Jan 132012

sabata2 wrote:
I’m going to be very, VERY disappointed if this Khajiit gives up on trying to remove fish from a proverbial barrel, and continues to claim to be Katia Managan.

Don’t worry, you’ve still got plenty of ideas. You can handle this. Katia Managan can handle this.

Besides getting some fish to eat and scales to sell, this is going to be your way of showing Kvatch that you are a competent and useful individual. Someone who can approach a problem and just straight-up solve it, rather than run crying to someone else.

Unclevertitle wrote:
Well, fire’s out. But that’s okay… you got this! You can freeze the little buggers… probably?

You tell the crazy poison lady that you’re going to try some different magic. Like, maybe using another element, something that can get you a quick, clean kill even underwater. She says that sounds like a great idea; she really would prefer humane, peaceful kills. If that’s… if that’s something you can actually do. You tell her you’ll try.

Unclevertitle wrote:
Maybe… instead of when you form your magicka into a ball and ignite it, you can try another shape. Like the spear you just made! Focus with your mind and whittle it down bit by bit if necessary. Give it a very sharp point and then imagine a blizzard a searing cold that chills to the bone! Then thrust it down as hard as you can! (Mentally! You’re aim is better in your head!)

This kitten might need mittens if she’s shooting icicles out of her paws!

She uncomfortably points out that you are still making fire. And it’s still not working.

Shiku wrote:
If cat burns make you shoot fire, maybe a different kind of burn or pun will make you cast a different element of magic.

Jakerose wrote:
You only know one spell your spellbook is thin as a sparrow.
Give it a nest already.
Walk away free as a bird and do something else.

Red.Grimgrin wrote:
Lightning is associated with air. Air is 90 degrees from fire on the classical element chart. So we need a statement that is not opposite off a sick cat burn, but rather is at right angles to one. How about a confusing dark elf double-entendre?

“Dunmer, I hardly know ‘er!” “I used to know a girl from Morrowind, totally had the corpus disease if you know what I’m saying”

How’s that?

Bah. These, on the other hand, don’t appear to be doing anything at all.

But you’ve got more ideas! You can do this!

ViniVidiVici wrote:
> You had quite the idea figured out with the bucket and the gag ball there, Katia, and I believe it was working! All you need now is a stronger bucket, since the other one sucked

Wait here!

Okay, wow, these fish don’t take shit from any bucket. You’re pretty sure the blacksmith said she didn’t need those pails back, though.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
You know what that broken bucket handle looks like? A hook.
Time for another round of fishing.

And apparently these fish can bite through rope, too. You didn’t even bait the hook, they just bit it off.

But it’s okay, you’ll still figure this out!

HeartInRightPlace wrote:
Bow and arrow might be a good idea, I’m sure the guy you saved from that lock room would be happy to lend you one.

Now there’s an idea!

Wait here again! And don’t poison the well!


Alright, that was a bad shot. You’ve, ah, never used one of these before, and thought it would arc downward more.

You’ve just got to get the right angle

You apologize for taking so long with this. You explain that you really want to help out, but it’s proving more complicated than you thought.

The crazy woman sighs and says it’s fine, take your time. She adds something incoherent about how we can’t all be nectarines, though you might’ve misheard that slightly.

Almost hit the water with that last one.

You thank Menien for lending the bow. He says you don’t have to worry about the arrows, but you insist he take at least two coins for them. You’re trying to wean off using other people for charity.

TalonofTruth wrote:
Grab a bunch of very large rocks and toss them down the well. Even acounting for water resistance and the slaughterfish’s agility, they should be crushed if you use enough rock to fill well.
…ask the weird lady if she like to help khajiit with rock.

Okay, it doesn’t look like that rock killed any fish. But we drop a couple more, one of them probably will. Probably. We can do this.

In fact, it might take a few more hours, but if we filled the whole well up with rocks it would either bury the fish or suffocate them. But… I guess that would cause an even bigger problem, what with the well being filled with rocks.

You admit you’re starting to think maybe the poison isn’t such a bad idea. Like, maybe you could pour it down the well, and then get an antidote to pour in after it? You ask your new friend if that would work, or if antidotes don’t-


Crazy lady? Hello?

