yinello

    Steal all the things!

  • catocat9001

    Katia: Draw our a grizzly murder plan on the dirt, then hide so it looks like someone else drew it, and in the commotion, steal all your stuff back.

    • Durrvurrkiin

      A grizzly murder plan? Well, that would be effective, but where is she supposed to get a bear at this hour?

      • smoky

        me: ok.. ok… fuck the bear. What we need is LOTS of arrows a bow and aiming skills so we can shoot her in her kne-
        all: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
        me: ALRIGHT!… jeez… i guess i’ll play nyanca-
        me: -___- come on shes a cat. i’m pretty sure it would be fur the best… oh god… WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!

  • Uh

    Is it wrong that I would of found it more interesting for her to go to quill-weave under the effects of the musk and try to justify everything she just did?
    That would have been hilarious.

  • Lapine_D

    Time to burn that bitches guild down.

  • Smdytb1

    Use your fire powers and blast that bitch outta the sky. if she was flying…

  • Theo

    “My girl, they have your swag. We have to get the swag back…

    …and then we will kill them all.”

    • dumpsterrat

      “How can they just GIVE AWAY THEIR THINGS?!” — Andy Warhol when he heard about the Jonestown Masacre

  • sparkling shamwow

    Now its time to go clear the others heads and rally the town against sigrid if she was right about being a good mage than katias gonna need all the help she can get

  • Jacky Blaze

    Go to church and pray for some kind of assistance. Maybe one of the Nine will actually feel inclined to shed some mercy after this dramatic shift in your fortunes.

  • MissMegaLoathe

    Oh- and out come the claws! GO SHRED UP THAT MURAL!!!

  • Rawrs

    Take off your amulet think furry thoughts walk inside and burn the place to the ground after collecting your stuff again

  • David Argall

    Surprising that she was able to break free so quickly since our soldier and booksellers have not. Nor apparently have a great many other people in town. Possibly it is a function of how completely she robbed them. Our soldier was too dangerous to rob at all and so retains a fond picture of her. Our bookseller is useful and is thus not completely robbed. With a little fast talk about making it up on volume and buying some books that he just can’t get rid of, he might remain under her sway.
    By contrast, our robber might be deemed completely useless and a bother to have around, which our mage in the last guild could be too likely to break the control in any case, and so these were robbed completely, which caused the control to break quickly.
    Since Katia is likely rather useless and/or a danger to break free anyway, she would then belong in the “dinner tonight” instead of “eggs tomorrow” case, and so is stripped and sent on her way with no concern that the charm will soon break.

    And our more violent posters are reminded that since these earlier victims are much more competent than Katia, they suggest that any vigorous attempt to get back at her is just not going to work. Sigrid is the stronger mage and has the backing of the local law. Trying to burn the place down will barely singe the building before Sigrid puts a stop to it and then has Katia hauled off to jail if she doesn’t kill her herself.

  • Cheezie

    Oh god I’m dying lmao! I literally burst out laughing at the end x’D oh poor katia. go and be the khajiit theifises you know you are and get back your stuff hun :>

  • Delta

    holy shit that took you forever to figure out hahaha

  • Woolytop

    Well, Katia seems to have broken out of the effects of the charm, which at least testifies to her strong will, which also makes sense considering her penchant for destruction magic, a skill governed by will.
    I see two things happening. Either Katia goes and gets herself wasted, and wakes up in bed with another stranger, or she finds that cat that was wandering around earlier. Welkynd stones are dual purpose; They refill magicka and are also practically made of gold (fifty septims for a one-pound rock? I know you’ll get twenty tops from a merchant, but still).

  • DKD

    Im sure that red robed elf outside the city gate will help you “conjure” up something for you to wear, Katia.

  • Shivaenlo

    Remember who put that thing over your eye!
    What about you’re perfectly normal, not blood-sucking friendly human woman you met earlier. You know, the one with out the fangs? Surely she might be up for a little sneaking-fun, being a stealthy sneaky, and occasionally invisible, but completely ordinary human woman.

  • jellicoDace

    All you need is a blade and a dance to make any beast fall before you.

  • Campisi

    May as well knock on the door and ask for Quill-Weave’s stuff back. Katia has nothing left to steal, and the worst that can happen is Sigrid says “no,” right?

  • Quill-Weave

    Katia F***ing Managan, you are no longer welcome in my house!

  • R.Yin

    Fun fact: While shes figuring it out her bandages on her hands are MIA.

