Apr 252012

FattyTatties wrote:
What if we are looking at this from the wrong angle? What if this was a test?

Right! Right. No need to panic. Sigrid was… she was probably just trying to show off her wizard powers! Or… maybe this was a test! She was fucking with your mind and wanted to see whether you could break free of it. And you did! You’ll show this to her, she’ll be impressed, you’ll get your stuff back, and everything will be fine.

Everything will be okay.

You bang on the door and yell that this isn’t funny anymore! It was a neat trick, but that was everything you owned in the world and you really need it back now! You need everything to be okay!

There’s no reply. You shout until your throat is sore and there’s still no reply.

Baeowulf wrote:
On the alternative, you could use your inherent Khajiiti skills and the lockpick that never seems to go missing to sneak in and get your stuff back.

You don’t have inherent Khajiiti skills! You can barely walk across cobblestone without stepping on a squeaky floorboard! And your lockpick was in your bag along with Quill-Weave’s package, your money, your hatchet, your journal, and everything else you gave to Sigrid.

But… you can fix this. You’re a wizard and you’re resourceful and you’re desperate and angry and upset and you’re sure you can find some way to get in there and get your stuff back.

Squiggles wrote:

LaffinFox wrote:
Katia: You can’t let that bitch get away with that! You’re Katia Fucking Managan!
Burst in there, rip off that amulet, and demand your purr-operty back!

Nighzmarquls wrote:
Katia–> remove amulate… focus your anger and let the hate flow!

Fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

Ineverus wrote:

Drakeclaw wrote:
WAIT!!!!! Katia can just go tot he trash can she threw the first letter in, the Crumpled up one! and get it and take THAT to Quill Weave!

Okay. You realize you fucked up. You got all excited and ignored your better judgement and walked straight into what should have been an obvious trap and signed away all your belongings and some things that maybe didn’t even really belong to you. But you can still fix all this. Somehow.

At the very least, you don’t have to let Quill-Weave down again. There’s still that other letter, the one you threw away. Quill-Weave never has to know you are the worst courier ever and gave away the package you were supposed to deliver. She never has to know there was a package. You can keep it a secret from everyone forever and everything will be fine; you just have to run back to the bookstore and get the old letter out of the trash, hopefully before someone empties the wastebasket or-

  • Thoroar


    • Bove

      I just want to hug her and tell her everything is going to be ok. :'(

      • NoriMori

        Me too! D’:

        • calvin

          i’d agree, except that, even with paint over her, she’s still naked, it might be a bit awkward, but other tahn that i totally wanna hug her

          • Kingkaor

            How would it be awkward?

      • someone

        I want to kick her in the tail, repeatedly, while shouting at her that she got what she deserved for being a brainless animal and that if she wants to be treated as a person, she’s gotta start acting like one.

        Honestly, I’m losing my sympathy for her. I’m past the point where I want things to go better for her; I instead want her to get better at things. Between the well fiasco and the mages’ guild fiasco, that’s two times she has deliberately done something stupid despite the voices in her head telling her to go away without looking back. The first time, because she overestimated her capacities and wanted to “win” at all costs against these dumb fish. That, at least, could be admirable, if foolhardy. But the second time was because she liked Sigrid’s flatteries too much to want to leave while there was still time. Utter stupidity.

        In both cases, she got was was coming for her, and it’s her damn fault. And no, nothing is going to be OK, not as long as she keeps her attitude.

        • Bob irefusetogiveyoumypersonalinformation

          You’re nice.

          • someone

            I don’t have to be nice to characters. Katia is not real. She is not a flesh and blood person. Her suffering and her humiliations do not exist.

            Furthermore, as a character, Katia is not really interesting. Her deal has been figured out long ago and will remain mostly static given that Kazerad does not want her to grow to fast and that he does not update that often. So, provided the comic survives that long, I figure that Katia will still be mostly the same five real-time years from now.

            Side characters like Quill-Weave, Dmitri, Asotil or Sigrid are a lot more interesting. They are funny, their deal isn’t entirely figured out, they have more depth, in short. Katia wasn’t written to be interesting. She was written to appeal to our sympathy and make us want to hug her. Problem is, it’s a bit too blatant to work with me. Since I’m not sadistic enough to find her trials and tribulations amusing by their cruelty, and since I’m not lured into fantasizing about comforting a kawaii cartoon catgirl, all I’m left with is a stupid character who creates her own problems because she won’t learn. And that’s a type of character I find mildly annoying.

            I’m still following the comic because the side characters are frequently awesome, though.

          • Weomur

            I dunno. I personally am excited to see where Katia ends up. She’s never really gone adventuring before, and she has such a low self-esteem at the moment that all she wants is to please others, even if that isn’t the best idea. That seems to me to be the marking of a realistic and natural character- one just like any person. But my guess is that this experience- and others in the future- will end up making her much more experienced and cautious, just like any realistic person. Already she’s made huge progress in her magic- just look at those bursts of fire, and only on one measly pun about “purr-operty.” She’s got nice clothes- um, HAD nice clothes- and has an awesome eye-patch. I’m placing all my bets on her getting back into that academy and kicking some ass, possibly with the aid of Nah. And it looks like there’s a great deal of loot in there. Things may actually go right for Katia if she plays her cards right.

          • SotiCoto

            @ “someone” : Katia is more real than you. You’re just words on a screen. You don’t even have a picture. You barely exist at all, while she, at least, is animated.

          • Dragon


        • Bove

          Given, she has made mistakes and she’s really not that bright. However, most of her plight has just happened TO her. It’s not her fault she was robbed by gro-Upp, it’s not her fault that Sigrid turned out to be a powerful sorcerer con-artist.

          She’s doing rather well given her circumstances. She is now a mage and can use several spells. She has much more self-respect now then before (albeit not much). She has a friend who she is determined to not let down and she still has a chance to do what she came here to do and prove herself.

          These things that happened to her are not her fault. Sigrid has fooled everyone in town and past that, how was she to know? Katia has not given up yet, neither should we. Katia still has a chance to take her stuff back from Sigrid.

          She’s not smart enough to anticipate the outcomes like we can. That doesn’t mean we should count her out or that she should give up. It’s only been a couple minutes since her stuff was stolen. At least give her enough time to collect her thoughts and create a plan. She doesn’t have a terrible attitude nor has she given up.

          Time may have passed by the months for us, but its only been a blur of a couple days for her. I say she’s doing rather well since she got here. Once she retrieves her stuff, things will be looking quite up.

          • Gillsing

            I’d say it’s Katia’s fault for walking into the Kvatch mage guild after all the warnings that could be read between the lines of the rumours and refusals to talk about the place. It was obvious that the Kvatch mage guild was a bad place and that Sigrid had some way of gaining influence over people. That didn’t stop me from playing the little flash game to the end where Katia met Sigrid. But had it been ‘serious business’ I wouldn’t even have entered. There are other mage guilds. Curiosity bankrupted this cat.

            Morally speaking Sigrid is to blame, but for practical purposes she is part of the world. And in Katia’s struggle against the world, she can very well blame herself for her own bad decisions. Unlike Gro-Upp, Sigrid was completely avoidable. (Unless one accounts for the plot train, in which case one would have to blame Kazerad. But I’m enjoying myself, so I have no reason to do that.)

          • Wind

            If she could find a couple of arrows and something worth at least 1 gold she could spawn a few thousand things and sell them. That is, of course, if that could work…

        • Hakaru

          Well SOMEONE doesn’t understand master illusion spells…

        • Ciyfer

          I think she may have already been under Sigrid’s influence and she just sprayed more of whatever that was on because the effect was waning

    • Darthrevan11

      This made me sad..but I know she can do it.

