Aug 082012

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DestinedFateX wrote:
Carefully descend the strange stair case. Something could be waiting to be seen by your eyes at the bottom, for your eyes only.
Coldmute wrote:
Well, little Khajiit, looks like you get to have your first adventure. Don’t fret, just head on down the stairs and see what awaits.
Lerigonith wrote:
Take the stairs, little one. Take the stairs, and don’t look back.
Ghnaggi wrote:
Don’t go on!
Go back while you still can.
Professor Zobot wrote:
Well, Ma’Khajiit, you have two options here: Either Descend that staircase, or go back to bed and take a nap. Which would you choose?
Dr. Abacus wrote:
Go further, and do not worry. You will be going deeper into yourself.
Grey Acumen wrote:
Cast Magic Missile at the Darkness.
Zaffa wrote:
Descend in a calm fashion. Do not gaze into the void.
K’helt wrote:
Ma’Khajiit: those stairs look conspicuous, let the Gaur go down first to check it’s safety.
It Was A … wrote:
Descend confidently.
contemptibleComedian wrote:
Use dream powers to life-size your stuffed Guar and ride him like a mechanical bull down the steps
Arkanius wrote:
Trip, drop everything.
panoz wrote:
woooot for expecting jquery whizbangery …. I really do hope you are using cut and paste animations as drawing every frame must take eons and you should have a set of js functions to call to whenever you need something to move remember use vars and data-something= statements then you can have flying whizzy divs everywhere.

I wonder what katia thinks of the above command

Additional resource credits:
Ch’marr – crazy javascript/CSS witchcraft




  • Finrandojin

    What is this Sorcery?

    • AthiosDvK

      This…. This is amazing. I have no words. Just… By the Nine…

      • Zennmaster

        you said it, my friend. This is so awesome! By the Nine, this is beter than 3D.

        • In the next instalment, young Katia reaches out of the screen and beats you over the head with her Guar plush.

        • Spatzist

          Putting this here so others see it:

          If you scroll up at certain steps, you’ll see different comments. As you scroll down, you see katia’s reaction to them.

          On-topic: This is insanely awesome.

          • NoriMori

            I didn’t realize this. I just tried this and holy crap. I already thought this page was amazing. I think my head just exploded.

          • Aulakauss

            I just came back to reread the awesomes (and replay the games; I missed Stripper Hero in Kvatch the first time around).. I was mystified by this at first, but.. Reading the commands, then watching her squint in confusion or clutch her little guar closer, -which might I add got an audible ‘D’aww’ from me- made this more than just a neat bit of page wizardry. It gave me feels. THE BEST FEELS.

            Thanks for posting that Zennmaster and for bringing to top of page for me to see, Spatzist.

        • Dreadmaster231

          I have to say, this is pretty much my avorite page in the entire of what i’ve read so far, heres hoping to more cool shet!

      • Lt Fox Fire

        Anyone else notice that if you stop and scroll back up, she also stops and looks back up?

        • BestTeaMaker

          Came here to say this

        • DeanCota

          Yes indeed. Quite a beautiful addition to this wonderful and creepy page. It changes every lantern or so.

          • FiveForty

            It seems to change every step actually, and Katia will react to some comments when you scroll back down, giving a wtf face or hugging the Guar plush. I found it best to use the arrow keys, it gives a trippy effect when you scroll too(as opposed to generally scrolling with the mouse-wheel).

    • Slenderman is hiding back there, make sure you have $20.

      • easyd

        No wifin’ in the club.

        • Sir_Knight_of_Lights

          Wife at ALL the clubs!

          • lol

            All of them.

    • Dovahkiin spirit

      ahhh alas, you have ventured into your first dream of royalty
      you have the dovah blood, my friend

  • clowndude

    The King of Shadow returens once again

    • Troll



  • Kazerad

    Just a heads up for everyone on this comment section: if it’s not clear, Ch’marr is the one who has been doing all the javascript and CSS stuff. Tables and BR tags are pretty much the extent of my website coding abilities, and if you look into some of the older site code this might be somewhat evident.

    • Stale Eyez

      This person is blowing my mind. I can’t even handle this. It’s just… so… MAGICAL!

      • Skuggi

        wow. just wow.

      • o o *refreshes page, scrolls faster*

        😀 This is truely what the medium of the internet is for. I nod to the ovbious mastery of the art and the collection of skill beyond mere talent.

