Oct 082012

Jukashi wrote:
I would append to the quest log: “Eat food”.

SNeakyRobot wrote:
> Also, add revenge to your quest log. Good old fashioned, down home revenge.

Squiggles wrote:
Aaaawww yiss we’re official Adventurers now! Hey Katia! We’re going to give you sooo many quests through sheer numbers alone you’ll have to succeed at some of them because it’s statistically impossible to fail them all! 😀

– Investigate Thieves Guild (Nothing says we gotta join)
– Cure your vampire STDS
– The Quest to fix the Magical Amulet
– Help clean chapel you trashed. (Don’t admit to nothing!)
– Clean up litter from last night, you slob.
– Frame something else as a cultist to clear reputation.
-Mace training get!
-H2H elf, look into (???)
-Be the imp exterminator.
-Sign make! (spell right this time)
-Dance dance competition~!
-Talk to everybody (but mage guild members) all over again to see if they have new Quests!
-Start fashion trend with paint on undies
-Acquire new lock pick (try for a lucky one this time)
-Check again and loot every crate, barrel, and sack you can find.
-Look into finding an AA guild.

Lumos wrote:
And here’s an idea on what to do next: Try to get a new letter from that bookstore guy, try to earn a bit more cash and inspect what Sigrid does, and if you can break into the Guild while it’s empy.

lordkyzer wrote:
well whatever you do next my ja’khajiit jump there it will help your Acrobatic skills develop

phantasmalDexterity wrote:
> Make a paper hat from the pamphlet and wear it. Better than nothing after all. Then use the vampire’s letter to make a paper ship.

Thirty seconds and you’ve already managed to render your shiny new Quest Log completely useless by filling it up with every possible little thing you could do, some of which you don’t even care about.

You close the Quest Log forever.

Sindri wrote:
And yeah, that food bag totally isn’t free; if you can’t find the exact terms for it anywhere just eat the contents (including some cilantro; it’s just common courtesy) and leave it behind.

Crazy-8 wrote:
>before you do anything, quickly apologize to the gods for ruining their sweet pad.

swordo21 wrote:
Not sure why you’re upset with yourself Katia. Even master mages couldn’t cast through that silence amulet. AND YOU ALMOST BURNED DOWN A STONE CHURCH WITH THAT ON! YOU’RE KATIA FUCKING MANAGAN AND YOU ARE A MASTER OF DESTRUCTION!!!

You’re pretty sure a master of destruction doesn’t lose control of her powers and almost bake herself in a giant stone oven. The amulet was supposed to keep stuff like that from happening.

SallowFace wrote:
We’re thinking clearly now, yes? So we know that we’re not responsible for the fires, right? Because Amulets of Silence don’t just break.

TheUrbanMoose wrote:
Your amulet had some problems last night, Katia. As in, it didn’t work.

Try casting some fire (near something that won’t catch) to see if it is working condition again.

You try casting some fire with the amulet still on. When that doesn’t work, you try casting some fire without the amulet. Neither seems to have any effect at all. Even when you think up the best cat burns you can muster, nothing happens. You aren’t sure what was going on with your powers last night, but right now you can’t seem to get anything from them at all.

It’s probably for the best, you guess. Now that your head’s clearer, you realize that you got a little too into the whole wizard thing yesterday. You almost forgot you were a homeless, uneducated farm girl with exactly one day of magic experience – and as good as it felt to forget that, it probably just made you act like a giddy idiot. And then get robbed, and almost burn to death.

After that dream you’re not exactly in the mood for fire right now anyway, so you should probably just lay off the magic until you have a better idea what you’re doing. Just because you read about something in books and vaguely know what it is doesn’t mean you have any idea how to actually use it.

You let the Cyrodiilic gods know you’re sorry for irresponsibly wrecking their sweet pad in an uncontrollable fire rage last night. There’s no reply. You even try leaving an offering as a gesture of good faith.

At least you’re pretty sure that’s what the thing in the middle is for.

iituti wrote:
If I were you (which I kind of am) I would talk to that argonian who is cleaning the chapel. Maybe ask if she can lend you some clothes.

Sparrow475 wrote:
Weedum-Ja seems upset. Maybe you should offer your help, since the mess is sorta your fault.

Yeah… after that number you did to the chapel, the least you can do is lend a hand making it better. Weedum-Ja seemed pretty nice when you met her yesterday, so you shuffle over to see how she’s doing.

