Nov 012012

Democracy wrought:
Yellow: 57 supporters
Blue: 58 supporters

Pseudonymous wrote:
Make it blue.

(plus the angled boot cuffs from BaronVonSomething’s design)

Vins wrote:
Well, you still got plenty of time before the competition. In the long run, you gotta get the letter from the bookstore guy and buy Quill-Weave’s book before Asotil shows up to scort you back. You have two or three days, if memory serves. As for today, you can train with the geezer from Hammerfell with the axe and then end the day helping that elf with his sign.

Professorzobot wrote:
Go with Blue. The garb will look better and we’ll meet and work with someone we haven’t met before. Just hope that we can find a way to have Katia stick the landing on this one, so to speak. If she wins that cash prize it’ll help her at least a little…


You ask Ilden if he’s seen a dunmer lady around. Like, you know. Dark elf. You just signed up for a thing and apparently you’re going to be on a team with her and… yeah.

Dunmer lady? He ponders it for a moment but confesses that no one in Kvatch comes to mind. If she’s visiting you’ll prolly want to check with an innkeep… Managan, was it?

You nod and sit down to rest your legs a bit. Ilden asks how your employment is going.

You do your best to fake a friendly laugh and admit that it could be going better, you guess. You had a package you were supposed to deliver back to Anvil, except you managed to let it get stolen last night along with pretty much all your other belongings.

You just got back from a visit to the sender, who had some not-too-kind words about your professionalism as a courier. He agreed to draft a new letter if you came back when he was less busy though. You guess it’ll be one explaining to Quill-Weave that there used to be a package too until the worthless courier lost it.

And when you get back to Anvil you were hoping maybe you could try joining the Mages Guild again, except after last night you apparently lost your ability to control magic for some reason and you’re not sure if it’s ever coming back, not to mention your starry-eyed perception of mages recently had a pretty big hole blown in it and you’re not even sure if you even care about magic anymore or what.

So, yeah, everything’s going pretty badly right now. On the bright side, at least you managed to find somewhere to stay last night.

Really? Ilden mentions he heard a rumor that someone found you passed out naked in-

You let him know that he’s totally decimating your meager remaining semblance of positive thinking. He apologizes.

It’s fine, you say.

contemptibleComedian wrote:
For the nines’ sake become hardened and world weary already. You can’t play to cute and innocent cat-girl anymore, that shit obviously hasn’t been working.

Yesterday he mentioned he used to train for the Fighters Guild, and offered to maybe show you some tricks, sometime. You ask him if it’s possible that’s still a… thing.

Sure beats sitting here feeding nonexistant birds, he says. You lookin’ to learn how to fight?

You tell him you don’t know. You just kind of want to do something. Something that doesn’t feel like a complete mistake, you guess. And you never know when you might need to… fight something.

He tells you that’s a better reason than most folks would have. Come on, he’s gotta go find a shield.

By the way… mind if I ask a question?

Ilden says it’s fine by him. Can’t think of any reason he would.

What do you know about Sigrid?

The lovely lady from the Mages Guild? About as much as anyone in town does, he figures. What’re you lookin’ to find out?

  • Vaultdweller

    Oh sweet relief, finally. Been pressing F5 all week every 10 minutes.

    Great update as always, Kaz.

    • Trandescent

      Try using a RSS feed extension for your browser! I can’t even tell you how much time this has saved me.

      • Vaultdweller

        Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        • NoriMori

          But first step would be to subscribe to Prequel’s RSS feed in the first place. XD

          If you have Firefox, get Google Reader Watcher.

          • There’s also a nice extension for that for Chrome users, too.

          • Tri-Twist

            Thank you for this, it will def make my webcomic checking days smaller

        • Uzi_Man

          So, tell me.. how does it feel to be exiled by that asshole Overseer?

          • ChasingWagons

            He wasn’t such an asshole after I killed him.

    • Jirky-Kake

      Oh my god. Dat face in the last panel.

      • Dragon

        On that note, does anyone else think it looks as though he’s about to break into an unhappy Trollface?

    • J’zahrjo

      where is Dimitris courier-kitten?

  • The Whicher

    That outfit suits her well 🙂
    (but still … a shame she didnt pick up the green team :P)

    • SonickDuck

      Her shade of yellow would not go well with a green. Blue and yellow are complimentary, it’s the best choice.

      • SlyCoopaTroopa

        Sorry, but purple is yellow’s complement and orange is blue’s complement.

        • ChasingWagons

          Who care? She sexy.

          • Miauw

            I dont think anyone has a better reason than this.

          • The Whicher

            I acknowledge my defeat. You Sir spoke the ultimate truth

        • Colour Nazi

          Blue is yellow’s complement in the RGB colour system, you are thinking of RYB, which is only for pigments.

