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tegerioreo wrote:
Everybody except Gaius and Vaermina: leave.

Yes, go, shoo! Vaermina has important business to conduct.

Now. Mortal,” she begins, “Vaermina was being subtle so you would not have noticed this, but her earlier statements about your ‘nightmares’ were what is known among beings of great power as an ‘un-truth’.

“Actually, I gathered-”

In reality, I knew nothing of these nightmares – an occurrence most unusual for an omnipotent being like myself. To put it in the crude terms of a lesser creature:

Someone is screwing with us. They are giving you boring, stupid nightmares instead of my perfect, terrifying ones.

EmperorAgon wrote:
Ask about the possibility of another daedra or other being capable of sending nightmares. I’m pretty sure that whole “Only I can send nightmares” thing is a blatant, arrogant, and egotistical lie.

Your blood heats to a slight simmer at the insinuation that your nightmares aren’t terrifying (or at the very least, reasonably apprehensionifying), but you hold your tongue on the matter. “If you’re not the one behind these nightmares, demon, then surely you know who is?”

Few entities are capable of infringing upon my sphere like this, and even fewer would have the gall to try. But Vaermina has her suspicions.

Are you a vampire?


Are we in the province of Morrowind?


… Vaermina has exhausted her suspicions.

… Has it ever spoken to you?

“The cultist?”

The dream. A mask can hide a face, but a voice betrays the actor.

“Never, I’m afraid. Neither the nightmare nor the monster have ever made any attempt to communicate.”

A shame. Though in his silence, our dream-thief has left an unwitting clue: the curious calling card of one who values their anonymity.

Additional resource credit:
Squiggles – nightmare mural

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    Sworddog is always so cute.

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      o hai

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    Let Sworddog stay!

    • no let her go, just let her go. She is in a better place now.

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        A place with a ball!

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          yeah, sounds like fun…
          she is probably…
          having a ball

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  • Rob Kitsune

    Vaermina should totally speak with Katia

    • FelexBlake

      daedric, and a prince, Extra evil royalty. Fuck reasonable apprehension thats terrifying… to katia.

      • Alex

        Out of curiosity, why do we refer to this apparently-female being as a “prince”? Wouldn’t she be a Princess of Nightmares? I guess it sounds slightly less ominous, but still. Someone have the answer?

        • Lord of Mundus

          ‘Prince’, when talking about daedra, is just a rank. It is supposed to be a sexless term (like General). Also, whilst Vaermina looks female, she (it) actually has no sex; none of the daedra Princes do.

          • TheLogicalOne

            For a moment, I was suspecting Sheogorath…This does seem a bit like him…Our dear friend, Captain Gaius, is paranoid of Cultists…Paranoia can turn into insanity, madness…Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of madness and all that stuff, so…

          • hexidimentional

            yes but a distinct lack of cheese…..

          • Dragon

            …Prince of madness, creativity and cheese? Seriously, who came up with that design?

          • dramspringfeald

            Does it now?

            Long ago I ran into something called Head Cheese. it had the consistency of ground Mushroom and tasted like salted ass.

            The “Cheese” was made of Pig brain and would have been popular in the older centuries. Given what Sheogorath is he could EASILY be talking about “our cheese”

          • catchTwentythree

            It doesn’t have the mark of Sheogorath. He would get intensely bored doing the same thing over and over, I think. It’s all much too sane for him, and of course seems to be tied in much more closely to Mehrunes Dagon, since the cultists presumably involve the Mythic Dawn and the King is Uriel Septim VII.

            … Presumably.

          • Selbin

            -Actually-, at least one Prince does have a gender. Azura is female, as she used to be a mortal and remembers her time as a female chimer (the dark elves/dunmer before they were that).

        • nobody

          Fun fact: historically, “prince” was a gender neutral term.

          @Selbin Where are you getting that from? Azura was always a Daedric Prince, and while she chooses to appear as a female Dunmer, she is only female on a superficial level.

  • Inacio

    I need more updates! This is getting so so good.

  • Futil

    I love what you are doing with the entrance to Vaerminas ‘rift’

    • The Slumbering Crocodile

      As do I. A portal that breaks the fourth wall is very Elder Scrolls-ish, if you’re familiar with the cosmology.

  • kurry

    There doesn’t seem to be as much reader input as before… are you not getting a lot of commands, or are you just spacing them out??

    • Alex

      I imagine in a flashback we have less control over what’s happening. Especially one as straightforward as this.