Hey, you say. She doesn’t answer.

You ask her if she needs any help cleaning up. No, she says, she’s got this.

You ask if she’s sure, because it looks like there’s still a lot of little burnt pew pieces lying around. And also some pretty bad scorch marks on the stonework over there, and that carpet probably needs to be –

Weedum-Ja sighs and asks what you want.

You tell her that you might have messed up the chapel a little last night, and you’re really sorry. Yeah, she says, she noticed. You explain that it was kind of a crazy night in general; you went to the Mages Guild and it turned out they were evil and they mind controlled you, robbed you, and threw you out on the street, and then a thunderstorm started so you went into the chapel for shelter, but then your magic powers started going out of control and –

She cuts you off and says not to waste your breath. She woke up this morning to find half the flammable objects in the chapel incinerated, a naked mage passed out by an altar, and the shattered remains of an empty mead bottle lying nearby. She has a pretty good idea what… transpired.

You try to explain that it wasn’t like that. I mean, you guess you’ve done stuff like that in the past, but this time it really wasn’t… yeah, you get a feeling she doesn’t believe you.

You try to segue into some smalltalk instead, asking if anyone stopped by to see you last night. Weedum-Ja says some people came to gawk, yes. The guard captain, that dunmer woman, and some others. You ask whether anyone with a particularly golden, luminescent voice stopped by perchance. Weedum-Ja just ignores the question.

So… yeah. You tell her you’re just trying to get back on your feet now. Trying to find some new clothes, find someone who can give advice on getting your magic under control, maybe find some proper, paying work around town. You really don’t mean to impose, but if she knows anything about magic, or has any extra clothes she isn’t using, you’d –

Weedum-Ja frustratedly exclaims that maybe you should have thought to ask these kind of things before you got drunk off your ass and trashed the goddamn chapel!

Look. She says she’s sorry, this has just been a really bad start to her day. She and the other chapel workers already left you a blanket to cover up with and let you sleep off whatever drunken stupor you got yourself into. She’s sure you can find someone else who can help you the rest of the way. Someone else to deal with your issues for a while.

Right now she’d just prefer if you gathered up your things and got out. Before you cause any more problems for her to deal with.

Whimbrel wrote:
If that doesn’t work, hey, there’s an arena in Kvatch. I remember you could get free armor from those in oblivion–free weapons too but that’s probably too much to hope for in this case.

See if you can get free clothes if you sign up for the dance competition!

Well you need clothes, you’re all out of dignity anyway.

You return to the Kvatch Arena.

  • Canuhearmenow

    That is not how you’re supposed to eat an orange, Katia.

    • Kenneth

      I wonder if there are orange trees in Elsweyr? Maybe she’s never seen one before.

      • Daniel

        She is from Hammerfell.

        • M

          You’d think there’d be oranges in Hammerfell… Hammerfell seems to be one of those warm-coast dry interior places, and they always grow oranges there here on earth…

          But either way it’s still funny how Katia ate that one.

          • IRInsane

            Hammerfell is on the edge of the Aziz desert. I’m no expert on oranges, but I’m pretty sure they don’t grow there.

          • Wandering_Anon

            No oranges, just orange soda.

      • khajiit mage

        Cyrodiil, Morrowind, Skyrim. They all have fruit. But they only have “vegetable” farming. Where does the fruit come from?!

        • Bangala

          Elsweyr. *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

    • Octane

      That is how I eat oranges.

      • M

        It’s also how monkeys other then humans eat oranges (And fruit in general.)

        Although they do often spit out the skin.

        • a smartass

          humans arent monkeys so its not “monkeys other than humans”its just monkeys. humans descended from chimps. but yeah humans eat things weird haha

          • Syvar

            Humans did not descend from chimps. We are a member of the great apes. Chimps are a cousin of ours.

          • Trance

            Apes are a subset of monkeys. Humans are apes, and therefore they are also monkeys.

          • Darwin

            Wrong wrong wrong !

            Chimps are apes, and apes and humans have commen ancestors. Just like humans and pigs have commen ancestors too ( a few more generations but still quite related).

            So humans are no apes at all. Or else you can as well say dogs are cats O.o

          • Trance

            Calling yourself “Darwin” doesn’t fool anyone. Humans are apes, as going to the Wiki article on “Ape” will show you. You can also elect to watch a video by a Youtuber named AronRa who goes into decent detail to explain why we are not only apes, but also monkeys.


