Sep 012012

This installment will be very boring unless you have JavaScript enabled, and a reasonably modern browser.

Vins wrote:
Just what is it about all those pieces of wood scattered around you? Who could be responsible for this? Think you can find your wood sword amidst that much wood?

Vins wrote:
Why not try talking to your nightmare? It doesn’t matter if he replies of not, just keep it up like you didn’t care.
stupidjellyfish wrote:
Question who the king is. What’s his symbolic purpose? Why does he haunt you? What destination does he demand you to follow in your life?
K’helt wrote:
Ma’Khajiit: keep in mind “Vaba do’shurh’do” (It is good to be brave)

Additional resource credits:
Ch’marr – animation enchanting

  • Kazerad

    I’d like to apologize for the inadvertent 3-week hiatus to play Team Fortress 2. In my defense, the new gametype is a lot of fun. I’m not sure if that’s actually a defense though.

    Next updates should be coming pretty soon.

    • Cyph

      Yes because you should be working on this all the time. Never ever being allowed to have fun doing anything else ever ever again.

      • CriminalScum

        i agree with you and imana let you finish but, [Nice Zalgo text but it was apparently stretching the page in some browsers! )= -Kazerad]

        • So the king is the supreme dark overlord presumably known as the one and only zalgo? 😛

          • Smoky

            Pfft… Come on, you can’t just assume he’s a mean ol’ king since he has giant eyes, diamond sharp teeth of doom, and a giagantic apparence with large flailing tentacles of death doesn’t mean he couldn’t be trying to start a conversation, even though he ripped out your internal organs, scared the living shit out of very many fans, and has been haunting you… probabaly your entire life. I’m almost certain he’s a real nice guy.

          • andwhyisit

            @Smoky: He is trying to complement her in the nicest way possible. It’s not his fault that these fleshy creatures seem to have an aversion to impalement of the chest, his natural form of communication. What’s a demon king to do?

        • Dragon

          Curses. Someone really should make a form of Zalgo text that doesn’t screw up everything like it normally does… #sinceritymode
          OH WAIT

      • UD

        Pretty sure it says that in the webcomickers contract with the devil somewhere.

    • Theplunderkihg

      I know that update is fun but honestly I don’t think that dElaying prequel is the worst thing it has done to me. Now when my friend comes over to hang out and all he does is hook up his laptop to my 42 in. Tv and I have to sit and watch all day? Yeah… At least you have never done somthing like that. It’s so wierd thouh whenever there is an update I dream that there has been an update, this site is starting to seem demonic this happen to anyone else?

      • doot

        Kick your friend off your damn TV occasionally >:P

      • Zennmaster

        I experience dreams like this as well, even of things in the real world. It’s just scary.

    • Sokanas

      I love coming here to see what new web wizardickery you display on this site.
      Pretty amazing stuff.

    • tech

      At least it wasn’t a month and a half like when you got sick during Finals…

    • Slenderman


      • Smoky

        @ Slenderman: AAAANNND… I’m about to get my last peice of paper *gets turned around* ANNND IT”S GONE!!!

      • Zorpike

        Here. Have $20.

    • Bonzohazard

      LoL!! “Three weeks”, you ain’t selling no wolf tickets sir, it’s been months since any “real” updates. This one looks cool and all, and I appreciate the innovation going into it….. but it’s simplicity brought about by your artistic use of still images was what made this whole thing enchanting for me. It feels like you’re putting in minimal effort now, and replacing it with “cool effects”, letting someone else do the work. Come on Kaz…. I miss your work man, take it back a few notches and give us that dedication you used to have…

    • Massie

      Of course “Slaughtering Robots” is a fair excuse!

  • Logic

    O.O I was not prepared… jumped about a foot!

    • Skuggi

      same here, good thing I read this at home, not at work haha

      • Airedar

        I actually screamed, out loud, “Oh god WHYYYYYY!?!?!?”

        So I’m not reading Prequel at work anymore…

        • Kameren

          I was reading this at around midnight, so I had to be quiet, and when that thing jumped out at me I just about choked to death trying not to scream in terror. I actually had to leave and use the bathroom it scared me so bad.

  • Anon

    My god that last part was terrifying

    • Tachyon

      Kings are hellmurderbeasts and horrorterrors apparently. Good job Kaz!

  • KeyFox

    Oh dear lord, that was interesting…
    It’s a good thing there’s no sound.