  • Sninjo

    Ah this made my night so much better
    Thanks a bunch Kaze

  • Vaermina has a very… Interesting art style?…

    • Hope

      . . .
      Wait a second. Isn’t that the picture Sigrid showed off to Katia when she was tricking the Khajiit?
      and didn’t she say she painted it herself?
      *Goes back to check*

      • Machre

        Actually, if knowledge serves me right, she said she paid to have it painted. Something like that.
        I don’t recall her saying she painted it herself. 🙂

        • Hope

          Ah, I see. :3

        • Galen-Ra

          She also said it was 100,000 Septims! That’s one expensive mural!

  • BaronvonSomething

    “In reality, I knew nothing of these nightmares – a occurrence most unusual for an omnipotent being like myself. To put it in the crude terms of a lesser creature:”

    Should be “an occurance,” there, Kaz. My first typo point-out!


    • Kazerad

      Congrats on your first typo slaying! You murderer! Thank you, though. You win the prize!

      • Telegraph

        He likes to help.

      • andwhyisit

        “Reasonable apprehensionifying” is wrong. It should be “reasonably apprehensionifying”. -_^

        • Kazerad

          You’re right, that’s much better. Changed!

      • pipefan413


    • CountHasildor

      Except for the fact that the correct word is actually “occurence”, making yours a typo correcting a typo within a typo. Typception. Sorry, I just had to.

      • Nibor


        According to google and the wikitionary, it’s “occurrence”.

        … So… we’ve gone from typception to a typcycle. 😐

        • Zerro Nyur’Mwear

          Wouldn’t that be a typocycle? because a typcycle is an icicle made out of the essence of typo.

          • thefirstonethere

            Type 2 diabetes.

  • Ransom

    Hope sword dog doesn’t hurt himself getting that ball.

    Hmm, a puzzle indeed. I’m stumped as to what could be causing all this. But then I’m not well versed in Morrowind lore.

    • TheMuralWasAnInsideJob

      There’s this one god, none of the other gods liked him much, so he was ripped to pieces.

      He’s mostly okay with that, and acts dead to keep the other divinities happy.

      He is, however, suspected of adopting mortals and imbuing them with great destiny…

      • D. G.

        TL;DR I’m guessing the entity taking over Gaius’ dreams is Dagoth Ur.

        In the lore of Morrowind, it was often that you would have prophetic dreams of several different varieties depending upon where you were in the main quest. Sometimes you would have dreams of “a man with a golden mask” (who was Dagoth Ur, calling on the player to join his Sixth House). Dagoth Ur would often reach out to mortals and possess them through their dreams (these were the ones who ended up as either the Dreamers or the Ascended Sleepers, depending on how evil/powerful they were). This is what happens during the Third Dream (before the player has officially become the Neraverine):
        You dreamed that a tall figure with a golden mask spoke to you, but you understood not a word. He smiled, and seemed pleasant, but when he reached to touch you, it terrified you, and you tried to escape, but you couldn’t move. You tried to cry out, but you couldn’t make a sound. The figure kept smiling and talking, but you felt sure he was trying to cast some sort of spell on you. When you woke, you couldn’t recall how the dream ended.

        What’s interesting about this is that, because this is a Prequel to Oblivion, and because Oblivion starts exactly when Morrowind ends (when Dagoth Ur is defeated by the Neraverine and he loses all of his powers to affect people’s dreams), that it’s plausible that the dream entity could be the head of House Dagoth. But I’m guessing that that’s why Vaermina asked if he was in Morrowind or not (presumably Dagoth Ur only had influence over the residents of the isle of Vvardenfell and not much beyond that, though this is never mentioned in the game). You see, Morrowind begins with the blight curse begun by Dagoth Ur in 3E 427 and the game ends some undetermined amount of time between then and 3E 433 when the Oblivion Crisis occurs at the beginning of the game Oblivion. That makes a Prequel a pretty good time for Dagoth Ur to retain his full powers of dream-infestation.

        • Bmark

          yea i think thats what vaermina had in mind with the morrowind mentioning.
          im also certain that this story isnt going to have something so predictable through lore.

        • M

          Wouldn’t Dagoth-Ur have gotten destroyed by the Nerevarine already? (Albeit probably fairly recently.)

          I guess it could be him, but I don’t think it is anyone from Morrowind (Especially because Vaermina lampshades this as well.)

        • Nope

          That timeline doesn’t make any sense unless you think it took your character SIX YEARS to run a few fetch quests. Also Oblivion confirms that Dagoth is long dead and the Nerevarine gone to Akavir by this time.