            If you have counter-arguments to make, please make them over in the comments of that video. It’d be a more appropriate forum than this comments section, and AronRa is very knowledgeable and can help you better understand concepts related to phylogenetics.

          • Keeran

            You are all wrong. the proper term for humans, apes, and chimpanzee-related orders are considered “Primates” Humans aren’t monkeys because Chimps and bonobos aren’t considered monkeys. To be classified as a monkey, a primate has to have a tail, first of all. The most common misnomer a lot of people get mixed up is that we call any primate other than a human a “monkey,” so it’s used as a popular term. So humans are not monkeys-Niether are apes, chimps, and bonobos.

            That is all. This argument is done.

          • Trance

            Sorry, Keeran, but you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously, just watch that video I linked; it addresses all the faulty points you just made.

          • Beluga

            can we stop arguing about what species humans descended from and focus on the actual story?

          • Trance

            Can you leave people to discuss what they feel like discussing and go post a separate comment if you want to talk about something else? Some arguments aren’t actually hostile and don’t need people like you jumping in to break them up.

          • Amy

            Ta-da. The internet is an amazing thing. So no, humans aren’t monkeys, but they are apes (hominids).
            Granted, recent discoveries have thrown our whole classification systems out of whack. People are currently fighting over classification, but we do know for certain that humans are related closely to apes.

          • God

            Shut up all of you. I got bored one day and made you. End of discussion.

          • Salamore

            ^All of my yes^

          • Dragon

            This is the best comment ever.

    • SonicDuck

      The skin of an orange is actually quite nutritious. People don’t eat them because it’s often coated in chemicals like pesticides, but in this TES setting, there’s probably nothing wrong with it.

    • Stump16

      just let her be shes having a hard day

  • Kazerad

    If anyone has forgotten, Weedum-Ja, the guard captain, and the Arena appeared in Katia: Excelsior!. I should probably get around to making a youtube playthrough or something for the people who can’t run Flash and are incredibly confused right now.

    • Daniel

      I would like that very much. Not that it’s hard to find the most important elements of the story, but even now I’m not sure that I found all the surprises in that game.

    • xKiv

      > youtube playthrough for the people who can’t run Flash

      Are you sure that would work? Last I checked (right now), youtube video-ing is still mostly flash … and the alternative is html5 …
      Unless it’s just for people who can run videos in flash, but nothing interactive? Or people who have flash blocked everywhere except youtube?

      • Goldcat99


      • dmaasd


        • xKiv

          1) That’s what I said >_>
          2) If you are going to use html5 anyway, you could put html5 directly on your own site (unless bandwidth is an issue), and stream without youtube’s conversion, limit(s), hypothetical potential licencing troubles, comment section, … (but also without being on youtube’s search and ranking)
          3) afaik that’s still opt-in testing-version quality feature that doesn’t necessarily work?

          (I opted in and then back out, because I like the way my flashblock prevents flash videos from auto-playing, I don’t know how to do that with the html5 player)

    • CakeLancelot

      Yes please, my left arrow key is broken :c

    • Goldcat99

      Please do it!!!!!!!!!

    • Kazerad

      I thought about it more and what I ended up doing was just creating some image/text summary pages for the Flashes. I still want to encourage people to play through the minigames on their own if they can, and I realized creating complete video playthroughs might kind of discourage this. The summaries, on the other hand, leave plenty for people to experience in the actual game, can double as a sort of walkthrough if someone is lost but doesn’t want to watch a video, and are guaranteed to work on pretty much any device (even one that can’t play Youtube).

  • You’ll probably want to heal your magicka just in case there aren’t any monsters about

  • sabata2

    Look at the candles…

    • M

      Well I’ll be damned. And Kat still has the amulet on too.

    • Yes, I noticed that too! If that just isn’t a really neat foreboading little detail in the background…

  • Write down all the things you have to do. That’ll be much easier and more effective than trying to remember them all.

    (Funny enough, I just finished writing an essay about that exact point.)

  • andrewsad1

    …right now anyway, so you you should probably just lay off the magic…

    Just letting you know about that typo.

    • Kazerad

      I fixed it before you could even finish typing this! I am lightning!

      • andrewsad1

        Also, “…and trashed the godddamn chapel!”

        One too many ‘d’s there.