        • Don

          This really is incredible work. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

          • manarim

            I want to sort of get the Internet Archive to give it special treatment so that everything is preserved perfectly forever. Nothing dropped or forgotten on faraway servers. Just stored for posterity, like in an art gallery.

      • Thornclaw


    • kdaver

      Holy shit that was good!

      • FinalGamer

        Holy…shit this is…scarily-brilliant!, Ch’marr is a WIZARD of coding.

        • Cerapa

          Truly a master of the art of technowizardry.

        • OldSchoolRPGDude

          Seconded! Excellent production, many thanks to both of you!

    • A big note to everyone that has, and will, give me kind comments for the JS-work: Thank you, each and every one of you! It was a tonne of work and late nights (I have a paid job, too), and in the end it was a hugely rewarding experience to contribute to something so loved.

      Maybe there’ll be more in the future but… not today… not right this minute 🙂

      • Music-chan


        But seriously, awesome bit of coding there. 😀

      • This really was amazing, clever and immersive and CUTE in many places, hehe. Awesome work Ch’marr, I will be sharing this around!

      • The Dragonborne

        That… was epic. I truly wasn’t expecting that when I scrolled down.. Truly brilliant work 🙂

        Loooks like we’re at the bottom of the stairs Katia.. maybe try to Illuminate the room so we can have a better look at you?

      • VekErro

        BURN THE WITC- I mean awesome work there, dude.

    • Vallorn

      Send him our hugs. All of them.

      This Web Adventure is just blowing my mind every update now…

  • Aaron

    You may not go any deeper…

  • Nathan

    Holy cow that was so cool! Definitely worth the wait! How did you do that!?

  • panoz

    damn that is really well done.

  • MissMegaLoathe

    I don’t’ even…. Wow…

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwww shit.

  • panoz

    this needs sound effects added

    Kaz do you know any sound effects guys?

  • panoz

    over 700 lines of js and jquery. I tip my hat to you sir.

    I really hope this comic never ends I really want to see what you do using full 3d transforms here.

    • panoz

      looks like I tip my hat to ch’marr

      and Kaz keep up the awesome animations

  • Rumrush

    Okay move on over Hussie Kaz just raise the bar in webcomic interaction.

    • BTYM

      Raised the bar? That bar is in out-fucking-space, man

      • Kal

        That bar just fucking landed on Mars.

        • Rexono

          The bar is now taking motherfucking photos this shit is wickity wickity whack

          • Vallorn

            The bar has just met Martians and is now plotting a takeover of earth with their backing.

          • Ankoku

            The bar just changed side when it realized that where it came from!

          • Kathi With An I

            The bar just sacrificed itself in an act of redemption to save humanity from the Martian invasion.

          • Smoky

            Hey guys, you know what happened to-
            C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!

          • Sir_Knight_of_Lights

            That bar is killing time by baking rocks and making sarcastic comments on twitter!

          • Lau O

            I, for one, welcome our new bar overlord.

            Seriously you guys, this was fantastic. Amazing. My mind is shattered.

  • Ice

    Wow, amazing! Certainly worth the wait. Can’t wait to see what’s next! I have that feeling every new page though…

  • Strikervulsine


    I’m sure you want even see this but I just had to make an account and say that it’s amazing how you took this from just drawings to games and now this.

    This is art.

    • Kazerad

      I saw this ;P. Thank you, I appreciate it.

  • JimPlaysGames

    That was astonishingly awesome.

  • Kaze’aze

    Your div id for this is “horrorbox”? Don’t know about horrifying, but more like creepy and cool. Nice update.

    • Chet Betera

      The div id is for those things that curl at the side. I assume. I know.

  • Skippy

    Was that a little Tonberry reference right at the end there? Nice.

    • xKiv

      *Royal* tonberry, right?

    • Cyph

      I noticed that too. Probably helps that I played FFVIII recently 😛

  • Ankoku

    Oh my, let hope it’s not to scary…. what happens next
    also great job on the java thing Ch’marr it was really cool
    can’t wait to see what comes next

    • Ankoku

      oh also you to kaz, you’re the greatest!!!
      >feel proud

    • Ch’marr

      Thank you!

      What comes next is sleep. OMG. Kaz stays up way too late too, and often the only way to progress is to bounce ideas off each other!

  • panoz

    actually looks like a bit of credit goes to ch’marr

  • stupidjellyfish

    That was fucking intense.

  • panoz

    and scroll up and yet another bit of detail.

