Jul 142012

Ransom wrote:
Relax, you’re dreaming, which means you’re unconscious. Whatever happens in the dream at least you’re not burning in real life.

Kamach wrote:
[…]You look somehow… smaller.

Jukashi wrote:
Ah, good! Unless I am mistaken, it’s time for more catharsis with a journey into the mind, or possibly soul, therefore allowing some sort of supernatural metaphysical whatsitsnots. Perhaps we shall learn something today, Katia. Now! You are likely afraid. Good! Fear is healthy. Like all emotions, fear is an adviser, perhaps not in full possession of facts, but loyal. Fear has saved you, once or twice. Fear is trying to tell you something; whether you follow up is up to you, but you should listen. Do not fight your fear, Katia. We’ve seen it doesn’t work. Likely, you are also feeling much too tired to fight. You are asleep; this time should be for you to regain strength. Let your fear in, if it comes. Hold it inside yourself, pay close attention to how it feels. It is your friend, ugly and uncomfortable though it is, and if you just keep an eye on it, know when to let it help and when to push on without it – while still keeping it under observation – it will be an asset. This is your mind. Fear is a part of your mind – a large part, you must admit! So you should not be surprised to meet it here. And while you invite it along with you on your journey, see what else you can find. Perhaps you can discover a lot about yourself.

DanielChico wrote:
There was a hole in your chest the last time you were in that dream. Double check if there is no holes in your body.

thatmedicisaspy wrote:
Look around.

CaptainBluee808 wrote:
[…]You should use Nighteye and see if you can get a sense of where you are.

Vins wrote:
[…]Instead of using your night vision, try litting a nearby torch, or just have a fireball as one. I have a bad feeling about letting the darkness be.

StevePotluck wrote:
What do you see around you this time[…]?

  • Ikearat

    Thank you Kazerad, thank you very much!

    • Wolligepoes

      Agreed bro! There are, and there will always be people who are thankful for updates, no matter how long they take. Cheers bud! And cheers Kaz!

      • Macinsoup

        At least we’ll be able to see into her tormented past now. It’s always nice when a relationship with a character and a reader grows.

        • Wolligepoes

          Agreed. I know what you mean, I am pretty attached to her.

          • Ikearat

            Yes, me too.
            Wish I had more to say than “me too” πŸ™‚

          • Dragon

            I wish I had more to say than “me too” too.

    • Thornclaw

      HHOOOOOOORAY! update. I gasped when I saw it. πŸ˜›

  • Owenman91


  • Ellert

    Oh, are we getting a sneak peak into her childhood? If so then that’s awesome.

    • Ikearat

      You beat me to the childhood idea πŸ™‚

    • Yep, all signs point to that being her room in the castle before her family had to move!

      Also, kid Katia with braids? So adorable! (Pity something horrible is bound to happen shortly…)

      • Thornclaw

        I love the braids! maybe it will be ok. maybe. πŸ™‚

      • Silverwolf711

        It was the braids that made me realize this was her past, maybe even childhood.

        • Thornclaw

          I didn’t notice for a while.

  • Ikearat

    Are those braids?
    Has she lost her attractive build, to be replaced with a night shirt?
    And is she missing a tooth?
    Perhaps a childhood Katia?
    I suspect something of a mix, kid-Katia and adult taking into account the (ouch) painful looking attempt in using Nighteye.
    I predicted eye-candy, I could never have foreseen this interesting development… Love those eyes πŸ™‚

    • Thornclaw

      LOL! me too. I felt sorry for her in the night-eye scene. me thinks she will see her parents. maybe.

    • Kenneth

      I was about to say the same. It looks like she is missing a fang. Maybe a “baby fang”? I’m guessing because of that, the fact that she appears smaller and more girlish and the pigtails, that she may be dreaming about a time when she was young.

      • Thornclaw

        Definatly, my friend.

    • ChasingWagons

      I thought that I might be a pervert that only noticed women’s figures, but I didn’t notice that Katia “lost her attractive build” until I read your post. I am kind of disappointed in myself now. :'(

      • Thornclaw

        nevermind. I’m sure you have some other perversion that makes up for it. πŸ™‚

  • bokkun

    very nice update.

    she seems to be in a castle… our katia is a princess :3

    • Darkness

      Fear of herself? Plot twists galore!

    • Nah, she’s just the child of the servants. :/

    • Dragon

      How deliciously ironic…

  • patrick

    this shall be quite interesting.

  • Ah. A flashback. Papa Akatosh is the God of Time, after all. I see what you^H^H He did there…

    • ArcaneMonkey


  • booty_phantasm

    A peek into Katia’s fabled life as a cub? Time to meet the perverted half-man, quarter hag-bitch that decides to turn her from innocent girl to whore of the world. A few less panels this week but I’m sure your gnawed claw was busy lathering up your crow shank legs for the tragedy you’re prepared to gouge out from this lowly child’s chest like a barbed, blood tipped knife returning to a familiar shelf, sled casually back in, fitting like a glove because you’re a maestro of monsters too gooped up on swine creme, you sweltering shack of nasty. I’m actually willing to wager you had this “succulent” misery written since the beginning, probably the only reason this story exists at all.

    I already know your update for next year. Throw in some abusive parents and a cat licking king. Your signature lack of depth. Shallow as a puddle of discolored spit, oozing out from between your curled up, burning teeth and melted, putrid jaw. I’d ask you to treat her nicely but I’m sure your avatar is ready to slurp out of the shadows and hang above her like a curtain made out of nightmares and children’s screams. I really do not expect much else from you at this point. She’s probably already dead in the church. This is probably hell, for both her and the unfortunate reader who stumble upon this story. You’ve got me here, Kazerad, but I’m not sitting back and keeping quiet when you decide to fill the room with cat-eating goblins. We want a good story, not your autobiography.

    • Lerigonith

      Not sure if wins at failing, or fails at winning.
      Wonderful post though, I enjoy your colorful diction. Completely and utterly hyperbolic to an almost sickening degree, it reminds me of some James Joyce work that I read awhile back. Take that as a complement or not, I’m not sure how I mean it.
      But yes, it’s time to make Katia cry again, I’m glad you could join us. The fact is, I’m absolutely certain that Kazerad not only has no need for killing off something he’s put so much work into. I believe the story arc has been entertaining, dark when it needed to be, and perfectly good at capturing what it must be like to break free of a depressing life. A good reader is patient, and a good author chooses the right time to make their protagonist shine.
      She came to a new land as a peniless nobody, and anyone who expected her to become an incredible hero in a few days is expecting way too much.
      Seriously though, booty, do you write these comments off the cuff? It’s pretty decent work if you do. You have some minor errors, and you cram too much detail in ways that would leave most readers in a tizzy. Either way, I’ll look forward to reading your comments as the story progresses.