You… guess she left.

  • Ohki

    It’s funny, usually in games there’s a solution somewhere, just waiting for you to find it. In this case… I really don’t know what I would do if I were Katia.

    • Thornclaw

      Me neither!

      • Riddler

        It’s simple, so simple i’ll only give you some hints. I won’t put it up but you can, these fish are like sharks right? So what happens when a shark smells blood but only another shark is to be seen after that you will have a lot of blood in the water now who do we know who is willing to pay for that red stuff and how can you get it to her?

        • Riddler

          This was an easy one I’ll pop when people are stuck. But I can guarantee that the next riddle will be hard

          • thefirstonethere

            are you perhaps insinuating that we pour blood into the well to maybe intice the fish into eating each other? haha i suck at these.

          • Dragon

            …And then recruit the vampire to clean up the leftovers?

            Problem with this is that it’s very difficult to remove blood from water unless you use magic or something similar.

  • Daaaww! The sad kitty!

    On a side note – this possibly could be for the better, what with strange vibes from crazy lady.

  • It seems like Katia could have gotten the fish to eat the poison, since they’re so chomp-happy.

    That could have poisoned the well in the end though, of course.

    I can’t honestly think of anything else either short of enlisting aid from others.

  • gran

    Nectarine? Ne… Nerevarine!? Or is this another reference I don’t get due to insufficient Oblivion/Skyrim experience?

    • Eagle0600

      The Nerevarine was a great hero from Morrowind (Not Skyrim OR Oblivion). She’s basically saying “We can’t all be great heroes”.

      • gran

        I was wondering if it was a reference to the Nerevarine, which is what I took it to be, or to something else from either Oblivion or Skyrim, in which case I wasn’t getting it.

        Cursory UESP glancing doesn’t reveal anything else from TES that might sound like Nectarine, so it seems I was right. Go me.

        • Dousiq

          Might just be.
          A good reference at that

          • Thornclaw

            I think you right!

      • Wiggleford

        My first thought was that she IS the Nerevarine. Using a short sighted solution to save a town unasked in case it turns out there’s quest rewards for it later? That’s straight-up adventurer behavior.

    • Kazerad

      You could more optimistically view it as “you get the reference just as much as Katia does”.

    • Byrd

      I think the Nerevarine comment was in reference to someone who was posting comments on the page prior going by the username Nerevarine.

      • The Nerevarine

        I feel offended by your implication that I have stopped my correspondence. And I want it on the record that I had earlier warned that slaughterfish will attack anything. They are part of the reason I never really liked swimming, as even with the best armor I had to pay a visit to the nearest blacksmith to fix the holes.

        I wonder if someone summoned the slaughterfish to that well… perhaps with the express purpose of making it seem like they discovered them there and decided to rub them out via poison.

    • Nick

      Pretty sure it was gonna be a dig at Katia’s Khajiit-ness, “we can’t all be nocturnal”

  • ExOttoyuhr

    I recommended that she get the wolf teeth in her inventory bloody, then drop them into the well; the slaughterfish should eat them, and should take enough internal damage from that to die. The author turned this suggestion down — either it wouldn’t work (there are a lot of ‘shoulds’ in my previous sentence, after all), or it would work and that’s not what he wants to have happen, or the teeth will be vital for a future puzzle…

    At least the crazy lady didn’t poison the well. (The slaughterfish would have floated to the top by now if she had.)

    • Periless_Paradigm

      It wouldnt work.

    • weirdguy

      They ate through a metal bucket.

      A bunch of teeth probably won’t really do anything.

      • ExOttoyuhr

        The sheer amount of splinters and metal they’ve swallowed mean that they might die of intestinal damage anyways, at this point, but teeth are harder than wood, or metal weak enough to get bent that easily, so I think they’d be a surer bet.

        • LucienVaun

          I don’t know if they’re die from eating metal, splinters or bone. Slaughterfish are tough and ferocious. I would imagine them to be able to survive the ingestion of such things. Considering they eat through armour and things to attack adventurers, they obviously mustn’t die just from having eaten the metal from that.
          I’d imagine slaughterfish to have rather resilient guts.

