Oct 182012

IronSaber48649 wrote:
>Check eyeball and the Arena leader.

You save time by doing both at once.

The arena master compliments you on the nice injury.

Thanks, you say. You can’t see shit out of it.

> Cut eye holes in cape.
> Be a spooky ghost dancer.

NitroGlyde wrote:
>Katia: It looks like you’ll have to enter that dance competition, considering you don’t have any other options left… but before you make it official, you should ask if you can get those clothes without entering the competition itself. It probably won’t work, but you should at least try.

Anyway, the arena. This arena. There was a dance competition or something here, right?

Yes, he sighs. About every week or so. There’s one happening the day after tomorrow.

Could someone still sign up for that?

The orc says he cannot fathom why any self-respecting individual would want to, but yes. Someone could.

And…. you’ve heard some arenas give all the competitors armor and stuff, to make sure they’re outfitted the same way. Is there anything like that here?

Yes, the orc replies, as tribute to his arena’s golden age they still outfit all competitors with their choice of a light or heavy Kvatch Arena ra- I’m sorry, are you wearing a bedsheet?

No, you explain, this is a priceless tapestry professionally emblazoned with the white flag of surrender. You were looking through your vast wardrobe for something to wear today and this just seemed like the most appropriate. Tell me more about the free outfit.

Right. The orc explains that it’s an armored arena raiment. Standard issue, back when this place had real fights and he gave a damn. As back then, the competitor gets a choice between a light or heavy raiment when they sign up.

So I could actually request heavy armor for a dance competition?

Not if you’re trying to convince him you have any intent of actually competing, he says.

Fair enough.

Though, ah, about that. Hypothetically, if I did sign into this dance competition thing, would there be any sort of obligation to actually go through with it? Anything binding me into it?

No, the orc says, theoretically you could just mislead him, sign up, take his fancy arena armor, and leave forever. There’s really nothing he could do to stop you if you did.

That’s the first good news I’ve heard all day!

But I won’t do that.

You tell the arena master you respect his profession. Running an arena and all.

After you change you’ll even leave him this blanket as collateral, if he wants.

He asks you why there are two holes torn in it. You tell him that you didn’t want to be recognized on the way over here so you just kind of ghosted. In retrospect though you guess you only needed one.

ThisGuy wrote:
Dancing contest is not an option if it involves pole dancing. Find out what the rules are. Meet competitors, see them in action if possible. Playing with fire is dangerous, havent you heard it? Take precautions at least.

Ransom wrote:
Also, if you do consider entering said competition, read the rules very, very carefully. Don’t want to miss any loopholes you could exploit or embarrassing stipulations.

You apologize for taking up so much of his time. You just have a couple more questions you want to clear up before committing yourself to anything.

Assuming you actually do compete, there is a potential cash prize, right? Yes, he says. The exact amount varies; it’s a cut of the admission fees, depending how many bored people come to gawk.

You ask whether magic is allowed. Your relationship with it right now is a little complicated, but you want to know if the option is on the table. He says you can use anything you need; magic, potions, a bonemold shield, whatever.

You ask him if the dance has to be something sleazy. He reminds you that you were the one who got half naked and started clambering all over a lamppost. He had nothing to do with that.

Oh. Right. And, ah, lastly, you ask him what your chances of actually winning this are. Hypothetically, if you entered. He tells you that the very fact you are having this conversation means you have put more thought into this than anyone else who has ever come through those doors, ever. So probably pretty good.

Rarborman wrote:
Ignore issues with doing anything stupid or degrading, aquire clothes.

Alright then. You guess…. what do you have to do to sign up?

The arena master says there’s just one question you have to answer: blue team or yellow team?

You ask him what he means.

He tells you that the competition is team-based, and they’re even right now. It just determines what color raiment you get and whether you’re teamed with the nord or the dunmer. Usually he’d just shuffle someone like you onto Yellow with the nord for color consistency, but he figures he might as well give you the choice. Maybe let you turn this into a gent-versus-ladies thing, if you want.

So, yellow or blue. What will it be, khajiit?