    • AthiosDvK

      Don’t give any ideas! I nearly jumped out of my skin on the last part! o,~,o

      • Zennmaster

        I almost s–t myself from that jump-scare, it was just popped right at me.

    • Kynelwynn

      Something like this at the ten second mark maybe?

      • KeyFox

        Nah… Something sharper, and more sudden.

    • Zeek

      I could have sworn I heard a big bass thump at that moment, unless that was a train outside, either way it worked.

      • Siiksai

        That was the sound of your heart stopping.

  • stupidjellyfish

    Amazing stuff, as usual.

  • Zalgo

    Is the sudden scrolling up supposed to be part of the jump scare? These are some really interesting storytelling techniques. I really enjoy the contrast between what we’re seeing now and the ‘normal’ comic. Its also great fun to see ‘damaged goods’ Katia and ‘pre-damaged goods’ Child Katia. Like having two main characters.

    • Insane-Randomness

      I’ve seen similar technics before. There was one website that had a script causeing your webpage to continuously scroll downwards, and flashing pictures accross it, flipbook style…

      That was also rediculously freaky…

      • Edd

        Was it perhaps that one site with the Korean comic? It also had sound effects. Creepy shit, honestly.

        • tech

          I remember those. Fuck those t(0_0)t

  • Emperrorrrrrrrr stop being a jerk!

  • Saggy

    i think i pooped a little


  • Portals

    Holy crap. That was impressive! I’m loving these moving scenes.

    • AthiosDvK

      I thought you honestly said “movie scenes” for a moment, and I laughed, but then I realized…
      Prequel would make for an awesome movie! If the Elder Scrolls franchise ever wanted to make a movie, Katia would have to be in it!

  • Bove

    Incredibly well done. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I love the added detail to the text in the background of the page.

  • Mx

    That was fantastic. Javascript?

  • Bersl

    I was most certainly not expecting the last part.



  • Steve Potluck

    This update is easily the strongest for me, because it actually made me jump a bit.

  • Krystalkitty

    Goodness that was a very scary update. Amazingly animated, but scary.

  • Muskie


  • Germz

    I’m just going to change my pants, brb.

  • Fioran

    Is there something wrong with my computer? Because nothing is happening after the suggestion for asking the king his motives.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Click on the blue arrow.


    The text corruption DOES NOT WORK. It’s showing as boxes.

    • someone

      Go get some Unicode fonts.

    • creeperbro

      outdated computer much

  • Interloper

    Dear god, this comic is just magic in the worst, best way

    • Lord Vivec

      Hell yeah! House Telvanni and the Mages Guild can eat their heart out

      • nic

        “you have spoken slander of the house of Telvanni. i have a writ here for your execution.”

  • IgnisSolus

    Didn’t really scare me, but AMAZING EFFECTS!

  • tronn

    JEBUS MERCIFUL CHRIST you got me good!
    Nice one!

  • dude

    Wasn’t scary because you know that somethings up when he gets bigger and bigger.But anyways i like it but why’d it take so long?

    • billy

      click the blue arrow underneath

      • dude

        I did

  • Bluedragon

    Didn’t work on IE 8. Worse, how can I know it didn’t work? Chrome came thru. If you see no fully-formed shadow king and the blue arrow does nothing, switch browsers.

    • seriously?

      Well being that IE9 came out March 14, 2011, I’d say that’s more of your issue then the person who made the effect.

      • Windows XP is a thing

        Some people still use Windows XP by choice and IE9 is not compatible with XP.

        • seriously?

          Some people’s children…

  • billy

    and there goes my bladder


    Also, for an easteregg, if you know how to get to the Javascript console of your browser:

    • Mowmow

      LOL, that is hilarious!

  • Oskar

    Have you had any ideas for a short horror comic Kazerad? Because it seems you’ve got quite a hand on it.

    • dude

      wink wink

  • Shinden

    Hooooly crap Kaz, I nearly lost it. Astonishing work by you and Ch’marr, seriously. Kudos to the both of you 😀

  • M

    I wonder if it’s at all possible for Katia to do anything against this thing…

    Maybe she should focus the rage that helped her break through the amulet. That allowed her to do the impossible, breaking through the silence spell.

    Maybe it can help her do the impossible and strike back against this rapidly mutating Uriel Septim.

    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      Something i noetice from this secen compared to the last time she saw him. Her nightmare only attack katia affter she stuck it. this time he’s just standing there, only growing but not attacking. Maybe if she just stands her ground and not attack the emperor will not attack. sure he’ll get bigger, but that could be it.