          • D. G.

            My point is that we don’t know how far prior to the events in Oblivion the story of Prequel takes place. It could be six years for all we know. Or it could be one week.

          • xKiv

            Well, we know her birthday is 8th of Sun’s Dusk, 413, and later she mentioned she’s 19, so it’s at least sundusk 8, 432.
            The game begins 27th of Last Seed, Third Empire, year 433.
            That’s not even 10 months difference, so it can’t be six years.

            Also, I just noticed first comic says “… withdrew the rest of your inheritance” …
            Inheritance? Her parents are dead? Did I miss something?

        • Lirance

          Dagoth Ur is dead, bro.

  • Mori

    Vaermina’s actually pretty awesome

  • Anon

    I find it interesting Vaermina has a ball perfect for fetch in her robe.

    • M

      I thought that was both funny and kind of adorable.

      But I suppose she can just summon/create a ball anyway. Just love how she did that.

    • LP

      Dang. So this is how the Orb of Nightmares entered reality. It really was foolish of that daedric cultist to leave the room and allow Vaermina the chance to do something like that.

  • Sara

    I like how she’s looking at us.. >_>;

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    Wow Kazerad! You updated on my birthday! Thanks for the awesome present 😀
    You are the best!

  • Rav

    It is us, we are the nightmares! Can you not see, she’s looking right at us, into the infinite void that is the 4th wall, she knows! SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH! ~ player.modpcs illusion 100 IM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE! *casts invisibility*

    • Dan

      player -> setillusion 100

      • Midaves

        tgm is probably easier, and is bit more satisfactory. WHO IS YOUR DADDY NOW, VIVEC? *Uses the new and shiny Muatra 2000, for all your spear needs!*

      • Rav

        i have never tried that way…

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      Are you trying to make Gaius acquire Chim on my watch?

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    Oh lord these updates are super fast.
    Not that I am complaining.

  • tronn

    I God, I realized that so far Kaz has been shielding us from the full brunt of the nightmare mural. Thank you for the conveniently placed pot of paint! Blessed be the box lid of sanity!

  • cake

    goddammit Kaz, stop showing me that mural.

  • EightGoat

    Well, this is a prequel to Oblivion… Uriel Septim was talking about how he saw the player in his dreams and how he had seen that he’d die and seeing yourself die is what most people would call a nightmare, not a dream. Uriel also said that the Nine gave him his visions (if I recall correctly), so wouldn’t it make sense that the Nine are warning Gaius about the fact that he is about to be torn into pieces by daedra summoned by cultists? Wouldn’t some random Kvatch guard interpretate a creepy dream with a cultist as a nightmare and not some vision of the future?

    • Sheogorath

      Makes sense

    • Fancypantsman

      That…actually does make a lot of sense.

    • beepb0p

      But, if his dreams are anything like Katia’s, (and it is implied they are) they are most certainly not intended to worn him about anything at all!

  • Firehead

    Didn’t that giant thing in Katia’s most recent dream speak. She very well could have the key to identifying whatever is causing the dreams assuming her and Gaius’ dreams stem from the same source.

    • Tobi2500

      The king-monstrosity-thing didn’t talk. It was a golden light coming from above. The king-monstrosity-thing seemed confused at what was happening.it was looking up and it was like “What the hell?” besides, Katia was looking up, not at it.

  • Dan

    Some Aedra seems the most obvious suspect, but it is hard to imagine that these arrogant beings would say something like:

    “hey no”

    “stop being on fire”

    “come on that is
    like the exact opposite
    of what i asked
    you to do”


    • DD

      Sounds more like the voice was talking to the nightmare creature and not Katia, which is interesting too. Its Katias will subconscious or not that tends to set stuff on fire, and the dream director/sender didnt seem to be aware that the creature may not have chosen to be on fire.
      What was he/she/it asking it to do I wonder too? Id assume since shes been having the dreams so long its had enough time to get it right, so its been asking it to attack or scare her.

      • MaximumCarnage

        …I’m sorry, what? If you read the dialogue in that dream (posted above), it was clearly talking to Katia. Katia, who also was -incinerated alive- at the end of the dream. She was on fire, not the monster. o.O Clearly the voice was a third party, not the monster, that seems to expect more of Katia then the submissive fear response she’s had to the monster to date.

