Jul 222012

If you can see this text, then you might want to check this update out on the original site!

Vins wrote:
Say, Ma’Khajiit, why are you out of bed? Had a bad dream?

Vins wrote:
Or just couldn’t sleep, just that?

ShadowOfTheDark wrote:
You there, with the missing tooth! There’s toys on the shelf. Play with them!! Ooh, is that a plush guar under the window? Give it a cuddle; it’ll comfort you.

Talie wrote:
Take the wooden sword! Be the hero!

LoatherofIrk wrote:
Use bedsheets to make a sweet cape

SatansBestBuddy wrote:
Do you practice with that sword, like it was a steel sword? Or do you just play with it, like it was a wooden sword?

tronn wrote:
Might just as well get this over with, check under the bed for monsters. We know that in your dreams the monster will always be there, so why prolong your nightmare?

BADEND wrote:
I’ll also throw a vote in for checking under the bed for monsters. Lurking under the beds of children is practically never something they don’t do.

Flaise wrote:
Throw the sword through the wall.

Backup4now wrote:
look, and move the camera, to see between the two pillars near the fourth wall.


  • Carbisari

    Don’t be down so soon! You may have lost your sword, but adventure still awaits! Down the steps, adventures don’t let fear harden their hearts, they step through it, and reach for fame and glory! The lamp shall lead the way, for as long as you hold it, you control elemental flame itself!

    • Tsampikos

      Duuuuuuuuude I’m loving this chapter so hard right now and the 3d effect in the end is amazing~

      • Thornclaw


      • Lowblock

        This better be the same Tsampikos I’m thinking of

        • FiveForty

          Suddenly, we all know a little bit more about Lowblock. Maybe a little too much. And I, as well, by extension. Though it is not too surprising, given the crowd a comic like Prequel is bound to attract.

          • _Axel

            I have no idea what you two are talking about.
            Or do I ?

          • [Name here]

            I think you do.

          • _Axel

            Damn man, you blew my cover.

          • Gabriel

            Excuse me, sir. are you by any chance referring to us furries? And if so, by the contents of your reply, I assume you do not like our kind, am I correct?

      • LOLwut

        Fake tsampikos is fake.

        • Felidire

          he otter be ashamed of himself.

          • ProcyonLotor

            It’s rude to miMik artists.

      • Tachyon

        OMGAWD. That was amazing how did you do that ;_; I need this in my life!

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Same here for both content and the 3D parallax effects! Amazing job!

    • Zee Captain

      It would be pretty cool if in the next flash (if this gloomy “dream” is still in affect) would have the song Healing Incantation (Tangled’s soundtrack), it has the type of mood and some lyrics that fit this scenario perfectly.

    • Carbisari

      All the replies to my comment have had nothing to do with it, they only want to be at the top.

      This makes me a sad suggester. :<

    • NuclearFuzion

      Take steps towards the unknown

      Maybe the answer lies there

  • Stop being so dark, comic.

    And I still believe Katia is ded.

    • NightFox

      You have to be alive to dream. Kat isn’t ded.

      • Maybe she isn’t dreaming!

        She might be in purgatory or some other bleak dimension after death!

        • NightFox

          There is no such thing! As far as I know, besides planes of Oblivion, Sovngarde is the only place she could possibly be. And the only plane this could be in is Vaermina’s, but that would mean she is dreaming in a sense. And this is not Sovngarde!

          • ClancyDamon

            She could be with our Dread Father. No one really knows what the Void entails, not even our Brothers and Sisters.

          • Thornclaw

            hey guys, It’s just a dream, I say that because Kaz has included all the dream comments.

            (See, proof!) 😛 and Dreams do all sorts to one’s mind. 🙂 *Innocence.*

          • GreenAmaranthine

            Just gonna throw out there that Sovngarde is the Nord interpretation of a common afterlife in the lore called the “Dream Sleeve.” Sovn means sleep and Garde means guard or envelope, hence dreamsleeve or sleepsleeve. Most people would see their own interpretation of it when they died, the dragonborn just sees the Hall of Valour interpretation because they are a Nordic hero (even if they’re not a Nord).

            That said, the Dream Sleeve is suppsoed to be a paradise, and this doesn’t look like it.

      • Phantom Hoover

        Well, canonically the TES afterlife is the *Dream*sleeve, so I wouldn’t be so sure.

        • Thornclaw

          oh. true. Ok, I submit to the Hoover’s superior intellect. After all, Kaz likes you, so I worship you. (no sarcasm.)

      • Ch’marr

        Is this some kind of “ded reckoning” ??

      • Tacohawk

        How would… how would you know that you have to be alive to dream?

        What if death is nothing but a long sleep filled with unending, lucid dreams and oh lordy I’ve started philosophizing.

  • DragonGeo2

    Holy crap this is epic 😀 Go Kaz, go! I wanna see the adventures of young Katia (before she was named Katia). And props on those animated floating stairs.

    • Thornclaw

      I know, I so agree! I often can only say, I agree.

  • Strate

    What the hell is with that effect at the end.
    Stop that, page, you’re scaring me.

    • DragonGeo2

      That looks like some parallaxing HTML5 magic.

      • firefall

        this is dark powerfull magic indeed

      • coda

        I think just some javascript arranging the left- and top-attribute of those images within an endless loop.

        • Thornclaw

          probably. But the “Dark magic” comments are cool. -__O

    • someone

      So, NoScript had to allow funkiness on the page for the effect to be seen. I’d have missed it without these comments.

    • The Internet

      I was blown away by this effect. Thanks for putting the extra effort in Kaz, it looks surreal.

      • Zerithos

        You’re a series of tubes filled with cats. HOW ARE YOU SPEAKING?

        …Okay kill me now.

        • that guy

          nah, I’ll just leave you be and prolong your agony

        • Ch’marr

          Are the tubes catalogged?

          • Guv

            Ashamed to admit I lol’d ><

      • Friendly Shrapnel

        I know I’m tardy to the party,
        and its already been said a few times,
        but that effect on the stairs is so awesome.

        smiley face times one thousand

      • o0o

        Those stairs are amazing.

  • Calypso

    Five hours after yesterday, Kaz. No fan art for you 🙁
    D’aaaaaawwwww the sword and cape!

    • Kazerad

      >: it’s still the 21st somewhere!

      Like… somewhere in the middle of the pacific.

      • Thornclaw

        It’s always the 21’st somewhere. 🙂 (Even if it is in my mind……)

      • patrick

        Sounds legit to me.

        • Thornclaw

          LOL! <3

  • Bad_Skeelz

    Damn, we could of used that sword.

    To kill Sigrid.

    • Thornclaw

      LOLZ! but so true. [img]https://encrypted-tbn3.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzDqCbjhwnfQ57v0CV3RJEy6VGrpVPOvpoYPCJhI6EpfhMUvjgCQ[/img]

  • Ceterus

    Things are getting a bit trippy~ Probably should reacquire that sword before wandering off into the void.

    • Joe

      Yeah, it landed somewhere back in the shadows. She should totally grab that first.

      • Bove

        I think it fell out of the window.

        • Thornclaw

          hope not!

        • Zerithos

          She threw it into the void.

          • You’re mother

            Sadly, that bloody sword fell out of the window. It’s like rubber ¬_¬

          • Zerithos

            Out the window into the void.

          • Thornclaw

            out the void and into the window. O__O

  • Mitchrock

    Woooah that stair thing is trippy. Nice job.

  • Bottle of Leaves

    Such powerful influence the crown has over her. Curious and curiouser.