  • Kazerad

    Like the last time Katia got new clothes, I’m taking design submissions over in the commands thread. You can retroactively decide what Kvatch Arena armor always looked like. How meta is that?

    • Goldcat99

      Utra meta

    • Thoadthetoad

      So meta it makes my dick hard.

    • Vaultdweller

      Meta as fuck

    • Tormuse

      It’s So Meta, Even This Acronym…

    • Dragon

      Will you have been retroactively editing panels to include the design?

  • M

    Well if she joins yellow she gets to team up with that wacky Nord, and that guy cracks me up.

    However his dance is absolutely ridiculous, and the dark elf… well she’s an elf right? She’s bound to dance a LITTLE better.

    So… pick Blue Katia!

    Although on the other hand, probably no one is going to come to watch, so Kat wins she’s probably only get a single coin or something, if anything at all. I guess a single coin’s still a single coin though. And there’s the free raiment so even if she gets nothing but the raiment and embarrassment… That’s still new clothes.

  • Vaultdweller

    Sure hope she’ll recover half her vision sometime.

  • AkuPen

    Yellow might clash with her fur, so she should probably go with blue.

    • Skuggi

      Definitely Blue!!!

      Because it could be made to look like she’s naked if she picks yellow, and this is already awkward enough for her >.O

  • SimenReynolds

    Blue! Pick blue! Yellow fur and yellow clothes is so boring, and besides, don’t you agree that blue is a better color for a mage? Also, please don’t try to use fire in there… It’s really not a good idea.
    Oh… and…


    Don’t bring a pineapple.

    • Goldcat99

      or a yoyo

      • ChasingWagons

        Or mead.

        • Derp Herpson

          Or self esteem. Oh, yea, you never had any…

  • NeonDarkness

    Sigh, when will people learn that commands are for the forum…

    That aside, the sighing animation is pretty good, also, the part where Katia pats the Orc to show her respect is quite humorous.

  • Bluescale

    I got the bonemold shield reference and can be all smug about it.

    • Fancypantsman

      Stop beeing so smug, ye smuggy smugger.

      Tell me what it means.

      • Kaze’aze

        You asked for a spoiler, so shall it be spoiled. It’s a reference as far back as Morrowind, where in the Official Plug-in Entertainers, a Bonemold Shield (of any kind, excluding custom-enchanted ones) is needed to dance ‘the handy high-kick’, a traditional Dunmer dance.

    • Nilithius

      I got that, too. I hope we see even more esoteric lore in the future.

      • ChasingWagons

        ESOTERIC. Why is that word so difficult to understand?

        • xKiv

          Because it’s autonymous?

          • Mirel

            Oi! Quit embiggening our vocabularies with your cromulent words.

  • Why not a purple team?

    • SonicDuck

      Shout outs to Kvatch rebuilt?

    • precisely and also I love the face on Katia on the 5th panel down

  • Slovier

    Oh god, Blue vs Yellow? This is a trap to lure competitors from outside of town to actually make them fight eachother, isn’t it? Oh, dear…

  • RockyRoad

    Be the blue, blue is a good colour, you are good right? Then be blue.

  • Matt.

    Blue. I like… blue.

  • I say go with the Dunmer, Nords are more likely to have loads of booze hanging around the place, leading to temptation and pineapples. Beyond that I think the general consensus is ‘yellow-clashes-with-her-fur’, a valid point when it comes to style for a dance competition. Besides, a fire-dancing Khaj’it would be highly entertaining not only as a dance off but also a combat style! Maybe she could knead her way into a purrfect victory with some kitty-kat magic. You know, if she’s feline it.

  • Snipes

    “Gent versus Ladies” thing sounds good.

  • FPST

    Yellow. Dunmer are tremendous assholes.

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      RACIST!!!! DON’T YOU REMEMBER THE ENTHNIC DIVERSITY MURAL???? Lol jk but nords are mean to khajiits more than dunmer

      • Dr. Curiosity

        Indeed! Why, in Morrowind they only… enslave Khajiit and Argonians to work on their plantations. But, y’know, not meanly or anything.