  • Lowblock

    Just my luck that I have to wake up at 3:30 and this updates!

    • Kazerad

      I knew you would have to get up at 3:30 on the day after Halloween and, feeling pity for your plight, I decided I would surprise you by updating on that exact day, right after you awoke.

      That is the real reason this update took two weeks.

      It had nothing to do with TF2.

      • Lowblock

        yeah I know all about you and your tricks Kaz.

      • theplunderking

        Even with dishonored, assassins creed 3, and halo 4 released/ releasing soon? Figured that as a elder scrolls fan you would be all over those

      • Hakaru

        Nothing AT ALL to do with sniping. Not scarily, Either. And especially not scarily to your own team.

  • Anda

    aw yasss – I like the ending to this update. Don’t forget how Sigrid manipulated you, Katia!

  • Am I Drunk?


  • ChetBetera

    Just 2 observations.

    Observation 1: The Amulet of Silence is hidden beneath her Totally Bitchin’ {Trademarked} armour’s tunic.

    Observation 2: That bowl of Grapes has less Grapes in it than before. And that duck picture is now a cone.

    • wolf

      You can’t see all of the grapes; maybe they just are shifted a little bit.
      And obviously somebody folded up the picture of a duck into a cone to make a dunce cap for all the books they didn’t like.

      • ChetBetera

        No! I’m not insane! The grapes have been taken! Look! And then look again! There are less grapes than there were before!

    • piq

      Somewhere there is a builder.

      A builder who neatly files all of his bricks on shelves by subject matter instead of building things with them.

  • M

    I’m glad Katia talked to Ilden again. He seemed like a nice guy back in that Kvatch minigame and those combat tips COULD be useful. Katia… she might not in my view be tough brawny warrior material, but knowing a little about combat might just save her life.

    It’s also nice to see Katia interact with a friendlier face for once. Ilden may not quite be a friend necessarily (since he hardly knows Katia or the other way around.), but he’s nice and helpful, and that’s good!

  • Daniel

    This all feel like a hangover. What a sad morning.

  • Vaultdweller

    “And when you got back to Anvil you were hoping maybe you could try joining the Mages Guild again,”

    Wait now a second, Katia returned to Anvil after going to Kvatch at some point? Is there something I missed?

    • Kaze’aze

      “And when you get back to Anvil” I’m guessing was meant to be there. I hear people do the same thing in speech.

      Great update, looks like we won’t have to worry about brown paint showing anymore.

      • Vaultdweller

        Having pasty, brown paint on the private parts is probably uncomfortable too. Hopefully the fur will shed sometime.

        Also, she’s not permanently blind on her eye right?

        • Kaze’aze

          No, I remember the eye of fear injury being explained a long time ago when it happened, but instead of taking the time to find and quote it, I believe it’s temporary and the eye is back to normal in a month or something. Feel free to correct me if you feel like digging through the archives for it.

    • Kazerad

      Fuck, Kaze’s right, I was just using it in the common speaking way and didn’t consider the implications. Clarified!

    Yeah, lets learn a spinkick and kick Sigrid in the face. Then get turned into a deer and be fed to the creature behind the chained door. You fucking cat.

  • Derp

    Katia looks great! Congrats to Pseudo!

  • Bonzohazard

    Good man Kaz!!! I’m so glad you went back to simple stills over that animated crap! The reason I started even reading this thing was your artistic talent and simplicity, keep it up brother, you’ve thoroughly peaked my interest once again! Bravo sir, bravo!!! <3

    • Vulqostrun

      B’aaw, something changed for a handful of updates so it’s crap.

      Do you know how stupid an argument that is?

    • Nope.avi

    • Vaultdweller

      Eh, people have different tastes. I can respect that.

  • nic

    IT LIVES!!!

    love the sexy new look.

    just makes me wanna pet the kitty.

  • Octane

    Yay! Just what I needed this morning. :3

  • BaronVonSomething

    Thank you, Kazerad, for using at least a part of my design and helping me achieve Prequel immortality, even if it’s just the angled cuffs of the boots!!!

    In good sportsmanship, congrats to Pseudo. I’m happy I worked so hard on mine, got enough time and won by 10%, it really makes me happy you appreciated it.

    Let’s hope that Katia is able to use my bootcuffs to kick Sigrid in the face 😀

  • Nighthawke

    “prolly want to check with an inkeep…”

    Should be innkeep… 🙂

    • Kazerad

      Whoops, how did that happen. Fixed, thanks!

  • Krekker

    Warrior training? Now I’m imagining Katia becoming that silhouted, axe-wielding warrior you can sometimes see at the top of the page.

