Jan 132013

Varkarrus wrote:
>You are now Captain Gaius Atrum

Huh? No you’re not. Gaius Atrum is that guy right there. You met him up on the battlements yesterday while you were exploring the town, and he sort of freaked when he heard you used to be a cultist. He’s doing it again now that you’re pointing at him.

Anyway, as endearing as he was yesterday, you have more important priorities right now.

SatansBestBuddy wrote:
Katia: Ask Gaius if he’s seen where the cultist went.

Rhisereld wrote:
Katia: Ask that guy if he has seen your fellow cultist that complete stranger.

Vins wrote:
Try explaining that old bloke those cultist things are past you and that his childish phobia simply sounded like a call to get poked fun from.
Also, he might know where did that elf go.

l4tul4 wrote:
>Whatever you do, don’t be unfurrendly! Be warm towards him, and purrhaps he will return the favor!

You greet Gaius as politely as you can. He regains his professional composure, stands a safe distance away from you, and rather sternly asks what you want… you cultist.

You ask him if he’s seen that elf in the red robe around anywhere. You’ve been having some magic problems lately, and you are looking around for any mages who might kn-

That elf in the suspiciously cultist-like attire, he asks? That same elf who has been waiting out front for his no-doubt cultist friends to show up, presumably to do bizarre and probably unruly cultist things? Things an admittedly cultist-like individual such as yourself would quite possibly be involved in? Why would you be looking for him? Are the two of you… up to something?

With an exasperated deadpan you explain that you really are just looking to get some magic help. You assure Gaius that you are no longer involved in any cults. Your cultist years were a long time ago, and they mostly just involved wild yet harmless parties – nothing to get paranoid about. No cults here. You haven’t even-

He cuts you off again and tells you that’s exactly the sort of thing a secret cultist would say. He is on to you and your cultist plans. And there is no chance in hell he is going to willingly help you locate your “cultfriend“, as he hears the kids are calling them these days.

Right then. You ask him if he at least knows any other non-guild mages in town who you could speak with.

Even if he did, he explains, he certainly wouldn’t direct a terrifying, living, breathing cultist to them.

This conversation is unbelievably stupid and going nowhere.

HeadSix wrote:
Go see the phrenologist.

tronn wrote:
>Katia: Visit the elven shrink/phrenologist/trepannist, ask about your dreams

Yeah, this mage-search has been kind of a bust. And all this ragging on your cultist past is kind of starting to piss you off.

You tell Gaius that, as much as you’d love to continue this interrogation, you have important things to do. So you’re just gonna head back into town and… do them.

Alright, he says. But he’s got his eye on you. He’ll know what sort of strange, cultist things you and your friends are up to. He’ll uncover your cultist conspiracy.

You tell him one last time that he’s being ridiculous. You aren’t a cultist, or involved in any conspiracy. You’re just gonna go try to earn some money repainting a sign, then maybe talk to that counselor guy about the recurring, monochrome nightmares you’ve been having since you were a child. It’s nothing a guard captain has to be wor-

A…are you mocking me, cultist? Who have you been speaking to? Which one of your cultist spies is feeding you information?

Feeding you information? You tell him that you have no idea what he’s talking about, but he’s kind of starting to scare you now. You’re gonna go into town and find a guard who isn’t-

Don’t play dumb with me, Khajiit! Y-you know what I’m talking about!

Who told you about my nightmares?

For what already feels like the millionth time, you tell the paranoid guard captain you have no idea what he’s going on about. You’re not involved in any kind of cultist conspiracy and you don’t know anything about-

Wait, what did you say?

  • Fabhar

    I’m starting to think her nightmares are caused by one of the Daedric Princes. Vaermina, to be precise. She’s been known to cause horrible nightmares, after all, and they certainly seem supernatural – especially if someone else is having them as well. Perhaps that glowy voice that appeared in her most recent one is one of the Khajiit deities/Nine Divines are trying to help. I have no idea which.

    • Speaking of Vaermina, Have any of you played the Morrowind Horror Mod?

    • Hellbud khajjit

      Concidering that katia fainted at akatoshes altar, also is the first khajjit apparently, I’m guessing katia is a hero!Or a cultist destined to destroy the world.Either way the deadric and the divines are screwing about with katias fate.

      • Hellbud khajjit

        Also, what if when katia was a cultist she was worshipping Vaermina?Everyone knows Vaermina holds a grudge!