    • Kazerad

      Ack! And I did so well remembering them in like every other panel. Reuploaded the images, the cache should update soon.

  • nexes

    Katia, she stole your stuff. Get back at the bitch! Find a way to get your stuff back.

  • Cloak

    Katia: Use 1 of only 2 remaining possessions to break in and get your stuff back.
    AND take some extra for reparations.

  • Alec

    hahahha! I hope sigrid knows where that lockpicks been!

    Katia, take a deep breath and keep your cool.

  • MarcsterS

    My First suggestion, and it was chosen! Hooray Even-though-the-author-probably-thought-up-everything-anyways!

  • Furnut

    took her a while to realize she’s naked…… >_>

  • Sai

    I really like this depiction of how persuasion boosters work.

    At least Katia’s not crying, hopefully she goes back in there and tries to be confrontational. How successful that will be… well..

  • HoopzBarkley

    To be honest, she’s gotten more realization/self awareness then around three hundred NPCs i’ve swindled with 100 Speech/Mercantile in Oblivion. If we take a moment to look at things from an existential perspective, she’s a very special one indeed!

  • Adoring Fan

    Atta girl. After your imminent crying jag, vengeance and back massages for you.

  • Trevor

    Kazerad, I have a question.

    is Gharug going to return soon?

    • andwhyisit

      He wouldn’t go near Kvatch to save himself. He avoids it like the plague.

  • TB Tabby

    Go all “Carrie” on her ass!

  • Laurie

    Hey why don’t you try to be competent for once in your miserable life. Take off that amulet, think of as many cat puns as you can and burn the guild hall to the ground. DO you really think that thieving bitch is gonna stop at some hair brained alley cat? No, you were a disappointing footnote in what is probably a long and profitable scheme. You owe it to everyone that bitch has robbed to incinerate that hall, and you owe it to yourself to at least die trying, god knows at this rate it is the most pleasant death Cyrodil can offer a feeble minded feline like you.

    • andwhyisit

      That will never work. Sigrid’s ice magic stopped her fire storm earlier and can do so again.

      • If she sets the bottom of the guild hall on fire, the building will collapse and Sigrid won’t realize she is in danger until too late.

        • Oman

          That firestorm was rather large, think something outside or in a house next to it could of had something set fire too it, specifically the orphanage next to the guild hall.

    • David Argall

      Katia is not that kind of girl. Violence is not her first, 2nd, or even 3rd choice. Nor is she much good at it. Note those fish for one thing. Having her provoke a fight with a much more trained and skilled opponent, who has lots of help and equipment, is asking for failure, indeed where failure is about the best she can expect.

      • Laurie

        Yeah, better to die trying than to continue living and failing at everything she attempts.

        • Ryuujin

          …eh. I doubt katia’d agree; I know I don’t :p

          (I’d rather be robbed of everything and live to tell the tale, than throw my life away in order to make a hollow statement of displeasure at my life)

  • Alec

    Well, looks like your ready for the dance tournament Katia!

  • GuyManDude

    just saying. I don’t think it’s a fair negotiation giving everything for nothing, not even a place to stay

  • Smdytb1

    What do you think you’re doing! go back in there right this instant (after finding something to plug your nose) and get your stuff back! LOOK! YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE YOUR NOTE!

  • Illidan

    I’d really appreciate if someone submitted something near “Katia: Notice you can’t do anything at all and cry your eyes out”.

  • Amindex123

    now wat yo gonna do girl

  • Redwolf

    Murder seems like a viable option at the moment.

  • RighteousAlmond

    “That bitch took all your stuff!”

    I was just reminded why I love Prequel.

  • Andre_D

    Actually, knowing what we know about the Oblivion storyline. Is it out of the question that Katia is involved in burning all of Kvatch down as revenge by opening the Oblivion gate in the city?

  • bobthe

    ready the cat puns so she can attack!

  • Carbon

    Mage Rage.


  • Foxofthenight

    Shit just got real. NO ONE TAKES HER THINGS!

  • Seth

    i cant wait to see what katia does now.

  • Seth

    the chat here got quite?

  • tech

    At least she’ll always have the voices in her head…

  • Ocylith

    Burning down the hall won’t do anything. Sigrid will just have people build her a nicer one.

    Besides, we know she would survive the fire seeing as she is still alive after the events in Oblivion. I suppose you technically can’t kill her at all in this story if you plan on staying true to the lore.