  • Ohki

    I just realized the obviousness of my comment. Katia simply needs to search for the solution fate has laid out for this scenario and until now remains hidden. It MUST be around here, somewhere!

    If only there was some form of device or deep spiritual awareness that pointed her in the direction of the solution to whatever dilemma she was focusing on. A compass like that would surely lead her to the answer.

  • Link

    What’s that poking out of the crazy lady’s pocket when she puts away the poison? Is… is that the red sleeve of a Mythic Dawn robe? =O

    No, it would be silly to assume she has an entire robe in her pocket, right? Right? =P

    Seriouly though, what is that? it kinda does look like a sleeve to me >=/

    • Janx

      Yeah, that does look like a sleeve D: and crazy lady mentioned on a previous page that she was here to meet someone. The Mythic Dawn elf outside? Dayum.

      • Thornclaw

        Disturbingly, I think your both right.

  • Stick Stickley

    Well shit!

  • Louie

    Bullshit, I cast fireball at slaughterfish all the time and it one-hits them underwater.

    • Riddle78

      Except in Oblivion,you can’t cast Target magic underwater at all,on top of Target spells stopping when hitting water,and in Skyrim,you can’t have weapons drawn while in swimming depth water,on top of Target spells going poof on contact with water,which is where the Slaughterfish lurk. Finally,I’m pretty sure Target spells in Morrowind fizzled on contact with water,even if you’re already under.

      Touch spells? Yeah,they work. But Katia doesn’t have a touch spell.

      • Illidan

        So water is like…. some ultimate anti-magicka reagent?

        • JustSomeRandomGuy

          Not really, but think of it like this: Have you ever thrown a rock underwater? The same principles apply to magic.

          • The Nerevarine

            I have fired arrows underwater, they seem to work perfectly fine. In fact, I have this flaming sword here that works quite well underwater. Though I am a bit antsy about Hopesfire.

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            I hate to be disrespectful, seeing as how you’re the Nerevarine and all that, but I must point out that ARROWS ARE NOT ROCKS. I have never successfully fired a rock from a bow, nor have I had much luck throwing swords. Of course, maybe you’re awesome enough to do all that stuff… But Katia isn’t.

          • The Nerevarine

            Why would I try to throw a rock while underwater? What kind of sense does that make? Are you touched in the head? And what kind of idiot throws a perfectly good sword? All that happens is now you have no weapon and your enemy has a perfectly good sword!
            I did not mean to imply that Katia could do the things I do. I have had some years of experience in maiming all manner of creatures. Katia seems to be more suited to discovering things than fighting.

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            I was comparing magic projectiles to rocks in the sense that you throw them. Hence the mention of throwing a rock underwater. And in that sense, bringing up arrows is irrelevant, and the only way to make a sword relevant is to throw it. Voila, you have my thought process.
            And if we’re talking about idiots, who the heck bothers to kill a giant bull netch with a fork, in exchange for favors from the most unpredictable daedric prince out there? Throwing a sword makes at LEAST as much sense as that…

          • The Nerevarine

            I happen to have a very nice spear hanging on my wall that I received from that troublesome bastard. In fact, I can go pick it up right now and at any time, I can choose to summon an Atronach if I don’t feel like stabbing something to death at the moment.
            Yes I have done work for many Daedric princes. I am not proud of all the things I have done, but I had need of those artifacts at the time. The Ash Vampires were old and terrible, they had great magics protecting them and I needed any edge I could get.

          • JustSomeRandomGuy

            “Point da fork out, never in. Poke poke poke, kill de grampa netch. Da fork…”

  • John Rochard

    Well I’ll be…That didn’t quite work out as expected, right ? Don’t worry, you’ll succeed eventually.

  • Brandon

    Kaz, what time zone is this posted in? This post is new to me, and yet the comments recorded the time and date as Jan. 13. My phone says, “Jan. 12, 2012.”

  • Brandon

    Oh, if it was any important, my time zone is Pacific Standard Time. 11:32 PM

    • NoriMori

      Then you’re eight hours behind this website, since it says you posted your comment on January 13th at 7:32 am. I myself am five hours behind.