  • R’Becca

    And then oblivion gate.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude
    • Mausso


    • The_Dude

      ya know, she could just go assasinate the “BIATCH!” somehow since Kvatch is not gonna last long πŸ˜€

      • Cato the Elder

        Unfortunately, Sigrid is still alive in Oblivion as one of the refugees, so that’s probably not going to happen. That, and Katia’s never lucky enough to pull that off without getting killed.

        • Jake Deriousus, Master of Controlled Chaos

          The only reason she’s unlucky is because we think she is. The moment we all believe in her, she’ll be the most powerful mage in existence and have all the friends and all the luck.

          • Lord Vivec

            Wait! did you say that Sigrid is alive in Oblivion? I better crank out my old (and heavily modded) copy to do, um, business in Kvatch.

            I did the same thing with the guys that attacked Nordrick in Skyrim (simply because I disliked how they treated him).

          • Right now, I can just imagine all the Prequel fans powering up Oblivion just to beat the hell out of Sigrid πŸ™‚

  • piphil

    It always rains in Kvatch.

  • Zst

    She needs to grab a pineapple and a bottle of brandy. If we know one thing, it’s that drunk Katia is unstoppable!

    • The Boulder

      I approve. LET IT BE DONE!

      • James Almasy

        Maybe Katia has a Beserk ability when it comes to drinking! Katia! Think to a time that you have drunk some booze! Let the Rage flow through you!

    • Daniel

      When Katia drink is like the story is hit by the Wabbajack. Something happens, we just don’t know what.

      • Wind

        You know, I’d have to agree with you. Plus, CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!!!

    • Jake Deriousus, Master of Controlled Chaos

      Katia, don’t do that. There are SO MANY things you can do from here. Look at ALL the possibilities.
      Opportunity is EVERYWHERE!
      I bet, even when it starts raining, things are going to look up for you. You’re going to get struck by lightning, and that’s going to overcharge your majyyka. Then you can use your overcharged majyyka to USE YOUR TELEKINESIS TO LAUNCH THE WHOLE GODSDAMNED GUILD TO THE MOTHERFUCKING MOON!
      Did I say that?
      I’m sorry, Katia. Sometimes I get a little… Worked up…

      • Lord Vivec

        Ah well, If she can’t find work in the Mages Guild she could always join House Telvanni in Morrowind

        Then again, they do enslave Khajiit, and while she wouldn’t be prevented from joining, it would make it awkward, also Telvanni is a little, ‘hectic’ in comparison to the Mages Guild

        Hectic meaning (this puts in nicely) “If you like reaching the stratospheric heights of power by climbing over the corpses of those who stand in your way, House Telvanni is definitely the place you want to be”

  • Vins

    My, such a pity…
    And as if it wasn’t enough we get a rain… or even a thunderstorm, go figure. With our luck I doubt nothing anymore.
    I’m still in hope for a not-half-bad outcome of all this, though. Thinking things through, there’s a fix for that…. hopefully. 6_6

  • James

    Okay Katia, you have exhausted your options. But hey, it’s not all bad. You have Destruction Magic. You know who likes Destruction Magic? Mehrunes Dagon. You know who likes The Big D? The Mythic Dawn. Think about it, there is one outside. You don’t need no fancy Mage’s guild!

    • Threyon

      Katia has mentioned bad experiences with cults in the past and has expressed a desire to avoid them entirely, in the future.

      • Duster

        She also mentioned not getting drunk anymore and that hasn’t stopped her, twice.

  • Soadreqm

    So sad. πŸ™

    Katia looks badass tossing those fireballs, though.

  • Threyon

    Hrm, couldn’t help but notice that although fireballs don’t seem to work on the building, seeing as it’s shielded, your claws did some damage to the door, albeit superficial. So, I’m thinking… find a large rock, take aim at a window on ground level and smashy-smashy. Or, if no ground level windows are available, you could try to find a BIG rock, try out your new movement spell and hope for the off chance it has enough power to plow it through the door.

    OR! If you wanna go for the super long way out there shot… You could try shouting FUS RO DAH at the door. Don’t expect a lot from that last one, but… ya never know.

    Oh! Or, if you wanna go for the ultra long way out there you find Wheatley and the Space Core shot… you could incite the town to riot (I’m assuming that her ‘charms’ eventually wore off on at least SOME of them), get a battering ram and storm the place!

    If all else fails… *kitty comrade consolation cuddle* you tried your best, and that’s all anyone can ask of you. Unfortunately, you can’t win every battle, but you did manage to win quite a few in the last few days. Sometimes the odds will be enormously stacked against you, but you never know where you might find the slightest sliver of hope when you need it most. Oh, and if at all possible, you could try to throw a rock at that big upstairs window, y’know, for spite. ;3

    • DKD

      Since the space cores in skyrim and we know that the elder scrolls takes place in the valveverse, why doesnt katia just sneak in using portals?

      Or hire a drunk one eyed redguard to blow up the mages guild?

      • AdultPuppetShow

        You’re reading too much into a joke mod.

  • Anonbus

    Poor Katia. T’is only I can say.

  • Ellert

    That was some bad-ass display of Destruction magic and fury. If Katia could channel that in a real fight and not just in a fight against a door she could deal some serious damage.

    If Katia is not ready to move up from slaying Mudcrabs to something bigger at this point then I don’t know when she’ll be ready.

    • Ryuujin

      What’d you expect – in Oblivion not even a god-arch-mage-demi-dragonlich can defeat a wooden door if it’s locked πŸ˜€

  • dude

    I am ashamed of you

  • Your Parents

    We’re not ashamed of you, honey. We’re just disappointed. :C

  • Ames

    And then the shit hits the fan.

  • Tokage

    I can’t keep up with this anymore. One more comic and I’ll be forced to start taking anti-depressants just to get through the day.

    I quit.

  • Jirekianu

    There’s a HUGE difference here from the last times Katia has screwed up. She’s messed up in the past and it was through her own choices and actions. In this she’s a victim. She was mentally compulsed through alchemy/magic and forced to do something against her will. This -has- to be against some kind of law. If people don’t talk about the mage’s guild it’s because they’re ashamed of getting swindled or otherwise making an enemy of this ruthless bitch.


    • Sithil

      This actually sounds like an absolutely capital idea! Asotil will surely help if he hears of this, assuming we can find him. We have enough past experience with him to have gained at least enough of his trust that he would beleive us, everyone already knows there’s something terribly wrong with the Kvatch Mage’s Guild!

      • Katia’s guardian angel

        Just too bad that guard is still under the influence of the parfum. Check the preivous chapter.

        • calvin

          asotil doesn’t seem to have enough of a brain to be under control, the stronger the brain the easier it is to control, so maybe he’s free?

        • Gillsing

          I don’t think Asotil is still under the influence of the perfume. I think he just never had a reason to question whatever Sigrid said or did while he was under her influence. And didn’t he mostly go on and on about how beautiful she was? Maybe she isn’t quite as beautiful as Asotil said, but she looked pretty good to me.

          That said, I can imagine how Asotil would easily fall under Sigrid’s influence again, and when she explains that it’s actually Katia who’s the dastardly criminal, he’ll believe her and go after Katia instead. I suppose there’s a tiny chance that Asotil might heed a warning about Sigrid’s influence and equip some form of protection, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

          • Vexxtech

            A quote from earlier in the story – of Asotil’s description of Sigrid.

            “Truly, words cannot do her justice, friend Khajiit! Bold and outgoing, strong and alluring. Skin as fair as snow, hair as gold as… gold. Her smile alone could light the darkest nights, her tears could shatter the stoniest heart. Yet below the surface, there was something dark and manipulative , sad yet hopeful. Lawless yet noble. Oh how scandalously she could skirt the edges of every law, every regulation – following all the rules but playing her own, mysterious game. She was something different. Something unusual. Something amazing. Her very name was like divine song: Sigrid.”