      • Dousiq

        Something tells me our friend here only ever played skyrim.

  • Ransom

    I’m torn, I like blue a bit better but I tend to think the nord would be a better choice. Gonna have to think about this a bit. Plus see if any yellow design in commands thread catches my eye.

  • Sman

    Gents versus Ladies. I find it hard to believe that Nord men would dance, rending them useless in that team breakdown.

  • Wolligepoes

    Thanks for the update, Kaz!

  • Miauw

    I support yellow. Because that nord guy seems to be an extremely friendly and fun guy.

    (and yes, i KNOW this is not the place to submit commands, i just want to vent my opinion.)

  • A Pink Poodle




    • Lucien Vox

      Go BLUE!!!

  • Ranzick

    oohhhhh, i have such an awesome idea! for some design it would be light Armour but i could give her like finger less gloves a hard leather body and and a CAPE! (hey its dancing they are gonna look stylish) and i can still figure out the function of each like finger less would be helpful with her claws and stuff hope my drawing skills are good enough to get my idea on paper

  • piq

    “In retrospect th[]ough you guess you only needed one.”

    Also, I have to wonder how an orc would feel about being defaulted onto the green team.

    Also, I love how this choice makes the perfect creative safety net. If the dance-off actually happens & we fans don’t like it, we’ll have only ourselves to blame for making the wrong choice. Delicious. Makes me think of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2y40U2LvKY.

    • Kazerad

      You found this week’s typo!!! You win the prize!!!

  • Magoran

    And here I was getting excited thinking the Dunmer team was yellow and it was a colour-based pun 🙁

  • InvaderNiveon

    I call Katia accidentally walking into the arena rather than the dance competition.

    I just do. Though I’m sure the other fine wolks thought the same.

  • RobbyThechaotic

    Choose Blue team, they got a tank.
    But seriously, A lot of the points made, girl team and yellow outfit with yellow fur isn’t a good idea. Go on Blue team, but don’t get your hope’s up on befriending anyone.

  • M4.TRS.

    Gents vs. Ladies

  • The South-China Tiger

    Yellow. At least you know the Nord bloke, and he seems like a decent guy despite how…interesting his dance moves are. For all you know, this Dunmer person could be a total b*tch. Best to play it safe, Katia.

    And who cares if the yellowyness clashes with your fur? You’ve been dressed in a bloody bedsheet since this morning, you’re never going to win much in the way of fashion, anyway. No offence intended.

  • J’Raaht

    Blue! If it is a trap and you end up fighting, you can at least flame the Nord.

  • OmoMeowth

    Hmm, this is a tough one. Going with Blue team might be more intelligent, since Dark Elves happen to know a bit of magic. Maybe they could be of assistance?

    Though, Nord’s are way hotter than Dark Elves, and it would make for a much better show seeing Nord hotties shake it.


  • Rambo Dash

    Loved this update

  • BlueCat

    Pick Yellow then dye it in the blood of the blue team after you destroyed them at this dance competition. . . oh and be sure to ask first if you can kill them in this competition and if you can loot there bodies! 🙂

  • 14thDoctor

    Blue! You know .. Tardis blue.

  • Dagoth Purr

    For a change of pace lets go with yellow team.

    After I had the deadly reflex mod for PC and the entire IC yellow team got beheaded, dismembered, burnt to a crisp by fire, burnt to a crisp by lightning, frozen solid and smashed into little pieces, chopped in half and exploded by my blue team guy.

  • dude

    You.Fucking.Bitch. Kazerad what did you do? Okay folks let me set the setting. It was morning. I had to get up eat breakfast,fix,my lunch,and go on my computer. I checked Prequel and I was so happy! I had to go to school though so I needed to wrap things up and I wasn’t completely done. After crying for a bit I had to leave so I went to the comments and posted some random gibberish to get on the comments page (There were only about 6 comments) and Kazerad completely deleted my comment thinking it as some kind of spam. Are you labeling me as spam Kaz? Do you think of me as spam? I am utterly detested by your actions. I might not even read this comic anymore. Just kidding but I want a formal apology from you please.