        • roxo

          That’s an interesting thought but Katia mentioned she mostly had wild parties while in her cult so if she was in a cult worshiping Daedra it probably would have been Sanguine.

          • Krekker

            Considering her past, the former moniker “slutcat”, and her affinity with the drink…
            Yeah, almost definitely Sanquine.

  • dumb

    I just realized we’ve been in Kvatch for over a year and it still hasn’t burned down. God, is this adventure going anywhere?

    • Today is only the 2nd day in Kvatch. You should be glad that two full length updates came in a short span of time, and the adventure is starting to be picked up now that the holidays are over, Don’t be rude.

      • LFT3.0

        He’s right though, it has been over a year since Katia first got into Kvatch and nothing has happened beyond a few random events that have nothing to do with her original purpose of being there. The fact that this is the “2nd day in Kvatch” doesn’t mean much because it’s been over a year of real time since anything has actually happened plotwise. Some of us want to see Katia move in and do something right rather than the entire thing just be a hugbox for people in the forums.

        It’s not rude, there’s nothing rude about it, and the whole “you should be glad” thing also doesn’t work because as much as people want an update, people want even more for the update to actually mean something. I used to anticipate updates like crazy, check the website multiple times a day, discuss the comic in threads all over the Internet, now it’s just becoming a circlejerk and the only reason Kazerad continues to take suggestions from these people is because that’s the “format” of the comic. We want the sad main character of one of our favorite comics to succeed, just like we would want anyone else to succeed in the same scenario.

        • Insane Randomness

          Ja’Khajit! Patience! All shall be revealed in time…

        • Woodledude

          He’s right, you know. The claim that these events have no pertinence to the “main storyline” is incredibly unfounded. The whole point of this story is, in a way, detailing the events in Katia’s life. ALL of these events have had some impact on her psyche, most of them major. Did you really think someone with an addiction to alcohol and a long, unsuccessful life behind them could just pick themselves up in a day and just be fine? The fact that she’s having so much trouble doing the simplest things is in part what makes the story so very entertaining. And I think we both know that the reason you’re complaining right now is because you’ve enjoyed the story at some point. Wait a while, and I think you’ll start to see some connections being made. Very important ones.

        • Evil Argonian

          Okay, so go find another comic to read in the meantime. Don’t whine about it here. And yea, it was pretty rude.

          • Sly

            Oh for fucks sake “Evil Argonian”, shut up.
            “Boohoo, go find another comic because I’m a bitchy little girl that go sour when people actually has a point about a comic I like!”

            Hey guys don’t be douches. -Kazerad

      • fdfggdhfghjfgj

        Implying pointing out what should be on everyone’s mind is rude.

        Someone is high as fuck.

        • megalomaniacalHalide

          Yes, and that someone is you. It’s not on everyone’s minds. I’m just happy to read this comic as it updates, and if you’re so self-absorbed in such grandoise id as to believe what you think should be embedded in the mind of the common human being, then you’re the sort of person I’d dearly like to avoid forever, as you’re clearly a small-minded simpleton.

          Or, to put it terminology you might properly grasp, seeing as you may be some sort of semi-evolved troglodyte –
          Bitch, shut your fat fucking face.

      • Kingkaor

        That, and the Oblivion Crisis won’t occur for another week or two, if my dating is correct, so Kvatch is fine….for now.

    • Trance

      There’s a whole world of videogames out there if you don’t have the attention span for this.

      • Zerithos

        And then another world of webcomics. And a world of books. And an actual world.

    • David McKee

      > Kvatch … still hasnโ€™t burned down.

      And our protagonist is:
      a) having problems with uncontrolled fire
      b) attempting to see a red-robed cultist, which probably means daedra worshipper and Cult of the Mythic Dawn.

      Give it time. And probably not long.

      (The amount of burny, burny death around most oblivion gates is pretty limited. Except Kvatch. Perhaps Katia will be responsible for the burning, but not the daedra?)

      • Katia ( Care ! still taking this name ! Katrina is my 4the name anyway!)

        OMG !!! I just found out katia had his fire thingie all along ! ยจ*stupid me*
        This has so absulotely nothing to do with this post, that I HAD to share this to everyone
        (who most likely already knows this).


    • swarly

      you realize that we will probably never see kvatch burn down because the great gate opens up after the hero escapes from jail. Since this is prequel and the starting spell if fireball which katia has this series will probably end with her going to jail.