        Sorry if this is annoying.

        • Kazerad

          Okay okay, you guys got that one fair and square. My hubris was my downfall.

      • cabbage

        “you got drunk off your ass and trashed the godddamn chapel” 3 D’s

        • Keeran

          Too late, bro.

          • wolf

            Poor guy takes three minutes to type up that you have a typo and then the guy who found the original typo beats him to it.
            …Or three minutes to find it, press ctrl+C and ctrl+V, point out the problem, and hit submit, anyway.
            But he didn’t use any grammar whatsoever to point out the typo, so I suppose we shouldn’t pity him too much.

  • B-sa

    Squiggles… Thanks!

  • Mao

    You tease. No Brother Martin…

  • Dovahkiin spirit

    Hang on! As an atronoc or however its spelling is you can absorb spells. Y U NO go absorb that barrier? I mean, its not like you care if you burn thats bee-och’s house down.

    • ArcaneMonkey

      It only works on spells cast at you
      If she could absorb passive spells or shields then atronachs would absorb the enchantments of any magic item they use

  • unclechoo

    Another awesome update.

    Also the candle lighting on fire :O. Yet cat burns aren’t working anymore. Maybe it’s just the feeling catburns gave her that allowed her to use fire.

  • Bersl

    >You close the quest log forever.


    • Alceris


  • SuperGnome

    Necklace! Voice! Dog! Thinky thinky now! Dreams are short term memory, make a note to think of it and turn it onto long term memory!

    check it,
    check it,
    check it!
    Those candles lit up by themselves!

  • Rambo Dash

    Kazerad, if the next update is montone, melodramatic and depressing I will poo on your face.

    • Rambo Dash

      NOT THAT I’M CRITICIZING THE UPDATE, OR YOUR WRITING STYLE. It’s, just… It’s not everyday that you get to poop on /Kazerad/’s face! Y’know?

  • Gnorrik

    Candles seem to be lighting all around you. You should probably look into that.

  • Daniel

    She’s wearing a toga instead of a poncho. My stupid request won!

  • N

    “Before you cause any more problems for to deal with.”

    Left out a her, there.

    Wonder what happened with Dmitri’s cat… I forgot about it until I read through yesterday. Cats with notes and Welkynd stones don’t just disappear.

    • Kazerad

      Wow my proofreader is getting a very stern talking-to for this.

      • Goldcat99

        Can i replace him?

  • theplunderking

    … farm girl? i may have forgotten if it was mentioned, but this is the first i remember hearing of any farm. oh yeah, the argonians a complete b****. you should have her get run over by slow moving wagon

    • kotekzot

      her parents had to quit their jobs at a castle and move to a farm because of her fear of nobility.

      • theplunderking

        ah, forgot they moved to a farm after that. also if they guilt tripped their kid for that they are like… the worst parents, of all time

    • theraphos

      Well that’s completely uncalled for. Considering the fact that she’s having to clean up a drunken mage’s giant mess (which trashed a house of god(s) no less) ALONE, I think the Argonian is showing remarkable self-control and has every right to be aggravated and just want Katia to get out.

      Just because we like Katia doesn’t mean everyone else has to. Especially when she gives them plenty of reason to not want to.

      • theplunderking

        it is not unreasonable at all i believe actually. the first thing people learn when it comes to interaction with others is “treat others how you want to be treated”. and considering that the argonian just treated her like garbage shows she deserves to be treated like garbage. immediately assuming katia was drunk without asking her what her side of the story was wrong. just because she is having a dbaday doesn’t give her the right to be a jerk to others. if she doesn’t like her job she should quit. she gets paid to clean the chapel no matter the condition, beggars cant be choosers. and that goes without mentioning that people probably end up mugged alot in this town, and instead of lending a helping hand or even directing her to some form of help she decided staying miserable was more important. the lady who is a janitor decided she was more important than an obviously powerful young mage i guess. as for the gods, i wouldn’t have even wasted an orange on them. they dont deserve it. all the gods deserve is a kick in the junk at this point

  • someone with too much time

    I actually kinda wish that she wouldn’t have to come back here, her desperation makes it even worse.

  • shamlamaringadingdong

    Well, we did want her to take part in the dance competition. Guess we got what we wanted.

  • Catnippie

    That argonian is a huge cow.She deserves a fireball to the face 😐

    • theraphos

      Katia set a sacred temple on fire and then started bothering the Argonian and pestering her for favors while she’s still trying to clean up the mess! Geez, you guys.