            I think some part of him is still under the control of her, so no help that would be. But Katia should still report this to the town guard at least.

          • Vexxtech

            ^ My bolding seems to have been off a bit. I meant to bold just “Dark and manipulative”. -.-

    • Liquid Dinosaur

      While signing some paperwork confirming that all your belongings were voluntarily donated

      Nope. Even if he wasn’t enthralled by Sigrid, Katia legally waived her right to her stuff. Ergo, Asotil will give zero fucks. Now, vandalizing someones door with your claws on the other hand….

      • Oman

        Well, she gave consent without being fully conscious, this is like fucking someone drunk because they said go ahead, the one that got fucked regrets it entirely after they are fully conscious.

        • TheTurnipKing

          Yes, but you actually have to PROVE that it was involuntary. I don’t want to depress Katia here, but lets weigh up the strength of our positions, shall we?

          1) Nude, fireball slinging Khajit with painted on underwear, who has – at best – zero local repute (assuming none of our unfortunate past dealings with the likes of necromancers, orc bandits and/or pineapples have yet reached this far).
          2) Local, yet widely beloved Guildmistress with mind control powers and seemingly legal receipt for her stuff.

          Yes, what happened is terribly unfair, but Sigrid should be mentally filed under “revenge pending” for the time being by any sane or ebriated person.

    • Soadreqm

      Abusing Telvanni perfumes to force people to “donate” all their possessions to you is technically legal and therefore there is nothing wrong about doing it all the time.

  • cake

    >sky: turn red.

  • Christopher

    Katia must get her stuff back, it would make a lot of people happy. Like totaly get that guard to kick ass

  • Yinello

    Ugh, predictable rain. Is it bad that I can predict bad stuff to happen?

    But yeah, I’m pretty sure mind control is illegal and we need some overzealous paladin type here.

    • Ryuujin

      Not in Oblivion and that’s what counts here :p

      The mind control spells (Calm, Fury, Rally, Command) count as passive spells that do not cause aggro. In fact Command can be used to force an enemy to cease hostilities

  • CW

    Doom: Happen

  • ripexz

    Katia looks like she needs a drink.

    • tech

      DRINK!? YES!

  • Richard

    Holy crap, she attacked that door til her fingers bled.

    • Ransom

      Oh man, I just now caught that πŸ™

    • Classtoise

      Yeah, man, that is probably the most heart-wrenching part.
      You can see her clawing and kicking at the door until she’s actually physically hurting herself…

      Although on the plus side? She’s broke, destitute, naked, and hasn’t anything but a pendant to her name…But she just hurled and spewed fire from her hands with little to no issue. Sure her magicka must be depleted, but she can successfully cast Firebolt and a flamethrower spell!

  • The Boulder

    okay I have 2 ideas.

    1)you are going to have to sell your amulet. I know, without it youre a danger to yourself and everyone around you, but its your only asset right now. its also probably worth a big heaping pile of gold. use the gold you get from that to obtain A) cheap and minimal clothes and B) some kind of advanced spell book that will be useful in getting your stuff back. if possible also get a weapon.

    2) black. fucking. sacrament. use your amulet as payment.

    sorry but if you want to get your stuff back and get back at this bitch the amulet has to go one way or the other.

    • Kenneth

      She’d need human bones, a human heart and a dagger to do the black sacrament. And I can’t see her doing that anyway.

      • Ryuujin

        Even if she did Sigrid is plot shielded; Sigrid is alive and well in Oblivion; she even survives the destruction of Kvatch which means she can’t die in the prequel πŸ˜‰

        • ugh idiots

          it’s called
          ~alternate universe

  • KiraWonrey

    Poor Katia… Oh man I hope this doesn’t end too bad. But It probably will TT^TT

  • Ransom

    It was quite a wait, but I can tell the animations took some work! Poor girl…she looks cool in failure for a moment there though.

  • The Whicher

    MythicDawn cultists, anyone? πŸ˜€

  • Rtas’ Vadum

    As great as this comic has been so far, I’m getting pretty annoyed with Katia losing all of the time. I mean common, the author has to give her a chance! Why not make the Champion on Cyrodil walk by, go in there, kill everyone in the guild, and get her stuff back and more, or something else. Either way, if things keep going in this direction, I’m pretty much done with this.

    • Erhannis

      Well, I would tend to agree with you on this, but it does seem like things have been going better than normal – and despite the loss of the stuff, she still has the ability to use spells, which is a significant asset that she didn’t previously have. In other words, things are still better than they were.

      Admittedly, though, Sigrid needs to die in a fire, or something. Sheesh, how heartless do you have to be to con a homeless immigrant out of the clothes on her back?

      It’s too bad, really – I kinda liked Sigrid a bit. Too bad she turned out to be a shameless penny-pinching pilferer.

  • Thatvampireoverthere

    Go get that vampire!If anyone can help its a vampire!

    • Harlander

      I see absolutely no problems with adopting your second sentence as a pattern for one’s life.

      • Bove

        Why can’t I upvote? Spending WAY too much time on Reddit.

  • Alec

    Drinking isn’t the answer. She may wake up with in the morning in bed with a Scamp. But this is good, Katia just has to escape with her life, and quill-weave will be thankful for that. Bonus points if we take this oppertunity to get back from Sigrid what we lost and as much gold as we can hurriedly stuff into our pouch thingy. I mean Sigrid lost EVERYTHING but her life from what I saw in Oblivion.

  • Prize Loser

    You know, Katia, that nice man with the scheduling problems owes you a favor. He kind of looked the shifty sort. See if he’s still camping outside the city gates and if he can get you into the guild hall to steal your belongings back.

    • Prize Loser

      Wups, I’m dumb. Commands go in the forum thread.

  • bobucles

    You know, vampires are pretty good at dealing with illusions and are pretty powerful. And you ARE a member of that mage’s guild (per se), so you can invite her inside the building no problem. Maybe it’s time to make an ally for once? An extended bloody hand is a great way to make a friend!

  • Liquid Dinosaur

    That might be a bolt of lightning, signaling the start of a spontaneous downpour to punctuate Katia’s despair. But if that were the case, I would imagine the rain have started in the last panel of this update.

    If that flash of light was in fact lighting, that can only mean one thing…..


  • Lirance

    Gotta say, I am *seriously* impressed with Katia’s spell slinging there.

  • Pogiforce

    I have to say she has indeed come a long way, in terms of skill. When we first met her she had to be insulted to make her magic work, and then she could only start random flames. and while that’s STILL kind of a problem, just now she just displayed (at least in reference to Skyrim, not terribly familiar with what spells are what level in Oblivion) not only Novice but Apprentice Level Destruction magic through sheer force of will alone. At this point the only thing I’d say that is holding back her development as a wizard (aside from having everything legally stolen from her) is being an atronach she is dependent on having spells cast at her before she can do anything.

    Now in other fields, it seems like whenever she starts making progress she trips and falls back down in one way or another. which is admittedly very depressing. I understand he isn’t actually aiming for a ‘feel good’ story here, but at this point we’d really like to see her catch a break. It’s been a sharp downhill slope for her for the last few pages now. Now I think it’s time she stops falling, picks herself up, and starts climbing all over again… hopefully maintaining the knowledge to weild fire like that again in the future. If she can dungeoneering does really seem like something she might be able to do. and that’s usually significantly more profitable than any small peddling she can do.

  • Foxxy

    It’s black sacrament time! Call upon the dark brotherhood and send that bitches soul to the void!

    • Skuggi

      Oh that could go wrong.

      I like it.

      Although, Katia is good-hearted, in general, so she may need to be coerced. Possibly by a necromancer’s ghost? Eh, eh?