  • NoriMori

    That was fucking amazing. You really are spoiling us rotten with these incredible JavaScript updates. Before the Shadow King actually jumped out, I thought, “That was it? What the f*** did I need JavaScript for?” And then… Wow. So damn cool.

    • NoriMori

      Okay, I typed that BEFORE reading to click the blue arrow. Holy hell. I love how it’s covering up the commands and underneath the letters look all distorted and crazy, like this is the state of Katia’s mind right now. And the King looks fecking amazing. Coolest monster ever.

  • Joshua

    “It is good to be brave”? NO IT IS NOT RUN AWAY.

    • Smoky

      Running on a bunch of sharp wood sticking out of the ground from a giant king of doom sounds like a terrible idea, but neither is sitting there waiting for the inevidtable a good idea, either. We seem to be at a landlock here… I suggest to lay down in the feeble postion 😛

  • Atrus

    Try stealing away his flame, like you did with the blue flame at the ruins.

  • Sovngarde195

    Ummmm…. this update doesn’t seem to be working for me, theres no “suggestion of the king’s motives” and the blue arrow doesn’t work. does my flash need to be updated?

    • Ch’marr

      javascript turned on?

      what OS, browser, and browser version are you using?

      • I tested this and it’s a line in the java code that IE8 doesn’t like, even with the latest Java installed:

        Webpage error details
        User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB7.4; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.3)
        Timestamp: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 16:24:02 UTC

        Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
        Line: 174
        Char: 2
        Code: 0

        The code works fine in IE9.

  • Shadowscale


  • manda

    I pooped a little. Awesome.

  • Derp

    Holy crap guys, it wasn’t that scary lol. But then again, I’m pretty desensitized to anything horror XD.
    Awesome update Kaz and Ch’marr, definitely looking forward to the next one!

  • Darkguyver2020

    And of course. Cue several sadistic updates of Katia’s childlike subconscious form getting either horribly raped or brutally eviscerated while Kazerad jerks off to her suffering.
    Some say, once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up.
    In Katia’s case, once she’s hit rock bottom, Kazerad will keep burying her deeper until she incinerates in the earth’s molten core.

  • Barrel_of_Fun

    its good to be brave…

    I’m finally caught up, started reading a couple days ago and i must say i am in love with this comic (read as:i am in love with Katia)
    i actually am replaying skyrim as a khajiit because of this damn thing 😛
    Keep up the great work, i love how well you can draw even in ms paint

    • Smoky

      well, now I know I’m not the only one XD

  • skooma lou

    Man, i’m so high right now. And this black magic here. Amazing.

  • Vanguard

    Holy crap…The last part scared the crap out of me.

    Poor Katia, imagine how she feels, she is right there next to the damn thing.

    This is a very nicely animated update, well done.

  • Anonymous-_-

    Holy *^%#ing hell! I was not ready for that

  • Kathi With An I

    ta hynedfgxyxre
    And here I thought the last nightmare was batshit terrifying.
    Kazerad, why would you even do this? D:
    *strangled sob*

    (seriously, this is a fab update. hats off to you and Ch’marr.)

  • EllaKey

    Little Katia, ignore the people telling you to be brave! You get hurt everytime you try, so remain prostrate on the ground. It seems the only time he leaves you alone is when you show your fear.

  • SomeShadyGuy

    That last part seriously needs sound. That was awesome.

  • Curtisimo

    While I’m not one to be easily scared, that was still pretty cool.
    It’s not a king anymore! Point: katia/Internet hivemind!

  • Unclever title


    And look at all that Zalgo! Lol.

    Very nice.

  • Stale Eyez


  • Jaydee

    I’m starting to wonder if the Daedric Prince Vaermina may be responsible for all of this. The more composture Katia obtains, the more the beast shifts. Those dreams cannot be natural.

    • Zer0DusT

      OH MY GOD!!

      you just made me realize, katia might be the reason that Arkved is cursed in the “orb of vaermina” quest

  • Amber

    whoa that was

  • Gentleman


  • Kelsier03

    The text distortion isn’t coming through for me. I noticed someone said to get unicode fonts, any suggestions for where and how to do that?

  • STH

    oh shit i think i need a new pair of underwear from that

  • Nilithius

    The only thing that would have made this better would be replacing the text with Daedric font instead.

  • dooop

    Who needs a functioning heart, anyway?

  • Dovahkiin spirit

    oh god! maybe it is in fact, a daedra rather than a king, or a daedra acting on Uriel’s behalf? or dead Uriel communicating with you and you misinterpreting?