      • booty_phantasm

        I write whatever emotional afflictions Kazerad’s updates coil out of my sanity sense and I mark it down as soon as I’m done reading the updates, whenever they choose to appear. He really needs to see an immediate response and a quick whip in the ego before the perpetual praises come sliding out of his lambs’ gullets. I didn’t know there were some errors though. I’ll have to double check myself. I will say some good of this shoe-less bard’s internet comic before he strikes at his razor string harp again. He made little Katia very cute. I did enjoy the animation very much. If possible, I’d like it if he didn’t see this comment. You know how he gets.

        • Lerigonith

          Don’t worry about the errors, I can find them in any work, because I believe there is no perfection. There is no proof, at best there is only lack of disproof that can be enhanced by further advancements in observation. It’s a belief based off the scientific process.
          On a different note, I honestly think Kaz likes keeping you around to some degrees. He could just nuke all of your comments if he really wanted to, after all. I believe every creator has some degree of shame in the back of their head, the clawing notion that it could be better somehow, that they could have done something different. I feel like you are a reinforcement of that voice.
          I don’t agree with all you have to say, but I can give you praise for being of the rare case of internet dweller that posts comments in full grammatical coherence. That’s alll I really have to say about that.

          • booty_phantasm

            And I have read all you had to say. Quiet good, I thank you. I try my best to reinforce coherence in all text-based communications, following the Bruce Lee philosophy of how one maintains themselves in one activity spreading throughout the others. I had hope Kazerad was willing to tolerate me enough to not delete my comments and slice my tongue, he needs to hear what I have to say. But him actually enjoying me? I hope he doesn’t take me for mere merriment.

            I did, perhaps, go too far with one comment and he deleted it. It was just a fleeting, angered bafflement at someone’s confusion about the thing Kazerad describes as a plot. My dimmest hour, which is still bright for some apparently.

          • R.Yin

            I won’t go into any long winded post, but I am compelled to say this.

            You are one of the single most entertaining people to read here. Not for entertainment alone, but because despite sometimes harsh words, you convey your opinion honestly, and it’s nice to see the Devils advocate compared to just blind praise all the time.

            Do continue to push against the rivers flow.

          • Redacted

            I hardly see how anyone could view your posts as anything but entertainment. They’re too “insulting” to be taken as legitimate criticism, and they’re too off-the-wall to even be considered legitimately insulting. You seem upset that the story has a bit too much Deus Angst Machina (and it does!), but that’s pretty much all I’m getting from your (admittedly delightful) harangues.

            It’s fun to read but it isn’t productive. Sound and fury, you know.

            I can totally appreciate that you don’t want to coddle Kazerad, but this just doesn’t seem like the proper way to go about it.

    • andy610

      I adore your creativity with words to make such amazing and entertaining criticism for all to read, though not to highly agreed upon(by me) I still see what you said as a very interesting statement.

  • cake


    • Mr cake

      Nice?NICE?!This is goddamn AWESOME!But your opinion i guess

      • Thornclaw

        I nearly said that.

  • Ransom

    I’ll admit, I smiled at seeing my command used for the first time, and the opening one too! And for such an update as this.

    A flashback to her childhood, it seems. Is she still thinking as an adult, or is this one of those dreams you see in fiction where the character reenacts scenes from their past more literally, and she’s dreaming as a child herself?

    Perhaps this is the first dream with the king? Or a dream from before the royal nightmares started.

    • Lerigonith

      I definitely believe her mindset is stuck as a child. Maybe this is more of a vision from the Nine, disguised as a dream. As one of the previous readers sharply commented, Akatosh is God of Time. Of course you probably noticed how she seems very confused by her adult conscious talking to her, and childishly points to her mouth when the conscious asks to look for holes.
      I’m thinking this will be a semi-reinactment. She has her adult conscious talking to her, which will help her a lot. But the voices in the back of her mind will have to be more careful at how they word things to such a young mind. This shall be very, very interesting.

      • Ransom

        I did actually ponder if I should reword my commands based on that idea.

    • Thornclaw

      I noted it was your command that was put in! I recognized you. πŸ˜›

      • Ransom

        It’s nice to be recognized. Thanks!

        • Thornclaw

          <3 LOL

  • Vins

    Yay, my first suggestion that makes it to Katia’s fuzzy ears! \o/
    Also, I thought it was kinda creepy the way you made her shake her head in the second panel. Something felt off, just saying ΒΊAΒΊ

    … Tell the truth, the braids come from a fanart, am I right? πŸ˜›

    • Kazerad

      The braids were inspired by a fanart piece by Lexicon, which was in turn inspired by Katia saying she had braids when she was younger! It is like a giant cycle of inspiration.

      • Wolligepoes

        Just don’t get too inspired by the pervy fanart. It’d be inappropiate, are you aware that people even make porn from various webcomics? Including prequel!

        • theplunderking

          you know that rule everyone has made about the kvatch mages guild? yeah, this is where we apply it to the real world. do we agree to never speak of “that” again?

          • Wolligepoes

            Yeah we do man! We’ll leave it for the weirdos… On places and times where we don’t notice it. Then again, everyone should have it his (or her?) way, and we should still respect it. I
            Mean come on! The humiliation video’s are a lot worse!

          • theplunderking

            Yeah i see what your saying, i don’t have anything against people who like the stuff, i have a friend who told me he likes that kind of stuff and he’s a really nice guy. People shouldn’t be judged by somthing they can’t control… still wierd to me, but it takes all diffrent kinds right?

      • Vins

        Really? Hum… welp, shame on me for not remembering she said that. -_-
        Maybe it’s a sign I should read Prequel back from the start all over again. ΒΊAΒΊ

        • Thornclaw

          if so then I do too. O__O

      • Thornclaw

        KAZ! I love you.

        • Wolligepoes

          Don’t we all!?

          • Thornclaw

            we should. we probably do.

          • That guy who isn’t Zerithos

            …i’ll just run away now.