  • wolligepoes

    go to the nice elf who gave you lemonade and see if he has a pair of clothes to spare. Maybe he even has a second bed roll? Ask Nah to help you and give her blood in return, you don’t want to get infected with vampirism though, make a small cut in your finger with your claw and pour blood in a tankard/bottle/glass/bucket or any other suitable object. Or give Nah your tampons during menstruation.

    • wolligepoes

      oh and BE SURE to take the contract that says you gave Sigrid all your stuff. This is more important than any other thing because without contract Sigrid can never prove that you voluntary gave your stuff to her and you can ask the nice guard to help you.

  • Byrd

    So. If it rains, does that mean she’ll lose her paint on underwear too? or is it more water resistant than that?

    • Pahnthor

      Remember? The bath didn’t take it off, so why should rain? Although by this point, that paint would realistically be chipping and flaking off with new fur growing under while long fur is shed. Seriously though, if hard scrubbing in a bath can’t shake it, neither will rain.

      • Zerithos

        Cue lightning bolt. I am quite sure fire burns fur. And whatever is under it too. But these things happen, I guess.

      • Nameloc

        Has anyone else realized that the paint underwear symbolizes the irremovable undergarments in the game?

        • Pogiforce

          I did notice this, and it amuses me greatly. Because if it represents the ‘irremovable underwear’, that could be reversed to say that the characters in game actually are naked. the underwear is just painted on. <.<

  • sovngarde 195

    i have had a legit idea though kaz may not like it.

    >Katia: Look at the door, think of the word “tcl”, walk through door.

    whe you find Sigrid, think of th word “tgm”. Now she cannot stop you stealing back your stuff and then some.
    when your done, think of the words “tgm” and “tcl”.

    i would post this on the forums but my account awaits validation. Yeah.

  • Uzi_ManX

    Rapist: Stay hiding

  • Uzi_ManX

    If you can’t open the door.. look for a window to sneak in, and get your things back from that bitch!

  • Somerandomwizard

    Dang can’t she grab a rock throw it at the window or find that normal human and mooch off her.

  • Sunspot Pony

    Hey, Kazerad? I was wondering… Are you a big fan of the Fire Emblem videogame series? I ask, because if you are, I think I see its influences on your animation. πŸ˜›

  • Gear

    You might be able to salvage this. You know Sigrid is way too powerful and evil for you to handle but what about Stephane? Wait for him to leave and ambush him!

  • Seth

    come guys. really. Sirgid doesnt know katia managan broke from her spell yet right. then katia said if she gets anything else she would give it to Sirgid right. so heres the plan, first wait until morning. second, find something to where and something that is or looks like a bag. fill the bag with rocks to get Sirgid to think its coins. when the doors to the mages guild opens ( around night ), go in and act like you are still under her spell. maybe before that, find a close range weapon to knock her out or kill her. your choice. if you choice to knock her out bring rope or something to tie her up. after find your stuff as fast as you can, ( take some extra coins if you want πŸ˜‰ ). finally, look for spot that seems flamible and out of sight to burn down the place or just run out. put your robe back on behind a tree and get the letter to QW. and never return to that horrible place again.

    • Seth

      o stephane. i say if you see him in the mages guild act like your still under the spell to use the close range weapon on him too. ( if you want to knock him out bring extra rope in case πŸ˜‰ ).

      • Seth

        i wish i could leave a command. this would be it. kaz can i write this?

    • David Argall

      Katia has yelled, screamed, begged, demanded, attacked, scratched, blasted, maged, … It is really hard to think that Sigrid is at all ignorant that Katia is no longer controlled. Any trick based on that unlikely ignorance is highly likely to fail.

      • Seth

        at lease try

        • David Argall

          Try to get that message, or get shelter, or … Trying to do the pretty much impossible is worse than useless.

  • Fiach


  • Smoky

    >katia: welp… RUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pahnthor

    Not to completely ruin the hug want, but you know she IS technically naked, right?

    • Pahnthor

      Why didn’t that reply nest correctly?

    • Uzi_ManX

      That’s another reason to hug her.

  • Smoky

    >captian: HA! THATS WHAT YOU GET!!! YOU CULT!!!

  • Rambo Dash

    Just a suggestion, if you want to get updates out later, maybe just convert the comic to the “Homestuck Format”? Like, I get that it’s YOUR comic, and you want it to be unique. But I’m just sayin’, releasing one picture and some text with each update seems alot more convinent than releasing, like 5-10 panels with each.
    Like, not trying to boss you around or anything. Do whatever feels right in your heart, bro. I just thought that maybe chillin every now and then, and drawing, like a single picture whenever you feel like it would be a bit easier on you than being pressured to make like, 8 GIFs at a time, while tryin’ to like, meet a deadline, y’know? Plus, the auidence would get more frequent updates, so everyones, like happy, y’know man?
    Again, just a suggestion, man. πŸ™‚

    • Sai

      I personally don’t mind waiting, I’d rather have a good chunk of the story all at once.

    • Trance

      The Homestuck format is atrocious. This is a far better and more easily readable format.

      • ChetBetera

        The Homestuck format works for Homestuck because Homestuck is Homestuck.
        The Prequel format works for Prequel because Prequel is Prequel.
        The Homestuck format won’t work for Prequel since Prequel is not Homestuck.
        Conversely, the Prequel format won’t work for Homestuck since Homestuck is not Prequel.

        TL;DR This format fits the way the story is told. The Homestuck format fits the way Homestuck is told.

        • Trance

          Homestuck’s format is tedious enough to put me off reading it. Single scenes broken up into dozens of separate pages plus dialogue presented in the style of an IM convo make it a slog to attempt to follow the story at all. It’s more time spent negotiating the badly-designed layout than actually absorbing the story. The format might fit better with a reader’s daily browsing circuit, but it’s a terrible method of presenting a narrative.

          The only reason you can say “Homestuck’s format fits the way Homestuck is told” is because that’s the only format it’s ever had. The Prequel format has never been tried in Homestuck’s case, so how can anyone say the format it’s using now works better? I might actually pick it back up again if such a change were to happen.

        • ChetBetera

          Okay, I’ll agree that the Homestuck “pesterlogs” are just so tedious. But I force myself through just to enjoy the story. Why? Because it is so funny that I am willing to endure that horrible wall of text.
          Same principle apllies to Prequel’s depressive atmosphere. Though that may be attributed more to apathy than anything else.
          Anyways, there is actually another format that you can read Prequel (to a degree). It was made by someone called Sindow and you can find it here: http://nothotbutspicy.com/pa/
          [Note: Click on the links]
          Tell me what you think.

          • Trance

            Honestly, that’s not half bad. Definitely an improvement on Homestuck’s approach — nice and clean, easier to navigate, and what’s neat is it bears some resemblance to a real adventure game. It still needs work, though; some of the places in which the MSPA is cut into chapters seems kind of arbitrary, and it doesn’t look like it can effectively handle a seamless read between chapters or nonlinear access to specific pages (which are two fairly important features in a web series).

            It’s a neat approach, but it’s still got a ways to go if it wants to compete with Prequel’s current format.

  • Sai

    Get Asotil to beat her up. Or better yet go tell Quill-Weave and get QUILL-WEAVE to beat her up.

  • Tormuse


    I want to give Katia a big hug.

  • varsaigen

    ….. It’s raining.

    Use it. Harness the elements.

    Otherwise, break a window. There’s that giant round window. There’s little chance it can’t be damaged. Unless that forcefield protects against projectiles as well as magic…

  • LP

    Wow. Hammerfell Lockpick reminds me of Quest for Glory outside of the brigand fortress so bad.