  • David Argall

    Why do so many want her to charge back in and try to destroy the place? and Sigrid? It seems like a guaranteed failure in so many ways. Sigrid looks way more powerful, have the law on her side [unless Katia can pull off some tricks she has little hope of doing], and in every other way has the advantage in a face to face battle. How do you even hope that she can win?

  • Seth

    WTH is going on here? what happened? why did the comic stop? kaz what happened?

    • Seth

      nevermind? that was….strange?

  • Seth

    What Do We Really Fight For?

    War. What do we get in war? What do you think when you hear the term war? Some think death, sorrow, saddness, and loss. Some revenge, supplies, freedom, and for your family. While others think of money, fame, and power. War can start with the will of a single man. Millions die, cities fall, and homes are to ash. Why? Because of greed…. So before the victory. Before the first gun fires. Before the war. What or why are you fighting?
    By: Seth A. E.

    • Seth

      oops its homes are burnt to ash. man i wish i could fix that. 🙁

    • xwinnor

      war… war never changes…..

      • Seth

        thats the truth.

  • Kume

    to all those who are requesting the death of Sigrid;

    Though you are justifyably angry you forget one thing. If you kill Sigrid you’ll unsummon Eepy! DON’T DO IT MAN!!!!!!

    • Seth

      there is someone online now? wow.

      • andwhyisit

        Ever heard of timezones? -_-

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    Yay, I got top comment!

    • Kazerad

      I moved your comment forward in time to to Tuesday just to express my disapproval.

      • Askalad

        I find your sense of humor to be incredibly appropriate. Carry on.

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        I want you to have my babies.

      • Kathi With An I

        Literally LOLing IRL over here. 😀

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      • Cat

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      *looks at calendar*
      *looks at comment again*

      Holy crap CAUSALITY.

    • Liquid Dinosaur

      Hey DestinedFateX, what is THE WOOOOOOORLD OF TOMORRROOW like (and by tomorrow I mean 2 tomorrows from now)?

      Huh, your name is actually really fitting for this.

    • Seth

      what a chat. i mean people are so amazing. like that ‘ cat ‘ person up there haha lol. so amazing.

    • ChetBetera

      Let this serve as a lesson to the rest of you. If anyone says they’re “first” Kaz will transport you into the future!

      • Ch’marr

        Unfortunately, only far enough into the future to be annoying, and not far enough to be awesome.

        • Seth


          • LP

            Seth, are you a robot and if so; do you have lasers? You seem like the kind of robot who would have lasers.

  • Motherfucker

    This is funnier when you remember the underwear is painted on and she is actually naked.

  • Deren Drake

    Bitch she used a Fortify Personality POTION! ALchemist 101, Exploit Loop Holes…. And Kitty just fell for Loop Hole Exploiting result.

    Katia: Gotta get your stuff back. Fast… Only answer ‘fire’ and more ‘FIRE’…

  • Katia, she brainwashed you and took all of your stuff now you only have one option left, go in there with a pineapple and yoyo and BLOW HER MIND!

    • Seth

      WTF!!! dude not helping. sorry katia :-(.

  • Tokage

    Use the persuasion minigame against her.

  • Ransom

    It suddenly hit me that, unless I missed it and Kaz just ignored it, we missed on a particularly cruel/funny/awkward moment if someone had thought to have Katia ask for a hug before Sigrid left.

  • Seth

    really you think im a robot? WTH are you thinking in that head of yours? im not trying to be mean here my friend its just…….. wow. :-S

    • Seth

      o and if i was A ROBOT!!!!!! i would have lazers and rockets. 🙂

  • Seth

    haha i didnt think anyone would think of a U.S. Wolf-Marine to come from the future at all. i bet it would be a real shock. also thanks kaz for being the first person here to reply to my character in ‘ about prequel ‘. but still what do you think of him? thanks again :-).

    • Blargh

      I…have no idea whatsoever what you just said.

  • Peter

    The septim drops.


  • Deren Drake

    WAIT!!!!! Katia can just go tot he trash can she threw the first letter in, the Crumpled up one! and get it and take THAT to Quill Weave!

  • David Argall

    Why are there so many who want Katia to go charging into a fight she can only lose? Sigrid has all the advantages all ways. So why the desire to engage in such folly?

  • Vaeron

    Now as many have probably seen most have had the most Jarring Player response To burn the place to the ground, but knowing your enemy she could probably talk the flames down.