  • sabata2

    That last panel…


  • Gabe


  • stupidjellyfish

    You’re an inspiration, Kaz. You know that?

    • Thornclaw

      I hope she/he does. <3

      • General Advisory

        99% sure Kazerad is a dude.

        • Thornclaw

          I’m quite sure Kaz is a she. O__O. who knows?

          • someone

            People who have seen pics of him know that he is not a she.

          • xKiv

            Also people who heard that podcast with him (or any other podcast with him, I just heard the one).

          • Zerithos

            Nah not really. And even if that were true I like stalkers.

          • panoz

            no see Kaz is a russian spy sent to spy on americanized russian spies who are spying on regular american russians who may also be spying. Knowing this it would only be logical that he is a man disguised as a woman in disguise as a proper high class redneck deep in the swamps of … um well they shot their own states sign and its now illegible so we really arent sure where he is.

          • Thornclaw

            I’m sorry would you mind repeating that, only I’m British and am therefore cool.

          • panoz

            yes but your cars break every 100 miles … Well I guess you could say they are rather a mechanical wonder as they break down like clockwork every 100 miles on the spot. And that is precisely why all the cool British cars are now made by the cold calculating German auto-maschine.

            also I’m a Californian I dont associate with the United bible beaterS of America.

            Wait a minute if you are truly british than you should have realized I wasn’t joking about shooting the sign. As I understand the only 2 shows worth watching are red dwarf reruns and top gear. so you should love the fact I am using a british line from a british joke making fun of most of the “suthun” states we have here in the usa.

          • Thornclaw

            I do appreciate that. Thank you. (I needed it.) And we have much better things than just them. 🙂 although they are fun.
            I dare you to bother reading the next bit. 😛

            Tea and cake? (Normal British thing.) Cake or death? (Eddie izzard, British comedian joke.) Spring surprise chocolate, oh Bicycle Repair Man? (Monty python. AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

          • panoz

            yes but they are lightly dead, caramelized till they are tenderly sweet, dipped in rich creamy butterscotch made from only the finest sugars and salts we can extract from the healthiest Scotsmen in Scotland, and swaddled in the richest white chocolate made from only the finest cocoa beans turned into the finest butter.

            see atleast the cast of red dwarf is still alive … infact I think they are planning a reboot of the series. I wonder if it will be super cg or still using tube monitors.

            mmmm chicken mmmm

            damn I was going to make a joke about how many times Clarkson has tried to kill himself on topgear to become the next line of chocolates but when I was reading a wiki page every quoted phrase could only be read in his voice. I need to find another british proxy host to continue watching bbc topgear. but seriously too fast in a volvo, too fast in a bigrig err lori, too fast in the white porsche, and the red one no dont remember the models, and too fast in a hilux vs tree, and the moped, infact I think he may be a cat.

            and really you have more than just 2 shows? I mean heck here in the states we have 7 channels dedicated to watching stupid people get their stuff repossessed … infact there is now several game shows where the winner/bumpkin gets to keep his truck paid off, in full. I think the only 2 shows we have here that are any good are mythbusters and topgear the bbc version.

  • Kai

    It is time for a challenging journey into the depths of your mind that is, no doubt, somehow is going to be connected with you getting out of coma to realize that you have sick, sick burns all over your fur!


  • cake

    holy crap that’s awesome. you should do this for money.

    • panoz

      noooooo stay open source then we can all enjoy the comic while eating “cake” too

  • Cyph

    She’s just too damned cute.

    • Marnath

      Seconded. Judging from the sword through window part though, she’s always been a screw up. It would be something you’d dismiss as “She’s just a little kid” if you didn’t already know she never gets over it, haha.

      • [Name here]


        • Thornclaw


          • ChasingWagons

            Btw, Combo of bad luck and judgement fails.

    • Zerithos

      We need Katia plush dolls!

      …Okay that’s not awkward.

      Screw you subconscious mind thing that can type somehow!

      • panoz

        I think if kaz did that he would not have to work any more.

      • panoz

        but you would need to make sure it would cause mischief maybe make it with an embedded zippo or something

  • Trance

    Okay, that was fucking awesome.

  • Atari O.gen

    oh boy, i feel bad things are coming for kitty katia.
    that’s cruel.

  • theplunderking

    Felt like somthing was off this morning, i usually sleep till like 11:00 am. Woke up at 8:00 confused why the morning felt so unusual. checked prequel, theres a new comment at the top of the page… my god! Update is amazing as usual, the stairs and the sword remind me a little of the begining of the first kindom hearts : D

  • Motherfucker

    Descend the doom-stairs into the dream-void and confront the mind-king.

    • wolf

      I see you’re a hyphen-lover.

      • MrSing


        • wolf


  • Rambo Dash

    [S] Katia: Descend

    • Zerithos

      You did NOT.

  • Costa

    Wow, this is great! Katia: Descend the stairs, but carefully! You may want to switch your camera angle to 1st Person so you can see what’s at the bottom.

    • Zerithos

      3rd person but have it centered on your back so that you can see what’s behind you too.

    • Trevor

      what makes you think they’re stairs
      or even descending for that matter

      it’s a path.

      • panoz

        doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

        see when mimicking the sound of the twilight zone all you get is doo doo

  • CW

    Go Kaz! Go Kat!

    • Zerithos


      • panoz


        wait a minute …..

        • Zerithos

          Yes. Yeeeesss!

          • panoz

            You know we really need more comments from kaz, you know like a dvd commentary, straight from inside his head … I’ve got a skill saw and a creepy green panel van, I just need is someone to hold him down … What I was going to make a life size wooden cutout of him to help inflate his ego, what were you thinking I was going to do?

            Hey Kaz want a wooden self portrait of yourself? I have a tetnis filles old rusty radial saw somewhere all you need to do is bring some plywood and I will do my best to miss as many limbs as I can. But really as we have seen from recorded history you should be able to shrug off missing limbs as mere flesh wounds.

  • Unclever title

    I am loving that effect!

  • DD

    oh gawd, where are we leading her?
    Love the art style btw!

  • zyy

    Descend. Maybe you’ll find your sword down there, or maybe a cool dream sword to replace it.

    (Also, this update made me give a happy shiver. I’m seriously impressed. This adventure just gets better and better.)

  • Anonymous-_-

    Aww! tiny Kat is adorable…

    OT her but is there a link I can add to my bookmarks that auto updates to the newest one or do I have to keep faving?

  • TechSmurf

    That was impressive. Kudos.

  • Michael

    I seriously recoiled and quietly said “Whoa, what the fuck,” when the last panel kicked in.

    Yo, Kaz! You’re an awesome dude. 😀

  • needsomemiracle

    I applaud you, Kazerad.

  • k9mouse

    Don’t worry, the teddy bear will not let any harm come to you….

    • Zerithos

      It’s a bloody GUAR. >.<

      • k9mouse

        ok, the guar will help her …

        • Ch’marr

          Not if its bloody.

          • panoz

            but then you can paint with it.

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: so the art can then be labelled as “guarsh on canvas” ??

          • panoz

            YES that is brilliant. Just make sure to pick the pink bits out. But with Katia’s luck it will only become a masterpiece after she dies.

  • Vins

    Oh my Nine not only my comment made it to an update for the second time in a row but it was the first one this is so awesome eeeeeeeeeeeeee

    sweet :3

    Also, neat camera effect in that ladder, Kaz. Congrats, that was superb.