  • RuseTheFox

    Look, Katia, you KNOW you should learn how to fight properly while you are out of magika. People tend to take advantage of you when you cant help it, and it would pay to have some genuine non-magical means of fighting. Plus, free fighting lessons, anything free is usually worth at least looking into.

    • RuseTheFox, that’s not where suggestions go.

  • Carbisari

    Katia, you can friggin’ do this.

    Even if your magic doesn’t come back, you can still learn how to hold a sword!

    (That’s almost as good, right?)

  • Vallen

    It feels weird seeing katia in her armor, but at he same time a little well deserved. I think my favorite thing about prequel is he character progression.

  • >democracy wrought
    ahahaha damnit Kaz why did that have o look like a quote

  • Your Mother


  • dude


  • Kajex

    ^.^ She looks stunning in that armor. Wouldn’t mind her tagging along for adventuring.

  • Ikearat

    Fantastic update!
    Thanks Kaz, you did good.

  • Ikearat

    Did Katia get a bath? Looks like there’s no evidence of brown paint. Great reveal of the new armor, totally love the ‘close-ups’ can’t get enough of her. And this makes me 1.) a weird-o, and 2.) one of “us” 🙂

  • A Pink Poodle


  • Teze

    Why the hell you need a shield, your better off training with hand to hand combat and dodging attacks. Your a Khajiit, fast and, dear I say, ‘agile’. I highly don’t think she can safely block a attack using her body weight and strength.

    • kotekzot

      a khajiit that can’t jump down from the second floor window without injuring herself. somehow i think a shield will be more appropriate.

    • Marnath

      The shield is for him. you know, for her to try her technique out on him.

  • Fiks

    Love the pose in panel four. Cute!

    • Derp

      That’s my favorite panel too.

  • IRInsane

    Wewt! Spontaneous update!

    On a more serious note, I hoe you got that lesson on time management down? Cause thats one lesson I still have yet too learn…

    Ah I’m alive, what could I complain about? Awesome sexy/cute armor! I was putting my money on the fact you’d choose that one.

  • IRInsane

    Also: The dance competition needs music yes? Can we make suggestions? I have a few ideas.

    • Motherfuckers

      I’ll bet you were thinkin’ it you sicko perv.

      • IRInsane

        Why is it everyone jumps straight to that song?

        Hell no, you the one who thought of it first, sir motherfuckers. I was thinking along the lines of “Hope for you yet”

  • Ransom

    Darn! One vote difference! She looks great though.

    She does need to get a bit more cynical, I’m afraid. But hopefully not too much.

  • Daniel

    Is it just me or things are happening too fast? I thought that everything was supposed to be a “federal fucking issue and also trying to make you miserable”.

    • insightfulfuck

      Too fast? In what sense?

      • Daniel

        She is moving around town without having to hide behind guards. She is talking naturally with people without the need for long internal dialogs about what other people think about her.
        Shouldn’t she waste at least two pages reflecting on how embarrassing would be walk around the streets in a blanket? How many paranoias did she solve by now?
        None of this is necessary, but I miss details like that.

        • unclechoo

          Well I think Katia is developing at a good pace. Even though I love this comic and it’s my favorite one, I do want it to have an ending in reasonable time and not take years to complete.

          Just my opinion.

          • Daniel

            But in which direction the story is developing?
            Will she overcome her problems and have a peaceful life? If that happens, would it be the end of the story? A mediocre achievement by a mediocre person. What would be the point? How would that be related to TES Oblivion?
            The most mysterious aspects of the plot don’t seem to depend of personal development from Katia. I don’t think the accomplishments really matter. For me, the important thing is her struggle to solve unconventional problems.

  • Cole

    Poor Kat…But at least nothing has exploded…. Yet?

  • Neithan Diniem

    Loving the art on this one, not sure why it just seems to stand out among the others. The armor looks really good too.

    I was wondering when she would go after the fighter’s guild.

  • Blu Spy disguised as Katia

    Dammit I just finished an awesome armor for her and now this happened. I must admit it does look great i had a little trouble for a split second recognising her in that fourth picture though.

    Welp… guess I’ll save it for the next time she ends up naked and hopeless.


  • outlawwolf

    She’s kind of got a Rei Ayanami thing going for her with that eye patch. I dig it.

    • Motherfuckers

      It’s just like one of my Japanese animes!!

  • Sman

    Good girl Katia! Learn more about your enemy! That way, in your next showdown with her, you will know what to expect, and won’t be as easy to catch off guard!

  • tech

    Sigrid, say your prayers. You messed with the wrong Khajit. Let’s see how smug you are with a slit throat…

  • Goast

    Looking to find out how much of an evil sssssssssssssslut she is.