    A thought not too pleasing.

    Katia: Reach down dig in deep suck it up and dig down deep. You just betrayed your friend for a someone you hardly knew. if they could lower the bar anymore. Well you would be the limbo champion still, it is time to think of a plan, one that doesn’t involve possibly taking out the entire guild and maybe Half of Kvatch, you are not that kinda person.

    So Checklist
    1 – Check for lockpick
    2 – If lockpick is not found then this is a rescue mission not a possible incineration.
    3 – Scratch at the door like a lost cat
    4 – ????
    5 – Profit.

  • Samael

    Burn that fucking place to the ground.

    Unleash a furryous catastrophe of pawesome meowevolence. There’s no use in lion to yourself! She cheetah‘d you, but there is no knead to scoop to her level and resort to subtle meownipulations. Just give in to those hatefur felines and litter the street with their charred remanes!

    • David Argall


      Sigrid is the better mage, apparently by far. Trying to shoot fire at her is just going to fail. So How is she going to burn the place more than a few scorch marks before she is iced.

  • Chill

    Everyone whos saying Katia should burn the place down and kill Sigrid there’s two problems with that
    1. after that display in the dinining room katia may be out of magika
    2. Sigrid is a master mage and Katia only knows one spell (besides the push thing but thats kinda useless at the moment) that Sigrid can (and did) cancel out pretty quickly.

    • Cloak

      With a Necklace of Silence.
      Katia just has to put it away, find some Entolomas to munch on, and she’s golden.
      Fun Fact: They seem to grow around wells, and guess who knows right where one is?

  • Noxid

    Hey Kazerad, just wanted to say I listened to the podcast/interview thing with you in it, great job. I enjoyed hearing the “man behind the curtain” give us a little insight on his work.
    So uhh…. yeah
    keep being cool and all that.

  • Alec

    Kazerad is a man??? whoa. Hes super good at making the female POV sound like a female POV. Last time I was that confused was when I realized frankenstein was written by a woman.

    • Seth

      hey kaz is a talented writer. thats why he so good at it. i got your back kaz.

      • Alec

        Hm? It wasn’t meant to be an insult my friend. Only an exellent writer can make a POV so realistic.

        • LP

          Don’t argue with Seth, man. He’s a robot. Possibly a space robot. (Robots are always right).

          • Alec

            holy shit. Robots are shiny. My argument is invalid.

  • dont you just hate it when you get controled like that

  • Norexico

    Taxi Driver, man. Just get a mohawk, a dagger and storm the place in a neurotic druggie way.

    • David Argall

      And how is that supposed to do anything beyond getting Katia killed or jailed?

      • Norexico

        Nah, she ain’t gonna die anyways. Besides, hey, time to be bad ass for a change instead of just waiting to get abused once again

  • Casey

    Now hold up a second. Wasn’t Katia the “proud owner of a full set of dinnerware” while exploring earlier? Where did they go? Did Sigrid get those too, or did I miss where she stashed them? Or am I really that tired? It is 6:45am after all.

    • Ch’marr

      Katia sold a bunch of stuff to the trader… not sure if the dinnerware was included in that, but I guess so 🙂

  • Bombzinski

    Katia: kill.

  • Casual

    I see it already – Katia decides to steal it back, gets caught, and goes to jail for stealing her own stuff from the thief.

  • idonteven

    Alchemy. She had a perfume bottle and squirted herself with it. You had to have heard the bottle being squirted and recognized she smelt of powerful aromas. That’s why you didn’t realize she had used any sort of magic on you. She used your own senses against you and pulled you into her trap when it was obvious you wouldn’t be donating willingly.

  • Smoky

    weeeelllllp that sucks :(….
    My idea what to do, i guess there is only one thing that you really can do here is take that crumbled up letter that you threw away that the book person was going to write (or ask him for another letter) and go back to Q.W and give her the letter and tell her what happened.

    You cant go back in and TAKE your stuff back. You signed a document that states that you donated it to her. EVEN if you couldn’t control yourself from her hex she had on you. The gaurds (DEFINETLY the captain on the wall,) wont belive you.