  • DragonRider347ha

    Can I just say that Little Katia is the cutest thing absolutely ever?!

    • Atari O.gen

      kitty katia is a miracle of the universe? yes, she is. i’m sure i already stated that.

  • Jim

    Dude, okay. I have to say that the stairs thing at the end made me jump a bit. NICE!
    Good effect! … How’d you do it? XD

  • >Bap
    Oh you bastard.
    You marvelous dobson-dobbing bastard.

  • Sam

    +1 to the stairs, that’s pretty clever 😀

    • panoz

      +1 stairs O.o’ …. what would adding 1 to stairs actually accomplish? they dont have much in charisma or wisdom and they are not in a whole lot of need for intelligence …..

      • Zerithos

        +1 actually would make sense- in a different universe. In DnD, +1 (or +2, +3 etc.) means enchanted.

        • panoz

          good point.

  • Volchek

    Welp, looks like she’s not getting that sword back.
    Either that, or it’ll be some holy relic when she gets to the end of this.

  • Volchek

    Katia: Retrieve new, super powered Dreamwood Sword.

  • Yinsho

    Holy crap, dude! That last panel is so wicked!
    How’d you even do that? HTML?

  • Chris

    is anyone else freaked out by the fact that HER EYES ARE TRANSPARENT AND YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM?

  • M

    Katia… you’re a lucid dreamer it’d seem, from your consistent ability to have some control over your dreams.

    Therefor, imagine you’re a god-like being who’s power far eclipses the daedra and aedra combined, and who’s therefor able to just wink the no doubt upcoming nightmare monster out of existence by wanting it to cease existing!

    Or…. don’t and give us a really interesting look into your childhood… Actually forget the lucid dreaming, keep doing that. I’m sure you’ll be okay when you wake up. Matter of fact, given your recent victory over the bottle of mead (and amulet of silence) maybe this dream’ll go a little differently then usual.

    • N

      There is another possibility. You are screwed, because you did win. We’ve seen it before. You get to a higher point and then you fall.

      …That’s very encouraging, Z.

      You blew my bloody cover you subconciousnessthingamajigofdoom!

  • CadillacWerewolf

    Wait! Do not go down the stairs. Why go down stairs that have no supports? This one says you stay where you are. Nice and safe.

    But if khajiit must go, be smart. Use the lantern to light some rags then toss them into the void. See how deep they fall.

  • Illidan

    So will she scape the big head dream and become a goddess?

  • Clay

    What’s the worst that can happen?

    • xKiv

      What’s the best that can happen?

  • DragonGeo2

    I bet if someone actually did sell a plush guar, everyone would want one!

    • DragonGeo2

      Oh, I guess somebody already had that idea:

      Source: http://www.rpgplanet.com/morrowind/thedailyvivec/jul/14072002.html

      Request for Plush Guar Dolls Rejected

      A group of petitioners were clearly disappointed when their suggestion for plush Guar Dolls were rejected. The group of petitioners were led by Hannah G (also a reporter for the Daily Vivec).

      Hannah G gave the petition with a few dozen signatures to Archcanon Tholer Saryoni early yesterday. Unfortunately, the stubborn old archcanon snubbed Hannah G by saying : “Thanks for the suggestion, but right now all of our merchandise is determined by what CafePress offers.”

      CafePress is a Hlaalu-owned company that has an exclusive contract with the Temple to make Morrowind-related merchandise. Their current offerings include an Ordinator action-figure complete with Indoril Armour, Morrowind common shirts, and Morrowind light armour helms. CafePress has not given any indication that they will release any guar-related soft toys.

      “All I want is a little gishy Guar friend,” Hannah G said before bursting into tears.

      • Zerithos

        SCREW PLUSH GUARS I want a flippin’ PLUSH KATIA.

        …You did it again.

        I’m not even going to try.

        • panoz

          no its all about the plush katia holding the plush guar ….. now all you need is a plush version of you to hold it all.

  • K’helt

    Anyone else figure these are a bridge rather than stairs?
    It looks like stairs but if you scroll all the way to the bottom it conveniently turns into a perfect bridge, assuming that’s how the animation is supposed to end by going to the bottom but the top screen cut off I could see as a oversee.

    but that’s my guess.
    Kazerad, what are these floating contraptions supposed to be?

    • panoz

      like any prper video game you must have inexplicably floating platforms to jump on

  • Alex von goth

    Throw as much fire as you can down the stairs you will see Anything down it and if something unfriendly is down there it wont be for long. 😀

  • cant think of a name

    So many feelings at once… sadness for her still being alone in the church, cute overload from kitia kitten, empathy for her because she looks so sad, anger at that god damned priest for not showing up to help… cant take… All these feeling… At once! cant act… respectable… when felling bad… for a fictional character… need to *Head explodes*

  • Shenzao

    Come, child, there is much to learn. The first step is all it takes to move towards the steps thereafter.

    There is so much we desire to show you.
    You want control.
    You want understanding.

    What is it you wish to grow into, child? One of great power, perhaps? Then come.

    We want only to teach you, our dearest child, for we know you better than you do.

    We are who you were.
    We are who you are.
    We are who you will be.

    We know what you will become. The only question left to ask, is can you take that first step?

    • Anza

      (Use W A S D to move)

      • xKiv

        (Use K I N G to interact with the world)

        • panoz

          Hey that does not make a good set of arrow keys I found out….. wait you are one of those weird gamers who used that unusable controller setting on goldeneye aren’t you.

          • xKiv

            well, like …
            K = Klimb (can move in the other two directions)
            I = Inventory
            N = Nudge (moves things around)
            G = buG somebody (talk)

          • panoz

            I thought it was power button Kill no wonder I always got stuck in trees.

  • person

    Oh, I get it, she sees a crown in the toys’ shadow (sixth panel) and is unsettled by it. Clever. I guess this means it’s after she developed her aversion to royalty?

  • Ready, Fire, Aim

    Holy shit. You are amazing

    • panoz

      as he says that to mid air

  • I read through the whole story in a day.
    The QQQQ approves of it.


  • Zee Captain

    It would be pretty cool if in the next flash (if this gloomy “dream” is still in affect) would have the song Healing Incantation (Tangled’s soundtrack), it has the type of mood and some lyrics that fit this scenario perfectly.
    I accidentally mis-posted below.

    • Zennmaster

      that’s what this flash should have so it shows that Katia can be a courageous khajiit.

  • Massie

    Amnesia mode activated *boop*

    • Anasia

      Oh good I’m not the only one that this came to mind to!

  • Rity

    This might be a Sporlier if im right/ Is it me or does she have longer hair btw i think this is a dream or some stat of mind when she was a child again or i am wrong

    • Zerithos

      Hooray its not a spoiler this has been pointed out many, many times.

  • Scone

    Sorry for not knowing how to phrase this without being rude – but what is your usual art style (if you have one) and have you ever considered taking a different route than straight up Homestuck? (Not that this page isn’t lovely!)

    • Kazerad

      It’s fine, it’s not rude!

      When I’m not making cats cry I prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator, usually just quick and messy cartooning the brush tool and gradients (example). I’ve done some non-Homestucky comic work in the past, but found it pretty tiring on larger projects. I don’t think I’d move away from the MSPA style at this point – it turns out working with sprites and reusable graphics is just plain fun.

      • Ikearat

        Thank you for the image link.

  • Ransom

    You know, I just realized an odd paradox: little Katia is dreaming she’s a child…who just woke up from a dream.

  • Devlin

    This does not feel like a natural dream. Something is off about this dreamworld. Katia, be very careful here. This dream feels almost “alive”.