    • panoz

      in fact an entire staircase worth of detail.

      • Kazerad

        (Psst, Pan, I appreciate your enthusiasm but please try not to leave so many comments! Most of them are just short replies to yourself, and it’s getting a little spammy.)

        • panoz

          I realize that and I cant kill them no edit button. if you want to kill them go ahead.

          • Kazerad

            It’s fine, I’d just try to cut down a little in the future!

            I probably should add an edit button though. Later, anyway; right now I don’t want to risk introducing any new code that might conflict with the stuff in these last few updates. We already had to edit WordPress a bit to make them display right.

          • panoz

            interesting you say wp the company I am starting builds wp sites and now that I look it does look like a wp site. there should simply be a button to turn on editing. …. well doesnt look like there is anything native to it for editing. install this

            most of the sites we build are business sites so dont do much with comments but that module should make it work.

    • wolf

      All I see is that the visibility of the fourth step from the bottom flickers in and out with the fire.
      If that’s what you mean, it hardly compares to having Katia following you down the page, even looking up when you go up instead of down. Oh, and the darkness that escapes the page; pretty sure we haven’t seen that before!

      • wolf

        Oh, okay, I see it now.

        • wolf

          I love Katia’s quizzical face and her cute, scared clutching at her gaur (based on the commands, as I don’t play The Elder Scrolls).
          And the repeat animation… Kazerad certainly used that, as the same commands come up again. Oh, well, it’s so awesome even without seeing the commands… do we really need to only see them once? (YES, MY DISBELIEF ISN’T PROPERLY SUSPENDED! Still really cool, though.)
          This update was legen– wait for it– dary. Please make each following update equally epic in regards to animation, in proportion to the time between updates.

  • Bersl

    Ch’marr, you wizard-cheetah, you.

  • Entrophy

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. Congratulations Kaz and Ch’marr, you’ve created something new and unique. And it’s fucking amazing. Please don’t stop.

  • Alan Silverwind

    Hmm,In the source code of the page,you can see a LOT of commands and comentaries,but,in the actual comic,i just dont see them

    • aaa

      Stop in-between scrolling down, and try scrolling up. When you see Katia looking up there should be a new messages above.

      • Alan Silverwind

        That´s just awesome,didn´t saw em the first time,never tougth about going back

  • That Guy


    Checklist of odd stuff: Shadowy tentacled thing following in the dark, her shadow is a jagged crown-like shape… the page is made of Java witchcraft. Anything else odd I overlooked? :p

  • stupidjellyfish

    Man, I wish I could do stuff like this. Twenty-years old and no talent at all. 🙁

    • Ch’marr

      All you need is a drive to explore.

      Well, that, and actually doing something about it 🙂

  • Gix

    Stuff like this makes me wish I could use any kind of programming language. 😐

    Congrats Ch’marr/Kaz, you blew my mind yet again. I probably wouldn’t have noticed unless I read the comments that scrolling up and down adds more commentaries, nice touch.

  • SuperGnome

    Turn around. I think somebody might be interested in offering you some tasty burgers.

  • William

    so what are all of the suggested comments used here, i saw a couple but didn’t want to miss any

  • TheNight-Boar

    Wooooow! This is so cool! CCS witchcraft indeed O.o

    also, looks like a creepy shadowking this way comes

  • Trance

    The shapeless horror lurking in the margins of the page has followed me down to the comments box :O

    Okay, so it wasn’t another flash section, but it was still pretty damn cool. Can’t wait for the next bit.

  • Ellert

    That was really, really cool. Keep it up Kaz and everyone who helps him with this comic 🙂

  • Wargonzola

    This is…. beautiful. Thank you for making it.

  • Holy absolute moly! Kazerad, you and Ch’marr have seriously outdone yourself with this page. Just… incredible!

  • Eikiji

    Holy shit that was really really great! I love everything about this comic! Kazerad, Ch’marr, excellent work guys.

  • Ransom

    Wha!!! It’s in the comments section! Run!

  • Link

    Goddammit xD

    You two seem to the a duo made of awesome and divine =D
    Keep up the great work you two!

  • Unclever title

    Javascript witchcraft is right! That is downright impressive.

  • M

    Amazing work on this comic, with l’il Katia moving down the stairs as you scroll down, and the ghost-like thing moving to the sides, very creepy. I was expecting something horrible to pop out as I got deeper definitly.