  • Mullon

    I wonder how effective the armor is, if it’s something worn for a dance competition.

  • funderful

    I would have given Katia a hug after hearing about all that. She needs more people to hug.

    • UziMan

      Enough with the hugging shit.

      She needs to become stronger and more self-secure. She can’t expect to receive love from everyone she meets.

      • Bad_Skeelz

        She should still give Sigrid a hug.

        Or at least put her in a sleeper hold.

      • Mulan

        Someday I’ll, make a man, out of yooouuu~

  • Draken

    Wow, jumped on when there were no comments, coolbeans I got on right at update randomly like that.
    That armor is top notch and beautiful too <3 Time to kick ass.

  • kitsunebeast

    Started reading this a few months back, have been addicted to it ever since. 8D

    Also, love the new outfit for Katia. Lets hope things start improving for our little kitty. 83

    • Uzi_Man

      She looks sexy.

  • Polecat

    That poor girl. She should probably try and talk someone into accompanying her back to the mage’s guild on the upcoming night. Seems like everyone would be only too happy to pay the enchantress a visit. Then she can play like she brought new people like a good apprentice would, and could she please PLEASE have her book and note back. She doesn’t seem to make such collected decisions like that though, so I look forward to seeing her be the buttmonkey of this world.

  • Motherfuckers

    GONNA NEED A MONTAGE! (Montage!)


    ALWAYS FAaade out in a montage… (Montage!)

  • Miauw

    Stupid kahjit. You have the Atronarch perk, remember? You simply ran out!

  • Dagoth purr

    Why not just ask the elf shop keeper to cast some magic at you until your magicka is up again? I mean hes an elf so hes probably good with magic right?

    • ChetBetera

      You rascist bro? Yeh, you rascist.

  • Veigar

    Passed out naked in the church? Better get checked for STDS

  • Iivaitte

    perhaps you can become a battlemage!
    Also, ask about that other mage from the guild.
    get what you need and get out of there, the place is no good for you.
    remember why you came here in the first place, besides the whole wizard thingy.

    you still have chance to remake yourself, there are many other towns in Cyrodiil, your like a cat with nine lives!

  • bigironpedro

    Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Sigrid outside of the mage’s guild. Like, ever. BUT, we did run into Stephane at the market. I think it’s time to find that little prick and Eye of Fear him into giving out some information.

  • Jahuty

    Katia: Ask if there there is anyone in town that DOES NOT seem to like Sigrid so much, everyone you talk to seems to have nothing but nice things to say about her. But be discreet and say it’s just out of mere curiosity. Should you ever decide in the future (certainly ot now) you would wish to…”investigate” this issue it would be good to look up a potential ally.

  • Uzi_Man

    Damn.. one update per week? I miss the old times when kazerad’s updates appeared within a few days, with humble animation and facial expressions, now the story feels a bit.. empty, due to the perfect drawing and long-wait time updates. IMO.

  • Mallow

    I suppose, going back down memory lane, Katia may remember that Sigrid sprayed some straaaaange perfume before jacking all her shit. Like Catnip, albeit. ♫ It seemed to make her super-extra-happy to donate. May want to remember Sigrid is a master alchemist…

  • Well after power reading this i fel inlove with the the whole consept and now i wana doodel dan arts

  • Beard

    10 weeks in Basic training, and 7 updates.
    Good to know I underestimated you, Kaz. Keep up the good work.

  • Tormuse

    I love the build-up to the reveal of Katia’s new outfit; very dramatic…

    which makes it all the funnier when you see her being all awkward as usual. 😛

  • He and the guild master invited you to dinner, earned your trust and smugged you. back there when you thinking decide whether you should trust her or not, you kept thinking she were gonna take you off guard and do something bad. And guess what, you let your guard down, and fucked up. I see how we can fix this issue. while he leaves the conversation, follow him, but dont let him notice you, i know this sounds stupid, but this could be your chance to find your stuff

  • You know ive read through almost the whole series. i stayed up from 9:00 am to 5:30 am in the morning reading this story. I felt so connected with it. Although what i would want, is a good love story in this with katia with a hansom khajiit. That would be really nice. It just seems she needs someone to look after her. Id really appreciate this and it would make me very happy to see this comic grow in a happy ending.

  • Uknown

    Typo hunt: “prolly” should be “probably”,right?(if so, fuck yeah I finally found a typo)

  • Mzuark

    Ugh, I get not wanting to be the innocent emo anymore, but being world weary and serious all the time is soooo fucking annoying.

    Oh and 100 updates from now, will she be ready to take on Sigrid?