  • Koal

    Katia, if you plan to go down those floating stairs, please be careful and take your time going down, it looks like a long way down.

  • Backup4now

    10th panel, the khajiit’s eyes are transparent. This must have something to do with the storyline!

  • Memento

    Go North

    • Ch’marr

      Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH and DENNIS.

      • Zerithos

        GET DAGGER.
        Okay yeah that’s cheating.

        • panoz

          no cheating would be GET BOOM-STICK

          king vs boom-stick, hmmmmmm

          katia with a boom-stick, thats a scary proposition.

        • Ch’marr

          Methinks panoz, above, missed the Thy Dungeonman reference there 🙂

          Off to the parapets with you!

          • panoz

            no i didn’t I just turned it into a different ascii game nethack which has evolved into slashem which does have guns ….. unfortunately none are actually named boom stick.

            besides what are parapets? and why would I be off to them?

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: parapets

            Yes, I’m a bastard 🙂

          • Zerithos

            panoz- Get Rope.

          • panoz

            panoz Captchalogues rope

            rope is rejected over parapets

            panoz rejects rejection modus over parapets

  • SuperGnome

    Wow, holy crap! I absolutely love the way you ended this chapter! I literally scrolled up and down for like thirty minutes just looking at the stairs. XD

    Yes, let’s go down the scary floating stairs. Cause we all know that all good things wait at the end of a scary stairway. I tell you what Katia. Go down those stairs. Cause if this is a bad dream, something bad is going to happen either way. You sit there, something bad is going to happen. You go down those stairs, something bad is going to happen. But think of this! If this is a good dream, do you really want to waste it sitting in that room? I say go for it. If it turns out to be a good dream, yay! If not, well… it couldn’t have been avoided either way. So why be scared? Let it happen and get it over with.

  • wolf

    😀 Stairs through the fourth wall. And it’s not REALLY breaking the fourth wall if it’s only a dream.
    Kaz, you’re the best. The absolute best.

    • panoz

      yes so now we can be creepy and say come towards us and dont be scared or the disembodied voices from space.

  • Curiosity

    Hey, Katia – what’s down those stairs? Let’s go see! C’mon, it might be something nice!

    • panoz

      are you sure they go down I mean they could be going up and be at a very steep angle making it look like they are going down I mean just think of the opticle illusions that could be happening right now.

  • Bushie

    Awwwwww, you are so cute. I just want to scrunch up your face and call you chips.

  • GothikX

    First time posting after a long time of just reading the comic and anxiously waiting for the next installment, simply to say that the effect at the end blew my mind. Literally left me speechless. Awesome job.

  • Degu

    Y’know, if I encountered stairs like that, I’d fall right the fuck off ’em. No hand rails, constantly shifting… Hopefully Katia has all the grace and balance that her species should have.

    • Zerithos

      She doesn’t.
      We’ve tried this before. She jumped out a window and hurt her leg, forcing her to use a walking stick.

  • Da Beard

    Kazerad, mah homeslice (my fine fellow), how did ya make dis shit (this marvelous artistic creation) all 3dizzle mah nizzle? (3-dimentional, my fine sir?)

    Overlapping .gifs with a see-through background? (Techno-wizard spells?)

    • Zerithos

      What kind of beard? Goatee?

      • Da Beard

        Full beard, trimmed to goatee when I need to look professional.

        • Zerithos


  • Devlin

    I am currently searching to see if i can find what ever the thing is that haunts her dreams. i know i have heard of something like it before. Unfortunately my search has been fruitless, any help in this pursuit is much obliged. so far my friend and i have found come across something called a kitsune, it seems to be capable of everything this dream beast is capable of doing, taking humane shape and shape shifting, usually takes on the for of royalty as well. but it is a demon fox, usualy associated with benevolence and mischief. as of yet i have not found any stories of it traumatizing anyone. and there influence in dreams seems minimal at best. so i doubt it is a kitsune, but i do know i have heard of such a creature before. evil being that thinks itself better then humans, feeds off their fear, dolor and misfortune, it actually does everything in it’s power to terrify the victim in order to increase it’s feast. if this is the case it is our duty to help Katia. please help me search for this being so as to help her beat it. sorry i know this is a bit of topic at this time but i had to post this as soon as possible in order to help her when the time comes. whenever it comes.

    • A daedra

      Since this takes place in the oblivion universe it’s more likely to be Vaermina, the deadric prince of dreams, nightmares and evil omens. Since she lives in the realm of Quagmire, which is constantly shifting, it would explain the weird steps.

      • Zerithos

        Wait, was Erandur alive 200 years before Skyrim?
        Also, good point.

  • Mr.Fluffy :-(

    hmmmmm i wondered what happened to the sword? hey wait a minute this looks like her old castle. ( i think ) i guess this means we are going to see why our dear katia is afraid of kings. ( i hope )

  • Link

    That effect on the stairs… GOOD job =D Fuckin’ amazing =D

    I REALLY like the recent updates, this story/comic has come such a long way and it’s been a privilege to follow it from the beginning (almost). Keep up the awesome work Kaz and make sure to wholeheartedly ignore the people complaining about the slow pace. I’d rather see updates like this further apart than quick short updates with still frames and not much content.

    • Link

      Also while trying to look at this page in 3D-mode in Firefox (just found out there was a function like that xD ) I managed to locate “If you can see this text, then you might want to check this update out on the original site!”.
      Are people directly copying this to other sites? That seems silly…

      • Kazerad

        People aren’t directly copying it, but some people read via RSS readers which might bypass the CSS I’m using. I should probably replace that note at the top with something more advanced that can also detect javascript, though (there’s one guy in the comments who apparently almost missed the animation because he had noscript running).

        And thanks! It’s always nice to know people are willing to put up with a slow pace as long as fancy things happen =P.

        • Link

          Ahh, that makes sense, didn’t think of that =)

          Fancy things are the best and you certainly keep making them fancier as time pass xD
          That’s not saying I don’t like your less fancy updates or anything btw…

        • ikearat

          I told noscript to allow Prequel after the first two minutes of visiting.
          Thanks again Kaz!

          • panoz

            why have noscript on if you use a mac? you cant get super debilitating viruses due to scripts. and unless your using something with sd ram (which your not) the scripts should be easy to run. you could eliminate the rest of the minor annoyance viruses by installing centos. after installing linux and becoming an invincible techy there is a slight change you could die from freezing.

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: I disable Flash because it gets rid of most of the crappy ads, and some sites are so loaded with Flash that my browser slows to a damn crawl.

            With HTML5 becoming more stable, and with Flash now deprecated on mobile devices, we’re going to see a lot more dynamic ads using HTML5… and then the only option is things like NoScript or AdBlock.

            However, there are many sites that are near dysfunctional without JavaScript enabled, so I don’t think that’s becoming a good long-term solution.

          • ikearat

            Viruses? Who said anything about viruses? (they are just programs, animals get viruses)
            I use noscript to knock down the blinking and flashing and other stupid junk people put in their web sites… not to mention trim-off the occasional ad or popup. (wouldn’t want to say I block -all- ads, that would not be friendly to the people trying to make a living out there. 🙂
            I don’t have ANY anti-virus software running on ANY of my computers, wintel or Mac. I use an out-bound firewall and my common sense.
            If you don’t want a program to run on your computer, don’t run the program. Computers don’t contract programs like animals contract viruses, programs are put on computers by their users. Noscript is for making the use of Firefox easier on the eyes and easier on your mind.
            Sorry, soapbox moment.