  • Dovahkiin spirit

    It appears to have the stones of Barenziah on it!

  • Dagoth Purr

    OH GOD this is even worse than that scary korean comic ;_;

  • Dynablade


    that honestly scared me more than that Korean comic, totally was not expecting some shit like that to go down.

    And a very nice touch on the site itself, corrupting even the text, totally brings out the feeling of dread.

  • Daniel

    This was incredibly surprising. Very good.

    Anyway I have a question about the enchanted necklace.
    In the game expansion Dawnguard is explained that the souls trapped in soul gems go to Oblivion when used in incantations. Humanoid souls go to Soul Cair while the fate of smaller souls is not explained.
    This means that souls do not get stuck in the enchanted objects as we all assumed. Then the soul of the puppy will keep sharing opinions with us or we’ll pretend it never happened?

    • Kazerad

      Thanks! Glad you liked it (and everyone else too).

      About the soul gems, in an attempt to remain consistent with Daggerfall/Redguard I’m working off the assumption that “used” means “used up”. As in, the puppy will remain present until the amulet is destroyed or somehow runs dry. Sometimes I kind of suspect Bethesda’s writers are making the new games without really playing the older ones, but trying to remain consistent with them all is part of the fun.

      • Daniel

        It makes sense. Thanks for explain this silly question.

  • Hooooooooooly. That was awesome, doing some amazing things with each page here!

    Also, I’m slightly terrified that this…thing popping out of it’s bounds like this, and corrupting the whole page? Are we no longer able to talk to Katia? Is this thing strong enough to block us too? Very interesting thought, excited for the next update!

  • Roz

    Katia, this is the only chance you’re going to get to stand up for yourself! This thing thinks it can bully you into being scared of it! What’s it done to you? It’s scarred you your entire life, forcing your life into living as a slutty, alcoholic, whore with next to nothing for your name. This thing is a figment of your subconcious, meaning you yourself have to face it yourself. You won’t have any assistance standing up to it, but you don’t need it. It might make you think it can harm you or control you, but it’s a creation of your own mind. Meaning that no matter what happens, it’s needed you to believe it can harm you to thrive. Once you take away that one driving edge it has against you, it can no longer do anything. You need to make it afraid of you, because you can control whatever it is. You just have to believe you can, and brave your ultimate fear.

  • Jit

    I’m gonna assume that this box down here is for comments now and not commands…?

    Well at any rate, time to join the comment-submitting crowd cause WOAH THAT WAS AWESOME MAN holy goodness killer stuff kazerad and ch’marr, the witchcraft you two are doing to break the audience’s assumptions of what the panel is, it gets me every time and I love it so hard you have no idea

    …I mean I should probably be rooting for Katia, but when something awesome happens visually I’ll just go crazy over it regardless of how good it is for the heroine

    • Ch’marr

      You are totally, 100% correct… it’s for comments. Pay no attention to those that think otherwise 🙂

  • Casse

    As with the last animated post, that was definitely something special 😀 thanks for doubling the awesome in my weekend!

    Technical question: why is the animation being done with DOM manipulation and not, say, sequenced PNG frames? Is it being exported out of something like Edge?

    • Casse

      Hah; answered my own question (love it when I do that)! Alright, so, it looks like Katia and the king’s head are animated using a sprite sheet gif and the king’s various parts are rigged by hand in the code (along with the various offsets within each sheet). Still pretty neat!

      • Ch’marr

        Pay no attention to the wizard behind the curtain!

  • tech


  • SuperGnome

    Quick, before your dream ends! Order me a double wopper with cheese! And extra bacon! Don’t forget the baaaaaaaaacoooooooon…

  • Quicksilver

    For the love of god stop talking and RUN!

  • unclecho

    Running won’t save her :/. It will find her wherever she goes. 🙁

  • VonRidel


  • Urist McNoble

    ..Whats this brown stuff running down my leg…?



    (First post too. Ive been following this story ever since Dimitri died – You Bastard – and i must say, its amazing. I check back every single day in the hopes that there is a new post… Of course, this leads to me being dissapointed because you dont update much, Kaz, but then the updates just make it all worth it. This is amazing. I cant wait for more.)

  • Dan

    All I see are boxes. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed?