  • M

    Didn’t the Anvil mages guild said they’d let her in if she knew two spells?

    The mission for Quill is honestly probably a bust. But she can at least get a new letter from that bookseller. Maybe she can find some cheap clothes, and just figure out how to return to Anvil.

    She can go back to Quill and at least give her the letter, explain she didn’t manage to raise the money and got mugged. But that she DID learn a second spell and that she will join the mages guild, so that maybe she can get some initiate jobs there and that she can live there for now. And that if she can get some money of that new job she can pay her back. Admittedly promises promises, but it’s still progress and this time Quill’s house didn’t get wrecked. Plus, she didn’t have any money when she set out on this quest either, so it was hard to accomplish to begin with.

    Even if Quill is mad, which she may or may not be considering this particular circumstance, if Katia can make a little money as an initiate she could still try and pay her back.

    Still, poor cat doesn’t get much of a break… Though she should be glad she’s not in a place like Skyrim instead. She would probably be a rug already there. Or send into orbit by a giant.

  • f27

    A typo there:
    You really don’t mean to impose, but if she if she knows anything about magic, or has any extra clothes she isn’t using, you’d –

    • Kazerad

      How do I even do these things? Fixed!

  • dude

    What spells will Katia add to her arsenal, I mean most chapel people sell restoration spells. I can see Katia screaming “SHIT,SHIT,SHIT” While jumping around casting a healing spell dodging people and arrows.

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    You don’t need to dance now. You NEED to get your real clothes back: the robes.

  • Hassat Hunter

    “She woke up this morning to find the half the flammable objects in the chapel incinerated”

    Another grammatic error here…
    Looking forward to the next chapter [goes back to lurking]

    • Kazerad

      My god, I think this might be the highest number of stupid repeated word mistakes I’ve made in one update, ever.

  • hassat, good find, i missed that one … somehow…

  • Kain222

    Hey hey hey, no. Nothisisexactlytheoppositeofeverything.

    March on back to the Mages Guild and see if Sigrid’s out.

    If she is, sneak in there, get your stuff back and pilfer all the gold – hell, maybe that’ll prompt the Thieves Guild to give you another satchel of food.

    Anything, just anything other than doing a slutty-pole dance when you need to build your dignity up again.

  • Ransom

    Stinks that after finally resisting the call of alcohol circumstances paiy her as a drunk again. Now people are a lot less likely to believe her even if they aren’t hypnotized by Sigrid.

  • Miauw

    I like where this is going.

    • Some dude

      I wish I could hate you to death

      • Miauw

        Seeing from your other comments, you seem to be a prude. I dont care if she ends up sexily pole dancing, but if she does not, i’m fine too.

  • tech

    I’d probably be just as rude. JANITOR RAGE!

  • guft

    Really this was the obvious choice all along. Leave begging to the glib-tongued Imperials. Khajiit possess natural grace that makes them well suited to acrobatic feats. Your chances are good if you are the only Khajiit in the running, doubly so because it will make you seem more exotic.

  • Some dude

    Well at least now I can be sure Kaz has actually gone full furfaggot and just wants to draw the cat girl pole dancing.

    • stupidjellyfish

      WHOA WHOA WHOA! You just hold on there, mister! That ain’t cool! D:

      • Some dude

        You know what “ain’t cool”? Furry wank material passed off as regular webcomics.

        • stupidjellyfish

          I think Kazerad is aware that he’s not trying to make a pornography. Every character so far hasn’t had the physical appeal of a surgically altered sex model, so I think he wouldn’t break the mold by making a needlessly sexy set piece moment of Katia dancing.

          • Some Dude

            Have you already forgotten about the pole dancing minigame?

          • stupidjellyfish

            That was supposed to be sexually arousing? I didn’t know.

        • Artemis

          If this was intended to be “furry wank material”, Katia would be having a sexual relationship with Quill Weave right now. But Kazerad has stayed away from that, even though that’s what some of his fans, based on fan art, would have wanted.

          • An onion bagel

            I’ve got more of a lizard fetish, really. Maybe if Quill and Weedum could hook up. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW

        • theplunderking

          some dude? more like some douche. i think someone is in furry denial. you got something you wanna tell us? you made it very clear you wanted to remain annonomous

    • Trance

      It’s amazing that you can be serious about saying something like that. You must pay no attention at all.