      • Woodledude

        The fact that she’s also learned telekinesis, to a degree, leads me to believe otherwise, though it would be interesting, especially if Kazerad were to then go through the Oblivion storyline. Then again, it would be far more interesting if she weren’t the hero. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Armael

      It’s called prequel for a reason.

    • Jirky-Kake

      My mind just had an mindsploshin following after the DUN DUN DUUUN and then my entire body blew up. Now I feel depressed cause now I have to wait… AGAIN .____.

    • Guest

      damn this comic has had so many updates in this past year then ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The Whicher

    I can sense you Climax! You wont hide from me!

    • Kiera

      …Said the actress to the bishop =3

  • I just realized that Khajiits only have 4 fingers on each hand.

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s canon that all playable races in TES games have 5 fingers. That’s just a cartoony way of drawing hands. It’s easier than drawing all 5 fingers. Should Kazerad one day choose to draw Katia’s hand in extreme close-up and in high quality (like the one time when she examined the ring she looted), I think he would draw all five fingers. Maybe. Or maybe he would choose to stay consistent.

      • Jirky-Kake

        Pfft… Five and four fingers are to mainstream now. Why not 6? Or 3? Or 47 bazilion! =D

        • dude

          Shut the fuck up and go listen to a shitty band.

          • Jirky-Kake

            Awww, well if I’m forced to do so by some little shit, i guess one direction here I come…

          • dude

            I’m sorry, I mistook you for a hi.. a hip… a hipsss..HIPSTER. Please do not go to such extremes just because I told you to. Also, do not call me “some little shit”

          • Trance

            Didn’t Kazerad already tell you once to be nice?

          • dude

            Well,here we go again
            *multiple gunshots*

      • Dagda Mor

        Personally, as an artist, I find it easier to draw five fingers. Four is less to draw, but harder for me to make look natural.

    • dude

      Are you legitimately retarded? Thank you Kaz!

      You’re welcome, but please be nicer to other commenters! -Kazerad

      • dude

        I have failed you

        • Tech

          Dude! nooooooooo…

          • Some Git

            Don’t cry, Tech, don’t cry. He is in a better place, now.
            *Manly tear of sorrow*

          • dude

            You care about me that much? Am I of the elite, the best class of commentators?
            Well known among some circles? Perhaps. Or maybe you just care about my comments.

          • Kharn V’endrall

            Kharn calls dibs on the loot.

          • Zerithos

            What loot?

          • dude-ghost form

            You shall not have my loot!

  • ScienceGuy

    It seems like Sigrid is causing magical nightmares to the entire town, not just Katia.

    • Strange Quark

      What? No, she JUST said she’s been having these dreams since she was a little girl. Err… kitten.

  • Miauw


    I like where this is going.

  • Daniel

    Interesting. Will the next dialog attempt go to somewhere?

    • Hakaru

      Leave, before I get my cultist friends.

  • tronn

    Dun dun dunnn!

    Also: yay update!

    Additionally also: yay my comment got picked!

  • someone with too much time

    Where is this going? Is this guard gonna become another significant character in this story? I would laugh if he was secretly one of the blade and is with the emperor when he escapes though the cell. Just a random thought.

    • Kharn V’endrall

      well, on a quick search of Kvatch and its inhabitants, Captain Gaius Atrum is not actually a person noted to have lived at all TES lore, making him an original character. According to the uesp wiki, Salvian Matius was guard captain during the Oblivion Crisis.

      but that’s just something to note lore-wise… which means this guy, yeah probably going to become an important character. (perhaps briefly, who knows)

  • M

    So the captain has bizarre nightmares too? Now that is interesting… And explains his funny personality.

    • Brock

      Katia had nightmares about evil kings and is now afraid of royalty.

      Wanna bet this guy’s been plagued by nightmares of cultists?

      • Zerithos

        Who else has been having eeeevil dreams? I wonder…
        Also, the dreams could be how the main character can stand around for years on end without sleeping.

  • Hellbud khajjit

    I sense Vaermina is causing thi- WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE.What if sigrid is Vaermina?
    (๏ฟฃใƒผ๏ฟฃ) I have my eye on you sigrid….

  • RascalNag

    The plot thickens…

    • Jirky-Kake

      So thick it needs to be spelled with a q.
      Thiq… Better.

  • NoriMori

    Holy shit!