  • Cheetaaaaa

    oh, poor Katia… 🙁

  • The Whicher

    It’s not a king! it’s a terrifying nightmarish DREMORA LORD!!! RUN!!! (I always did that while playing on max difficulty and it helped in most cases, especially after dropping every single item I had on the ground)

  • Mrflysquasher

    Quickly!Someone pass me the fly swatter!

  • DocTabasco

    Anyone noticing that it seems to get stronger whenever she acknowledges its existence?

    The only apparent options seem to be a) forget it exists, or b) get consumed

    since straight-up ignoring it isn’t going to work, and we probably don’t want to be consumed, the only thing to do is to try to remember something, like someone or something that used to protect or care for her.

    Katia, remember what you must do when you are in danger. Who can you rely on?

    • The Whicher

      ASOTIL could be of some use here 🙂

  • mitzi

    I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong here. Can’t see anything after the shadow flexes and the red dot appears.

    • Ch’marr

      Yep… you’re not using my computer, that’s what’s wrong! 🙂

      What OS, Browser, and Browser version are you using ?

  • Soadreqm

    AAAAaaaahh! D:

  • Helfer

    Is it just me, or does the King seem different? You know, besides the whole shape shifting thing.

  • FuzzyZergling

    Nice touch with the Zalgo-text!
    Zergling is pleased.

  • Merne23

    I started reading yesterday… and didn’t stop. I didn’t need/want/couldn”t. The pure epicness of this adventure kept me here until this point. In the beginning I even tried to follow all the comments… until I got lazy…
    In any case this adventure OWNS. I HATE the situations katia gets into… but then again, The adventure would not be without them.
    You have a latecomer, Kaz.

  • heidtmare

    Am I the only person who misses being able to read through the story instead of having to scroll back and forth and waiting on javascript timers?

  • Dousiq


  • Rizartha


    I Fus ro dah’ed my pants…..

    A two coin reward for anyone who finds my pants, last seen flying at cloud height going south towards the mountains….

  • 1000 Dogs

    I’ll admit this has been interesting to watch, but this is also making some mistakes. Audience participation hasn’t really had a meaningful effect for more than a month now, and the bit where you used the adventure’s own popularity against the protagonist felt kind of cheap. I’m hoping that this doesn’t continue like this, because this sort of thing is basically what’s led Homestuck to its current unreadably-dense situation, and damnit, I LIKE Prequel.