    DO NOT go back in because if you do
    1. you cant even fight in the first place (no offense)
    2. Don’t you remeber, she said she could kill you sitting down!! (a bluff or not, reread reason 1)
    3. Stealing from her is WAAAAAAY to dangerous!!! You’ll most likely be arrested or even KILLED!!

    im sorry kat, but there is no way without real proof that you where in a trance and couldn’t control what you could do.
    you need to leave (maybe look for some kind of clothing or blanket/sheet.) the guard who helped you here said that it would be a couple days until the road is dangerous again i believe…

    idk if going at night would be safe or not… but you can wait for morning or go at night… and if you can, try to get another escort back…

    I just kinda wish i was here earlier… i would of tried to help you out before if i didn’t just start to read this 2 days ago :'(…

  • Smoky

    i’ve got a hunch… AND A BIG ONE (like a camals)… but that lock pick seeeeems EXTREEMLY unlucky now… just saying

  • Harry Shezar

    By the law of karma, that guildhouse should now get hit by a meteorite, the explosion vaporising everything but Katia’s stuff, which would drop next to her, unharmed, in a neat pile. And with enough extra gold to atleast buy that book she needs to get to Quill-Weave.

    • Woolytop

      Or the entire town could get destroyed and Sigrid could lose everything she’s ever had.

  • Spatzist

    First time Katia’s reacted to misfortune with indignation instead of mopey depression. PROGRESS!

    • Spatzist

      Also: for the love of crap people, Katia’s a junior mage. Burning everything to the ground is not an option. Instead, she should notify Asotil that Sigrid is using a Highly Illegal Substance (Telvanni bug musk) to swindle The People and thwart The Law. Because all the gold she owns is potentially stolen and therefore ‘evidence’, she can’t use it to pay the fine, and I can tell you right now that unless said fine is under 100 gold, all the sweet-talking in the world won’t save her ass from prison.

      • Artemis

        I agree that she should go to the authorities, but she can’t go to Asotil. I think Sigrid’s using illusion magic, and unfortunately she’s gotten to Asotil as well by the way he was talking about her. Katia should go to the Arcane University and tell the higher-ups what’s going on. They might not care about what happened to her as one person, but they should send a capable mage to do some investigating since Sigrid’s robbing from the entire city. Unless of course they’re in on it.

  • Alec

    Katia… plug your nose. See if you can’t find some thrown away cloth or similar to make some kind of make shift gas mask.
    Than we need to report this illegal substance to some authorities.

  • Seth

    hey does anyone know when the next upload is? or is kaz still thinking it through? yours truly Mr. Fluffy :-).

    • k9mouse

      I wonder the same…

      May be she can “borrow” the Sigrid’s mist and use her yourself so that Sigrid will “help” the poor and the needy by “willing” giving a pile of gold PLUS Katia’s stuff back…. Remember, their is more then one way to skin a cat….. Doesn’t every elf and nord want a fur coat to wear…?



    • Alec


      • lu bu

        HA! Win.

  • Bob Irefusetogiveyoumypersonalinformation

    Damn, Bi-otch took your lock pick. She need some sort of CATastrophy to happen. Whouldn’t it be just a SHAME if the house burned down. “accidentally”. With you unwillingly taking off your amulet.

    • Seth

      yes what it a shane it would be. hey your amulet looks alittle dirty you should take it off and accidentally think of more cat burns. hey accidents are accidents right.

      • K’helt

        Not if your a Robot :O
        Robot’s can’t have accidents

        But yes, what if you were to accidentally drink a Potion of Magicka, take off your amulet and then accidentally think of stuff that would possible burn down a building that you personally do hate now. Accidentally 😮

        • Bob irefusetogiveyoumypersonalinformation

          Wait, didn’t imperial soldier guy say that she stays in the law but does stuff that others don’t like? Would that suggest that charm spells are legal? I mean, throwing a fireball is one thing, but a fudgeing charm spell? Now that’s just BS. Anyway, She’s probably out of magica anyways so I suggest going to the church or someplace to get healed, wait for tommorow (that’s how you spell it, right?) night then go use super cat climing powers to get up and get your stuff back!

  • Christopher

    I’ve been reading for a long time now and I love Katia as she doesn’t give up easy, especially when she is down on her luck. To see that woman trick her into “donating’ her items and even clothes has upset me. I would really like to see a way that she could get her stuff back and especially her elegant green robe.

    I really don’t want to see our protagonist get up set and whiny for she was establishing herself as a stronger character of late.


  • The Inquisitive

    So, where’s this weekend’s update?