    Me>Open door.
    System>You cannot open this door.
    Me>Climb wall.
    System>You fail at climbing.
    Me>Cast “Open” Spell.
    System>Your spell fails to open the bar on the other side of the door, stupid.
    Me>Charge door.
    System>You hit the door with your face and lose one hit point. The door does not open. Somewhere a brigand laughs at you.

  • Motherfucker

    Anyone notice she totally shot the shit out of the building just now without any cat puns?

    Let the hate flow through you more often, it works.

  • Laurie

    Heres what you gotta do,
    Step 1. Kill yourself.
    Step 2. Meet God.
    Step 3. Punch that sadistic prick in the junk and tell him to enjoy the feline aids.

    • Norexico

      >Kill yourself
      >End in the Shivering Isles
      >Become Sheogorath’s “playing cat”


    • Uzi_ManX

      Why God? SATAN is the sadistic bastard here.

  • fari

    … tell me your fucking kidding 0_o seriously? your pulling this reset progress crap now? just… shit, WHEN CAN WE EXPECT TO ACTUALLY SEE SOME GOD DAMED DIRECTION WITH THIS STORY!!!!! collect good stuff lose it, get really fuckin depressed repeat, theres only so many times i will sit through this untill i stop reading altogether like so many others. i mean yeah you are free to rite the story however you want but you have to realise some of us read this in the dead fuckin pray that things might just get to the point where you dont develop diabetes and get put on suicide watch by reading an update im done with the subtle crap For god sake let her have her stuff back so people like me dont have to try to troll you into making a happier story!!!

    • Laurie

      This, this exactly. You can’t have a story without progress, and guess what, Katia, is naked penniless and indebted to Quill Weave again. If you aren’t gonna add anything new to the story other than the various way life fucks this character, then just don’t bother updating at all.

    • Some Guy

      There is no direction.

      Kazerad has openly admitted the story is a circle. It is a rollercoaster. There will be some ups, and then soul-crushing miserable downs. There is nothing the readerbase can do to change this. She will never go anywhere but this.

      I am quitting the comic for this reason, as the story has become pointless for me, and because my suggestions, carrying my hopes for a happier tale for Katia, are either ignored outright or twisted into just more hell. You probably won’t do the same, but I do.

      • Ryuujin

        See you next week ^_^

      • Rambo Dash

        Oh no!!!! D: I’ll miss you so much… πŸ™

        • Smoky

          that does make since and i kinda started to notice…
          But awell im still atleast gonna read it πŸ˜›

      • Delta9-11

        Circle or not….we’ll see you a couple weeks ago…This story is like ponies…the more you try and hate it, the more it will consume you, just give in > : D

        • Delta9-11

          A couple weeks from now*….You know when your brain is thinking something else when your trying to type? That’s just what happened there, damn it

      • Graknorke

        I think you’re missing the point here, the ups are boring and are then provided with some comic relief in the form of some horrible failure. If you didn’t laugh at the whole sequence where Katia was under the potion’s influence, you lack a serious emotional range.

        • Pogiforce

          if we didn’t laugh when Katia was under the influence of the telvani bug musk it’s because we lack the sadistic streak necessary to take part in that level of schadenfreude. We sympathize with Katia, she represents the every man just trying to rise above his means, so it’s hard to see her lose everything all over again. While I could see some possible humor in it, I’d have much rather gone ‘kool-aid man’ through the wall and take a warhammer to that bitch’s smug face.

    • Trance

      If you’re expecting a happy story about a competent adventurer that generally enjoys success, you’re following the wrong MSPA.

      The whole POINT of this story, from the very start, has been about smashing the naive perspective of a character with realistic limits and weaknesses, and forcing her to deal with the consequences of her mistakes. I’m sure nearly everyone who follows this MSPA wants Katia to succeed, but the low points are what makes this story so compelling. If Kazerad were to give Katia more lucky breaks, or downplay her faults, it would make the character and the overall story less interesting. Not to say Katia shouldn’t get ANY lucky breaks or succeed once in a while, as she has enjoyed both occasionally, but they’ve happened with about the same regularity as they happen in real life, and that’s the way it should be.

      Kaz, don’t you change a thing about how you tell this story. This is far and away the best MSPA I’ve ever read.

      • Pogiforce

        I disagree on the grounds that her successes are fleeting or rendered null by her failures. Sure, good storytelling includes both successes and failures, but not like this. example:

        Wizard fails the entrance exam to the college of winterhold. the college of winterhold tells them they aren’t elligible to join. fail.

        Wizard wanders off to deal with their failure. discovers a ruin, with a powerful staff inside. Win.

        unrelated events that include both ups and downs but still lend to the general progress of the character. Katia’s wins are:

        getting Quil weave’s package without problem.

        obtaining a weapon and some gold (as opposed to nothing)

        her fails are:
        Losing quil weave’s package after getting it.

        losing everything else as well.

        In the end, her only true successes are her progress as a mage. Her other successes have been voided by her failure. In the end she still’s penniless, naked, and unable to complete even the simplest task for quil weave.

        and you gotta be fair, if this is supposed to be representing the average rise/fall relationship of your average joe, it doesn’t really seem fair that she’s facing challenges on the level of ‘the hero’, like bandits, haunted ruins, and magic using con artists.

        • Trance

          “and you gotta be fair, if this is supposed to be representing the average rise/fall relationship of your average joe, it doesn’t really seem fair that she’s facing challenges on the level of β€˜the hero’, like bandits, haunted ruins, and magic using con artists.”

          No, it’s an “average joe” trying to be “the hero”, walking into hero-grade situations which an average joe is ill-equipped to handle. Someone aware of their limitations would steer clear of such risks, but someone like Katia with her youthful overoptimism all but sets the stage for failure. It’s a reality check. Well, as close to reality as you can get in a fantasy setting.

          Katia has made up her mind to start a new life, with effectively no prior experience in anything useful to this goal. She’s being taught the hard way that if most people so much as give you the time of day, it’s usually in the interests of getting something you’ve got that they want. She assumes that other people are as open, trusting and eager to help as she is, and she’s been shown half a dozen times by now that this is not a good assumption to make about those you don’t know.

          There is no “fairness” component to life. It doesn’t exist. You and everyone else are vulnerable to the contingencies of their environment. Therefore it’s unreasonable to demand fairness for Katia.

          And, as I’ve said before, failure is the interesting part. It’s where character growth comes from. It’s what gets people invested in the character. Failure is something none of us like to think about, but all must deal with in our own lives. You lessen the impact of failure on Katia, you’re going to end up with a character you care less about. Her genuine successes will be less important.

          Success is hard to accomplish, and something nobody is entitled to. Unless Katia learns how to be successful, she won’t be successful.

  • Keith

    Katia: Heres a plan. Go rob some people who deserve it. Maybe you could do some “favors” for money if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  • Brandik

    anyone else very hopeful about the amount of control she is showing over her magic there?

  • Nilithius


    • Anomynous


  • Willhelm

    I luv how her tail curls around her leg when she looks at her inventory, she should become a vampire, mmmmm neck jelly

  • TheTurnipKing

    OK. Lets look at it this way. Katia has, once again, managed to lose all her clothes. Henceforth, this is the official point at which from now on, she should learn to cut her losses. It’s like the JΓ€gers in Girl Genius. Any plan in which you lose your clothes is a bad plan.

    Order of priorities.
    1. GET THE LETTER, quick. It’s still possible to gain some more experience in not failing entirely today, which will stand us in good stead tomorrow. If she doesn’t somehow drink all that painfully obtained experience away and wake up in Quill’s trashed room. Again.
    2. Katia has to obtain something resembling clothing. Legally. (We daren’t commit an /actual/ crime, lest we incur the wrath of the imperial legion.)
    3. Returning without the book /is/ somewhat unoptimal, but it’s a big old world. Survive today and it may well be possible to try again tomorrow. You feel sure that Quill Weave would approve, as long as you’re not giving up entirely on replacing the book.