    • DocTabasco

      I thought mspa hadn’t used audience participation since the first comic

  • CriminalScum

    Ṱ̹̪͎̪̬̇̌̄̑̋̆̔̑̏͜͞o̵̲͖͙̺͍̱͉̝͙̅̅̚͠ ͚͇͙ͣ̏͢i̡͍̩̗͓̤̇̊́̎̅ͯ̊ñ̷̸̼̒ͦv̷͈̟̖͌̌̊̒̄́̕o̰͓̩͓͙͊̊̀͋̅ͮ̂k̸̖̭̥̋̿͒͋̏̾́e̖̼͛̀͗̕ ̴̴̨̖͕͔͕̌̃̅͌͊̃t̸̫̱̦̳̳͂͒͂̈́̄̍̐̾h͎̞̳̠̟̪̗͓͑ͨͫ͘͟e̸̦̟̭̫̼͋̎̓ͅ ̪͎̜̦͈̮̬̖̂͊͞ḥ̵̠̩̖͎̪̼͎̂ͯ͊̔ͮ͜͜i̍ͦ͏̗̝̮̗̦͔̖ͅv̦͉̤̫͓̮͔̤̽ͨ̄͐̉̉ͩ͠͠ͅe̴͇͓͇͙̦̲̯͔̊̾̿͗̍͝-̷̷̺̮̠͉̯͉̅̓͢ͅm̸̠̻̭͕̹͖̱̪͐͊̎̀͂̚͘͝į̤̘̓̈́ͣn̼̺̹̒̿d̬̟̜͙͙́ ̴̌҉̦͔̙͓͈͕̣͇r̬̭̺̹ͥ̍e̛̖͉͙̤͙̠̬̺̊ͩͦ͊͑͑̄p̏͐̃̋̿̄͌͏̱ṛ̪͛̀e̯̩̭̹̝͉̮̜ͬ̓̑s͓̝̖̦̬̈́̄e̘̳̓̓́͟n̩̱̖̮͗̓̍t̷̝̰̎̔̈͞i͈̟̰̺̭̥͕͈ͬ̈͞n̬͙̜̓̄̃̌̎̉͒̏̿͢g̢͇̺̠͎̫̿̌̃́͡ ̊̐͏̙̫̖̩͎̤͚̟̼c̗̼̘̘̗͊̆͑h̴͎̹ͣ͐̇ͨ̆̇̅̀ạ̶͈̘͛̾̉̊͜ő̹̻̟͗̂ͬͩ̈̊̈́s̩̳̰͍̬͔͎̺̅̾͋͂ͣ̆.͕̙̭̼ͦ̑ͮ͐͟ͅ
    ̴̘̥̲̝̮̉ͤ͝I͙̞͉͖̤̜͖̪̱͌̈́̃̀̔͐͌̎n͈͙̲͉̮̣̗̘ͨv͐ͧ҉̴͏͈͙̖̹͉̣̝ȏ̶̢͍̬ͦ́ͨͫ̌͘k̦̥̬͂̾̿͊ͨ̿͠i̢̛̳̽͂̿̊͡n̢̫̲̬͛ͬͯͩ͆ͯͅg͗̍ͥ̽̍̇̾҉̠̞̩̘̪ ̴̣̯̪̜̗̺̰͙̦ͮ͑͋ͤͫ̚t̞̗̞ͨ͐̇̅͂̓̚͘͠h̤̻̗͉̗̘̙ͧͧ͗ͮͨe̴̤̲̞͈̞͔̔̽̿ͣ̕ ̩̿̽̉ͬ́͜f̥͈̔̅̇̒̐ͨ̍̾͡e̴̵̸̞̰͓̗̼̺ͨ̂́͒ͧ͌ͩe͕͇̰̱̹̿̑̓̐̽͒͆l̡̥͖̹̝̮̝̻͖̍̇̀̂͗i͎̮̙̫̱̝̱̗̖͌͌̀̂̀n̛̦͇̳̭̻̳̖͔̤̏̀ĝ̶͓̝̲̭͂̌̕ͅ ̛͖͍̗͉̉̿ͦ͘o̷̪̱̞̬͆̒͒ͤͪ͊ͪf̛̰͍̆͑̊̐͆ͬ͆ͭ͢ ̮̜̼̖̏͊̃ͣ̔̕͢͜cͤ̿̿̿ͥ͛҉̝̣͕͈̰h̰̼̅͌̋̅͐̆ą̵̞̭̘͇̣̗͚̩ͤ͑̀͐͗̅̅̕o̟͇̼̠̦̹̦̖̼̊̌̍̄ͦ̈͞s̩͚̬̞͍̺̹͈͗ͤ̄̑̕.̷͖̠͕̠̩̮̱̺̎̅̏͌ͩ̒̃̈