    • Smoky

      Ehhh-heee…. different… time zones… i hope… yeaaa it must be… l:

  • Kenneth

    I just started reading about a week ago, and when I got done with this part, I kept clicking the arrow like a dumbass and thinking, “Why isn’t it taking me to the next part of the story?” Finally realized I’d caught up with the last part. D’oh! Seriously, though, can’t wait for the next part. I have no idea how Katia is going to go about getting her stuff back. Definitely hope she doesn’t employ violence, though. I doubt that would end well.

    • Seth

      HA HA HA thats so funny! But i agree with him, i also cant wait to see what happens too. but i hope its not a video unless it like the first ones not the last three because they dont seem to work. which sucks because i feel like im missing alot of the story. hey can somebody upload the last three videos on youtube please. then write back Seth i uploaded the videos to youtube please.

      • The Inquisitive

        Nope, he usually does them on Saturdays.

  • The Boulder

    Katia, get back in there and take your stuff back! you are a Khajiit! your race has a natural inclination towards thievery. But in this case youre only taking back whats yours… and a few hands full of gold as collateral.

  • Smoky

    lol so wierd it says its 10:29 where im at and its different when i post comments
    ahhh time zones just like magnets

    DONT KNOW HOW TEH FUCK THEY WORK D:-._\……………………………..|…………..`=~-,
    sorry… :L

  • The Boulder

    better idea. remove amulet. commence with cat-puns. BURN THAT PLACE TO THE GROUND!!! pretty much everyone in Cyrodiil wants it gone anyway. no one would care.

    • Threyon

      I am in full agreement with this suggestion. BURN THAT PLACE LIKE A PAIR OF GAY ELVES DISSING A CAT!

      • Pogiforce

        I disagree entirely. Why? Because Katia’s stuff is still in there. After she finishes stealing it back, and maybe putting some justice to Sigrid, we can strongly consider leveling the guild.

  • DD

    The voices in your head are telling you to burn things… Would you listen to them more, or lean more towards ignoring them? 😛
    At least I think thats partly why Katia doesnt like to take our advice even when she should!

  • The Whicher

    Well no matter what the voices in my head would be telling me to do I wouldnt want to fight almost naked 😛
    Find sth to dress up first. You attract too much attention to yourself in the current state 🙂

  • smetzler

    Another delay? No problem. Take your time with these updates. But to be honest, something about every recent update saying “regular updates will resume. sorry for delays.” over and over again kind of ticks me off. No obligation towards us but maybe it’d be best if I read Prequel once a month or something, get a couple updates at a time.

    • wolligepoes

      that, my friend, is a pretty good idea

  • Whimbrel

    Dear readers, I fear our beloved Kazerad may have…

    ...a problem.
    …a problem.

    In the last two weeks, he has played the game “Team Fortress Two” for approximately twenty four hours.


    Do your part. If you see Kazerad on YOUR TF2 game, be sure to aim for his head.

    ~◕ w◕~ Whimbrel

    • BenTheCoder

      Katia is missing a hat.

      • Pogiforce

        Best response ever.

  • Relem

    Update when you are good and ready.

  • Derperson

    Only on solution after this.
    Katia. You need to


    • Pogiforce

      AFTER she gets her stuff back. Then the burning may commence.

  • David Argall

    This story has a fan[?] or two in this thread

    • Zerithos

      Nope. Nobody here but us chicobos.

      • Doesn’t Play FF

        What noise does a chocobo make?

        • Don

          If I recall correctly, it’s “Wark!” or some derivative thereof.

    • David Argall

      Ops. Forgot to include the link

      It is always nice to find fans but that is probably not the most appropriate site to link here, sir! – Kazerad

  • Dunc

    MANAGAN! Think straight, and rage! Yell every other word that it pleases you to express this, unsated, unexpressed against heart, made QUIET, by THOSE WORDS, meant to silence will, oh wrathful quiet smoldering be still with this yet unfulfilled, waiting for a step. That rat of a norse goddess is a thief. That pile of rat’s hoard is forfeit. A rat king’s hoard never eaten, largess of generousity for a queen’s heart, this RAT of women! Oh, that rate of a norse goddess. Thieves’ code for code’s thieves, and each little unknown theft lost to HER history. And you think you know very well in your bones that not a peck of talk will do.

    Knowledge, cures, turnings, wrath. Antidotes, all round, just maybe. Just how might you away stalking in the night into her heart, with it out again. Recipes, recipes, a bender of a herb, a bit of ashes from a friend’s urn, and an old winter’s teeth. What was that? Is she a keeper in her own mind secrets, oh she is I think, so cluttered, every bit convenient, give her something to forget, and readiness sieze her in the moment of her terror. No. No, too fixings, maybe just a touch is needed. Oh righteous fury of this one deciding motion acting ruthless, doom this rat to a smoking hell, befret of all she stocks for rainy days.