      • Brandon

        Oh ok, thanks. That my cloud of confusion.

  • Anonymous.

    Well, that was disappointing.
    It seems like the story is going nowhere.

  • D-Zid

    Well.. At least Katia prevented the crazy lady from dumping the poison in the well.
    That should count for something, right?

    • Tokage

      Indeed. She has done what she can: now she should probably go and find a professional to deal with this. Or perhaps a couple argonians: they CAN swim and probably eat slaughterfish for breakfast.

      It is becoming more and more clear this isn’t something she can manage right now. And she cannot afford ice or lightning spells at the moment, either. Better fold ’em and leave it for someone else: you can’t always win.

  • A Pink Poodle

    Wait a minute WAIT A MINUTE I HAVE AN IDEA! What if you kept putting rocks into the well? The rocks would displace the water upwards, considering rocks are heavier than water, and push the water and the slaughterfish closer to the surface! Something like gravel or even sand would work well as there’s less space between the individual bits and stones for the water to sit in than if you were to chuck huge rocks down there.

    It’s like that story or parable or whatever where the crow puts rocks in a tall pitcher so he can drink the water that was otherwise too low!

    • The Nerevarine

      Actually, what would happen is that she could very well end up blocking the well, thus causing great consternation to the townsfolk and putting any workmen who have the job of fixing the problem in danger, especially since we don’t know where the slaughterfish came from.

  • moz

    Electricity & water don’t mix so if Katia could learn some sort of sparks spell that might work.

    • Kyle Hyde


    • Mr Sing

      She has no money to buy those and currently no friends who can teach it to her.

  • Bambi

    So… If you can only cast fire, (So far, all magicians can cast other spells, and to be fair, even if you think you can’t Katia, your theory of needing a beard to be a magician was wrong eh?), then try maybe casting a fireball that’s charged. Y’know, place your palms together, create fireball, hold it until it’s too hot to be in your hands, fire at the fishies. If that don’t work, then your possibky screwed until the creator decides to let you pass this bit. I’m sure the fish would enjoy a nice kitty kebab, they look hungry, go jump down there.

  • Vindicta

    its slowly getting darker… lets hope she doesn’t miss her appointment with the mages guild…

    • The Nerevarine

      I would prefer it if she missed her appointment with the Mages Guild as their reputation seems…. suspicious. Were I in a position to help our dear girl, I would be there myself, or perhaps send her something incredibly helpful, maybe even Helseth’s Ring (which you should not tell him that I have). It’s not that I disapprove of her actions, it’s just that I sense a trap coming. All my experience tells me that this will end badly and she will have to fight here way out. But she is not a fighter, nor is she skilled in magecraft, nor stealth. And so I despair. But if there is one thing I know, Luck is a very strange thing. Perhaps she will survive, perhaps it will not be as bad as I fear.
      Time will tell.

  • .

    >implying fireballs don’t work underwater in oblivion

    • anon


    • Dousiq

      >implying implications

      • The Nerevarine

        Implications…. unpleasant.

  • NoriMori

    “Youโ€™re trying to ween off using other people for charity.”


    • Kazerad

      I knew there had to be at least one spelling error hiding in here. Thanks!

      • lu bu

        So, how are you planning to proceed with the story? Or are you going to let us try to figure it out? :/ It’s not really working out that way so far.

  • somedude

    WELP…the water supply has been saved by sheer incompetence. Hit T, kills some hours, and get to guild for more embarrassment.

  • Phineas

    I guess when seven people suggest something, it becomes the best idea. I like that.

    Now, let’s stop a moment and look at you, Katia:

    You sound like a Redguard.
    You smell like an Argonian.
    You fight like a Breton.
    You drink like a Nord.
    You sleep around like a Dunmer.
    And you look like a kitten.

    You are either the poster child for diversity in Cyrodil, or the punchline to some very long cosmic jokes the Nine Divines have cooked up.
    Either way, it seems to be something to be proud of. You’re unique.
    Just remember, being unique doesn’t make you useful. A twisted fork is unique, but you can’t eat with it.
    You have to make yourself useful.