    • David Attenborough

      In its natural habitat, the blockoftext is a docile and well meaning, if somewhat confusing creature. Unlike its close relative, the Runonsentence, it has the capacity to be understood, with some special effort.

      This particular blockoftext however, seems to have been enraged due to an unknown circumstance, and it is unlikely that anything beneficial could be learned through its study. We will therefore leave it be.

      • dude

        I don’t really care about my run on sentence(I actually thought of it while posting) or my blocked comment.Although it saddens me that it was blocked and your words are quite bullying. I’ll have you know I have passed school every grade and I know how to write a sentence.Though in a period of frustration I was prone to making mistakes.(I’m sorry if I just misunderstood what you were saying or implying and took it wrong).

        • Kazerad

          I find your comments here terribly block-ist. Check your privilege.

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      Why would he apologize if you called him a fucking bitch?

      • dude

        As a fellow commenter and fan of this story you should understand my plight and I’m pretty sure Kaz knows I’m kidding.But,as a gentlemen I should apologize for my actions and words to those that were hurt.So sincerely,I’m sorry.

        • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

          That’s better 😉

  • Nate

    Blue! It’ll compliment your fur nicely.

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Blue. I would say yellow but it’s with nords. Nords are racist against khajiit.

    • FuzzyZergling

      Not this Nord, we’ve met him before.
      In the Arena, within the huge walkaround.

    • Hide-of-Scales

      Say, aren’t Dunmer racist against Khajiit, too?

      I’ll admit I’ve never actually played Morrowind (I know, I know…), but don’t the Dunmer of Morrowind have Khajiiti slaves in addition to Argonian ones? I was under the impression they did, but I could be wrong.

  • Socially Awkward Penguin

    Katia is so fucking cute in the update. Great job!

  • Stankloid

    Hey, panel 5 is an entirely new angle! And its adorable!

  • auzsfjyhbasjhfb


  • kurry

    I love Katia’s tail being wrapped around her foot, so cute <3

    And I think this is the first orc I've found even slightly attractive ever. He's almost as pitiable as Katia, lol

  • David


  • Ikearat

    Thank you for the eye-patch “nod” Kazerad.

  • Teebs

    I have no idea why, but…

    I like this dapper orc.

    Also, I would go with yellow, as the Nord may be willing to teach you some basic self-defense along with the dancing. You need something to fall back on in case the magicka runs out.

  • Hide-of-Scales

    I was reading the comments in the MSPaint thread and I thought I’d leave my input on some of the suggested outfits here (I’d register an account and submit my own design, but… eh, effort…):


    This one would probably make the most sense for an arena outfit, given what they give out in the Imperial City; something relatively simple that would probably protect key areas (joints, the torso, etc.) and little else. Plus, the little leather strips that flow down from the cuirass give it a distinct Roman vibe that would fit in well with Imperial design cues. Wouldn’t be surprised if this one wins.


    That one on the right is my personal favorite (if I could be bothered to register at the forums, it’d get my vote), if only because I think Katia would look awesome dressed up all knightly like that. Sure, it wouldn’t be very practical for dancing, but surely Katia could just take off the metal plates and re-attach them when she’s done? After all, she wore a dress under that green robe of hers and she’s shown that off a few times. Besides, folks’ll know Katia’s serious when they see her walking about looking all knightly with that metal armor, making that delightful but intimidating “chink-chink” noise that usually comes with moving about in metal armor. We want people to take her seriously, right?

    But, if people really insist on giving her light armor, I guess that one on the left would look good, too. It’s simple, but tough-looking, and I’ll admit that blue collar along with the blue shirt under leather cuirass looks pretty neat. If Katia can’t be a knight, she could at least make for a cool-looking squire. That would get my vote for best light armor to deck Katia out in.

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      I likes it

  • Carbisari

    Third rule of adventuring:

    NEVER pick one of the choices given, ALWAYS go for the third option!