    It’s a shame she can’t be here to advise you in person.

  • D Sims

    Actually, I have no problems with this turn of events. Firstly, Katia’s fire prowess was badass. Secondly, you can tell that she’s not giving up now, she knows that she has to keep moving forwards no matter what happens. This Khajiit is destined for great things, not just running around in circles. I’ve invested way too much into this comic to back down and I feel that if Katia isn’t willing to give up, neither am I.

    • TheTurnipKing

      There’s giving up, and there’s tactical withdrawal. The incident with the slaughterfish should have taught Katia the difference.

      If she is absolutely determined to pursue this headstrong and foolish course of action, don’t raise any action against the Guildmistress. She is clearly a cunning and determined foe far beyond your current level, and someone who clearly has too much clout in local politics, deserved or not. With time perhaps she can be made to suffer your vengeance more directly, but today she could probably just wrap Asotil around her finger and have you dragged off in chains. I suspect Katia doesn’t want to go down that path.

      So, if you truly intend to seek vengeance, pin the “crimes” on the flunky. She seems like the kind of person who would willingly discard a pawn who has outlived his usefulness. Decreasing his value to her seems like it might well be within your skillset.

      Just as soon as you (1) get that letter and (2) get dressed.

      Dammit, I’m going to need to make a forum account, aren’t I?

  • Halbean

    She miiiiiight wanna run and hide somewhere from the impending rain/fire/demon siege now. πŸ˜›

    And a note for later: Use ANGRY cat puns next time magic is necessary~

  • Norexico

    …You have met with an horrible fate, haven’t you?…

    Time to open the motherfucking console…

  • M’aiq the Liar

    Katia: In times of trouble. M’aiq asks for help. Many people don’t like the guildhall, therefore you should gain the support of the people or persuade people that you’ve been robbed because she used her magic on you

  • Teflon


    • Furnut

      i got that song in my winamp πŸ˜€

    • Seth

      thats a good song got it in my PS3

      • LP

        What kind of crazy person would go jogging with a PS3?

        • Seth

          what? jogging? WTH r u talking about?

  • Gatemaster

    Clearly this woman has done this more than once you should be able to easily gather a mob of angry villagers

  • Haniko Sigma

    Katia, right now you are a target for NOBODY. Any bandit(s) or generally bad people you meet would have no interest in you. But if you were to show them to a nice little guild with only two people that’s FILLED with gold, I’m sure they’d find a way in that you could sneak in and grab your things from.

    • The Boulder

      … this is actually a great idea.

    • Motherfucker

      Uh, I beg to differ, completely naked woman not being a target for bandits?

      Lets not turn this shit stealing into a rape + murder scenario.

      • Pogiforce

        I concur with this person. attractive young woman completely devoid of clothes. And that’s before they learn about her hidden ‘skill set’ involving pineapples, yoyos, and dance poles.

  • nic


  • Furnut

    Kaseraf iz gud @ animashunz πŸ˜€

    Also, these magical locked doors are the ban of adventurers in RPG games =/

    • Furnut

      er bane….

      • Pahnthor

        “Even though this door looks shittier than other things you have picked so far, and your lockpick skill is 100, THIS LOCK CANNOT BE PICKED, YOU NEED THE KEY!”

        I hate that too :/

        • LP

          “My kingdom for a source of fire or a crowbar!”

  • Well, he surely worked a lot in this post, lots of animations, oh yeah!

  • Motherfucker

    Clearly this bitches magic affects everyone she has put some time or effort into setting up contacts with, nobody is going to help Katia against her, she should just try a different mages guild hall at a different town and forget about everyone she has met so far, seriously nothing good can come from this place.

  • Will

    Okay. Guys.

    Drinking isn’t the answer. Katia is just as likely to forget what she’s supposed to be doing and shame herself in a gigantic embarrassing way as she is to turn into the Hulk.

    Arostil isn’t the answer. Even if he’s “free”, he probably can’t do anything because of those forms Katia signed.


    The best thing Katia can do is try and bring attention that Sigrid is using these tactics. Oh, and ACTUALLY FUCKING TELL PEOPLE WHY “We don’t talk the Kvatch Mage Guild”.

    Well that or say “Fuck this, I’m going to Skyrim. On foot, if I have to.” *gets captured alongside Ulfric Stormcloak and has to be rescued at last second by an apocolypse dragon.*

    • Except for the fact that this is 200 years before Ulfric Stormcloak was arrested. Although trying to start over, again, in Skyrim might not be a bad idea at this point.

      • Rambo Dash

        Why would she go to the province with the most hatred towards her race? If anything, she should go to Elsweyr!!! πŸ˜€ Sun, sand, skooma, and all the khajiit you could taste in a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

        • Zerithos

          Taste Khajiit?

          Anyway I think she might get flak there too. Remember that one other Khajiit back in the Excelsior page?

        • Pogiforce

          Katia was raised as a city cat from hammerfell, if I recall correctly. at any rate she sure isn’t your typical khajiit and has never been to elswheyr, and the way the other khajiit in town treated her I think she’d fit in even less there, ironically.

  • Jack

    Stephane. That ball of sunshine puke slipped out just before Sigrid spritzed herself with that “perfume”. He knew what was going to happen, he knew to leave to avoid the spell, and he’ll know how to get your stuff back. At least, for his sake, he’d better.

  • Next update: Katia spends some time wringing her hands over a fifth of scotch she finds in a dumpster, ends up drinking it, wakes up the next morning in Quill-Weave’s bed with improbable sex partner (dot tumblr dot com).

  • Dethelious Evero

    At this point you need to snap and murder everyone. Just go all out and light the city on fire. It’s not like that will happen in the next several hundred years anyway.

  • Dovahkiin

    Dear Katia,


    That is all


  • Benjamin

    its rather simple now, you know a imperial guard whom will stop anyone dumb enough to steal from imperial citizens. just go and explain what happened, and that you could use his help.

  • Katia: Find Garug gro-Upp and tell him about all the shinies inside the Kvatch Mage’s Guild. While he’s killing Sigrid and looting the gold, slip in and take your things back. Hey, even if the orc falls under Sigrid’s spell and gives her all of HIS loot, someone who wronged you will have been punished.

  • By the way, I just stumbled onto this story a few days ago and have been reading through it, finally got here to the most recent post. I’m really enjoying it, and I want each and every one of your gifs to cherish forever and ever. So adorable :>
    Also your walkaround minigames are pretty frappin amazing.

    BEST PAGE(s): Dmitri and Landorumil. I have never laughed so hard at a webcomic.

  • Malconovker

    Am I the only one who wants Martin to come along so Katia can freak out while he is trying to help her out?

    • AwesomeFish

      This needs to happen! I’ve been waiting for another Martin encounter since the Kvatch walk-around.

      • Zerithos

        Someone go post this.

        Katia: pray in the temple.

  • FlamingMook

    Cmon Katia, while it really is as bad as it seems there’s still hope. There are still other odd jobs you can do around here like the dance competition. In fact you could probably start practicing right away (probably somewhere secluded) and turn those rather risque moves of yours into a professional dance routine. Even if you don’t win you will know you tried your best and trying very hard is just another step towards a new life.

    Cmon do this for yourself. Show that you are above that witch Sigrid.

  • Mr.Mister

    Oh, it’s going to start raining after something sad happened.
    I’m beginning to think that Kaz isn’t even trying anymore.

    That flash *could* be something else, but i doubt it.

    • Motherfucker

      Naked and penniless outside + rain = a bad thing happening AGAIN

      Also: Why do people like you read this comic if all it is for you is an exercise in angry emotion games :V you must be nuts!