    I wonder what’ll happen next…

  • Lobito

    This is the greatest thing in the history of things. I scrolled through the whole thing (back-scrolling constantly for new stuff) with my hand over my agape mouth.

  • theplunderking

    My god! It’s here… does this mean updates will happen faster again now that this socery is done?

    • theplunderking

      wow, i didn`t even see the wizardry until i saw this on my laptop… i am starting to see why this took so long. i didn`t even know you could do that on a computer 0_o

  • Official Westbro Baptist Church


  • Rambo Dash

    I ship Kazerad x Ch’marr.

    • Weaselsmasher

      Ch’marr has the hots for Gilda, so I’m told.

      • Ch’marr

        Gilda is totally best pony.

        And also, prepare for your timely death! 🙂

  • Darkguyver2020

    That was a pretty impressive use of scripting. But of course, this whole scene will be ruined when Kazerad’s sadist instincts kick in and he needlessly tortures the poor girl once again.

    • Ch’marr

      Do you realise how many people are going to be refreshing the page and having Katia walk down the stairs… again and again and again and again and again a bajillion times! That’s pretty much torture right there!

      • Darkguyver2020

        See! It’s already happening!
        Seriously, Kazerad! When will the cruelty end?! Cut the poor girl some slack, will ya! ಠ_ಠ

    • tronn

      …this whole scene will be ruined awesome when Kazerad’s sadist instincts kick in and he needlessly delightfully tortures the poor girl once again.

      • Fancypantsman

        Ha! This guy. This guy right here!

  • i saw a squidword on the sides

    please let katia leave with some dignity this time. i`m not asking for her to kick the kings ass… just be able to get a decent hit in this time

    • Darkguyver2020

      This is Kazerad we’re talking about. I’m sure seeing Katia crawling across the floor with her subliminal guts spilling from her torso would actually be more dignified than what he has in store for her.

  • Sgv

    This is quite possible the coolest effect I’ve seen in one of these comics yet.

  • Niall


    Kazerad, I want to use the word “cult” when describing your following, because it’s certainly too small to justify the effort and quality of work that makes up the Prequel Adventure. That is what I think of Prequel. I just wanted you to know that.

    • Kazerad

      If you think the following is too small, please tell some friends about it!

      I’ve actually been having some problems with plagiarism recently; since the comic is relatively unknown, a couple people have been trying to pass it off as their own (and it takes me a while to find out about it and file a DMCA complaint). The more people who know about the comic, the harder it will be for others to get away with passing it off as their own.

      • Fancypantsman

        Those basterds! This is yours I tell you! Yours!

  • dagoth Purr

    Holy crap this is awesome!

  • Stankloid

    GAH! This is black magic I say! Kazerad is a witch! Burn him! Burn him!

  • uber_pye


    she follows us as we scroll down

  • Random L Person

    It’s absolutely brilliant and totally worth the wait! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful comic; these updates really make my day :D.

    … one minor bug to report, though: the last portion of the animation (where the lantern at the base of the steps lights itself) is bugged out on my portrait monitor and is completely inaccessible (screen capture: [link]). This is on Chrome v 21.0.1180.60 m, if it helps.

    • Ch’marr

      Thanks for the report!! That additional info I has shed some light on a similar problem i was having when testing on my ipad… if the window is very tall (without just “faking” tallness by making it narrow) the browser cant scroll down far enough to trigger that part of the animation. I’ll shoot you an email when I think I’ve put in a suitable fix, okay ?

      • Random L Person

        You’re very welcome; testing on every conceivable platform is hard and you deserve all the bug reports you can lay hands on! The email for that last post is for a dummy inbox, though; I’ve sent a message to your contact page address from an account that is checked frequently.

  • EightZero

    Holy shit. Wow. Just wow.

    It’s been said before but I don’t care; your work has really evolved. I went back to page one just out of curiosity and man, the difference is astonishing. I really hope you’re making money off of this somehow because I want this story to go on for a long time.

  • Derp

    Dude, that was fucking cool! I have, like, the stupidest grin on my face right now. Major props to you and Ch’marr!

  • Anonymous-_-

    WOW that was so cool, I have never seen anything like this before.

  • Cu Chaspel

    Wow that is amazing keep up the great work 😀

  • darbish

    Take a look around. What has the brazier revealed in the darkness?

    • darbish

      Doh, just noticed the commands forum.