    Now, think outside the box. Actually, think outside the well. The slaughterfish had to get in there somehow. (A passage between there and a nearby lake, perhaps.) And now they’re too confused and angry to remember how. Maybe all the need is to be calmed down a little.

    Jo’khajiit, you are in the city with the most notorious Mage’s Guild in Cyrodil. If they don’t have a spell scroll, book, or mage that can pacify or dominate a weak-minded slaughterfish, then I will literally eat my own words.
    I will spell them out on paper, and ingest them.
    Rest for now. Recover what items and fatigue you can. Wait for nightfall, and the Mage’s Guild to open up its arms to you.

    • Dousiq

      “You sound like a Redguard”
      Perhaps Katia should call upon Hoonding

      • Randomdood


        • Dousiq

          Whoops, accidentally changed my name

  • Chris

    This is like some weird physics puzzle for geniuses.

  • Nichole Teroh

    rub the poion on something for the slaughterfish to eat, perhaps more buckets. It would be enough to kill the fish, but not enough to poison the whole well.

  • Evil Argonian

    Why not just leave them? They’ll either starve or leave.

    • The Nerevarine

      Slaughterfish are…. insane. Yes, I think insane is a good word for them. As you have seen, they will attack anything they see. So the townsfolk will not be able to draw water from the well, which will be bad. And since we don’t know how they got in then there may be more coming in.

      As for letting them starve? Are you aware of the properties of a well with a decaying corpse in it?

  • Belexar

    Maybe you could buy a lightning spellbook at the mages guild and use it to fry the slaugherfish!

  • Maeth

    Of course by now the water is probably even more contaminated with rocks, arrows, and bucket shrapnel.
    The fish will die out eventually and cause the water to get even more poisoned unless Katia wants to wait around and fish them out with another bucket once they’re dead but before they deteriorate.

    A better quest is to find out who put them in there in the first place.

  • Dousiq

    How long ago would you say the Nerevarine was doing his thing?
    Wouldn’t it be funny if one or both of Katia’s parents was a slave he released on his travels?

    …Because you DID free all those Argonians and Kajhiit, RIGHT?

    • Tokage

      The events of Oblivion take place six years after the events of Morrowind. Considering Kvatch is still here, it can’t have been even that long.

      • Illidan

        If I remember, the events of the comics are 1 year prior to the Oblivion Crisis, but the mystic dawn acolytes seems to prove me wrong.
        At this rate the Nerevarine is already in Akavir and probably already destroyed/conquest one or two countries there.

        • Nameloc

          Oh yeah……… sucks for Akavir.

        • Janx

          The presence of Mythic Dawn doesn’t necessarily mean an imminent Oblivion Crisis though; Many people in Oblivion will tell you that the Mythic Dawn were around for a long while beforehand, and didn’t harm anybody. That is, until giving Mehrunes Dagon passage into Tamriel, but that’s another story ๐Ÿ™‚

          • patrick

            it was stated by the author in the comments a while back that these events take place around nine months before the oblivion crisis. hope that helped.

      • Dousiq

        Ah, ok.
        Yeah, considering Katia’s apparent age, there’s little chance of that happening.

    • The Nerevarine

      Are you impugning my honor, sir? I freed every captive I could. It put me in conflict with the occupants of the Dren Plantation. Any slaver I came across suffered a shaving accident of great magnitude. Any slave I discovered was freed and I even found one lost soul in the wastes of the Molag Amur who I led on a long journey to the Imperial settlement of Ebonheart.

      If you wish to say that I am a man with a heart of stone, then I will be forced to challenge you.

      • Dousiq

        Ho ho, no, my good Nerevarine.
        I’ve no intention of implying anything of the kind.

      • The Dragonborn

        That is exactly what I am implying. Bring it on.

  • Nordlady

    Its dark! Go to the mages guild meeting! This doesn’t count as giving up as you are going to learn new spells that could kill the slaughterfish! And don’t be sad that the lady left, she could do magic thus she is probably just going to the mages guild meeting too.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    There are flammable rags all over Kvatch… Methinks there’s some reason for that…

  • Crazyaxebeaver

    Why HAS the Nerevarine taken sudden interest of the story of our young Katia? Could it be that Katia is an ancient ancestor of the great hero of Morrowind? Or perhaps the Nerevarine has just gotten quite bored with his menial existence and decided to take roll in another story?