      • Mr.Mister

        I don’t know, i guess part of me wants to stay to see if things get better.

        • Homeless Lady

          Things don’t get better. They only seem to, then they don’t. Don’t be surprised if Katia turns out to be a trashy old catastrophe.

          Hey Mister, it’s alright. Life is a rotten occasion.

    • tech

      oblivion crisis oblivion crisis oblivion crisis…

  • Rizartha

    Now we know why no one talks about that mage hall….

    It’s not that it use to practice Necromancy, it’s because of HER! This isn’t Katia’s fault, it is the fault of the other mages for not telling her about the place despite their full knowing she would end up there! I bet each and everyone got taken by her and are so ashamed that they, master magi, got beaten by such a simple charm spell that they can not bring themselves to do anything about it because they would reveal that they were out matched.

    No, some mage needs to cowboy [or cowgirl] up and help her like they should have. John Wayne would.

  • Motherfucker

    The only option is making a ton of warning graffiti, anonymously.

    • LP

      “Evil bitch guild!” all over the guildhall sounds like a win to me.

      And possibly clothing her racial diversity mural. πŸ˜€

  • Deangela

    I think the soultion is simple….hire a theif, sure you don’t have any money, but guild members steal from the rich (Sigrid Does have a lot of money, literally in piles) and give to the poor, and Im sure the thieves’ guild would like to know a bout a rich mage robbing a homeless Kajiit. Plus if you find a nice Male Kajitt you might be able to charm him into helping you!!!


  • EveryZig

    Actually at this point my expectations are such that my main reaction to this turn of events is minor pleasant surprise at how decent that fire magic was.

  • Some Guy

    Excellent, I can see Katia is headed for a full blown meltdown in the near future. What’s with all the people complaining about bad things happening? You think you would give a damn about this character if nothing bad ever happened? This is still Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure ya know. The fact all these bad things happen and yet it still retains the humor is what makes this good. Besides, we all know it’s going to end with Katia in prison, waiting for a visit from a certain Royal.

    • Trance

      In fact, the humor isn’t happening DESPITE the failures; it’s happening BECAUSE of them. Failure is funny, much funnier on average than success. It’s a reminder that the best-laid schemes of cats and men often go awry, and no one is a master of contingency.

      It’s also something we can more easily relate to — how many of us here have enjoyed wildly successful lives and have had nearly everything work out for them from the day they were free to make decisions for themselves? It’s a fantasy. We’ve missed opportunities in our lives and regretted them; we’ve gone into situations with ill-formed perspectives and gotten rude awakenings; we’ve taken the time to plan carefully only to be thwarted by random circumstance. In this way, Katia is more of a real person than any video game protagonist out there. She has flaws, she has limits, she makes mistakes.

      I can’t help but notice that too many people offer suggestions in the forum thread from outside the confines of Katia’s experience. There are the silly things like accessing the console or cheating some other way, but there are also suggestions which rely on information Katia doesn’t know about. It seems setting it in the world of Oblivion is a double-edged sword: on the one hand you have easy access to a rich world of places and characters and can put in jokes that people familiar with the game will appreciate, but on the other hand you get a lot of suggestions from an omniscient perspective. They’ve played this game before; Katia hasn’t.

      That defeats the purpose of having it be an adventure. If you want your suggestions to have a chance of making it into the story, you have to forget all your insider information and limit your thinking to what Katia has seen and heard. The voice in her head should not be a strategy guide.

      • RKeno

        ^ This. I agree completely.
        I like to think that Katia is like a kid, everything is new to her so she gets distracted easily, and she also seems to lack experience in life, as these things shouldn’t be news to her. The way Kaz plays it makes it look like Katia really didn’t have a good life in the past, and she doesn’t seem to have learned much from it either.

      • Pogiforce

        Most of us still manage to keep our clothes in spite of it all though. How many times has Katia wound up naked now?

  • M

    I think Katia should first head to the temple and get some of that free healing, with that eye and hand and such.

  • Rage Inducer

    Kaz, aren’t you overdoing it a bit? C’mon man, I KNOW stories are boring without having characters hit rock-bottom but you can’t just keep her there THAT long. Let’s see:
    She fucked up a sign, got sad and drunk (also did the pineapple and yoyo thing) She gets clothes and meets a friend. She gets robbed, almost killed (on several ocasions). Discovers she can burn shit. Gets drunk AGAIN and like last time, loses everything (gets fucked by… a skeleton !?) Gets the cool wizard clothes. Has a violent nightmare. Learns how to use magic (ok… that is preety big) Finds a preety welcoming mage that’s a bit weird. That mage steals everything from her and now THIS.


    I know this is YOUR story and I respect that, as a matter of fact I’m also working on one myself (from scratch so I got a lot of lore to come up with…) I’m NOT saying that good and bad should be ballanced, just have less difference between each other.

    It’s just some friendly advice, take it or leave it.

    Also, just to keep things clear, the nickname is meant to work ONLY IN TF2 and I plan to use it EVERYWHERE πŸ˜€

    As a fan of this story: I’d give her a hug too…

  • Norexico


    My reaction to this update, BTW

    • Adoring Fan

      Sup, Lord Sheogorath. Want some cheese? I got it from The Grand Champion before he became you.

  • Josh

    It’s about to rain. Find shelter, clam down, and think things through. Maybe try to convine a town guard you locked yourself out, by accident. Prove your a meg, by doing some nifty fire, while channeling hatred at sigird. Guards might have building keys, in case of emergency.

  • philold09

    All hope o snot lost.
    She stole your stuff and there’s probably no-one that’s going to help you, but other than that You’re fine.
    Be optimistic, At least you haven’t had a drink in awhile, and we’re proud on that factor.
    Maybe try and talk to some of the townspeople, I would bet the same thing has happened to some of them…….Maybe anyway?

    • philold09

      *Is Not

  • Jasper

    How dare you, Kazerad.

  • Jake Deriousus, Master of Controlled Chaos

    Katia, that bitch deserves to have her building repossessed. I bet you could take it if you had enough power going through you. Maybe just lift it up about ten feet and drop it. And here’s how:
    I think you need to find some magically endowed people to cast some spells on you. Then get about fifty bards to tell you fish puns all at once. Promise them all a cut of the treasure inside the guild. Use the fish-pun induced telekinesis to lift the building and shake it around a bit. Sigrid will be so surprised by this that there’s no way she could persuade you to give her more stuff, nor persuade the others to attack you. Then you just need to put the building back onto the ground, perhaps upside-down, and go in through one of the now broken windows. Retrieve your stuff, take a weird potion that looks like perfume, spray some on yourself, and tell Sigrid to give you all her stuff.
    And most importantly, avenge LOCKPICK! LOCKPICK was your friend! It never left you! No matter how much you did, how much trouble you got in, LOCKPICK never left you. And that bitch convinced you to give him away. She deserves death, but robbing her blind is a much more achievable alternative.

  • Vulmen

    DUDE! She used magic with her silence necklace on!!!


    LOOK! 3rd pic with the most impressive massive fire stream! O_O” The chain was around her neck!

    Oh and; her fire magic was badass here. xD She’s come along way with controlling magic – and note she didn’t need much instigation with cat-burns! Katia; you certainly don’t need anybody to tell you you’re a good mage. Her words to you regarding the power of an atronach are no lie, and your last attempts are proof of that. (WTF casting with silence on xD)

    • Graknorke

      Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

      The dog in that amulet needs to tighten up its act! Letting a mage cast magic like that. RIDICULOUS FOLLY. INEXCUSABLE.