  • sefercil

    wow. amazing. i love how you guys did this! it’s so cool *o*

  • Raidak

    What happend to your Shadow? It got three triangle shaped shadows from your head, but you only have two ears….
    maybe a indication of a crown on head?

    • k9mouse

      I was wondering the same thing…

    • Vanguard

      I see the shadow of the king that haunts her dreams when I look at her shadow. It may just be me, but thats what I think it looks like.

  • Muhu

    I was listening to Time from the inception ost while watching this. So much epicness…

  • woundedkneecap

    Wow, what an amazing update. I’m in shock, flabbergasted, awestruck, disarmed, stupefied, enthralled, and left wanting more…

  • Vanguard

    I wondered what was taking this update so long, and now I know why. Utterly amazing update, Ch’marr is truly a genius among coders. Well done.

  • Hippy Jesus

    This is beautiful, absolute great use of Javascript! It brings tears to my eyes. You and Ch’marr are a great team.

    The two of you are pretty wizard; you two are airwolf; you rock, whoohoo!

  • dude

    Not good enough for allotted time,sorry.

    • Ch’marr

      Dammit! I knew we shouldn’t have gone for the bonus points!

      Ah well. Instant stick figures next time, then! 🙂

      • NoriMori


      • dude

        i wasn’t trying to be mean but i just think you could have done better like have torches that light up when she gets near them

        • dude

          like on brackets i meant or on a chain like before you go back into the bloodworks.You know, the one you always jump to hit on your way back?

  • ThatGuy

    Wait, what breed of khajiit is Katia? Suthay-Raht or Cathay-Raht, right?

  • I’ve been lurking since pretty much the beginning and I just had to come out of hiding for this one. Holy shit.

  • outordinary

    Have not responded to the comic in a while, but listen Kaz. You, Ch’ marr, and the rest of the team please take as much time as you want as we are in no hurry. WIth you putting out quality work and effort, it makes it worth it to check the comic by rss every day.

  • Uzi_Man

    One of the slowest updates but also one of the prettiest.

  • Scout

    Making A Cat Cry: The Movie

  • Carbisari

    Did you see that? Something lurks behind the darkness…

    • You too, huh? I thought it was just me, and I pegged it as some weird javascript debugger problem.

  • Marmar

    I saw those slippery shadows along the edges of the darkness. Something lurks…

    And it was definitely worth the wait. Keep up the good work.

  • Mr cake

    The lag of the scrolling on my iPad was worth it and holy shit the black around the comments just moved.

    • Yeah… that’s an annoying effect on the iPad… during scroll the browser will scroll the content, but won’t send JS any events until the smooth scrolling stops, by which time JS just redraws for the new position. I’m considering a couple of solutions, but if I can find out how to tell mobile safari to send me intermediate JS events during scroll, that’s a quick way out.

      That black movement is definitely a bug, though… a slinkly, creeping, spikey bug…

      • Aha… there’s a separate event for touchscrolling! 🙂 So, I’ve fixed that… just waiting on Kaz to approve and we’ll get the new JS into place.

  • Neim


  • tronn

    Thank you, Kazerad and Ch’marr, for working extra hard to bring us such an amazing update!
    I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to say that right now Prequel is #1 comic on the net, both in terms of quality and entertainment. From the beginning Kaz’s art has been steadily improving and he has constantly experimented with new things, which are marks of a proper artist. Combined with clever writing and emotionally engaging storyline it is hands down one of the best stories I’ve read, and I feel happier just for knowing that such a beautiful thing exists.
    Shine on you crazy diamond!

  • Zazous

    >Katia: Just do not.. Uhm, i think you do what we do not tell you to do, sooo… Look back!

  • NoriMori

    Coolest update ever. When I realized that Katia would only descend a step when I scrolled down, my jaw dropped. And I did a double take when I first saw the King slither outside the edge. Holy shit that was amazing.

    • NoriMori

      I just realized that Katia’s shadow is the king! Ahhh!

      Also, what’s that flashing line just above the flame? Is it a bug, or is the light reflecting off something shiny that we can’t make out? Or is it just me?

  • Selvest

    This is too epic for my head.

  • Chet Betera

    I just want to make a request. Can you transfer the so that the slinking darkness that curls at the side appears in the comment section? I just, adore that effect. Just, adore it to bits. It’s so adorable.