    (Which in this case might as well be either join BOTH teams at the same time, or join NEITHER, and form your own team; the GREEN team!)

  • The Whicher


  • MyNameIsKatia

    Pick blue,please!

  • MyNameIsKatia

    Katia, please choose the blue team, this for two reasons:
    1. is my preferito
    2 color is beautiful.

  • MyNameIsKatia

    Katia, please choose the blue team, this for four reasons:
    1. Is my favorite Color
    2. Color is beautiful.
    3. And then, you’ll love blue, you’ll see.
    4. I don’t remember more

    But it doesn’t matter.

  • Cyph

    Katia is just so dam cute. Adult or child. Destitute or dignified.

  • Neowildstar

    Honestly it would be best to go with the Blue team. Nothing worse than having your fur clash with your armor. Besides, blue and yellow compliment each other really well… what good is it to put the same color over the same color… worse case ask to see both armor raiment and decide then.

  • theplunderking

    … we do remember that she is missing a random amount of blood right? that vampire could have taken a sip or could have chugged pint. maybe taking part in the arena isn`t a good idea at the moment? i can feel the s*** about to hit the fan here. she starts dancing, passes out and everyone on her team turns on her like that. she does need the money for a new book for QW but still, isn’t there any other less psychically demanding task she can preform in her possibly weakened state?

    • Nighthawke

      The dance competition isn’t until the day after tomorrow. She’s got time to rest up.

  • TheBlackShadow

    blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blueblue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue.

  • comkiller

    just started Wednesday,
    1). this is awesome
    2). when does this update?

  • Morgan


  • hhhnnnnnggggggg


    Sex appeal always wins. And what if that orc bandit is competing?

  • Ranzick

    just need one more day, and i can put up my idea also! for the…outfit thingy….drawing it by hand lol fanart style 😛

  • catocat9001

    Better go with blue, there’s something about yellow that seems redundant.

  • Sylja

    Why not both?

    • ScienceGuy

      Why not Zoidberg?

  • Some Guy

    Kinda hate to dump this in the comments here, but I figured if I put it in the comments on the Oct 25 2011 update page, it would probably be ages before it’s replied to. I figure Kaz probably has better things to do than check every single page to see if anyone has posted new comments.

    I’ve played through the Excelsior flash a few times(mostly back when it was first posted), but when I went to download a copy of the swf so I can play it without downloading it every single time, it didn’t work. It wouldn’t load in either Firefox or Opera. Pretty much any other flash I look at will load just fine in either, and all the other flashes from this comic will load just fine. For some reason that one flash just will not function for me anymore. Not loading it on the page, not the swf saved on my harddrive, nothing. So I just wanna check, the Kvatchbound.swf file is 12MBs, correct? I figured that since that’s the size of it on here and Kaz’s other site, it probably is the full file, but since it won’t play while every other flash I have works just fine I have to wonder.

    Any ideas?

    • xKiv

      I have a 12M Kvatchbound.swf, and it works in my standalon player (linux 64 bit, version But I saved it a while back.
      Maybe you have new enough version of firefox/opera that it tries to protect you against something in the flash (but firefox should only be blocking old versions of the plugin, not old swf ..)?

  • DaNya

    Dunmer are resistant to fire, and more elegant.

  • Rah

    >Select blue team to be ironic

  • as always, the choice of fate has been left to be determined by the aspect of a single, 199, coin flip. The results of which has been determined:
    96 Heads= Yellow
    103 Tails = Blue

    The choice has been made, luck has played its cards, and now, the strange voice in your head which would appear to be some form of post-traumatic sub-conscience created by your child hood nightmares, tells you:

    Pick Blue. Besides, speaking from a fashion sense over here, your fur coat is already a yellowish color, so (Pre-assuming that the armor itself matches the team colors) Yellow Armor would just blend into you and not stand out at all and look so… bland, Blue however will add a lovely contrast to you, as well as make your eye(s) stand out more.

  • Ahh, Katia is the most cute and adorable charater I’ve ever seen.