    • Dousiq

      Who can know the Nerevarine’s motives? Only Nerevar himself would have any clue, and he’s dead.
      But seeing as the Nerevarine went from literally the clothes on his back and a couple hundred Septims to become the hero of Morrowind and slayer of Dagoth Ur, I think he would know a bit about success.


      • The Nerevarine

        Why does the secret word for the state of Godhood apply here? And being as I am I can tell you that I know Nerevar’s motives, for I am Nerevar Reborn. Trouble yourself not with what I think, only with what I do. Allow me to have my fun.

        • Dousiq

          It applies because at the moment it’s looking like that’s the only way she’s gonna get those fish out of the well without spending all her money.

    • The Nerevarine

      I interest myself because it has been some time since I found something that caught my interest. And I must confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for those who try to rise above their misfortune.

  • Fancypantsman

    Welp, it toke me two full days to read, might have seriously damaged my further school career, put me in a social isolation, but it was totally worth it!

    Keep up the good work, I want to read more on my new favorite webcaracter!

  • RMMBound

    I just caught up on this, and this is sheer miracles. I can’t wait until more updates happen!

  • T-Monet

    You’re wasting time here. You’re not even getting paid for this! Check the location of the sun to see how much time you have left. If it’s not close to sunset yet, take some free lessons.

    If the free lessons aren’t appealing, consider striking up a conversation with the vampire. Vampires don’t convert others into vampires without serious consideration first. They just need a little taste of blood here and there to keep them going. She probably came up with the grape jelly thing because it sounds less incriminating than “Hey, I’m a vampire, let me suck your blood.” You might be doing her a big favor by just letting her have some.

    When you’re at the mage’s guild tonight, see if you can get a mortar and pestle. With that, you’ll be able to make some very simple base colors to add to the sign by using grass, primrose seeds, and other things. Then you can make a real sign for that person and actually get some money!

  • Katia: 0

    Water: 3478


  • Bob Dylan

    If you can’t afford to learn a lightning spell permanently, I bet you could find a scroll of some lightning spell laying around in the mages guild. Nobody uses those and they are just gathering dust so I doubt they’d miss one or two. Just don’t waste them like you did those arrows!

  • Pinkmawile

    Even if you didn’t kill the Slaughter fish, you did save the entire town from being poisoned. Actually you should probably report the whole poisoning thing to the nearest guard.

    Anyways, just toss a gold peice down there. Maybe a highwayman will be able to magically detect it and will dive in, kill all the slaughter fish, and then leave…

    And if not, you can still make a wish.

  • Primary

    I know commands don’t go here, but since I’m a wiggler, my forum posts seem to take days to appear.

    >Katie: borrow one more metal bucket, a sheet of metal, and some wire. Tell the blacksmith not to worry, these things won’t be destroyed, just scorched. Build a fire in the bucket and use the wire to lower it into the well (not too far though, keep it out of the reach of the slaughter fish). Cover the well…well, and use some wax and or mud to make a good seal. The slaughter fish are directly under the well because they’re surface fish, they need the air (well oxygenated water, think the opening on a fish bowl). With the air consumed/full of damp (carbon dioxide, which isn’t poisonous to drink) they’ll suffocate shortly (not enough light for photosynthesis down there, a slow current, no surface area exposed to fresh oxygen for the water to aerate sufficiently). Also Wabbajack Wabbajack Wabbajack.

    • jay


  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    Caltrops are what Katia needs. Just whip up some caltrops and watch the fishies munch on their DOOM.

  • Chris

    hey could you perhaps in the pictures you draw her more detailed ad a little shimmer in her eyes… they’re too black to go with the detailed version of her

    • Motherfucker

      Just like my animes~ kawaii uguu~

  • Chris

    that or/and make the yellow of her eyes more gradient

  • Belexar

    Katia: Think about the guy in the fancy red hooded robes you saw outside. Didn’t you use to wear some robes just like those when you were part of a certain group of people in the past, before you were Katia Managan? Would one of those people be good to have so near the city? Cutting to the point, he’s a daedric cultist. You were one too, so you know how those people can get. Some of them might be relatively harmless, but what if they worship the likes of Boethia, Molag Bal, Clavicus Vile or Menhures Dagon?