          • Thornclaw

            you dislike her? You’d better run, this Khajiit ain’t soft!

    • Graknorke

      The thing that looked off was probably how her head went from looking straight down to straight at the reader, with no transition inbetween. It took me a while of looking to figure out why it seemed a bit unnatural.

      • Thornclaw


  • The Plan

    It looks like a child’s bedroom. A messy unmade bed, a shelf with some toys, and a wooden sword. Katia, is this your room? Was this your room when you were young?

    • Thornclaw

      It looks like my bedroom. O__O It’s scary.

  • Da Beard

    She’s in a castle.
    As a kid.

    When she was young, she developed her fear of royalty and couldn’t sleep, and her family had to move out of the castle and resented her for it.
    We’re either going to see a glimpse of her getting that fear, her family, a sleepless night, or watch our young Kahjiit (remember, she wasn’t Katia back then) get horribly mauled in one of her nightmares.

    Fun fun!

    • Thornclaw

      FUN?! FUN?! Your crazy.

      <3 I like that….

  • Woolytop

    Ya know, that fourth image where she points at her mouth is actually really terrifying if you take it out of context.

    • Thornclaw

      yeah…. O__O

      • Zerithos

        It reminds me of an icanhazcheezburger thing where there’s this bird that says ‘get in mah belleh!’ or some such.
        Also I fail at typing since I haven’t used my comp in two weeks.

        • Thornclaw

          LOL! I just fail at typing. I have no excuses.
          except to become popular, and noticed.

  • Lexicon

    Am I allowed to feel like my fan drawing of young Katia contributed to what she looks like now? If so, I’m quite happy! =^_^=

    • Kazerad

      You are totally allowed, because it did. A lot of people have recognized it (including Vins, up above in this very comment section).

      • lexicon

        E-heh, sorry for not reading the comments more carefully before posting, I was just so very excited! <3

        • Thornclaw

          me too, but I fail at comments. -__-

  • booty lover

    Booty_phantasm’s comments extraordinarily creative and in some way insightful. please Kazerad, don’t delete his post.

    • Kazerad

      D= man what is it with people assuming I delete posts right and left? For the most part you guys take care of yourselves, and when I do edit something it’s usually all obvious like “Don’t threaten other users! -Kazerad“.

      • booty lover

        oh, sorry >_>

        • Kazerad

          No, it’s fine, I’m just surprised how common this belief is. I guess other webcomic authors really patrol their comments or something?

          • Harlander

            If I got repeated posts comparing my moral fibre to infantigenociding septic-tank algae on the basis of something I put a lot of effort into for free, I might get a bit twitchy with the banhammer, personally.

            On the other hand, I’ve always been a bit thin-skinned.

          • CW

            Fortunately, Kaz has an extensive sense of humor and is totally 0k with that, if i dont miss my guess.

            I might, though. Meh.

          • Zerithos

            Anybody who doubts Kaz’s sense of humor, there was a post a looong time ago that was just one of those ‘first’ comments, and he sent it (I think it was) two days into the future.

      • wolf

        I’ve only seen him delete one outright once, and I’ve been here long enough that I’m pretty sure he really doesn’t want to delete comments.

  • Axel

    Reading these comments has suddenly given me the nasty thought that we’re about to see young Katia get horribly molested.

    Please, please don’t show young Katia getting horribly molested.

    • Lerigonith

      It would explain her fear of royalty, and make an extremely gripping plot turn. However, her adult self not remembering it would show signs of a falic belief in repressive memory, which most of us who have anything remotely to do with Psychology don’t believe in. I mean it’s a good plot tool, it just doesn’t happen in real life that we’ve been able to observe.
      In all seriousness, it did strike my mind too while I read this page, and all I have to say is… No… Just… No…

    • theplunderking

      no… don`t go there kaz, just please… don`t go there. you can do ANYTHING else and i will not say a thing for the rest of my life, just please… don`t go there

    • Owenman91

      Don’t worry, everyone. If you remember the monologue in the Dining scene, Katia herself said that the memories didn’t come from molestation. Besides, I really doubt that a fantasy humor comic could go THAT dark. Maybe she witnesses some noble killing a bunch of innocent Khajiits, or something. Either that or some disgruntled noble wise in magic puts a spell on her.

      • Lerigonith

        Or maybe it is sexual. Like she walks in on the King and her mother. I don’t know why I’m gravitating towards it being sexuality, it’s just that we know Katia was er…Free spirited when she was younger and sitll is when she is drinking. Maybe it could have somehow resulted from traumatic reflection?
        Just wild speculation, but still would be another interesting thing.
        Also, wasn’t Khajit slavery big in Tamriel for awhile? I know it was in Vvardenfell.

  • TheTurnipKing

    Seeing a fresh update is always a moment of glee

  • You’re obviously dead, you’ve just awoken to purgatory.

    • Thornclaw


  • FireHeart

    Uh oh, this must be when she was younger. And that thing in the castle with the king happened.

    • Thornclaw

      oh dear, I hadn’t thought of that.

    • PTF

      It certainly looks like a flashback. Notice the toys around the room and the fact Katia has braided hair.

      • Thornclaw

        yeah, everyone is saying that. O__O LOL

    • Zerithos


  • Pinto

    YEAH UPDATE!!!!!

  • DragonRider347ha

    Hey! Little Katia! Will we get to see why she’s afraid of royalty?!

  • Cyph

    Holy crap I knew she looked younger!! Called it ha

    • Cyph

      and isn’t she just adorable

  • Succubus

    With a camera angle that seems to be in a doorway, and seeing there are no other entery points into the room… well, this might be interesting.

    Oh and dont we all just <3 lil katia?

  • SuperGnome

    Asses the room.

    Get the sword.

    Play with those action figures on the shelf.

  • Pew446

    The second frame has pupils but no other frame..

    • R.Yin

      I believe that was done to express the fact that she actually is responding to us. That scene might not have the same meaning without the eyes to show where she is looking. Which is hard to convey with the entire eyeless thing.

  • DanielChico

    Amazing! Just amazing. I was losing interest in the story, when suddenly: childhood memories! Amazing!
    I’ll be watching the unfolding story with great interest, but I’ll stop trying to type commands. I feel ashamed. I guess I don’t know how to do this.