        And to be honest… she probably COULD stand up to it. There is a lot that foreshadows that she is capable of being a powerful hero. But whatever this shadow that is poisoning her dreams with nightmares is, it clearly knows what she is and what her potential is. That’s -why- it’s been haunting her since childhood. To make her fearful and timid, to keep her down by filling her with fear and self-doubt. A destined hero may never come to be so if squelched by their own failings.

        But there lies the rub – In the last two dreams, the creature has been FAR more violent and aggressive toward her. And why would it need to be, when it has been enough, for all this time, for it to merely lurk in her dreams and let her fear and imagination do the rest? Because she’s changing. She’s -defying- it. First, by trying to protect her friend. Quill-Weave’s very presence in the dream was an undesired element to the creature – having loved ones gives someone something to stand up for and protect. It went to correct this. She swatted it’s hand away.

        It got -pissed-.

        Even more so when she tried to fight back in response to killing the dreamshade of QW. In the next dream, Katia tried to communicate with it. Then tried to remain brave before it. Neither of which it liked at all. However… the text that appeared in the dream at this point was clearly not he monsters. Both Katia and the shadow looked up at this phenomenon in the confusion (the shadow in particular seemed to have a ‘wtf’ expression.). And when she again tried to be brave, it responded by impaling and incinerating her. At which point the text told her to ‘stop being on fire’, seeming to believe that she had the will, if she could muster it, to make that happen. And maybe she does.

        Point being, it was KATIA that was on fire. Not the shadow creature. It wasn’t even bothered by the flames around it, even if it had been engulfed as she had.

        The voice may possibly be whatever chose her to be a destined hero, or something that knows about it, and at least -appears- to approve. The shadow being on the other hand is growing more and more hostile the more Katia shows signs of bravery and free-will. Something out there very much wants to keep her from achieving her destiny. And it’s mad because until now, it’s managed to defeat it’s nemesis by keeping her from becoming a hero to begin with. So who is this, and why do they fear her, I wonder?

        In any case, I think it’s pretty clear that the golden words were not spoken by the shadow, nor were they commands issued to it, but encouragement for Katia. Is this a benevolent diety of the world, or a breaking of the fourth wall? Time will tell.

        • Tobi2500

          Holy shit that’s exactly was i meant with my previous comment. Also the DETAIL you put into that is amazing,good job!

  • Lonwyr

    Gaius remember that “not-cultist”-kajiit with a similar nightmare. It is possible that she can help you with this misery. After years every options has to be tried!

    (And if it’s not helpful – her face while first seeing this demon will be priceless.)

    • Michael

      This is a flashback. In this, Gaius hasn’t met the “non”cultist Khajiiti yet.

  • Nerfani

    Is no one going to point out the very Katia-esque Kajiit there in the mural?

    • Telegraph

      It looks male to me…

      • Kaze’aze

        That “male” has tits.

        • Telegraph

          Could be man boobs.

    • Kazerad

      Are you insinuating all Khajiit look the same, sir? You racist.

      • Galen-Ra

        Hahaa, that comeback had me wetting myself!

        • Goldcat99

          Your name…..

      • D. G.

        How long were you waiting to say that after all of this cultist business? 😛

  • hostergaard

    Interesting, if we also consider the dreams the emperor have of the Hero of Kvatch we might be getting a bunch of interlinked dreams regarding important people of the Oblivion Crisis. Katia dreams of the Emperor, the Emperor Dreams about the Hero of Kvatch, Gaius dreams about a Cultist. Who do the Cultist dream about? Should have asked the guy having a fire in front of Kvatch. Although, Katia could be considered a cultist.

    Reading up about the Emperors dreams, some claims that he had those prophetic dreams because he was a dragonborn, whose soul exist outside of time. Maybe Katia is a dragonborn? :-p

    • Michael

      Actually, because of the title “Prequel” we can assume that Katia is the Hero of Kvatch, especially considering that Kvatch is still, you know, not on fire. Also, Gaius is Captain of the Kvatch Guard, not what’shisface during the Oblivion Crisis.

      My thoughts on these dreams? They are warnings. Gaius, Captain of the KVATCH Guard is having a dream about a cultist. Methinks the cultist is wearing red robes. The Mythic Dawn opened the Gate to Oblivion to destroy Kvatch. The Mythic Dawn are cultists. Cultists in red robes. He is being warned of how dangerous they will be.

      Katia is having dreams about Emperor Uriel Septim the VII.The same man who will give her a very dangerous quest to save Cyrodill. These are warning her of her fateful encounter with Uriel.