    • While you’re viewing the comment section, hit “refresh”… as katia walks down the stairs far above in the browser… the slinking darkness (much better name than my “horrors” !!) will appear 🙂

  • Hi! I’m a little new to this comic? And I was wondering if there’s some way to get informed of updates? Or maybe this place has an update schedule or something? I really love this webcomic, by the way! So awesome!

    • An announcement gets posted to twitter on each update. There’s also RSS feeds for both the website and the twitter feed. All those links are on the right hand side. Your browser probably has a RSS-reader built into it, so… just click the RSS Link and it’ll probably give you the option to add that feed to your browser’s feed.

      • Thank you so much!

  • Anghor

    WOW. Just… WOW

    This is awesome. Purely awesome.

    If it wasn’t 1:15 am over here, I’d applaud now O_O

  • Axel

    I wonder if the fact that it’s Katia’s shadow that now has the crown is a hint to anything…

  • wolf

    Kazerad… you are the best. THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

  • A French Follower

    That intense moment when you think : “When does it stop ?”… Brilliant ! Also, like the crow-shaped shadow a the end.

  • Ikearat

    She’s casting a crown shaped shadow.
    Bad omen.

  • Random Chilean Guy

    Hey, this is pure awesomeness! I just found out this whole epic story some days ago, and I was not able to stop until I reached the latest chapter, and wow, this is like one of the best thing that I have ever found on the internet. The story of Katia got me immediately hooked up, and I can not wait to find out what will come of her on such perilous adventure.

    Seriously, words can not tell how much I love your work, and kudos for the programmer on this strip, because it is a perfect and magnific animation!.

    (On a side note, what did this strip even better was the fact that today’s update just matched my birthday, so I was like really lucky hehe)

  • Nex

    well… totaly worth the wait.

  • Brandi

    Would it be possible if someone could explain how this was made? It doesn’t seem to be flash, so I’m very confused…

    • Brandi

      and by “this” I mean this panel specifically :I

      • In a nutshell, there’s several hundred lines of javascript that are downloaded along with the page and a lot of images. The javascript runs, uses input from the scrolling and timing events and starts to manipulate the attributes of the images and test.

        The attributes are part of CSS, which allows me to control its display state, positioning, scaling and opacity. HTML, JavaScript and CSS are all part of the “HTML5” specification banner, but I’m trying to avoid using any advanced concepts there. We’re risking incompatibility as it is.

        The real magic comes in crafting the javascript code so it has the above effect. There are two big parts… one pieces that takes a list of all the objects in the system, based on attributes (x,y,z coordinates) determines if, and where, the object should display, and other attributes (such as opacity, which I’m using to emulate different levels of lighting) and scale (emulating distance from the viewer).

        The second big part is the code that animates Katia, which uses timing events and attributes in the environment to determine where in x,y,z space she should be moved to, and which “frame” of several are to be displayed.

        There are other parts which get kicked off to shift the stairs back and forth (including Katia, if she’s standing on them), light and run the torches, bounces the steps (no-one’s picked up on that one yet 😉 ) and run the slinking horrors on the side… Most of those simply look at the environment, and then adjust the x,y,z values to what should be happening at that time, and rely on the first part to change where they’re displayed.

        Now that it’s complete there’s a bunch of things I want to change, to improve robustness, neatness and performance. Towards the end there there were a lot of “okay, it works, I’m not touching it, as ugly as it is”. In fact, I tried to tidy up the torch lighting code, and I couldn’t get the new code to work the same way as the old… but this was Tuesday night, and me and Kaz were keen to get this published. So… improvements to this will come slowly over time. What we have works, mostly, and don’t want to break it 🙂

        • Volchek

          Got it.

          • Oh… yes… that’s much more succinct. Thank you!

  • Red

    is it just me or is your shadow getting… bigger

  • Volchek

    The looks she gives you when you scroll down from scrolling up sold the whole thing.

  • Mr. Negative

    Honestly? I don’t think this was worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong, this is astonishing. But I’d rather actually have real progression in the story than fancy effects. And don’t say that this is real story progression, because nothing’s really being accomplished. And it won’t be for a very long time.

    • Artemis

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    • Yeah, that’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves too. I think I can safely say that the next installment will not top this, but for all I know Kaz could be enlisting other programmers to do something different. Writing fancy javascript and helping look after the web server and caching stuff doesn’t give me any early access to content (well, apart from this one time 😉 ) and that’s just fine by me… I eagerly await the next installment as much as anyone else 🙂

      Now, as far as far future installments go… that’s still an open question 🙂

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    And leaving comments when I can.