    I hope her life doesn’t get any shitty-er I feel a lot of empathy for her. It pains me every time Kazerad hurts her, eventhough Kazerad is her creatore.

    I really do wish she was real. I would let her live with me, and provider for her and love her forever (not lust)

    Boy are u good at playing with people’s feelings Kazerad. It would be awesome if you added a character in your story that is just like me, and love’s Katia the way I do.

    • Well, we had this necromancer…

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      Not the only one. I can openly say I love khajiit since I’ve know elder scrolls and Katia defiantly falls emotionally influential to what I love.

    • The Whicher

      you know, Im afraid that if khajiits where real & if Katia was real we would all look at her less kindly. She would be, most probably, just another beggar with whom we wouldnt want to have anything to do. Especially with all her failures in life.

      • theplunderking

        Kinda speakin for yourself here (not to be rude). I gave a woman i didnt even know a ride home today, i went out of my way to help her and spare her a 3 hour walk from the college campus to her home. There are good people in the world myself included, that would help katia, they are just scarce in todays world : /

    • Trance

      The thing that always amazes me about Prequel is how immersive it is, as a story. Unlike any other MSPA I’ve read, Prequel makes me actually care about the decisions the protagonist makes, because the world around her just seems so real. Kazerad has managed to make the setting and characters of Oblivion vastly more interesting and relatable than the game ever did.

      That includes our made-up cat lady. Even with (or perhaps because of) there being no source material to draw on, Katia has been so well-crafted as a character, so likeable and real with all her character flaws and crises of confidence, that I do occasionally get that silly thought of wishing I could jump into the story and help her out, too. The story is a constant reminder that you only ever see the outside of another person’s mind, in their words and actions, the end products of that tempestuous internal deliberation machine we all run on every day of our lives. There’s a real brain bubbling away inside that person you can’t stand, and though you can only ever judge them based on the evidence you can see, you might realize that you’ve got them all wrong if you could spend a few minutes inside their head.

      This is storywriting skill on a level I could never reach. The reason I don’t submit suggestions in the thread or to Kazerad directly is because I don’t want to fuck it up. For that same reason, I don’t wish or publicly suggest/demand that Kaz make the story happier to see the kitty treated better. Real as she feels, we aren’t actually watching someone suffer. In fact, I would argue that that suffering is the reason Prequel has so many readers: not because people are sadists, but because real life is damn hard to figure out, and there are consequences if you get it wrong. No work of any other writer I have ever read has been so adept at capturing the concept of the “fog of war” we all walk through in our lives.

      An artist like Kazerad is an exceptionally rare thing. Appreciate what he does while he’s still here.

      • The Whicher

        well said

  • I mean it

    • TheUnbrokenKhajit

      There is also a saying I have to myself I think you should hear: “it’s hard to accept reality when you fall in love with something that doesn’t exsist, but it’s even harder to stop pursuing it when it’s all you’ve ever wanted.”

    • Moo?

      You stay away from my cat too…

  • I bursted into laughter when she patted him. Really great work here. Love it :3

  • Nerevarine

    I love the comedic timing in this one.


    Katia, best of luck

    things have not been going well for you but this is something you’re good at.
    go get em champ.

  • Koravel

    Blue. Blue is best arena color. Also get light raiment, you’re a spellcaster, so wearing heavy armor will hamper your spellcasting ability.

  • Am I Drunk?

    Choose the color blue. the reason is that the color yellow on yellow fur does not seem to get along
    (and then with the blue you’d be sexy)

  • Moo?

    Is it just me or is katia a wee bit sarcastic lad?

    • Zer0DusT

      well she’s starting to grow a pair… wait a minute i mean-

      • moo?

        0___0 but he a orc! I dunno if I was a kitty woman begger (If? what am I talking about XD) I wold be like “he gunna rip my ears of” and she did get robbed by a orc so… katia don’t wanna mess with another one of those hulk/boar hulks

  • Moo?

    Also My friends think I’m stupid for reading this rather than watching a flash…

  • LtBartram

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the arena master said, “get the fuck out.” after Katia said, “that’s the first good news I’ve heard all day!”