  • Jimmy Jazz

    I started playing Skyrim again recently. I rode the cart, keeled before the block, ran from a dragon, murdered a few Stormcloaks, escaped through the caves, hid from a dragon, and my friend said he was going to Riverwood. good plan i thought, he said he had a friend there i should talk to. I decided to follow him there. his friend met us by his friend by the furnace, and conversed with him. after that Alvor and my companion moved inside, i went to follow them. the door clearly said “Sigrid’s house”

    I winced, before realizing this Sigrid probably died some 173 years ago now.

    Still though, i only reluctantly went in.

    • David Argall

      I presume it didn’t turn out that Sigrid was a lich?

    • DKD

      *Imperial/Hadvar following brofist*

  • Fred Davis

    katia: get the crumpled up note from the trash, find the crazy lady with the poison and convince her to use the poison on the well, and on any other nearby water sources that might be used by the mages’ guild… just to make sure the slaughterfish haven’t spread.

    Then get back to Quill-Weave with the note as fast as you can and explain that it is quite common for professional serious couriers to operate naked and with no equipment for aerodynamic reasons if anyone asks.

  • Octane

    You miserable, horrible, awful, awesome person.

  • Suspect Bucket

    Go to the nearest guard, turn yourself in for lewdness and vagrancy. Explain your situation, they’ve probably heard similar tales before, and will take you into what could be considered ‘protective custody’. You’ll have a jail over your head, probably something to sleep on, maybe a meal and some sack clothes, and quite possibly a fresh lockpick can be found.

    Or you’ll be sold for slave labor to the ash lands and forced to mine obsidian until you die. You never know.

  • tech

    anyone else get the Star Wars ref?

  • megafreeky

    Harness the power of the lightning storm to blast a lightning bolt through Sigrid’s front door. The power of nature will be your PURR-fect weapon for doing CAT-astrophic damage to her front door. and when your done you go to a local tavern and spin a YARN for the local townsfolk on how you CLAWED your way back up from defeat.

  • FlamingMook

    I thought we went over this. Lame cat puns don’t do squat to her power level. Depressive cat comments though…

  • Sakuveii

    C’mon Katia! channel yo’ innah’ powah’! BE LIKE VERGIL! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0nhN3Uj9Y&feature=related

  • NHH

    Find your “slightly” off friend Asotil and tell him what has happened.

  • David

    Kaz, i really hope you read this, i feel a patern here and it’s getting pretty bland. dont get me wrong the storys good i just think it could use some direction… i mean “snowball effect f$%& up” is fun for like the first two times but when its the only thing happening in the story it starts to get a little predictable which makes it boring to read. I understand the updates are late because you have a life and all… but if readers have to wait a week for the updates make it a solid story with some kind of cliff hanger per update to keep the people coming back, this three updates worth of ignored user comands is kind of boring. im greatfull for this update but what role did it really play other than making people facepalm at the fact they gave katia comands to “GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!!!” which were completely ignored. i know alot of people make coments that hammer this point with alot less civility and i hope that keeping a cool head while im writing this actually makes a diffrence, because in all reality i am veery anoid by the way things are going at the moment : / P.S. you should just give katia her stuff back and add a main antagonist because to be blunt i see in the comments that your readers are dropping like flys : /

    • Some Guy

      Funny you should say that, the visit to the mages guild was the user’s suggestion. I figured everyone in the world getting weird about even a mention of that guild should have been a massive warning sign. Instead, everyone told Katia to go visit there, so she walked right into the trap. The ill-fated trip to the ruins? User suggestion. It’s not Kaz railroading the plot, it’s the choices the users make.

      I’m surprised you’ve read this far and haven’t figured out the comic called “Making a Cat Cry, the Adventure” is about dark humor. Its about a character with the worst luck in the world, who has failed horribly at everything she has ever tried, even things as simple as making friends. If bad things stopped happening, I would stop reading because it would become boring.

      • David

        at least the led to the discovery of her magical ability i counted that for a win and she “met” dimitri who would have greatly helped her if not for his death that made progress. also as for the “making a cat cry” argument katia is an underdog (undercat?) of this story, take this for an example in the lion king did you want to see simba lose? did you want to see peter pan lose to pirates? you allways have to cheer on the underdog which just leaves disapointment if they dont make it through example: will smith in i am legend

    • Deangela

      “I feel a patern here and it’s getting pretty bland”

      “You should just give katia her stuff back and add a main antagonist”

      you mean like 95% of all stories I have ever read/watched.

      Just having a hero would be rather bland and i mean 2000+ years of hero’s have been successful, this is a revolutionary character that manages to succeed by failing…or just fails…for my amusment

      • David

        you ever wonder if those storys keep getting made because they have a good plot, what your saying now is that you want katia to go back to QW naked (hopefully that paint is water proof), broke and hurt? i dont know about you but i want to see the part where katia actually makes progress in the story not literally gets the clothes off her back by a blonde haired b**** : /

    • Alec

      Anoid isn’t an emotion.
      But apparently Urban Dictionary says its an organism that consists entirely of an anus.

      • David

        lol apparently did’nt look close enough durring my spell check, i can assure you thats not what i ment 0_o

        • David

          God i am not doing well for grammar lol (didn’t*)

        • David

          Meant*,during*… i did deserve a grammer nazi my bad : P

          • andwhyisit

            Not to mention a number of uncapitalised I’s and missing periods.

            Also never make the spell check correct the word for you, use it to check the correct spelling and make the change yourself, that way your spelling can improve.

            Grammar Nazi Andwhy, over and out!

  • Bragd

    I never asked for this feel D:

    Katia! Get your shit togheter! somehow! Go look for Asodil, he’ll give you hand! Even if she had you sign those ridiculous papers he’ll see they are made void since you were under influence of her alchemical charms!

  • Mao

    Katia, go speak with that priest of Akatosh. Yeah, there was something off about him, but priests are supposed to be nice, and I bet he can help you!

  • UrsaFishIsAwesome

    Become sigrid and boast over your accomplishments today to the weird priest dude…..then reflect upon how kick-ass charm magic you are

  • Bersy

    Well at least in the rain no one can tell your crying.

  • The Boulder

    hey Katia gains magicka by absorbing spells right? then couldnt she just absorb Astrids magic wall and walk right in?

  • You are Sigrid:
    Through exposition, talk about your secret magics and any weaknesses it may have to yourself and the three walls around you.

  • Cliff

    Even if this story takes a turn “for the better,” it’s been months of what I feel is wasted time. I personally feel a writer should know pacing, and this has been stagnant for too long. This could also be an experiment of story telling, teasing the audience and scolding them for ever hoping for a happy ending, but that’s been done in a few movies and books already, and I didn’t have to waits months to figure that out and soak in the lesson. I really want to enjoy this, but I’m starting to become paranoid of an author laughing at the audience.

  • Za-Brady

    >Go find Asotil, explain your plight, and have him help you! He has dealt with Sigrid before, and therefore he should understand what happened! If anything, he can try to reason with Sigrid. Asotil is probably your last hope to getting your stuff back. Find him!

  • Duhastas

    Went back to my Oblivion game and murdered Sigrid because of this comic. Joining the Dark Brotherhood never felt so good.

  • Tendoking

    The problem here is actually pretty obvious. All Katia needs to do is get into the menu and pull the difficulty slider back a bit. She can always put it back where it was when her level is a bit higher.

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    GAH! I cannot believe this! Okay, technically, it wasn’t her fault this time. She was… what am I trying to say? Ugh, my head is still foggy. Can’t shake off this mugginess… *grabs head*

  • PersonPerson

    Yes! I am now (almost) caught up to where I was when I first stumbled across the comic, now I won’t constantly wonder how things are going to connect to the next 10 or so panels.

  • Mzuark

    Don’t get sad, stay angry.

  • dtlux14