  • tronn

    Aw man, young Katia looks adorable with her pigtails! I have a creeping feeling of impending doom that this dream sequence will be heartbreaking, which is kinda strange – I have no trouble with adult Katia getting piled on with constant punishment (in fact I enjoy seeing her cry, it’s the very reason I read this comic) but it wouldn’t be fun now, at all, when she’s just a kid. Go figure.

    • R.Yin

      I think it’s because as an adult she does have the power to change things and the trouble that cause things, especially bad things. But not so much as a child.

      So it stops being funny when it’s a kid.

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Huzzah! Update! I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

    BTW, excellent job with the nightvision animation.

  • John Andre Butler

    Last panel, in the window as the room is brightening. There was a flash of something…

    • childhood katia ftw!

      Am I the only one who wants to see what Katia’s parents are like? I want to see what her childhood influences were, might help with future advice to her. As for the popular belief that Katia is a victim of childhood molestation… come on guys really? kaz has kept the site clean of that stuff for two years now. I don`t think i would encourage anything like that, and i also don`t think he would pull something that low. I mean come on even kaz has standards, and he can go so many different directions here that it would be disappointing to see it go down the “point to where on the doll…” direction… right 0_o?

      • John Andre Butler

        Somewhere in the earlier days, Katia said that she wished that she had an excuse for her phobia, like being molested by a king, but she never was. She just started having night terrors when she was 4, inexplicably.

  • Connorbug

    Ok, Kat, you appear to be inside your childhood bedroom. Stay calm. It’s just a dream. Why don’t you go and poke your head out that window and see what’s out there?

  • Atari O.gen

    ok kazerad, bring in the adorable kitty-katia.
    it will distract us from her eminent death.

  • ApocalypticCritic

    Can I just say that I really love the art used for these dream sequences? I mean, all of your art is really good, but these dream sequences look really ethereal and mysterious. It’s great.

    • ApocalypticCritic

      Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that little kid Katia is really adorable.

      • Atari O.gen

        kid katia or kitty katia is a miracle of the universe.

        • person


  • K’helt

    Kind of looks like she’s one of those princess’s stuck in a Tower guarded by a Dragon o.o
    Dovahkiin to the rescue?

  • Vanguard

    I never expected something like this, especially seeing an update with kid Katia (at least I think its Katia as a child), I wonder what happened to her braids…

    Anyway, its nice to another good update, keep up the good work Kaz.

    • xKiv

      > I wonder what happened to her braids…

      From page #84 (01 jun 2011):
      “You tell her that you usually have longer hair, you’re just still recovering from a razor accident a few months ago. You used to like braiding it, though!”

      • Vanguard

        Oh, I completely forgot about the razor accident! Well that answers my question. Now I wonder what she would look like now with her longer hair.

  • theplunderking

    i see a bed, and it is dark outside her window… INCEPTION!

  • The Slumbering Crocodile

    Short time reader, first time writer, and I’ve got to say, I love this comic — no, really, it’s excellent. However, I was wondering something. Now, I’ve read a lot of the discussion both here and on TVTropes, and it seems likely that Katia is the Future Champion of Cyrodill. Of course, there isn’t any explicit evidence but there’s a lot of implicit that seems to imply it with reasonable strength. Anyway, my point is, if Katia is the future CoC, does this mean she’s also a future Knight of the Nine, destined to stop the Ayleid Sorcerer-King Umaril from putting the smack-down on the Nine? And, more importantly, and the real reason I’m posting this comment, is Katia the future heir of Sheogorath? That would be awesomely weird. I mean, can you imagine Katia as the future Daedric Prince(ess?) of Madness? “Um, maybe bring me a lesser soul gem, a cabbage, and some yarn? Or I’ll rip out your eyes? If that’s okay with you maybe?” :3

    • Shazbot

      I’ve always thought that wouldn’t be the case. Things would make a lor more sense if she isn’t.

  • liogarus

    Oh god, this is so CUTE.
    Katia looks adorable! Also, this may be a peek into the reasons she dreams about evil kings.
    Color me exited.

  • Kai

    Oh dear, we are now going to get raped by some Hammerfell count or baron. Or…well, whoever could really be in need of a khajiit courtesan.

    • Corovaneer


  • M

    This is interesting, this seems to be Katia’s childhood. (In fact I once saw art (fanart I think) of little Katia with braids like this.)

    Maybe we can find out something about the mystery that’s Katia.

  • Phantom

    She’s missing a fang too, how cute.

  • Harry Potter

    I made the same face at Jukashi’s post.

    • Felidire

      and I made the same *point* – “Nnyaaaah” face in the next pane for no apparent reason. XP

  • Ger

    Love the third panel so much, that “What?” expression is so spot on.

    Wait… is she actually missing a tooth in any of the other pages?… Or did we even see her fangs before to begin with?

    • tronn

      Those are her baby fangs, we’ve seen that she has a complete set now.

      • Ger

        Ahh nice one, baby fangs make total sense. πŸ˜€

  • TCook

    Oh man…Kazerad, this is literally going to kill us, isn’t it? I’m so scared you don’t even know.

  • M

    I wonder what the significance of Katia’s red demon eye is when she tries to do Nighteye.

    Maybe she really does have a demon of sorts in her? Or maybe she’s part Dremora somehow or the other? It would explain how she got through that silence spell I guess.

    • Wisbi

      That was her wounded eye. From the last dream sequence, we know when she tries to use night-eye in her sleep. She uses it in real life too. So attempting to use it now, hurt her already injured eye.

  • Corovaneer

    I can`t help but to feel only one thing.

    I want to rush there and hug that kid and tell her it`s going to be allright. And hold her.

    This is very strange of me. Im worried.

    • I wouldn’t be worried; this simply shows that you have a functional sense of empathy, and that you have sufficient knowledge of what has already happened to predict that something bad will happen.

  • Uzi_Man

    Dear God.. This story is becoming too emo. l’m starting to miss the humor in sad situations. l mean, Kaz, you CAN put some inside-jokes that can be funny, but without removing the seriousness of the problem..

    • Harry Potter

      I still sense some humor, with Katia’s confused face at Jukashi’s post, and referring to her missing fang as a hole in her body.

      • R.Yin

        I thought that was more the mouth in general. Still cute and yeah humorous. I laughed anyway.

  • Also, judging by the window design, it looks like we’re in Hammerfell!

    Pint-sized Katia is somehow even more adorable. I think we’re nearing critical mass of adorability here.