      • tronn

        You shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on a single word alone. For example, a prequel of a murder mystery might detail the life of the guy who ends up being dead, not the detective solving the case. Instead of being the main character, it is just as likely that Katia is some nameless NPC that the hero of Kvatch kills for a bit of XP, or that she winds up in the cell next to the emperor Uriel Septim just in time to witness the beginning of a grand adventure.

    • Murder

      If Katia is the HoK, won’t that means she’s also Skyrim’s Sheogorath?

      Sheo doesn’t look like a female khajit to me.

      • catchTwentythree

        It’s generally believed that since there is no canon face of the Hero of Kvatch, the act of being Sheogorath eventually causes one to take on his characteristics. That is to say, when you’re a Daedric Prince, you’re going to wind up looking like what people expect you to– er, except when you don’t want to. I think the more important bit is that being Sheogorath means you’ll eventually be just as mad as he is, and you’ll remold your body to fit your madness.

  • Internet Buttstalker

    Gaius: Ask if the Nine Divines might be behind this, or perhaps it is Boethiah, whom’s realm is secret plots.

  • HoochieKookoo

    Has everyone forgotten that Sworddog is a girl?

    • Dragomok

      No, you’re not alone.

    • Link

      The actual term would be a bitch =P

  • dude


  • Vidiotdragon

    Someone should really fix that hole in the dimensions.

  • Loon

    Could Sheogorath be responsible for this odd business?
    Though the nightmares seem too… logical, to be of his work.

  • Calli

    I just found this comic today, and am loving it. I was hoping there were more pages between the first one and the last one, but oh well, it’s still being updated! I love your style, it seems to be sort of a half-cousin to Andrew Hussie’s style (the homestuck guy.)

    • Calli

      Whelp I am dumb as hell, this related to MSPA sort of so obvious there are going to be a few Hussie-related similarities. And I probably don’t need to explain who he is.

    • Alex

      Hi, I just discovered this, too! I hope MSPA-style web-narrative things catch on, if they can produce stuff as fun as Prequel!

  • Laufente

    Don’t look at me like that, it wasn’t me! D:

  • Akatosh

    I just want to go on record and state that we are not involved in this.

    • Alduin

      Daaad, get out of here. I can deal with this.

  • Michael

    Hrm. Methinks that it’s Nocturnal. Original owner of the Cowl of Nocturnal, which hides the wearer’s identity, she’s one of the few Daedra not inherently evil, and, to quote the Elder Scrolls wiki: However, that Nocturnal’s deception is not usually meant to be harmful or violent in the manner of Boethiah. Rather, the unknowable nature of Nocturnal is the core of her being, and serves no real ulterior purposes beyond being mysterious.

    Both Gaius’s and Katia’s dreams became violent because they (as in the dreams) were being threatened by the dreamer.

    • Nope

      NONE of the daedra are inherently evil (or good). We have official statements from Bethesda-folk on this.

  • Damn why do I love Sworddog so much?

  • Octane

    The game is apaw–er, afoot! Sworddog, fetch the travelling cap!

  • IWasSoulTrappedOnce

    Ask if there’s any way you can speak to her again if you find anything out. An easier way that doesn’t involve shady cultists or mages.

    Also: Does anyone else hear Pat Carroll’s voice speaking when they read Vaermina’s lines?

  • FrejaDK

    Gaius: Tell Vearmina that you have met Katia; another one with nightmares like these.

    • LP

      That’s really not the way flashbacks work. Unless Akatosh gets involved.

      • Galen-Ra

        There are so many people having this idea. Okay, by that I mean, like, 3. Let’s just break the dragon anyway.

  • Tobi Wan Kenobi

    Hm, that mural doesn’t look particularly terrifying. Hmmm… those people are awfully happy… maybe TOO happy. What can they be so happy about together like that? What kind of inconceivable evil could cause such a varied group such maddening joy!? WHAT KIND OF HORROR HAS BEEN UNLEASHED TO UNITE SUCH A DISPARATE COLLECTION OF SOULS IN SUCH INSANE JOCULARITY!?? MY MIND IS TEARING JUST IMAGINING WHAT SORT OF MONSTROUS, INDEFINABLE FORCE COULD BE BEHIND THIS!!!

    Also they’re all naked, and I’ve a slight phobia of nudists. Small chance of bias on my part.

    • A guy

      Or, they’re anticipating a gay orgy.

  • A guy

    Not Sheogorath, unless he’s trolling the trolls by trolling poorly. And effectively.

  • furnut

    LOL at sworddog…needs to throw a ball as she doesn’t understand the frantic hand spasm.