  • MrTimotei

    I hate to be off-topic with the story, but does anyone know where to submit fanart? Do we just comment a link to it on the Fanart page?

    • I suppose you could just send it directly to the creator.
      Other than that, I people do tend just drop links on the Fanart page.

    • dude-ghost form

      Love the icon, great game, great company, and the company started a great anime

      • MrTimotei

        Wait, I got most of that. But, what anime are you talking about?

  • unclechoo

    Quick update is quick. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nilithius


  • Lesair

    Oh man…. I have a feeling since that guard is determined to pin Katia down as a cultist, she might get this whole Kvatch invasion partly blamed on her…. Wonder how this will throw down…..

    • HazardousHarry

      Bugger, now THAT would suck.

    • Sudden Realization

      Holy balls, what if she stumbles upon Sigrid and Priest-Boy starting up the Siege of Kvatch and gets blamed for starting it, then gets sent to the Imperial Prison to save Cyrodiil?

      • Lesair

        !!!! You just blew my mind.

        • Zerithos

          With a shotgun.

  • HazardousHarry

    Oooh, I like where this is going. We should ask him about his nightmares, tell him we’re having nightmares as well.

  • The Hooch


    … THICKENS. O.o

  • RoteKatze

    Ooookaaay… This has suddenly gotten oh-so-much-more interesting…

    • The Hooch

      THE PLOT (thickens…)

      • Jirky-Kake

        The plot “thiqens”

        • not gonna hate

          its thicker than chocolate pudding!

          • Kharn V’endrall

            This one thinks it is closer to the thickness of an Orc’s skull

            Trust Kharn, they are much more difficult to crack.

          • Zerithos

            Troll skulls. I can drop dragons and tons of rocks on the things and they still just sit there with their three eyes… just staring at me… staring…

  • ikearat

    Great update, and thanks again Kaz!
    Also, thank you for actively participating in the comments forum. That’s a big part of why we love you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David Argall

    This will probably end with Katia being attacked and maybe jailed, but the captain may be the way to end those nightmare. She has got to investigate further.

  • theplunderking

    Well… now we are starting to see some plot movement again. Think i just kinda experienced a double take there. I had one of those “oh shit” moments. As a side note good to see the update speed increase too. God knows i couldn’t do something like this though. To lazy to do all that work lol. Good work on this one and because i still have a past suggestion stuck in my head i have doubts that “prequel the animated series” would work out that well. Now if the story ever does come to a conclusion, than a video game in the style of hard rain/the walking dead would better reflect the whole “reader suggestion” thing kaz would be aiming for.

    • So your comment about ‘Prequel: The Animated Series’ caught me completely off guard since, for a moment, I too figured the same. Funny thing about thoughts is: with some critical thinking they tend to get out of hand… So might as well share everything I came up with, eh?

      I believe that you’re absolutely correct that an ‘episodic’ animated series format would be a bad approach. Don’t get me wrong: It is actually quite possible to pull off. However since each episode would have to be able to hold its own I fear that they’d have to drastically simplify the already laid down, very good character development in favour of numerous shorter subplots. Hence while it technically could work, I feel there isn’t much to be gained compared to all that could potentially be lost. If done badly it would severely diminish the whole story’s value, and the last thing I’d want is for it to fall behind on the more ‘serious’ parts which make up half of Katia’s personality.

      Now, a much better solution would be a ‘progressive’ format like the one usually associated with (good) adventure-fantasy animes. This way the focus is on the characters’ growth and the plot can be refrained from going too far off into the weeds. Nevertheless, there’s a catch… well… there’s a couple of ’em, but this is the most important one: You would need a roster of ‘equally developed’ protagonists to bounce the plot off of. ’tis important cause otherwise there wouldn’t be enough material to keep the story from becoming too one-sided, stale and/or unintuitive. Bluntly put, so far we’ve already missed a few very significant opportunities to bring in more main characters and doing so this far into the story arch might be considered too late. While it does get away with it in webcomic form, on screen it would prolly get burnt for it.