  • TacoSin

    Whooo! I finally caught up with the comic. Super psyched!
    Ok! Hi Katia! — Totally tap into your inner-Khajit’ness, sneak into them fool’s house and get your stuff back! Maybe burn it down, also!

    And the pole dancing was awesomely artful! You should try to find ways to do more of it. Maybe start your own business and perform at birthday parties!

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      Stripper pole dancing + kid’s birthday parties= ?????????? I think your suggestion is a bit unsupervised… 0.o

      • That Lunatic

        To be fair, it’s not that much worse than some of her other ideas…

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Look at those fangs… I think you’ve got sanguine vamiris. Your teeth weren’t that punctuating in sharpness before… :€

    • stupidjellyfish

      She’s a kitteh. Kitteh’s got fangs.

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

        I know but have u seen them that sharp before?

    • theraphos

      Takes three days to go from infected to vampire, though.

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

        True dat

  • Segolia

    I opened this up in photoshop to see all of the different quests. Here they are for anyone else who was wondering:

    -Frame something else as being a cultist
    -Return to redguard for mace training
    -Sign up for dance competition
    -Make a new sign for phrenologist
    -Talk to everyone again just in case
    -Open every crate ever
    -Start new fashion trend
    -Seek hand to hand combat training
    -Eat food
    -Acquire new lockpick you can’t use
    -Jump everywhere
    -Make a paper hat and boat
    -Seek violent revenge against Sigrid
    -Get new letter from Hirtel
    -Investigate Theives Guild

    • Expresate

      That’s actually not that bad. Katia would’ve exploded if she had the Nerevarine’s journal.

  • Moo?

    Katia eating orange is my new IPod background… Yay?

  • Tennae

    That poor orange… No mercy!

  • georgie

    Hmm…better try to learn some new moves before we partake in any competitions. I don’t think they’ll appreciate your current ones too much.

  • stupidjellyfish

    I think out of all the adrenaline-pumping moments of dreadfulness, this update really hit hard. It was all in that conversation with Weedum-Ja that my heart started to drop. Katia followed Quill-Weave’s words by not giving up and it meant nothing. Fucking Kazerad.

  • Feels-Many-Feels

    The candles.


  • peptalk

    If you give up now, it’s the same as admitting defeat.
    So buck up, and do your best!

  • Zer0DusT

    heres a prediction everyone in kavatch is going to hater in the end

    • Moo?

      They will be dead so you know… Katia don’t have to worry bout her rep there

  • theoretical-Chaos

    player.additem 0000000a 1 no? well maybe this will work player.additem 0000000f 999 nothing either? oh well… i tried to help…

  • Husk

    Weedum-ja: “POR QUE!!! DX”

    Katia: “8|”

    lol. XP

  • Warsun99

    So wait is she a battlemage,Mage in general or Fire mage ( shrug )?

    • Moo?

      She a pyromancer… Sort of…

      • InvaderNiveon

        I fear no man, but dat tzing…

        … it scares me.

  • Tobi Wan Kenobi

    *jaunty, loosely dressed Redguard struts out and sets up collapsible seating device*

    Dis gon’ be good.

  • Lucien Vox

    Wait you may want to take a few pointers for an expert dancer if you want to compete in a Dance-Off!!!

  • Keeran

    Take it easy, just simply talk to the person at the front desk and ask if there is a competition available. Ask him/her whether or not the arena provides uniforms for competitors. Stay calm and play it like the cool cat you are. :3

  • Tulio

    Katia: Just kill yourself already.

  • Ikearat

    I showed this comic to my friends and now I’m on the hook to make amulets with puppy souls in them for everybody.

  • Lambguy

    Katia: Kill the next person you see and then ask for fight money

  • Phatcat

    FIGHT! Money is best made in blood.

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    I don’t think fighting is the best course of action considering the imps and slaughterfish.

  • Alliion

    interesting, she heading to the arena… perhaps this will be a good chance for her to finally make some money by using her uncontrollable fire spells to torch her enemies. or get her head lobbed off… i would love to see how her fights

  • Motherfucker

    Looks like someone just discovered that strangers who have no idea what your past is like don’t actually care about you~

    It’s almost like Katia inherited her internet voices autism.

  • Dagoth Purr

    Why dosent katia just tear the quest log off the screen and wear that instead?