          • panoz

            ch’marr — yes but flash its …. well it …. hmm um yeah flash …… adobe made it, I guess that is a plus. The only reason to keep it alive is to annoy stubborn mac fans, beyond that well it doesn’t do so well as a 3d canvas element.

            ikearat — yes that is true but noscript wount block the one thing worse than a js anim …. a gif ….. and unless you want to see pages as if you were back in 1995 with your overclocked modem card and images turned off then. Also why firefox and not chrome?

            http://web-profile.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/if-browsers-were-guns.jpg as you can see in this diagram it is versatile and can kick some but but chrome is purpose built for shredding through the internet as if it was a field of zombies facing an infinite ammo supply. besides firefox does become impractical after a while as shown here http://www.ballsofsteelorfullretard.com/images/117.jpg I think it even makes coffee. but if that diagram was not enough or you are not a part of the nra there is this diagram as well http://www.gagful.com/uploads/2011_11/1320720349_If_Browsers_were_Methods_of_Transportation_gag.jpg again as we see it is purpose build for flying through the internet with about as much safety as lotus built into their early race cars and as much reckless abandon as hedgehogs seem to have with a severe skooma addiction.

            So knowing this why would you not be using chrome? I mean with firefox you need to wait for the page to load after all 307 modules are activated making noscript seem like a trivial time savings. In chrome your on to the next page before the first of the ads can even think of assaulting your eyes.

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: ikearat is correct that things like NoScript, ClickToFlash and AdBlock get rid of the annoyances. I haven’t bothered with AdBlock but there are already super-annoying ads out there that aren’t Flash, so… AdBlock will come out sooner rather than later.

            Apple never really liked flash because, amongst other things, Adobe didn’t spend much effort making it efficient for the Mac platform, and it is very true that most of my browser failures were due to the Flash plugin. And now Adobe is dumping Flash for the mobile platform, since the most common use for it there was video players and the H.264 format is widely supported and hardware accelerated. (i.e., smoother and uses less battery).

            Flash (and, really, anything) as a cross-platform development system is horrible. Folks do not want a consistent experience for one app across multiple platforms, they want a consistent experience for multiple apps on a small number of platforms (games being an exception… consistent UI between games is not important), and the only way to get that is native development. Apple played some severe hardball in that game, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t successful.

          • panoz

            but having a consistent experience would be a good thing for example take all browsers then look at ie (no you should not consider it a browser) if things were consistent they would all display pages the same way rather than 100 different ways.

            more cross platform compatabilty would also make linux vastly more popular. That being the case I don’t think it is people that dont want the consistency I think it is companies who dont want the consistency. Specifically companies like m$ and Mac o$

      • Ch’marr

        I think a bunch of us just discovered that feature! Its amazing to see how complex and deep some of these pages can be. Just pull up any page that has that “Facebook Like” button… and watch the 3D mode stick you in the eye! 🙂

        It’s a pity, though, that the javascript animation stops in that mode… that would have been awesome.

  • Neil

    Quickly, skip down the neat floating steps into adventure!

  • Luiluigi

    I actually had to double check if the stairs were moving. It was pretty cool.

  • Felidire

    Like 101 others have probably already stated, I totally love the trippy css-stairs!

  • ChetBetera

    From what I can tell from my adventures in swimming the source code of the website, am I right in assuming that the class=”motes” are static with the class=”steps” being ‘animated’ (read: moved) by the ‘pleasestandbythem.js’ script.

    • Ch’marr


      Actually, there didn’t end up being any reason to give the steps and motes different classes… the css and javascript code went through several iterations as I was experimenting and learning how to do all this stuff, and there’s a lot of cruft left behind (including commented-out alerts!). In the end each of the graphic planes are animated completely separately, identified by the “id” attribute and #id selectors. I’ve a few ideas on how to avoid a lot of function-call repetition now, including using the “class” attribute… and some of those might appear in a maybe probably possibly future update 🙂

      • panoz

        are you a beginner at js or have you ascended to super ninja?

        • Ch’marr

          I consider myself an excellent software coder… this is my first real go at javascript though, beyond simple things like “after each key press count number of characters and stick it in this box here”.

          At some point you get to the stage where you know what you want to do, and how to do it, and just need to figure out how to do that thing here with these crappy tools.

          Usually I’m doing DevOps applications and automation.

          • panoz

            nice …. are you mostly a higher level programmer like php python or are you into the hardware side beating your head on binary and hex or somewhere in the middle with c and c++

            Also how much do you know about programming automated check detect and repair programs. If the price is right I am looking for someone who knows more than me and can build a program that strings together a memory checker a hard drive checker and spit out a log. How much would you charge for that? it would boot via cd or usb drive and then run memtest86 or memtest86+ after cycling for a specified number of times it will then start a hard disk checker. once both checkers are finished it will print a log to the screen.

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: Both. My preference is for doing most or all of the work in python (I can speak perl, php, ruby, shell and tcp to varying degrees of competence, and wildly varying degrees of happiness), but if I need a particular part of it done fast then I’ll write an extension in C or C++. However, most of the time the heavy lifting can be done by the database engine (postgresql or mysql). I’ve programmed as low as assembly and microcode (the language CPU’s use internally) and built CPUs from discrete logic. So, yeah, a somewhat broad range of experience there 🙂

            The computer you are using _right now_ very likely has code I’ve written on it 🙂 (Just a little bit, mind you).

            Regarding the check/detect thing… doable, but its not something I’d be interested taking on. I’m paid well enough, and some of my own projects are being dejected… so I have my priorities laid out right now. Thanks for asking!

          • Ch’marr

            Grr… I meant TCL 🙂

          • Zerithos

            So. You have a 75 Coding skill?

          • panoz

            no no no that is 3e in 4e he would be a centipede filled with coding feats.

            damn is all i have to say to that how long have you been coding?

          • Ch’marr

            panoz: If you want to consider the first time I typed a few lines of BASIC into a Sinclair ZX80, then… about 35 years.

          • panoz

            well if I am correct they made those in the early 1890s which puts you at around 122 years old …. Wow you had a whopping 3.25 million hertz to play with

          • Ch’marr

            Correction: my first hands-on with a computer was a TRS-80 Model I, and if I recall my first program, in BASIC, was a “A is for Apple, B is for Bronchosaurus…” kind of program.

            The ZX80 came after. The first computer I actually owned was a TRS-80 Model II (with a whopping 48K RAM!)

          • panoz

            That tandy model 1 was built when 1Mb of ram cost more than most luxury cars and you would either get blank stares or laughed out of the room if you even mentioned Gb or even Tb.
            Look what I found http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/level1/simulator.html that should bring back some meories.

          • panoz

            That tandy model 1 was built when 1Mb of ram cost more than most luxury cars and you would either get blank stares or laughed out of the room if you even mentioned Gb or even Tb.
            Look what I found http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/level1/simulator.html that should bring back some memories.

          • ikearat

            You young people make me smile. My first “program” was written on Hollerith cards in FORTRAN and executed on a computer housed at the Shell Research and Development complex when it use to be located in Bellaire Texas.
            Yes… old. My first computer was a IMSAI 8080. It had a whopping 16K of memory and ran at 2mHZ. I admit to a stupid act, I traded that machine and all the upgrades and software (8inch floppys) for a Compaq Gas-plasma Portable III. ( yes, stupid stupid stupid.)

          • panoz

            ran on tubes or was it transistors or one of those mixed machines?