  • Fool

    Throw the pebble from the shelf out of the window and count until you hear that it land, so that you can guess how high above the ground your room is.

  • Riddle78

    There is so much about this page that I adore. Katia’s reaction to the psychologist of her psyche (cutest “WTF did I just hear” expression EVER.),the presence of hair (coat of fur notwithstanding;that’s basically skin) that looks pretty nice,and the evidence that points to the fact that this is a younger Katia than the one we know. I can’t be a man;I go sappy over cute too easily. And this page is bordering on “acute diabetic shock”.

    • wilford brimley

      Diabeetis o_o

  • Voice_Of_Reason

    Katia it appears that you are having a flashback to your life while you were a child. see your in the castle and your hair is braided so that means its before the “razor incident.”

  • Ikearat

    Hello little girl. What is your name?
    Forgive all of us for pestering you with questions… In the dark… In your room.
    Thank you for not screaming and running from us, it must be very strange to have so many watching you.
    If you hear us call you “Katia” don’t fret, we think we know you from your… Future.
    Voices in the dark who claim to know you in the future. I would not be doing so good as you under these conditions. πŸ™‚

    • Loth


      • Ikearat

        Ikearat; noun – attractor of strange replies.

        • Ikea bed $89
          Ikea shelf $49
          Ikea candle lamp $8
          +1 strange reply $0
          recreating katias room so you too can have royal night terrors, priceless.

        • well you could also be 2 different words stuck together like

          ike and arat
          this could mean 2 plow or you might also be able to say you want to use a yoke to plow with maybe.

          or even 2 words and an abbreviation IK ear at
          which could mean you have an ear at a Swedish sports bar. Why mike tyson went to Sweden just to bite your ear off and leave it at a sports bar is beyond me but hey it could happen. Or is cutting off your ear a thing you do when your drunk like Katia and a pineapple? if so how many times have you gotten drunk, and what happens after the second time?

  • Argetva

    I don’t know why I enjoy this webcomic, Katia is way too much like me for it to be funny. Maybe its the hope that she’ll eventually get through the hard times and actually have some degree of success that doesn’t get ruined in the long run. Assuming she actually is to become the Champion of Cyrodil, she will have to have some degree of success in life because the Champion has more than a zero in all skills and is confident enough in herself (I’m a girl so my Elderscrolls characters are girls too :P) that she doesn’t break down when things go to oblivion in a handbasket. If she’s not the Champion, please tell me now so I don’t depress myself by reading about a girl who is just as talentless and as messed up as I am failing to achieve anything meaningful in life any further. It’s just too close to home, I can honestly say I’ve got a pretty good idea of how it feels to be her for the most part.

    • a wizard named… Tim?

      I think she’ll just become a follower like the adoring fan

  • Kesh’It

    Go grab that dagger over there near the bed, last time you were dreaming you had no way of defending yourself.

    • Argetva

      That’s a toy sword, if I’m not mistaken. The right idea, but I don’t think it’ll work. I get the feeling we’ll only confuse her if we keep mis-identifying things.

      • Kesh’It

        A toy is better than nothing! Go ahead and grab it until you can find something else later!

  • MiwAuturu

    Her opening her mouth to show the “hole” in her body is the absolutely cutest thing ever, I almost squee’d, and I’m a 20 y.o. male.

  • Tennae

    I like where this is going. In the sense that I dread where this is going but want to read on anyway because I know it’s going to be interesting and Katia is going to have quite a bit of… “Fun,” with this dream.

    I anticipate something intellectually and emotionally stimulating for everyone in the audience.

    Good job so far, by the way. It’s been a good read.

    • Tennae

      Wait a second… Is that a teddy-guar I see in the corner under the shelf!?

  • Anonymous-_-

    I about died laughing with the missing fang panel

  • Link

    That missing fang… it’s adorable xD

    In fact, apart from the obvious sense of doom, this entire update is full of adorable things =D

  • Kaebora

    Whoa wait, this might not actually be a dream. Someone could have rescued you and brought you here. Also, examine what that is hanging from the back of your head.

  • bleh

    quick thoughts:
    Katia can’t possibly get cuter than this!
    Finally an update where she is not tortured…
    …but she will be and i will get sick and depressed and wont come back for another 2 months.
    Why the hell did I assumed the sub-title “making a cat cry” is just a joke???? πŸ™

    • Graknorke

      Don’t worry, if you leave for two months you still won’t miss any updates πŸ˜›

      Also of note, I have put enough comments here that my spellchecker now recognizes slutcat as a word. Yay.

  • Prophet

    Is she back in her childhood home? as a kitten?

  • a wizard named… Tim?

    notice the –> is now a ->

  • a wizard named… Tim?

    if — -> means dream,
    does -> mean flashback?

    • theplunderking

      it means she is shorter, lol jk i have no idea… probably kaz trying to make the titles of the pages different

    • kaz please explain your arrow lexicon for example would == β€” – -> be a dream flashback in the future? or would it need to be ==> β€” -> ->

      because we could then assume <- is a flash forward dream in the past which could very well be the present or future.

      • nooooo the html tags killed the joke I made using the less than symbol

    • Alex

      I think it just means a transition to a dream

  • Zennmaster

    Katia looks so innocent, this must have been hard for her

  • treoni

    Take a look at the shelf on your left. It looks like those are some toys. Are they your favorite playthings from your youth?
    Maybe you are in a comatose state and your consciousness has locked itself inside your memories? In your childhood apparently?

    That sword on your right, take a gander at it too. Maybe its something you remember from your parents? It could be the sword your father always carried around, telling you to never, ever touch it (which you probably did)!

  • A Pink Poodle

    Oh no, it’s a castle! You know what lives in castles?

    *frightened wheeze* Kings…

  • being54

    Young Katia is so kawaii!!

    • Kawaii is an island…?

      • Ikearat

        Kawaii (かわいい [kaw͍ai.i], literally, “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”[1]) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.

        • andwhyisit

          And commonly misused and overused by overenthusiastic fangirls.

        • no, no dont turn this into an anime no, no, bad. Everybody just think of the island in a very badly misspelled way in fact I think the first poster meant either kaua’i or even taua’i. We really don’t need Katia running around with an unusably, over the top, huge sword and an equally over the top hair doo.