    – Edmond Dantés
    Count of Monte Cristo

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    I just wanted to say as a long time lurker of this comic, I finally had the notion to briefly post. Thank you Kazerad (and Ch’marr too) for spending your free time in making to what is a awesome comic. This is one reader who now has a daily compulsion to see if there is anything new happening in the world of Prequel.

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    • Casey

      Aw man, I almost missed another detail to freak out over. Katia looks down as she hops, and even though those are huge, immobile slabs of stone, her tiny child frame still bounces the stone! Sweet!!!

      • Hooray! Someone noticed commented-on the rebounding steps! 🙂

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    I guess it’s glitched for me? I’ll try a different browser or something.

    • What browser are you using, and what plugins and extensions do you have installed and active?

      • Abstract

        Right now I’m using Safari, with no plugins/extensions.

        • Sounds like you’re using mobile safari on a touch device, true? For some reason katia wont start walking until the scrolling totally stops. I only barely managed to get the stairs to move properly on mobile safari.

          • Abstract

            Actually, I’m on an iMac desktop. Not sure why it’s not working.

            But in the end, I got to see it anyway by temporarily switching to IE.

          • …… right.

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    • Actually, I think people are generally more agile as children. At least, I seem to be getting clumsier as I progress into my teenage years… XP

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    I really want to know just what the truth of her nightmares really is.

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  • nupanick

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    • Uzi_Man

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      • Me!

        I did all the javascript/css programming behind this installment.

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    • It’s your imagination. We’d never put anything like that into the story. Nosirree.

      • Ankoku

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        • Hmmm … try taking more medications, or perhaps lessfewer.

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    But that’s neither here nor there. Is this story about to end? Because recent events and this dream sequence is FULL of foreshadowing (hahha shadows. I see what you did there, and no, not you slithering on the sides. the ones on Katia’s foot). If it is, thanks for the ride and I’d love to see you tell your own story. If it isn’t then, ONWARDS AOSHIMA.

    -a won over fan-

  • I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who noticed that her shadow is wearing a crown, right guys?

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        • This staircase. It was made for you.

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        • Tycholarfero

          Oh yes. It’d be absolutely remarkable for this.

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    • Scout

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    • Shinden

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        • Shinden

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    • Tycholarfero

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      Whats your favorite class, btw?

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  • patrick`

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    • patrick

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    • Bove

      There is a post on twitter every time an update is released.

  • Bonzohazard

    lol, what’s this now, week infinity? It’s been months without story line! We’re being weened off Prequel cuz he’s tired of doing it. Hell, we may be seeing the last entry as we speak! Oh well, farewell Katia!! Wish we could have seen what happens to you! <3

    • andwhyisit

      It’s only been two weeks. Get over yourself.

      • Bonzohazard

        It’s been two weeks since he updated, but if you were to do that thing called “reading”, you might notice I was talking about “story line”, meaning more than just pictures, clown. I’ll get over myself when you learn to pay attention. :*

        • Bove

          No storyline? What’s wrong with you? When has the storyline ever stopped? The storytelling of both the events in the town and the entire dream sequence IS storyline. The story has never stopped progressing. The events in the town have been progressing from scene to scene as the plot enfolds. The dream sequence/flashback is telling a story/giving insight into Katia’s fears which will be used in the current plot line. We have been moving from one event to the next quite rapidly. The last couple updates have been setting the mood and creating atmosphere for what happens in the dream. It is great storytelling. Also, don’t be a dick.

          • Bonzohazard

            It hasn’t done/set anything, it’s been one huge bout of neglect, with a broken string of posts lacking narration and dialogue as an attempt is make to “enhance” the experience with a bit of animation which is actually another means of procrastination. I’m not being a dick, I’m being a realist, and not allowing my hopes to reside in “The Magical Land of Whimsy”. Get a grip guy.

          • Bove

            That’s a pretty extreme position. I guess you are entitled to it, but remember that Kaz reads these. I personally think that you are misinterpreting the nuances of effective creative writing. It’s not about being concise. Plot progression in creative writing is nothing without setting moods and invoking the emotions of the reader. If they didn’t do anything for you then I guess I’m sorry, but it comes down to opinion. Procrastination? Well it’s not like he’s required or expected to do this. We aren’t entitled to it.

            Andwhyisit really didn’t have to insult but it was fairly innocent. But you were just being a dick to him.