    (Remember, we do see her wearing those robes in an earlier image, when she was thinking about her past life. She used to be a daedric cultist, she says it herself. And yes, I know Clavicus Vile and even Molag Bal aren’t all “KILL, MAIN, BURN!” about things, but they can still fuck some serious shit up if they want to.)

  • Soadreqm

    The poison lady left, without poisoning anything. This may not have been the stated objective, but I’d call it a success. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • SideNote

    Well… the fish aren’t going anywhere, the well hasn’t been poisoned, and there might still be time to check the shop with the sign. Maybe check that out for a last minute bit of revenue before the guild opens.

  • Laz

    Crazy lady with poison disappeared?! Alert the guards! There;’s no telling that she’s gonna do! What is she comes back later and dumps the poison?!

    At least by alerting the guards about the woman’s intent you’ll insure that the guards know what happened if people start dying.

  • Salith

    Katia! what are you doing? You have such a wonderful idea to make a small bit of coin!

    You have so much corn laying around the city, humans do love corn! Why not offer services with your fire magic to make ‘Popped Confectioneries’ to the wonderful towns people? I’m sure the dance competition could be a hitch if they had popcorn to sell for the festivities going on in the coming days! Heck! You could even sell popped treats for septims if you were efficient enough! Night is coming though! So I suggest you hurry!~

  • Salith

    (I’m sorry for double posting, but this brilliant idea just struck me.)

    Back in Quill-Weaves house, She can’t help but feel her Khajiit companion has gotten herself into trouble. She decides to find the guard she told her that she was going to travel with and inquire more about her safe travels and offer to have him (While off-duty) make a journey to find Katia and deliver a nice considerate sack of septims, cause she assumes more-than-likely with her reputation so far, she has gotten into situations she’d rather not be in.

    She also can’t help but feel motherly-esque for Katia, being it has been quite a while since a woman has slept in her bed before, she had quite a refreshing rest from it. So she’s worried.

  • Snerky


  • shifter

    as it looks like it is night out now maybe head to the mages guild and see if they can teach you any new spells (preferably a electrical spell) then if they can come back to the well and finish off the slaughter fish. even though the crazy lady may have left for the night she will most likely be back in the morning to see if you happened to get ride of the fish. when/if you get rid of the fish just leave a note for the crazy lady saying sorry it took so ling to get rid of the fish and saying where you will be if she happens to want to reward you for your efforts on killing the slaughter fish. worst thing that can happen is you cant kill the fish best thing you kill the fish get the scales get something to eat out of it and maybe get payed.

  • Ultimamax

    As it seems there’s not much else you can do, go to the mage’s guild.

  • TechSmurf

    This has been a fun read. I’m happy I got to the most recent update and it wasn’t an abandoned project from months ago.

    • Kazerad

      Oh man I know that feeling. There’s nothing worse than enjoying something, reaching the end, then discovering it was last updated in 2009.

      • Gren

        You are aiming to that, though. :trollface:

  • Wytsfs

    I’m somewhat disappointed that no one thought to ask the crazy poison lady if she knew any other spells.

    • Kazerad

      Some people suggested it, I just skipped over it. To keep the story readable I skip over a lot of things that wouldn’t have worked anyway, or that Katia would’ve shot down herself. She was presumably working off the assumption that CPL would’ve used an appropriate spell if she actually had one.

  • TheTurnipKing

    Geez, it’s not rocket science. Stick a metal pole down the well, and then use fire to heat the pole, and eventually the hot pole in the water should raise the temperature of the water in the well.

    • Amy

      The fish would almost certainly eat the pole before it got heated enough.

  • Amy

    I still can’t figure this out, and it still bugs me. Literally the only way I know to kill slaughterfish involves luring them onto the beach. That doesn’t work here obviously, because they’re in a well.

    How the hell do slaughterfish get into a well.

  • PersonPerson

    If I ever make a video game, this is going to be a level.

  • dtlux14