          • ikearat

            There is a Wiki page for it. Intel 8080 CPU mine ran IMDOS Basic or FORTRAN depending on how it was setup. Long time ago. Had to read the Wiki myself to remember stuff. When you get old you contract “CRS”. (Can’t Remember Shi*)
            Only things I have with tubes in them are my tube testers and my amps… also some show-only test equipment. And my Farnsworth }:)

          • panoz

            yeah it was the wargames machine. man I used to have hundreds of tubes laying around still have a 6 bit logic gate with error correction with all 7 tubes still on it and seemingly in good condition.

            and how do you expect to get 1080p widescreen out of a Farnsworth? does it even have vga in or a hdmi jack?

            does it actually work and what year is it? is it an itt or before that?

          • ikearat

            Sorry, the Farnsworth comment was a nod to Warehouse 13.
            I never did a lot of tube collecting, much less gather any appreciable amount of tube-operated equipment. All I have are some bench-type test gizmos, a few signal generators, scopes, stuff like that and some audio equipment.
            The logic gate device you describe sounds interesting, don’t pull a stupid like I did and trade it for some “modern” and now useless piece of junk.

          • panoz

            nope not trading the logic gate for anything …. but I have toyed with the idea of making it work again. It was actually given to me by my grand father who pioneered chip manufacturing for IBM. Back in the early days of ic’s you tested each component to make sure they worked, then you built the ic out of them. what he did was revolutionary and still the way it is done today. He would take all the components build the chip then test it after being assembled. This increased production and made chips quite a bit cheaper. I also have some original 4 or 5 gate ic’s the gates are big enough you can actually see them in fact you could see them from several feet away if you had cat-aracts .> <..>

            well then you must be talking about this http://nerdapproved.com/cellphones/warehouse-13-farnsworth-video-communicator-now-available-in-the-app-store/ …. Problem with it is there is no camera when it is opened. and the components are pretty modern except for the 3 vacuum tubes

      • panoz

        or I guess ascention would make you a god of ninjas.

  • Get crown made of protein on forehead

  • Alvklez

    KAZ! Please come out with an update before or on July 31st! It’s my birthday and that would be the greatest birthday present ever!

    • xKiv

      12 hours left?
      (somewhere in the world …)

  • M’aiq

    Do not worry sister.

    There is nothing awful waiting for you down those stairs.

    You are not in the midst of a raging fire in the waking world.

    Also, you’re not pregnant.

    M’aiq strikes again.

    • prequeladventure.com

      Don’t hold me to this but i was pretty sure that is imposible seeing how she has only had encounters with an ork and a humanish person. I’m pretty sure it would have to be with another kaghit for that to happen. Havent really looked into it but i remember the fan art “imposible cross spicies children”

      • mind f***

        Whoa… how did that even happen? I could have sworn that wasnt what i entered in the name box

      • Ch’marr

        OMG… the website is ALIVE! How could that be? I haven’t even completed 10% of that particular module yet.

        import soul

        Oh right. Python.

        • xKiv

          I actually tried it.
          My installation of python is soulless ):

          • Ch’marr

            instead, try: “import antigravity”

            or even “from __future__ import braces”

          • xKiv

            I like the levity, but that’s still no substitute for soul :-:

  • That last panel, nice scripting. Just nice, colour me impressed.
    At first I was wondering how’d you do it with .gifs, so I inspected it, and found out you’re using javascript to move images around that’re floating over a static .gif.
    That’s ingenious.

  • FireHeart

    Why must bad things happen to such an adorable khajiit? 🙁

  • Dan

    The last frame reminds me of PewDiePie and Stephano.

  • Dynablade

    Just noticed how awesome that last panel is.

    The stairs change their height as you scroll up or down.


    • Scout

      Just tried clicking the mouse wheel to get a smooth scroll over the last panel. Amazed once again.

      • Zerithos

        Good scouting, Scout.

    • Jit

      You just blew my mind. No really. That’s a very subtle and awesome detail.

      ….How did Kaz do it? I’m really curious.

  • Dagoth purr

    Katia: dont forget to toggle TGM!

    • Zerithos

      She’s already invincible- she’s too awesome to be killed, like a lot of main characters.
      The problem with this argument for me is that in the past, I’ve posted that she really probably isn’t the main character of Oblivion and that the real one probably isn’t even here.

      • theplunderking

        Doesn’t hurt that she is a kid either, kids dont die in bethseda games… SO SHE IS GOD!

        • The riddler

          plus she can’t die because she’s herself from the past, if she was to die now, katia from the present would seize to exist, this creating a whole in the. Space time continuum! Or… Just wake her up.

          • Rambo Dash

            Thanks to you guys, Kaz is most likely going to make Kid-Katia die in the most horrible, painful, bloodiest fashion he can imagine.

        • Massie

          Reminds me of EA and ME3…

  • Massie

    If you would look more at the very end of this part, you would see that it’s not stairs. You have to scroll down to the end of this part and you will see that the blocks will make a straight way, not a stairway. In the animation, you just see how the stairs build up with the time passing/page scrolling down. Only we have the ability to manipulate time, by scrolling back. Katia does not have this ability.

    • Trevor

      Wow someone finally understands that they aren’t stairs

  • Doggod101

    Woah hold on the steps are affected by scrolling the page….HOW DID YOU MAKE IT DO THAT!? <My immediate reaction

  • theplunderking

    I remember that comment a while back about the guy who couldn’t check prequel cause he was camping… smart phone ftw… unless there is a flash game 0_o

  • tronn

    Yay! No monsters under the bed!
    Also: this comic has one of the best stair-based special effects of all MSPAs

  • accbar

    Holy 3D effects batman

  • Derp

    I’m seriously impressed by that last panel. It totally caught me off guard.

  • Duhastas

    DMITRI–> Be a Lich. You know you want to be a Lich.

  • asdf

    So, i just read till Katia gets away from the ruins where she fought the imps, and i have to ask, does it get any better?
    I really like the artwork, and the story telling is wonderfull, but i just cant handle heroes i like being shat on by life 24/7, 356 days a year. So, should i keep reading or just cut my losses?

    • asdf


      • Ch’marr

        Nono, I think 356/365 days is about the right ratio!

    • Ransom

      it actually gets much. Better from there for a surprisingly long time.


      Then it gets worse! Then we get a crowning moment of awesome for Katia, followed immediately by “OH CRAP!!!”

      Hope that helps.

    • Ikearat

      Tough call. On the whole, the comic is worth the “ups and downs”. If you are sugject to stress-out waiting for and reading Katia’s trials… It might be a good idea to monitor your emotional state before opening the shortcut in your favorites 🙂
      I’m hooked really bad. I read and re-read the comic and comments for too much. Call it a form of obsession or perhaps a hobby!
      I suggest padding your doses of Prequel with other comics and reading only when you are the master of your mental state.

      • panoz

        listen to the rat but seriously dont read anything past the visit to the mages guild …. infact stop when you reach the first page of her inside the mages guild then wait for say 2 more months then we will be at another peak.

        the animations are awesome and the story is good but remember oblivion starts out with the hero in prison and as the name of the comic states …..

      • panoz

        besides most heros are heros because they were shat on in life and want t change that for everyone else. You rarely get if ever a superman, all you do get is a bunch of people who see problems and do nothing since they are not effected. you may get a few that do something but not much. Then you get heros poeple in the world of problems who continually get the short end of the stick and hate it so much they want to make sure nobody else gets the same short stick.