        • andwhyisit

          Look at the archives. Katia’s dream sequences are always silent.

    • Tycholarfero

      It’s actually kind of hard to say he’s “weening us off” when almost every recent forum post he makes, not just on the MSPA suggestion box, but other forums as well, such as the SomethingAwful “Official(?)” Prequel thread, which he posts quite often in, practically says otherwise. And besides, he’s getting fans, and he loves seeing their reactions to updates he makes, and how he furthers the story. Sure, there may have not been a very recent story update, but “week infinity” is kind of exaggerating it a little bit. It’s been probably a month or so with out really seeing much development, other than the church part. It’s a little hard for him to just end the story here and now when he’s practically enjoying every bit of it, and what the fans think of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it seems like he is, but really he isn’t. The realist approach was a good call, however.

      I apologize in advance if I had gotten anything, or everything, wrong. Also I apologize for those long run-on sentences.

      • Tycholarfero

        Also, I apologize if I contradict myself in many of the above statements, or reuse statements.

  • VaporeonKun

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    Haha, niiiice..

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    • Scout

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  • Scout

    8/22/11? This note has been posted 1 year ago!

    • Kazerad

      Fuck! D:

      • xKiv


  • viewer

    im sure like many people here we would just pref you to do what you originally did with the comic and tell the story, we dont need to open each new part and be amazed at all the new animations and effects on it, were here for the story so remember that, im not saying stop the animations but take a look at your earlier stuff compared to the content you are releasing now and you will see what i mean.

    • Kazerad

      Yeah, honestly I keep meaning to ratchet it back into simpler updates, but when doing something simple it’s easy to accidentally go overboard. For weeks. I’m working on it though! I’m ideally looking to settle into a happy medium between speed and impressiveness. People who keep up with the comic every day want faster speed, and I want to provide it, but at the same the more impressive updates can work better for new readers running through the archive.

      Of course, no update should take three weeks. A large portion of that delay was mostly for other reasons.

      • Bove

        Don’t worry. A lot of us appreciate the atmosphere that you create in order to tell the story that you desire. I personally love these savory-type updates. Don’t feel rushed. We all love your story and want you to create one that you want to make and the path you want to take. I know a lot of people react differently to your comic because of the desire that you create for your story. Some just are a little impatient in my opinion.

        And hopefully we all realize and understand that you are giving this experience to us for free and aren’t entitled to anything.

  • Kazerad, take your time. We do want your comic to come out but we don’t want something that you’ve rush just to give it to us.

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    • Shadowscale

      not really . . . but your lucky i’m awesome its real easy just head on down to the forum (click submit command on extras) then post your command. Good luck

  • Ramobw Dash

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    :’) Thank you all…

    • Tycholarfero


    • Kazerad

      I can vouch for this entire story. It was beautiful.

  • Tnt6656

    Am i the only person who thinks she looks more like a lombax (ratchet and clank series) than a khajiit?

  • Kelsier03

    Ok, your shadow has a crown, little Khajiit. Perhaps your fear of royalty was not imposed by exterior sources, but comes from within yourself. Something to reflect upon, but first, was there something moving in the shadows on the way down? Now is the time for caution.

  • Dagoth Purr

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    Nice reference.

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  • Dagoth Purr

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    Wow, this is still amazing, this is where the story was up to when I started reading it, it’s still awesome now.
    Brilliant effect with the stars and the comments on the way down.
    The whole piece is really very effective at emotionally involving the reader.
    In fact, the whole story is really powerful in making the audience care about what happens to Katia; you can see it in the comments and the suggestions, it’s this emotional attachment of the readers and the way it’s achieved that I think really makes Prequal what it is and is a credit to Kazerad and everyone he’s had help him out from time to time.
    Who knew that that so many people could become emotionally attached to a near useless fictional character with an alcohol problem, painted on underware, next to no skills and a habit of causing disaster wherever she goes.

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    also holy crap that shadow…I’m scared to click the next page…

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  • Ok, I discovered this last night thanks to a recommendation. It’s the first comic-thing that has made me laugh so hard and feel so bad for the characters. Just the use of the audience is amazing in its own right, but your drawings are awesome, and it’s so hard NOT to feel for Katia. (Also, she’s just ADORABLE). However, this is the first time I’ve been compelled to comment. This… this was amazing. Bravo. I’m going to go read the rest now!

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    Might I suggest some ominous ambient background noises to enhance the atmosphere, though?