  • Hey Kaz!
    I’ve gone from the beginning till now in the span of a few days, and I must say, well done! As a fellow author, I can commiserate on how hard it can be at times to draw in the reader so that they’re emotionally into the story… and you’ve so far done an excellent job at doing just that! While I’ve spent the whole time so far begging for something good happen to Katia, every bad thing that’s happened to her so far has only drawn me deeper and deeper into the story. So again, I say, Excellent job!!! πŸ˜€

  • R.Yin

    It’s the little details that really make things interesting. Like the shown iris in one of the scenes to drive home she seems to really understand well ‘us’ and is responding to us.

    Seems this inner mind of her’s is far more responsive to the suggestions of her subconscious or at least more agree able to them. Much like a trusting child. The ‘holes in you’ and pointing to her mouth reminded of a little girl I use to know, did something just like that.

    Hmm.. a toy sword. Seems even younger she had aspirations of being something bigger? Or at least not being afraid to pretend.

  • tech

    She was a cute kitten… Cub? whelp? I have no idea what Khajit call their chldren.

    • stupidjellyfish

      it’s ‘cub’, definitely.

  • M

    Maybe the demon eye in retrospect is just her ‘eye of fear’ damaged eye in the real world.

    Could it be the magicka incidents before she fell asleep where due to the oblivion gate opening? Maybe the gate opening, if it did open, made Katia absorb some hugely powerful magicka.

  • booty lover

    this dream is set before she traveled to cyrodil. she doesn’t know who Katia menagan is

    • a wizard named… Tim?

      someone should ask her (old) name

      • Ikearat

        I did. It attracted some kind of weird reply from someone so I went away and sulked.
        But I got better.
        Ok, I stopped sulking which is not technically better.

  • Reynard-Miri

    I just remembered that I had a dream sometime within the last two weeks that Katia was the dead mage you find in the beginning in Skyrim. Not that it makes any sense (chronologically or biologically), but it still made me very sad.

    • why

      I always thought that Katia eventually died while on a mission as Lucien Lachance’s last Silencer. I was playing Oblivion yesterday when he talked about it ingame and it gave me a huge amount of sads D:

    • Ikearat

      Sad for me is no Skyrim on my Mac.
      (Mac is too old 667mHz DDR2)
      (OS is “locked” to 10.6.7 on account of Kernal Panic when updating to 10.6.8)

      Still… not as sad as I expect to be when our little kitten-friend encounters her next update.

      • wait a minute not only do you like ikea but you also use a mac ….. I think I see a trend among mac users, or ikea patrons depending on how you look at it.

        tell me would you pick a unimog 404, suzuki samurai lifted and ready for wheeling, anything on 4 wheels with more dents than body panels, any volvo 200 or c303, or a sporty mazda?

        If you picked sporty mazda I think I know your twin.

        • Ikearat

          I was a tech support person for all the years including the first “IBM PC” machines. I “ended” my involvement with wintel machines after working for the local emergency network. Not being required to use wintel stuff anymore, I returned to exploring other computing platforms. I use an iMac because it’s a “no brainer”. I have other stuff to play with but no longer ask them to be anything more than toys.
          I like the restaurant in Ikea and I like the “tour” layout of the store. It’s a great way to kill a few hours when it’s raining or there are people in your house you would rather avoid.
          If given a choice I would choose (not in this order) an Isuzu NPR, a Volvo V90 wagon (what, 300+ HP?), anything made by McLaren.
          For general off-road use and disposability, a Jeep in Rubicon trim (not the best off-road toy out there but it’s cheap and can be driven to most places and re-configured for the day).

          Why does this keep turning into a “make the rat cry” thing instead of keeping to the topic or Prequel?

          • panoz

            because the comments are set up soooo perfectly, and it is perfectly on topic of the comment the reply is about. But an NPR I was really not expecting that … why the toyota of large plain produce movers? I mean it is very reliable but even with the turbo its about as peppy as a watered down vespa.

            I tried and failed to point out any issues with the mclaren …. wait no I got one it is british. but they do come with their own tool box with every tool you need to fully dissasemble and rebuild the car in fact all the tools are even stamped mclaren. So at least you can fix it every 100 miles.

            the v90 only seems like its 300 hp (its actually 200) simply due to the fact volvo reduced the hit points of their cars during that time (I think they ran out of military tanks) and simply built a car that was actually lighter than most armored bank vans. its either that or they simply made it more massive and its own gravitational pull makes up the missing horses. i really dont know how the sweeds can make a car that weighs 25 tons and still get 30 mpg.

            Hey another tech. I assume you were into networking? was it back with bnc and scsi cables running around or more recent stuff?

            Well Ikea is large enough that not many people would be able to find you.

            for your kernel panic issue why dont you recompile your kernel or simply run time machine format reinstall and done. heck you could also build something that blasts the mac out of the water for only $750 or so. now it should be crying for joy because I actually gave real help.

  • theodoe shutup


  • BlackVolk

    Love the update , still think its awesome how you animate you comic πŸ™‚

    *side note poor Katia!

  • i`m not sure what to think of katia yet : /

    I figure Kaz never has to feel sad for Katia because he probably hasn`t formed an emotional attachment to the character, empathy for her anyway. it`s hard to put into words but if i had to try and explain i guess i would say it like this.
    Kaz has his mindset on torture the living crap out of this character and make her hate life to the point where she could end up deciding to end it all, but instead of letting her reach that point he gives Katia a bounce back attitude so the process can repeat again and again, throwing in some references to the elder scrolls series and some humor at katia`s expense. as people started to take notice of this kaz steered the story in another direction in order to avoid losing readers.
    what we see as admirable quality in a character he sees as an air of ignorance to be exploited and used to twist the heart strings of his character and his readers (in this story anyways). though at the moment the story might seem somewhat happy, let me warn the people enthralled by the cuteness of “kitten katia” that it is an attempt to desensitize readers to the tragedy so that this story can break our hearts again.
    don`t take my newly gained cynicism as ungrateful, i have wasted just as many days as the rest of you eagerly searching for updates that are rare (lots of pictures to draw) and the writing style is masterful if not book worthy. if it made me a more cynical person it has to be well written! but the title is very well selected, the true ambition of this story is to break the hearts of it`s protagonist and (in the process) the readers. i find that remaining sympathetic for the character is a constant emotional drain. the character however, is made so innocent you can`t help but look at her as a damaged child, someone to be protected and helped to improve. this is why i can not seem to stop feeling sympathetic for her, it speaks volumes about the authors skill and the amount of work that he has put into the comic. i know that continuing to read will cause pain, many people react violently to this realization the way the internet has become famous for… ignorant screams at the author to stop being an “emo” or implying that he pleasures himself to there misery in some sick ritual… i can’t say i know for sure but i don’t think that he does anyway : /.
    for better or worse i am here to stay until the story ends, try to take it easy on the poor girl kaz show some mercy here, how much more could you take in her place? you can finish up the dream sequence however you want but lets at the least get katia some clothes back and the encouragement to keep going on from this priest everyone is talking about. all this self loathing has left a bad taste in our mouths, maybe lets see some of these problems get solved too… not saying we should start with the sigrid sense she is already here in kvatch, but it would be refreshing to see some good pull through. and i think i can speak for everyone when i say that we all want to see that bitch get what she deserves ; )