      IMHO, the best possible alternative would be an animated feature film. Since Katia is the main focus of this anyway, it isn’t as necessary to put as much thought into the other characters as would be required in the other forms. They will still need to fill a role (minor or otherwise) to provide context to the heroine, but essentially it is much easier to get away without having to do a lot of explaining. Plus the main protagonist’s development is easier to direct depending on which characters you emphasise and when. As such it seems to be the only way a screen based on ‘Prequel’ would ever be properly presented. I firmly believe that there’s already enough material to form an engrossing, well rounded storyline. Hell, if I knew all the spoilers about what will happen next (mystery-wise) I would’ve probably already tried my hand at writing a synopsis, just for kicks…

      I also wanted to add something about the ‘video game’ comment but… currently I just can’t seem to word it right…
      Oh well; it would be digressing from my main subject anyway. Hope reading all that wasn’t too boring for ya? ;P

      • Fancypantsman

        It wassen’t.

  • IronWill

    It’s probably illegal to charm someone and take all their stuff. Wouldn’t a certain murder-based Paladin of law and justice be interested in helping her? And since it’s perfectly fine to loot “criminal scum,” all that treasure just lying around would become available. Hmm?

    • Leo

      now you are thinking with portals…wait… uhh… I mean imperial legion soldiers of light and justice
      so like…. justice portals made of light and fists

    • Link

      You’re forgetting that Asotil thinks Sigrid is the most Wonderful and Amazing person in the entire world.
      Meaning he’s under her spell and would likely opt to kill/arrest Katia for being such Criminal Scum trying to slander poor Sigrid =P

  • FIRST? Also, wow, it was worth staying up late.

    • Kazerad

      Not first anymore! I sent your comment forward in time to Monday.

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          Jellyfish no!! You can’t reply to a post that hasn’t happened yet! You just BROKE CAUSALITY. D=

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            Or you could just use the side door

      • It feels even more special this way ยฐAยฐ
        -Stupid senpai noticed me moment-
        I’m totally telling this to my mom when she wakes up.

  • Nirassi

    Hey Kaz will we ever get to see who – or what – Katia worshipped when she was a cultist?

  • Morn Maethor

    Nigthmares… Vermina… Nightmares… Vermina… I see some sort of connection here, don’t you?

    • The Hooch

      Me: What did the dyslexic comic reader say to the bartender?

      You: Whuh?


  • xxdeadrose

    quick ask when he started having nightmares and try to ask him what he thinks of Sigrid ( maybe the nightmares and her brainwash spell are connected?)

  • Thelogicalone

    Well, I did not expect that. Maybe we’ll find out something about those nightmares that have been terrifying Katia since who knows when.

  • Nall

    Yay! Many an update was had. And holy Cr…ab cakes… -yes… crab cakes- that guy is scary when it comes to nightmares. Not to mention that Ms.Managain would have probably pummeled him into a pulp after those insults and cultist accusations. Hell, if I was lvl 20 I’d have given it a shot myself for her… but I’m only a lvl 15 customer service official.

  • Wazzen

    Katia: Interrogate

  • Logic

    Katia: You decide to interrogate the guard concerning these nightmares and perhaps any other information if he becomes less paranoid.

  • LUST

    Katia, interrogate the guard and do whatever the fuck else needed, then go behind a tree and masturbate or something while recording it with a magic ball. Then sell it as porn and make lots of gold <3

  • xKiv

    Comic readers: Mistake “post comment” for “post command” again and again, repeatedly and redundantly.

    • Thelogicalone

      Ain’t that the f***ing truth…

  • Tormuse

    When I saw l4tul4’s command with all the cat puns, I was sure that this page was going to end with Gaius bursting into flames. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mhm.

    Katia, say: “Niga hush yo mouf.”

  • TCook

    Katia: Bond with the possibly nice guard captain guy.

  • [insert name]

    “Oh am gee! You have bad dreams as well! *gasp* Darling we have too much in common! Dish! Dish! We need to talk nightmares darling. I totally keep having this one about a king. And he’s like totally stalking me or something, and he’s all creepy, and like, oh em gee, go away and stuff, Am I right?”

    What? He could secretly be a barbie doll and open up, you don’t know. XD

    • Thelogicalone


  • Kavek

    You now read the Guard Captains lines in the voice of Brian Blessed.

    • Trance

      I just tried that, and now I’ve gone deaf. Thanks a lot.

  • Leo

    you know… I think this makes sense, she’s had nightmares, and has been in a cult.
    The good sir has a fear of cultists, and similar nightmares.
    Perhaps the cultists are casting monochrome nightmares on individuals they want to induct to their cult.
    Think about it, a slutty khajiit, and a strong but paranoid guard.
    Perfect members…

  • varsaigen

    Could it be? Could he be having nightmares… about Katia?

    Could they be having nightmares about each other?