    ̷̹͕̭̙͚̓̒ͯͬ̉̔Wͬ͗͂͏̭̘͖̻̰͉i̝̲̳̝̔̎̎ͯ̇̌́̀̚t̨̗͚̗͉̫̺͛ͮ̃̋̌ͨ̑̊̏͞͠h̸̵̘͓̘̦̥̄ͫ̄͌ͩͣ ͉̰̰̰ͧ̂̿̈ͩͦ͡o̤̰̦͙̐̓́̿̒̂ͭ͆̾͢͜u̷̧̢̮̱̾ͨͨ͑t͕̩͓͎̀͑͋̾̃̃̒̏͝͞ͅ ̨̗̜̍̍̓o̴̦͕̲̼͑͊͑ͥ̀̽͗̆̀͟r̸̻͇ͩ̃̄͒͂̊͌ḑ̻̞̝̥͛̎ͫ̾̀̉͊͊͞ę̴̻̰̦͑̀̐̇̌͋ͭ͜ŗ͈̖̗̟̬̳̎̉͛.̛̹̳͔̣̥̱͉͇̳ͯͬ̂ͧ̋́
    ͍͚̫͒̑ͦ̄ͨ̔ͨT̡̞͙̰̓ͩ̎͊͆̚͞h̭̻̟̖̤̻̯̭̔͊͝e̱͉̠͎̟̫ͭ̑́̉̕ ̤̹̯͍̗͍͗̃̐N͉̮͙̑ͫ͒͑ͦ̚̕̕͘ẹ̴͍̜̖̟̯̯͖ͯ͊̀ͧͦ̉ͦ̀ͅz̨͈̠̟̻̗͕̲̅ͧͭp̷̨̨̰̮̯̟̰ͣ͗̋ͩ̊̒ȅ̷̗̣͕͚͚̊̿ͫ͞r̮͊ͫͭ̈́͒̔ͦ̇͟d͌͋̉̉̿͒̃҉̞̞̥̣i̛̟̳͎̻̪̻͕̿ͤ͢â̶̻̯̯̻̾ͦ̈́́ͅn̴̼̯̗͌ͤͩ̒̄ͮͦ͘͞ ͉̫̭͎̒͛͒̕͞ͅh̢̘̪̐ͯ̇́͠i̢̳̻̝̞̼̦̟ͥͮ̃ͦͬ̂v̴̩͎̳̹̼̉͑͛̈ͥ̇̈ͭ̀e̘̺̦̓̿̓̍͟-̂̾ͦ̏͟҉̭̝͖̱̰̹m̂͑̍ͦ̄҉͍̜̣̫̦̰̪̝̺̕ĩ̩̠̥̆n͓͉̠͛ͧͣͪd̘̅͆̆ͮ̈́ͭ͢ ̨̦͑̍̊ͪ̈̈́͘ǒ͕̳͉̐͂͆̈́ͤ͝f̸̶̨̱͚̠̖̙̰ͩ́̅ ̢͖̼̤̘̪͎͕̈́ͮ̍́̎̉͢ͅc̷̐̽̃̀ͭͥ͏͈͓̳͕̫ͅh͇̳̪̤̥̗̜̒ͥͯ̾͌̇͗̔͒a̵͚̰͗̐̎̊ͦ̔̈́̚͘o̡͖̝͛̇̄̿s̓ͭ͏̖̫̫̠̮̜̬͍.̨̹̩̯͍̦͍̉ͤ ͕͍̆ͬͮ̏͋Ẕ̡̊̿̄͆ͨ̑ͧ̅͋͢͟a͈̤͉̞̱͒̒l̢̙̠̺̙̬̇̈g͇̓͗͑ͩ̾̎͋́̚o̽̋ͨ̋̌҉͖̥̲̪̱͕̱̞ͅ.̡̺͋͗̆͐ͯ͋̚͠ ̥̝͉̹̖͎̙̫ͪ̓̃
    ̴͔͍̭̰͇̼̲̬̘̇͋̐̓̔̓ͩ̀H̰͓̟̲͕̄͑̐ę̥̫̲̹̝͌̾ͬ͡ͅ ͎͖̹̞͈͛͒͗ͯ͒̀͐͂̚͡w̹͍̜̜̍̉͊ͫ̉͠ḩ̵͎͇̲͐̔ͭ̇͋ͯ͗́ö̼͊ͣ̐̊ ̶͓̺̭̺̓̈̿͆W͍̥͖͉̟͖̦͔̾͋͒̾̐ͭ͊̑̑͝͝a̮͖͗̀i̠̘̘͉͗̎͂̾́̕t͓̦͖̤̪̯̱͐̋̚͟s̶͙͚͍̼̑̄͊̑ͥ̓̓̓͠ ͈̝̫̟̗͇̥̭̊ͥ̇͘̕B̘͚̠̟̝̻͉ͪͥ̎̽̾ͦ̀͗ͅȅ͕̞͉̦̭͂ͫ̂͆̀͠ͅh͍̺̘̬̙̅̑ͨͪ́͢i̛͙̟͔̦͙̣̳̠̾̇̊̊͋͜ṅ͆̾̊̄ͮ̓̆҉̻̼͇̝ͅd̸̙͚͔̰̲̩̯̳̾̔̉͑̔́͜ ̀͑̎͟҉̯̫̹̥͉̦T̴̛̬͉͇͔̞̑́̃̽̈́͊̇̈́͘h̳͖̺͈͎̓̈̌̃͐͑́̕e͙̪̮ͣͭ͋͌̽͡ ̡̗͕̙͕͎̈̔W̧̦̟͙̫̱̦͎͒̔̔͟â̧̬̳̟͕̞̱̪͇̽ͅl͋̽ͦ̅̂҉̴̪l̠͚͚͑͊̈͂̄̎̀.ͤ͂̅҉̢̼̼͉̘̖̤̺̦