    • Trance

      I think that all the people accusing Kazerad of having a torture fetish are just trying to bully him into steering the story in the direction they want it to go. They can’t deal with seeing a character they care for suffer, so they try to coerce the author into compromising his narrative for the sake of their comfort.

      And I wish they would grow up.

    • andwhyisit

      Kaz has never caved in to people like you. This current string of complaints started back as far as Sigrid stealing Katia’s stuff and it hasn’t detered Kaz once.

      • i’m not sure what to think of katia yet : /

        People like me huh? I didn’t think i was making any demands to the author on how he HAD to write the story the way i wanted it. Nor did i slander the author, i actually complimented his writing style and character if you bothered to read my comment. I also didin’t think it was unreasonable for her to get herself a set of clothes. I didn’t say “hey kaz your a d*** give her back all her stuff than let her ride a unicorn with saddlebags loaded with spell tombs and gold back to QW and have her be seen as a hero” all i SUGGESTED was that MAYBE we sigrid get some kind of justice at some point in the story. You were obviously bothered before you wrote this comment, but next time please, read into what i mean before you call me unreasonable. I hope what ever is really bothering you is resolved in a way that you are pleased with, and have a good day πŸ™‚

  • Direavenger

    That looks like a bedroom fit for a PRINCESS.

    • Reynard-Miri

      Oh god… You’re right.

  • gloomyMoron

    Wasn’t there a book in… I think Oblivion… that had to do with a king (an earlier Septim?) that was ‘degenerate’ and liked Khajiit? Or… maybe not. I know there was a book… that had to do with Khajiit and a ruler of some sort.

    • theplunderking

      the lusty khajiit maid :3

  • Endface

    You seem to be a younger form or yourself, or just a different one. You now have braids and are wearing clothes. Are you in a memory, perhaps? Maybe this is your childhood bedroom.

  • KTB

    i had a dream about the next update last night. there were thirty panals and one big fight against the Nightmare King. i only got to the second panal and Katia was an adult which would not fit here.

  • three days later!?

    it feels like forever sence this update came out… it` only been three days 0_o we have a long wait ahead of us my friends. i would settle for more story telling and less pictures. give the next update some much needed umph

  • Peterdivine

    In a sick twist of ironic fate, my own orange cat, named Chester, has an infection in the right side of his top jaw. Either the pain or the infection is causing his right eye to stay closed or half-open nearly all of the time, and bloody tears are eeking out of its duct. The doctor says a tooth will have to be removed for 700$- more, if the abscess is in more than one tooth. And he’s a really old cat- roughly 17 years at this point. Even if we do remove the teeth and the surgery goes perfectly, he’s probably only got two years at the absolute most until his kidneys shut down. It’s looking like we might just have to put him out of his misery.

    Maybe Chester’s distantly related to Katia, and bad luck runs in the family. πŸ™

    • Calypso

      Your poor kitty :'(

  • Nex

    she is so adorable

    Also, could someone post a command about if she had a bad dream or something?, she woke up on the floor after all.

    • theplunderking

      done πŸ™‚

  • NoriMori

    Oh my goodness she looks SO CUTE in this dream form! And it looks like she has pigtails of some sort. So adorable!

    Now I understand why people are wondering if this is a sneak peek into her childhood… Maybe her appearance now is what she looked like as a kid! She does seem to be acting childlikke, innocently pointing at her mouth when asked about holes in her body, having even bigger eyes compared to her head, holding her hands in front of her, and looking really small.


    Seriously her facial expressions are adorable. I love her expression after the long command about fear, and her expression when pointing at her mouth. XD

  • NoriMori

    Oh, I just realized! After Kamach says, “You look somehow smaller”, she looks down at herself and then shakes her head, like, “No I’m not!” XD

  • Calypso

    Uh, guys… GUYS! Was the King always in the banner like that? It is usually swirls of shadow that seem to change when you go to a different page… Now it is just the King. AND HE SEES HER. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • Calypso

      Oh wait, no, it changed. It was just stuck for a while, I guess. That banner is cool beans, though.

  • Vertria, Sentinel-General of Justice

    I can’t help but constantly think…


  • Imt111

    Has anybody else noticed that while she’s lying down she’s still the adult katia, and as soon as she stands up, she turns into mini katia.

  • k9mouse

    Would khajiit club have a teddy bear? It might be one under the shelf. Don’t they have a teddy cat? http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxna4hNLij1qihh0eo1_500.jpg

    • andy610

      no just like humans they can have a teddy bear, a bear is fluffier.

  • k9mouse

    May the young one will have a cool little girl tea party with the king (or queen)or their kids?

  • andy610

    I made it to this part at 4 A.M. after reading for 5 hours in pitch black… worth it o___o….. so.. fuckin… worth it. I must say this is better than a lot of books I have read, with the mixture of all genres (comedy, drama, adventure, action, etc…) it gives almost any reader a nice read… I’m pissed I’ve caught up though .__.![review complete]

  • Derp

    I’m impressed at how you’re able to show so many emotions on Katia. I’m no artist, so I have no idea how difficult it might be to make accurate emotions. But damn it really is impressive. I’m looking forward to the next update!

  • Kazerad


    Day 1 after update: TF2 because it’s only been one day.
    Day 2: TF2 because it’s only been two days
    Day 3: TF2 because I’ll do the update tonight.
    Day 4: TF2 because I’ll do the update tonight

    I am so bad at basic responsibility. Update coming tomorrow, hopefully ):

    • stupidjellyfish


      • Gaben

        You called?