  • Motherfucker

    Whoa shit the talos shrine lit up when she walked past…

    Anyone ever thought that maybe her magic abilities are a direct result of her self loathing / pain and cat puns were just a sort of focus for that?

    Maybe that’s why she had such a spectacular fuck up just now, she was feeling extremely shitty and stuff for being duped and was inadvertently making fire because of it.

    • Motherfucker

      And yet I still got a guilty boner about the pole-dance minigame.

      • Moo?

        …umm… Stay away from my cats

  • Vaultdweller

    Sure wonder when we can expect a new update. Damn this got me hooked real good.

    I think Katia should leave Kvatch (who knows what the future may bring there) and live off the land. There’s plenty of food that grows out there, and she may even find an abandoned campsite or something.

  • neex

    There’s no hope left. You’re back to square one again.
    Who are you kidding? Your name isn’t even katia…
    Why do you think you can get anywhere in life?
    You’re destined to mess every single last thing.
    You’re not even cursed, you just fail at everything. Give up already.

    • An onion bagel

      Well aren’t you just a happy little sunflower?

      • Moo?


  • undyingUmbrage

    Quest Log —> Clear All Entries

    New Entry —> Kill Sigrid

  • Ransom

    Thanks for the summaries, though I hope you won’t be out off from, on a special occassion, doing an rpg style update again.

    Although one thing from that entry I noticed for the first time now was the man with the bad sign. Has anyone suggested she try her hand at sign writing again?

  • ChetBetera

    Was just reading those Summaries you put up for the Flash segments Kaz. And I’ve got to say, why did you put emphasis on the rusty key in the barrel?
    Is that a hint, like the bucket that moved a few pixels?

  • heidtmare

    OMG! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, soooooo much for the summary pages!

  • Uzi_Man

    For God’s sake, Kazerad… REVIVE DMITRI! He was an awesome character, l can’t believe you threw him.

  • Zarel

    Grrr I really want to add a suggestion but the forum wont let me :[ really like Prequel though, read it this week, caught up already, like some of it a bit more than Homestuck, certainly has some more interesting qualities :] but yeah if anyone reads this I just thought it might be kinda interesting to ask Katia why she isn’t worried that she has so many voices in her head, also the “Nightmare” pages….mother glub those were FLIPPIN AWESOME!

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    If the gods don’t listen to you then fuck them. The daedra always listen to people who confront their shrines. Or…. Preform the black sacrament! The dark brotherhood can easily kill sigrid. Or if your not intent on killing someone than the thrives guild can steal the things back from sigrid- Mabe you can strike a deal or something? Or you can try to absorb the magical barrier with your atronatch, and it should give you enough magicka to hold sigrid and Stephane with telekanisis while you claim your stuff. Or ask lord Mehrunes-Dagon to open an oblivion gate… Oh wait! Don’t do that… I have a bad feeling that it would result in kvatch being destroyed by a daedric siege engine and causing an oblivion crisis, but I guess that I’m just being too paranoid!

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Hey uh kazerad- do is there a different place I need to write stuff for suggestions or do you consider stuff wrote in these comments?

  • Bonzohazard

    gah….. just update already…. Man, you are slower than molasses nowdays…

    • Vaultdweller

      Been itching for a new update a long time myself, but since Kaz seems to put a lot more effort into them than he did before we’re gonna have to deal with it.

    • theraphos

      Unless you’re paying Kazerad to make this comic you’re getting free entertainment and really shouldn’t be ungrateful. We’re not OWED anything. Not one thing.

      • Kazerad

        Nah, I like to think of it as an exchange: my updates for your readership. You’re giving me all this readership, so I think I owe you all an update or something!

  • I


  • Sefercil

    Katia. Wait. Did you notice that candle? It lit when you walked up to Weedum-Ja. Maybe…just…maybe when you try to make things right…it helps you yourself. Have you tried being more positive before? Control it. Know you can, because quite frankly, you can. Nothing is stopping you besides feeling sorry for yourself and feeling incompetent. And you are not, because you are a new person, a brave Khajiit that decided to begin a new life all on her own.

    I believe in you, Katia. Mara bless you. Maybe trying to work to help people, not just for your own benefit or to make up for something might help. Try Katia.

  • Neu

    : O The candle!

  • Dragon

    Heh, looks like my comment at the start of the dream sequence was spot-on.

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