    • Trance

      “i just cant handle heroes i like being shat on by life”

      You should make an effort to handle it, because Prequel really is a great story. Put more focus on the quality of the narrative than on the comfort level of the protagonist.

    • EvilBinturong

      Heroes don’t usually get to be heroes by having 24/7/365 awesome times.

  • Sparkz

    Aaaaaahhhhh scrolling levitating moving stairs! Mind = blown

    • Sparkz

      AAAAAH THE STARS MOVE TOO! My mind can’t handle this.
      (Click the mouse wheel down to get a smooth scroll!)

  • theplunderking

    I was almost sure i felt that kind if disturbance you feel when there is an update… must be somewhere else
    Katia: stand at the top of the steps for a week
    But seriously those steps 0_o

  • Necrolichmon

    As a voice in your head, I have seen you try many things and have never given up hope on you. You may fall, you may fail, but the voice will always be here for you. You are young now, this is a dream, you can control it. You might not believe it is a dream or you might with this is the past, but you must move forward. Walk down the stairs and find yourself, find a way out. You are asleep in a well contained stone oven that is cooking things in there. You must wake up.

    • Massie

      Put that in the thread… what you already did. I see what you did there.

  • Chet Betera

    At first I thought that the javascript for this was just a simple left to right thing. But after looking more closely at the ‘pleasestandbythem.js’ and seeing the stairs move up and down depending on where you’re scrolling (you can thank my habit of using ‘pgdown’ for that stupidity); the ‘function windowheight’ made a lot more sense.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but;
    The ‘function windowheight’ Finds the height of the window and then the ‘jQuery(window).scroll’ asks where I’m scrolling and adjusts the position of the steps and motes relative to that. Correct? And the ‘function wiggles’ is the one which actually makes them move from side to side. Correct?

    • Ch’marr

      That’s correct, yep. It’s fortunate that the side movement is independent of the vertical scroll movement, so the two can be controlled independently… which might not be true in other circumstances. Still a learning experience for me 🙂

  • IndigoNeko

    I was totally tripping balls when I saw that stairs effect.

    Kazerad, you’re amazing, and it has nothing to do with your mad scripting and flash skills. Please keep up with Prequel Adventure! I know it takes you time, but it’s hands down my favorite comic on the internet, and I’ve seen a LOT of comics.If I had any spare money, I’d happily donate it to help compensate you for the time you put into this. Thank you!

  • Alexander

    before you go forward prepare your mind. Prepare for what might come. You now step into the shoes of a warrior. What you might think of a warrior is that he is strong, fearsome and with big armour.

    That a warrior might be, and those skills you might not have and neither an armour. But your fast, no denying it. If your to take full advantage of your speed you need to know what to do. you have to have initiative. See the enemy before you, the king. prepare yourself mentally to fight.

    Also a warrior has no use of a doll, do not think that the doll will keep you safe. Do not either think that hiding will help, bring what can defeat any nightmare, light and hope. Leave the doll and bring the lamp instead.

    • Alexander

      sorry wrote this text in wrong place.

  • DEElekgolo

    Get the pillow case and use it as a hood before you leave!

  • Kizzla

    Katia: pinch yourself. Seriously.

  • Kizzla

    Please can something hopeful happen here?

    Failing that, could we have Katia get drunk again?

  • Trevor

    take more time to stare at those steps because 9 days wasn’t enough

  • crazyredemu

    Those stairs don’t have a hand rail so be carful.

  • Rah-jee

    Nothing else for it, ma’kahjiit: take a deep breath and journey forward.

  • woundedkneecap

    I’d close the forum… things got weird by the end of page 39…

    • xKiv

      The thread is still open? What does that say about the state of Kazerad (who promised to close it few hours/days after update)?

    • Wolligepoes

      woundedkneecap! 😀 we met on Reddit

      • woundedkneecap


  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Since those steps lead into the screen, you don’t need to worry about falling — you’ll just land on the series of tubes that is the Internet.

  • billy

    hey Kaz whats the timeframe for an update?

  • the plunderking

    Hey anybody know who that is in the title block for prequel? Is it katia? It doesnt look like it, that kaghiit has armor and a cape. Just kinda wondering who thats supposed to be : /

    • TheNight-Boar

      That, would be the “king” demon thing from the first dream. It’s a form it assumed whilst she hid in the other command box

  • Michelle

    Hmm.. I didn’t notice the first time reading this, but I like how the toys make a shadow of a crown and she gets all sad. I’m assuming she’s either part of royalty or something of the sort (and she doesn’t like it/hates being reminded of it).. or she just has issues with them because of an unknown reason.

  • TheNight-Boar

    It’s time you moved on, don’t you think? The longer you stay, and the more you wait, the worse things may become…so venture forth child. Lets see what the fates have in store, shall we?

  • ok this my first comment on this amazing story, after seeing it does people say what they think should happen? or just what they think of each page?

    cause I think this is just amazing and if your mind work how I thinking it works then after this dream, she might find herself waking up in her friend’s bed like she found her perhaps, and she no idea how to thank her and some where she end up kissing her XD

    but really this is just amazing story ^^

    • Ch’marr

      One uses the link to the MSPA forums to make “subconcious suggestions” for Katia (or other characters as they might appear), and uses these comment boxes to just post commentary about the story or the particular installment.

      And, yes, you’ll see people posting suggestions here, because they can’t read. Or perhaps they can read but because they see everyone else doing it, they do it to: after all, following the lemmings off the cliff is far safer than heeding the “dangerous cliff” sign, right? 🙂

      (And, yes, I know the whole lemmings thing is a disney crock 😉 )

      • Weaselsmasher

        There is a “Comment” link next to each episode, but not a “suggestion” link.

        People can read, but they can’t read what’s not there. You have a user-interface problem, not a user-problem.

        • Whimbrel

          Click me~

          ~Whimbrel ~◕ w◕~

          • Ch’marr

            Me too!

            Chris’s rule #1: people do not read signs.

            We could put up a huge flashing dialogue box that says “If you were trying to post a suggestion to katia, press [this button] and we’ll take you to the MSPA forum thread and auto insert the suggestion for you… you’ll just need to make sure you’re logged in, etc, and press “submit” and people will still post it here, since they see everyone else doing it 🙂

            Following the herd is a far more powerful motive force than following instruction.

            I’ve made a bunch of suggestions to Kaz anyway, and he’d rather not “bolt down” things more than they are…. for better or worse.

      • panoz

        Ch’marr: I think those are called ID-10T errors.

        • Ch’marr

          Or PEBKAC ?

          • panoz

            that is where most problems do lie

  • Ulysses S. Grant

    Am I imagining things, or isn’t Kvatch burnt down once you get there in Oblivion?
    Then again, that might have been the oblivion gate or something. Did Daedra cause the fire or something then?

    By the way, I just caught up and this adventure is really great. Uhhh, way to go Kazerad!

  • Is it just me, or is there a new header image for the website?

  • Trance

    So Kaz, have you abandoned the practice of closing the suggestions thread a few days after an update? Or are you still waiting for the right suggestions to be posted?

    • Kazerad

      I wouldn’t say I’ve completely given up on closing the thread, I’m just seeing if I can leave it open for a while without it veering unimaginably off-course. This last update is taking a while and I figure keeping the thread open will be less confusing to any new readers who show up in the (ample) interim.

      • kaz to get people to submit commands in the commands area just apply a bit of css to:

        menu-item-557 and the links its containing

        font-size: 30px;
        font-weight: 900;
        color: red;

        and nobody can ignore it especially after you make it flash at around 17 epileptic inducing hz

      • Trance

        Re-reading this reply, I smell an upcoming flash section.