        • theplunderking

          Hey gabe, while your here let me tell you… don’t try left 4 dead 3. From here on your only hurting yourself. I don’t think anyone likes being a spiter, and you made her look like an unholly white trash middle aged midwife. It still haunts me at night 0_o don’t let her return… ever p.s. first gen survivors are still beter even if bills voice actor did want to focous on his “radio carrer”

      • Kazerad

        … huh. I admit I didn’t make the connection before, but I suddenly understand what’s up with Episode 3.

        • Rambo Dash

          You are the Gabe, Kazerad. The Gabe is you.

    • andy610

      TF2 is fun, and a few days isn’t too much of a wait trust me, your good at basic responsibility for updating at all. Others might go rage mode though because whats the internet without a few trolls here and there?(comfort statement complete)

    • Ch’marr

      I’m going to become rich and famous when I invent a device that lets you kick people in the butt over the internet.

      I will likely have to share the profits with Kaz to let me install the device next to his chair, though… πŸ˜‰

      • KTB

        you have already made one sale

    • xKiv

      But suddenly … TF2!

    • Calypso

      If you update today, the 21st, I’ll send you a little fan art I did on DoodleorDie. Nothing inappropro, even though it is DoD…

      • Kazerad

        Oh man, I’ll try. I always feel bad when these things take longer than a week, but I also don’t want to skimp on quality just to get it out in time. Unless I procrastinate all of today that should be perfectly doable though.

        • Calypso

          TF2 wins again!

          • stupidjellyfish

            Or maybe he’s just really, really taking his time.

  • Bottle of Leaves

    Daw, wook at the widdle sword perched against the fwont of her bed.

  • The Dragonborne

    Ok… So clearly this must be either one or two things: A dream, or complete unconsciousness.. Either way you seem in control. Try looking for a door? perhaps there is more to this place your in..

    • The Dragonborne

      oh giggled little at the blown eye * kisses it and makes it better* reminded me of a light bulb blowing out.. poor lil thing πŸ™

      • theplunderking

        … did you just kiss someones eyeball?

  • KTB

    I hope that nothing to exciting happens in the next few weeks while I am camping or I am gonna be mad

    • Lerigonith
      • KTB

        Thanks Leri but I have brown hair and if thats the cased than…


        • KTB

          crap i speled case wrong, damn you fast typing!

          • Lerigonith

            Eh, spelling errors happen. Still, pretty good meme use, eh? πŸ˜€

  • Threyon

    Awww! Katia is the cutest kitten ever! Especially those little braids. ^_____^

  • KTB

    Kazerad please dont makew the end happen for at least four more weeks, that is if you care about your readers happiness.

    (which you probably don’t care for just one persons)

    • andy610

      couldn’t you read what you missed?

      • KTB

        yes but then if it is the end that i missed i will feel pretty left out of the action becouse I would not be able to see it happen right awway or participate in any important cammands. although I highly dought that it will actualy end while i am away i would like to be there when it does.

        I mean who wouldn’t, which one would ou chose to do: wake up one morning and find the that somthing miracules happened with Katia or wake up in a freezing tent leave and shit in a hole in the ground? probably the first right? that is becouse for one: camping sucks ass and two:becouse with the first you get the joy and happiness thta comes with an update no matter how horrible it is.

    • KTB

      I Proibably should have stated this before but the only signifigant thing I dont want to miss is the very end of prequel as we know it. Just clarifieing.

      (please excuse my horendous spelling I am hte worst at it as you can tell by the large number of mistakes in this post alone)

  • Voice_Of_Reason

    It is obvious that she will not talk in this section of the story, also perhaps we will learn her old

    >look out the window… are you in your castle home in Hammerfell

  • Mr. Fluffy :-(

    woooow. its been awhile. like anyone cares. yah ….. great job kaz. as alway u show ur great skills at writing …… i cant wait to see what to see what happens next in my first online comic. its really coming together. u should think of going pro. ( try to work smile πŸ™ fail ) will c u soon or not. yah ……. πŸ™ bye.

  • Mr. Fluffy :-(

    YES! I DID IT! ( work smile πŸ™‚ yes ) i signed up! BUUuuuuttt…… now im confused? how do i put commands? i dont remenber? can someone help? ( πŸ™‚ –> πŸ™ )

    • KTB

      if you havent fund out already on the first page near the top is a reply buton. Click that and it should redirect you to where you leave a post.

      • Mr. Fluffy :-(

        ok that sounds like u think im retarded, but thanks.

  • Dagoth purr


  • theplunderking

    Prequels end? No… i’m not ready yet! This is the first thing i have read sence dear in 6th grade! It can’t end… can it?

  • Ikearat

    Whatever nonsense are you on about?
    Lazerad, are even feeling the slightest thought to ending this?… Wait, allow me a guess, no. πŸ™‚

    • Ikearat

      Sorry. IPad keyboard fail… Kazerad, please curse me as you see fit. To misspell your name is like gnashing-open the side of an ocean liner full of people.

      In my own defense, the pad tried again to spell-check but I forced it true.

      • Ikearat

        Ok, turned-off the spell check thing. Mistakes are all mine from now on. (gash, not gnash)

  • Uacher

    There is definitely something outside the window. If you get close enough you can see it is something shining or maybe something of the sort… Oh boy…

  • Willhelm

    An update?!? Ten bucks says dads an alcoholic and mom is very promiscuous.

  • ChetBetera

    I don’y know if this is just me, but the link to the next is broken i.e. the ‘next’ button at the top-right of the page doesn’t exist.
    Again, I’m not sure whether its my fault or not, but, you may want to check it out.

    • ChetBetera

      Ignore. It was something on my end. Just carry on citizen.

    • Kazerad

      Sometimes it takes a little while to update, yeah. I think people don’t notice, since they refresh the front page rather than the latest update’s permalink.

  • Dagoth purr

    When I get a cat I’m going to braid the fur on his chin and give him a viking beard.

  • Octane

    Oh my gosh little Katia is the most adorablest thing ever.

  • ridley

    love the eyebrow raise picture and the one where she points to her mouth. both funny and cute, with that attitude. perfectly reminiscient of a kid suddenly getting these kinds of instructions.

  • dtlux14

    Oh, young dream? Yay, I like this…

  • Dragon

    …You have successfully captured the essence of childhood in panel three.
    Excellent flickering effect in panel 6!