    • Zerithos

      I don’t think that some guard captain is royalty. Like really. He could be some random guy who just said, “Hey! I want to be a guard!” like half the population of Tamriel. Where do they get the guards, anyway?

  • moom241

    The thick plottens…

  • nik0l4i9wns411

    Shouldn’t she check if her shed at all ya know? If falls for the trick again she have t,n,a’s hanging out.

    • Kharn V’endrall

      This one thinks you should probably work on the coherency of your sentence structures, don’t get Kharn wrong, Khajiit can be hard to understand, but at least Khajiit do it in a literary fashion

  • nik0l4i9wns411

    her fur*

  • None of you hath took heed of my warnings, and for that you shall all suffer an eternity of the utmost horrifying night terrors, mortals.

    • moom241

      Oh blah blah blah.

      What next? Flickering lights?

      • varsaigen

        Knowing Vaermina? Nuerotoxin…

        oh, and nightmares.

        • The Hooch

          You’re thinking of GLaDOS.

          • Kharn V’endrall

            No, Vaermina had a sort of Neurotoxin as well.

          • Zerithos

            Miasma. Dude, Miasma. Anyway Vaermina, since some priest and a guy with a dagger can defeat you, good luck.

  • Curious Argonian

    I wonder if the only differences between their nightmares are the subjects of their fear. Its probably safe to say his is about cultists.

  • JJ

    What nightmares? Katia, this could be the same problem you have! Maybe everyone is plauged by these nightmares of something that awakens a dark fear in them. Royalty, cults, and who knows what else!

  • Ma’iq the Liar

    hmm this is an interesting twist, Ma’iq thinks that we may soon have a full fledged story here. Well more of a story then watching an errand-cat fail repeatedly.

    • Kharn V’endrall

      Hmm… This one thinks M’aiq may be on to something here. Perhaps Kharn should wait a bit longer before hope is lost.

      • nathan

        hmm perhaps Maiq is on to something, or perhaps the skooma is getting to Ma’iq again… Most likely a good combination of the two.

        • Ma’iq The Liar

          oh dear, Ma’iq appears to have developed a multiple-personality. Definitely went too hard on the skooma.

  • Nirassi

    Huh. Gaius is having nightmares and he has fear of cults, so his nightmares are probably about cultists.
    Katia is having fears and nightmares of royalty. Cultists. Royalty.

    Mythic Dawn?

    Emperor Uriel Septim VII?

  • Ask the Anti-Cultist about his nightmares.

    P.S. How's the eye?

    • Kazerad

      Holy crap, WordPress can do code tags? You guys teach me something new every day.

      • Andross

        Of course.

        It’s just only Aura Star has been the smartest one here, who knows how to use them.

        I haven’t because I just don’t give a shit and am still reeling from the incredibly fuckin slow updates.


      • You mean this site is actually a wordpress blog?

  • Warm Sands

    Just as a temporary reprieve from the endless barrage of suggestions and commands, I wanted to let you know that you are quite adorable, Katia! I believe in you!

  • the arlmer bloodline

    wow i love prequel and katia can’t wait for more awesomeness. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • the arlmer bloodline

      also i wonder if katia has full mental and bodily control code, may come in handy one day.

  • Terashi

    Wait, it really ends here? I figured since this started in 2011, it would have a lot more updates than this.

    I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just a bit… disappointed, I guess. I was really hoping there’d be a lot more.

    Nevermind that. I’ll shut my mouth and wait happily, politely, and patiently for the next update.

    • Terashi

      Also, this comment system could use a ‘preview comment’ button. *facepalm*

      Only ‘patiently’ was supposed to be italicised, to politely emphasize the word, not the rest of the sentence. That makes it look like I’m emphasizing the next update getting here like a douche.

      That was not my intent, and I apologize.

  • Kyle Hyde

    Updates do take quite a while…. and this is a really interesting update. Don’t leave us hanging, bro

    • Rage Inducer

      Err… not 100% sure on this but updates happen every sunday… these last few weeks were an exception t that because, lets face it, who’d make a web comic on holidays. The last two posts were somewhat on time.

      • Kazerad

        I try to update weekly or faster but sometimes I miss.

        Like now.


        • egg brother

          i dont mind. no need for excuses. your comic is awsome. no need to rush.

        • moom241

          I DO MIND! You have made a slight misstep, and for that, I hate you.

          • egg brother

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