        I might be wrong. But that’s the impression this comment gives me.

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    • xKiv

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    • Michelle

      I lol’d.

      Don’t worry, friend! She shall be cured soon enough!

    • panoz

      Well I think kaz is raking in the effect of the last panel till the bitter end just like Lucas does with big films.

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    Its been 12 days now meaning something big’s coming

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    re-read the page listening to “hello” from karmin. and now kitty Katia is a rapper from Nebraska.
    pointless fat stated, i’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what comes next Kazerad, but please don’t kill the kitty.

    • Atari O.gen

      pointless “fact”. let the fat alone.

  • Ch’marr

    Oh god, Dawnguard has been released. You know what this means, don’t you?


      Unless if I’m mistaken that means nothing because events in Skyrim happen 200 years after Oblivion’s events take place.

      • Chet Betera

        Or it could mean that Kaz has been sucked back into the world of Skyrim; and all that entails.

        • Ch’marr


          But I’ve tried my best to infect his computer with a virus that removes all references to Dawnguard from email, web pages and IM.

          Just like when you type your password, it comes up as ******* … right? 🙂

          • old school hacking at its best.

            Hackers tool kit: lots of charm and balls
            use: call up unsuspecting bank managers and tell them you need to do a software update.

            only problem with that virus is you will know what the stars are when they show up.

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    I think I know what happend to Kazerad. (Correct me if I’m wrong Kaz)
    He bought Dawnguard sometime in the past 2 weeks and booted it up in an attempt to begin the Dawnguard questline. But due to varying circumstances he was unable to progress very far – probably to to lack of motivation/ too many sidequests – and reverted back to playing TF2. Real-life circumstances have not been considered, so it is entirely possible that a relative died and he had to go to her/his funeral.

    • Chet Betera

      Also, what in God’s blue name is a Solly?

      • Uzi_Man

        Maybe its the username of the person who created that thing..

    • dude

      Dawnguard does not have too many side quests.I assume it is like the civil war quests and that it is basically the same on both side ie. go here and stop the vampires from getting the Elder scroll and vice versa. I’m a PS3 user and i have a PC but it sucks so I can’t play Skyrim on PC though I have it.

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    Young Ja’Khajiit. Go down these steps and see what is down there. Maybe it’s a person that might help. Or maybe it’s that BITCH SIGRID!!! FUCKING BURN HER TO DEATH!!

  • The Gods

    I know that your prolly not gonna read this. I know you’ve got lots of other replies to go through, and that there are hundreds of other threads that destiny weaves.


    My little Katia, You slumber in the house of the Nine Divines. You have defeated your demon. You are the hero and I am so proud of you, even in this dream. I know it’s silly, but you are blessed right now.

    You’re the lowest you’ve been, in a day that could have only gone worse if you had died earlier, and even then it might have been better.

    But you’re also rising up. Follow this path little child. Find out your destiny. Know that everything will be alright. You may have been tricked into abandoning everything, but you can get another response in the morrow. Explain what happened to the poor shopkeep. He’ll give you a new letter. You can get a new set of robes and join a different mages guild. You have a true friend waiting back in the waking world. But for now little girl.

    Be the hero.
    And let the might of The Nine Divines illuminate you, and fight off the cruelty of the Queen of Tricks.

    Good Luck.

    • Uzi_Man

      Wow, you’re REALLY into this story.

      • Shadowscale

        maybe a little bit too onto it you realize she’s not real right? and if you want to text within a context that she is real hit up the command forums hell your poem/speech might even get used.

        • Reck

          I do, She’s pretty cool though as a character goes. I tried to but the whatcha calls it won’t send me a activation link so i’m kind just sitting here being mopey about not being able to command anything.

          This is the part where I put a happy face in.


          • Reck

            Also there was the part where I kind of posted this in what is the wee hours of the morning for me… while maybe a little heavy on the magic juicy-juice, and I didn’t know this was the place where you talk about what a great story it is, not where you tell her to do things, or that that was even a place. This is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for me from the past.

        • andwhyisit

          Katia is a subset of Kaz’s mind. Kaz is real, therefore Katia is.

          Philosophy FTW! 😛

          • Reck

            Oh yeah, That is cool with me I guess. But not really. Because depression. Also I’m sure everyone and their mother realized this, but I am so full of rage that I can’t commands in the forum.

            If I could, I would tell Katia to throw that necklace thing away. It’s a Magical Device. She absorbs magic. Every time it stopped a spell, it released magic, that she absorbed, untill she had taken in more magic then it could stop, and every time it tried to stop that magic with a bigger burst of magic, she absorbed it, untill she was full charged.

            That’s why she could cast through it, and had SO MUCH MAGIC when attacking the door as it started raining.

            Also all my tears.

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      • Trevor

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      • Kazerad

        Aww, they’re not usually half a month. Sometimes (all the time) I just run into something way more complicated than I anticipated.

        • theplunderking

          The story is generally worth the wait, just the recent updates have been slow. I can understand seeing all the effort that has been in the last updates, but I’ve never been very good at waiting (when i pay attention to somthing anyway) don’t worry i’m to drawn into the story by now to leave. For better or worse i guess : /

        • woot hes alive …. we don’t need to tazer him …. but since I thought you may have died I was going to break in and take your tv could I still break in and take your tv …. I even have a creepy I-steal-your-sh!t van to make it look authentic ….. 73 econoline with the mexican block 302 slightly tuned to snap drive shafts like so many twigs.

        • and what kind of difficult? story block or code block? …. because creating a 3d katia bust in webkit would be cool but …. actually if you are creating the prequel to oblivion in webkit and js please continue.

          html5 css3 driving ie shares further towards the ignorable 10% usage statistic …. ahhhhhh 🙂

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    After the dream scene, will any of the older characters return, like Gro-Upp and Dmitri (yeah, sure he got his throat slit, but he’s a necromancer. Necromancers are kind of prone to being attacked by random adventurers wandering into their caves, so wouldn’t they plan ahead of time?)? And that orc still needs to get some (preferably fiery) justice. It could be a good way to give Katia back some confidence. >:)

  • Peterdivine

    I just noticed: If you look closely at Katia’s eyes while she’s swinging the sword, you can see the wall marks through them. They’ve not been colored over.

    Katia doesn’t have silhouettes of of eyes… SHE HAS NO EYES AT ALL.


    • TheTurnipKing

      She has eyes. They’re outside of her head, and we’re on the inside.

  • A French Follower

    Pretty fuckin’ amazing fanwork (I’ve read the entire story this night). Character’s psychology and passive are very interesting and original, and the psychological tricks (tortures ?) are awesome ! Some good imagination, here !

    Waiting for the next chapter, but take the time you need, Kazerad. We want it as awesome as the others !

    • wow your a real french person in france?

      wow the electrons that were used in your post went slightly farther than mine. if you don’t get the joke look up how far an electron travels through metal, then you need to look up alternating current vs direct current, you will also need to know the the frequency of the ac current is in the us and france, after gaining all this knowledge that you will probably never use again you will be able to truly get the joke.

  • Dark Thoughts

    The cat who broke the bottle.
    Who ran in unending flame.
    Now sits before a dark stairway.
    To where she does not know.

    Go down the steps, Kat.

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        • Kaze’aze

          Indeed, although it’s hard and cloudy with all these Grand Chase kids ganging up on and killing me everyday.

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