    • theplunderking

      I would say racist but… orks don’t exist so… imaginary racist comment. That’s like saying that just because Jackie chan knows karate all Asians know karate. Or that all new Yorker have accents. Most orks are honorable warriors. the one that robbed katia is a sorry little chicken s*** who acts so ghetto i cringe in embaressment for him when he bothers to speak (not that he has important things to say) as a side note am i the only one that wants to see him die? I think the story has evolved past using such an under developed antagonist, we have sigrid now after all : /

  • Zer0DusT

    i like the parallels that katia has here with the arena master, they’re practically on the same wave length, makes me wonder if she’ll have some kind of relationsip wth him like she does with quill weave

    a friends only-

    hey zero tell kaz that you like his comic!!


    hey zero why don’t you-


  • N

    lulz, joined the forums. I’m Irrevenant now.

  • moo?

    I love how on the first panel you can see her cute little nosey :3

  • Marinara Doe

    Katia! Think this out CAREFULLY!
    Remember the last time you met Elves? They were stuck up and plain rude to you, and if you join Yellow, you’ll be surrounded by those awful Elves.
    Blue may be good, those bad boy Nords may be able to show you some sweet moves 🙂
    It’d be best to ask Mr. Arena Master about the other contestants on the teams, see if you can figure out more about the contestants’ personalities.

  • sivad

    she needs to break the damned cycle

  • outlawwolf

    Every time Kazerad animates Katia’s mouth moving, I can only imagine her saying “Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.”

  • Nall

    BLUE!! No wait, Yello-oh crud.

  • thegreatgp

    Go with the green team

    • Fox Eternal


      • moo?

        No white,black,orange,purple or brown! them the best

  • Smetanol

    Take yellow, it’s combinating with fur…

  • Veigar

    Personally i think you should show of your pole dancing skills. That way you won’t even need anymore clothes!

  • Tobias Moon

    Confirm that Yellow means blue emblem on yellow background and if so request that.

  • Meg


  • sivad


  • Jim

    Katia, use blue please. Yellow is worse than brown. People would ask, “Where’s your clothes?”

  • varsaigen

    Blue Team! It’s a nicer color anyway, and won’t stand out in nature quite as much as yellow will. (Noting how much wearing yellow has ever helped anyone not in a prairie) And it won’t blend into her fur. (or vice versa)

  • SuperGnome

    If you choose blue your yellow fur might make you outfit contrast well, but might make it hard for people to see what team you’re on. If you choose yellow, your fur will match the clothing… that could be good or bad. They could call you the yellow blur.

  • Smetanol

    Meh …. Whatever. Throw a coin

  • bobucles

    It’s a trick question. All of the armor choices are red. And still moist.

    The traditional Orz (Star Control 2) *DANCE* is a complex improvisation of maneuvers, gravity slingshots, and hot plasma exchange. It has a lot in common with battle. In fact, it IS battle. Do an Orz dance.

    More drama = more spectators = more $$$ (and/or fines). With Katia’s talent for catastrophe, the entertainment Arena could end up VERY lucrative.

  • Kalabros

    She should go with blue since she’s already got plenty of yellow.

  • Ralliron

    Yellow, Dunmer did enslave your kin after all.

  • Peyton Lehew

    Still loving the webcomic, but I am starting to wonder: what is the long-term goal?

    I mean, we have it established that Katia wants to leave her old life behind and be successful, and we also have it established that she wants to be a ‘real wizard’. But what long-term goal does Katia have for herself? By extension, what long-term goal do you, Kazerad, have with the way the series is progressing? Just how deep will the rabbit-hole go?

  • Lets not make assumptions here, we know that the Nord is mediocure but we’ve never seen the elf dance. Jumping the crossbow here could lead to a quick loss. First ask if it’s ok for you to go meet the Dunmar before you decide which team to be on, go check her out, AND THEN make your decision.

  • Tormuse

    “In retrospect though you guess you only needed one.”

    *Snerk!* 😀