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      Hi, Satan! =D

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    Am I the only one that wants to fight it more and more the bigger it gets? I feel a compulsion of justice jump inside of me the more evil it becomes :I

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    …Give me a heart attack why don’t you!

    P.S. That was classy.

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    Holy fucking shit. That was goddamn incredible. Kaz, I love you for kicking this whole awesome sometimes-freaky train ride up a few notches. Prequel has always been amazing, but this new combination of weaving involving, interesting, hilarious story with presentation/format wizardry makes me really, really appreciative and eager to see what’s coming next.

  • Zer0DusT

    okay heres a prediction

    “katia will wake up to see martin”,

    NO! WAIT!! two predictions

    “katia will wake up in jail confronting the count”

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    Dear lord. That was terrifying. I’m really excited to see where this goes. Every time we get into a situation like this, where Katia is in danger and terrified, I just want to hug her.

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    • Ch’marr

      Yeah, I remember that too 🙂

      Fortunately for you, I don’t think Kaz nor I can keep doing this kind of thing every update (or lack thereof) 🙂

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    What a lovely thing to wake up to, haha!

    Didn’t quite elicit a jump out of me, but I did lean back and mutter something unintelligible in like .3 of a second; sounded like “whoaha-holyshit!” or something along those lines. XD

    Yeah, if there were sound (thank fuck there wasn’t) then this would’ve most definitely scared the shit out of 99.9% of readers (Not to say that it didn’t anyway, lmao!)

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    Mother- Hello, Eldritch Horror. Oh well it’s 3:30 AM and I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyways

  • Grox

    Katia, Little one, Fear can be a very dangerous thing, what you see in front of you now, is your fear. It is the one thing that is stopping you from moving forward. You have to remember Katia, Fear can not harm you, Fear can only Grow, and Get in your way. The more You Fear, the more it grows, the more it gets in your way, stopping you from ever getting passed it.

    The only reason Fear is dangerous, is that it stops you from growing and moving forward. Stand up, Be Brave in the face of Fear, Once you stand up to your Fear, Once you learn that it will only get in your way, you can move passed it. It will not harm you, but it will try to stop you. You just have to get around it, that’s all.

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    ‘Oh hey, it looks like they uploaded two pages at the same time. That’s kinda nice of ’em

    Wait what’s this?
    “Ma’Khajiit: keep in mind…” yada yada yada, “It is good to be-”


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    i’m not sleeping tonight.

  • Mael

    Nightmares are odd.

    “Normal” bad dreams are basically just you being scared by your own subconcious. That’s kind of natural, we’re all scared of something, particularly whenever we’re young. But you learn to confront and overcome… or at least “recognise” and “live with” your own fears as you grow up.

    But… if we assume for a moment that some kind of nasty scary creature could come in from outside your mind – could invade your subconcious and make you have Nightmares… well, then that’s a different matter entirely. No matter how nasty and scary that creature is, it’ll still be playing its games inside your mind. So it’s not the creature itself that’s you need to worry about, but what your mind throws at you.

    Think about that for a second: this is YOUR mind it’s playing in.

    It can be hard to control your thoughts, sure, but your mind is still a part of you.
    It’s something that YOU have the final control over.

    If something nasty decides to play game sinside your head, then it can only be as big and powerful and scary as you let it become. And once you realise that fact, it’s the big scary thing that should be afraid of YOU.

    Stated simply: It’s a case of “MY house, MY rules!!” – there’s nothing really preventing you from growing bigger and scarier than it is and kicking the ever-loving tar out of it, except your own doubt.


    Now consider something else:

    I don’t know about the rest of you… but I’ve been bullied in the past.
    You hit a point at which a line has to be drawn in the sand.

    I’m not going further than this. I will NOT be PUSHED further than this.
    I will resist if you try and push me farther than this.
    I do not care that you’re bigger, or stronger. I do not care how scary you are.
    I will punch and kick and bite and claw. I will NOT go meekly or quietly.
    You might end up beating me, you might end up killing me, but I do not care, you have pushed me TOO FAR.
    And I am going to do all in my power to make certain that you will never be able to push me, or anyone else, ever again.

    Terry Pratchett sums it up quite well: “Sometimes, just sometimes, a cornered small furry animal turns out to be a Mongoose.”

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    Whoo, you have absolutely outdone yourself Kazerad!! I screamed a little.
    This is my first time posting. I have to comment on this.
    You. Are. Amazing.
    The last time I had been so startled and horrified was when I read that korean horror webtoon and that was years ago.

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    Oh man this is awesome!!
    I hope that the awesome big ass animations stay in the dreams though, I kinda want the story to progress faster…
    And speaking about the story, I’m kinda expecting (and hoping) katia to suddenly be in the imperial city jail for burning down the chapel after the dream. Seems like a good point to go there, with what essentially is a big crime and the most detailed and elaborate dream so far…

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      click on the arrow on the bottom once the animation is finished

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    Glad I picked this up again.

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