  • Dalen Vreth

    It could just be my lovecraftian leanings, but I’m putting my drakes on Hermy-Mora… If anyone knows how to mess with dreams, then so does he. Also, I’d love to see the trip-tastic panels that’d result from ol’ tenticles making an appearance.

  • Dalen Vreth

    Y’know…. it suddenly occurs to me that that summoner is unduly strong for a mage…. and the sprite it’s based on was also recolored and used for Mannimarrco, wing of worms…. just something to consider.

  • Kingkaor


  • Erhannis

    By the way, I noticed that the first image doesn’t loop like the others.

    • Trance

      Where he slams the stick into the floor? It loops for me.

      • Erhannis

        Huh, yeah, loops for me now, too. Dunno. May have been the computer I was on.

  • zuke

    we need katia to speak to her eeriness since our favorite drunkard cat’s dreams have spoken a few times

  • Link

    Vaermina is quickly turning out to be one of my favorite characters so far in this series =P
    She so sorta down to earth, for a daedric prince xD

    I would really love to see your take on Sheogorath or Sanguine =D

  • SapientPearwood

    Argh! the Mural Burns!

  • Fishing4Food

    I have a sneaking feeling that last comment left by vearmina is directed to us, might just be her staring into my soul and making me dream of pineapples and strange cat ladys though.

  • beepb0p

    If any prince were to be behind this other then Vaermina, I would believe it to be Boethiah, who is, according to the UESPWiki, “the Daedric Prince who rules over deceit, conspiracy, secret plots of murder, assassination, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority.” Of His reason I am not sure, but seeing as the dreams seem to pertain to these aspects, I would guess that He is the one causing them. But of course, I could be wrong. I mean, what exactly would He gain from doing this..?

  • John Smith

    Gaius: There’s something hiding in the shadows. The darkest corners of your mind. It has purpose. Look past reality, through your subconscious and find it, then thrust it into the light. It must be done. Or the world will just drop away.

  • bobucles

    A plot big enough to intrigue a daedric prince? It seems that Gaius’ summoning has done more to please Vaermina than any cultist could ever hope to achieve. What delicious irony!

    Perhaps she left a calling card, should the mortal ever prove useful again?

  • Araph

    Jeez, that mural is terrifying. Has anybody else noticed that all the eyes are focused on either people in-universe or on the camera?

    • xKiv

      Half of them are looking at me, the other half are looking at Vaermina.
      Terrifying is about what I would expect from prince of nightmares, so … good?

      • zuke

        something else that’s scary about is only two of the seven are female

        • Calli

          Why is that scary, exactly? They’re just celebrating diversity! Naked diversity.

  • Loather of Irk

    How come Gaius isn’t scared of the green cultist guy?

    • catchTwentythree

      He’s not a cultist, he’s a College Mage.

  • tronn

    I was going through the archives today, and I noticed that in the picture story1365.gif (From 01/24/2013 update) you’ve forgotten to draw the lighter belly fur on Katia. So I, uh, thought that you might want to know so you can correct it. But it’s okay if you don’t, that’s cool too.

  • Alter

    Hmm, how could malog Bol be possibly involved in this?
    Vaermina must have had a reason to think of him…

    • Dan

      Vampires nightmares.

  • Beidah

    Stumbled on this recently and read through it in a couple of days. Now the wait for an update is agonizingly slow!

  • Andy

    Can’t wait for the next update

  • Kaze’aze
    • tronn
      • stupidjellyfish

        Gaius is as maladroit as Katia, apparently. Or maybe that’s Kazerad’s typically great writing that humanizes characters.

      • Kaze’aze

        Yeah, Tron, that was the obvious first of the series.

  • Qa´Khajit

    What if and Vaermina take Gaius to dream? that way we may find more tracks.

  • ragarth

    Huh, what if the magic golden text of yay is Vaermina. Did Katia have any nightmares between the date of Gaius’s talking to Vaermina and her one in the church?

  • Seeen

    >Please elaborate.

  • The Madgod

    Ask her to elaborate; How big of a clue is this and is it possible she can trace the source of your nightmares through other means? Perhaps… magickey ways?

    Maybe even ask if she is reasonably apprehensive of this sorcerer. You should know what sort of person you’re up against, so you can rid the world of this cretin.

  • Relth

    I cannot predict Gaius’s future, but what I do know is that his and Katia’s fates are inter-twine.

    Oh, sorry. A little late on that one.

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  • Someone

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  • Voice of random

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