    Oh but will just a sneak about do? How flexible her might, how how crude, how…. labelled? convenient but scattered is she?… A distraction? A caught hanging, or a made use? ….


    There’s probably actually a really really good reason for the locked door. How the crap is thi- If it’s- then m- No. No. That would be dumb. They’re only equally matched eternal nemeses in-

    I wonder if –

    She really did say the somethingest something for all those nice things she said she was.

    • Katia Managan

      This is good advice! But your commands will fall on deaf yet floppy cat ears if you don’t submit your comments in the command thread. http://mspaforums.com/showthread.php?47177

      • Dunc

        Done and done, thank you for telling me.

  • Dunc

    The very ambitious fools would come back with more to bring it back if they w- Would she gladly take more and put it to proof of docility? Risky to, maybe risky to come out with the look of I’m not fooled any longer, but I don’t seem to mind yet. How would she expect of it?

    Good reasons to hate potions after all? What’s our doctor’s thoughts?

  • Threyon

    You know what? Forget cat puns, forget shooting apples, forget focus and concentration, just yank off that amulet and BURN THE PLACE TO THE GROUND WITH EVERY OUNCE OF FURY YOU CAN MUSTER! FOR THE ICE CREAM!!! DX

  • wolligepoes

    Ask the imperial soldier, what was his name again?, or ask the nice elf who gave you lemonade if he could maybe spare a pair of clothes or a bed roll

    Or get nah to help you and offer blood in return, you probably don’t want to get infected with vampirism so make a small scrath in your finger (nah had a knife or use your claws) and pour the blood in a bottle, tankard, glass, maybe even bucket? Or you could wait for your menstruation and make nah eat your tampons.

    and note nah that she can probably get some blood from sigrid and her punk-ass priest friend after you are done with them of course (this does not necissarily include killing), also take the contract that says all your stuff belongs to sigrid.

    Or you take that bitch, and you throw her on the grooooouuuuund

    oh and sory for the spam, i keep remembering things i want to include and then i forget them again. sorry again. I don’t mean to…

    It’s really not a problem, but I went and merged your comments anyway so you don’t have to worry~
    Whim ~◕ w◕~

  • bobucles

    What was that perfume? Eau de pineapple? Because we know how much Katia likes pineapple…

  • Seth

    this is a pretty long update. i wandered whats wrong? also Jlyaen, i know youll read this so i wanted to say, ROCK ON!!!! By the way good comic. kaz is doing a amazing job. even if i wish the updates were faster, but i guess hes doing his best. i sure hope katia gets her stuff, back. hmmmmm… it makes me think that ” making a cat cry ” is the main theme here. i mean look at all the bad things happing to her. i think thats why. she just is always at the wrong time in the wrong place or just crapy luck or she is hated by the gods.

    • Bove

      What the hell? Do you live here?!

      • Gülbol

        Seth appears to be Kaz’ very personal and creepy “adoring fan”… You should read his comments in ‘About prequel’ => ( http://www.prequeladventure.com/about-prequel/ )

        Especially Post 64 and his reply to 67 add to the ‘creepy’ …

        • Bove

          Definitely creepy, but I think I’m ok with it. Adoration for Kaz is not unfounded. I just don’t know how he is on this site at all hours. Those posts you linked are amazing. Thanks.

          • Blargh

            Seth is a space robot, and thus does not need to sleep, and is capable of connecting to the internet directly from any network.

  • Anonymous

    But she didn’t lose everything

    She always gains something.

    This time she got a new spell.

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    YOU DON’T NEED ALL THAT STUUUuuuuwaitaminute… O ,o That bitch…

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    Well the fact that it seems a lot of other poep0le such as Asotil seem to stay under the spell indefinitely, and katia broke it in a few minutes suggests her mind is fairly strong. Also, I don’t know what Sigrid’s aims are, but you’d think a highly eager young mage would be of more use to her than the stuff she had.

  • Mzuark

    And uh….You also lost an eye at some point.

  • dtlux14

    Check for lockpick, I hope you still have it. You can keep all Katia’s stuff, but make sure she still has that lockpick.

  • dtlux14

    Also, love the last panel and subtitle…