Apr 192013

You note a tinge of disdain in the word “dream-thief”. Though cosmic happenings may be a mystery to you, a FEARLESS GUARD such as yourself has been serving long enough to know how thieves work.

“If this ‘thief’ you claim is infringing on your domain leaves no name, he’s not doing it as a show of power. He must be doing this for personal revenge against me.”

While vengeance against a mortal – especially one such as yourself – is certainly understandable and commendable, it does not explain the secrecy. Why enact revenge for so long if not to make the victim cry your name in blissful agony? Why hide your actions from the Lady of Infinite Tortures herself?

I mean, he could have just bought a custom nightmare from me if he needed one so direly. They only cost four souls. No need to get sneaky about it.”


What if there was a prize afoot? Something so powerful, it could drive one omnipotent being to trespass upon the sphere of another? Something so coveted that it would be kept secret, even from his mortal servant? So indivisible that its seeker would prefer me as an enemy than an accomplice?

You cock an eyebrow, keeping up with the demon’s meandering line of thought as best you can. “You’re suggesting my nightmares are part of some entity’s gambit to claim a mysterious… prize?”

Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s nothing but the meaningless proddings of a lesser Prince, or another of the Madgod’s vapid games. Or perhaps the prize exists, but your pointless dreams only exist to distract me from the dream-thief‘s true machinations. A red slaughterfish, if you will.

“You mean a red herring?”

There is no such thing as a red herring you daft fool.

Ransom wrote:
>Alternatively, ask her to speculate on why might someone want to constantly pester someone with such dreams? Something that would install an inherent fear, er caution with regards to say, a cultist, or royalty, etc.

distainfulCatalyst wrote:
>In case it’s any help to her, ask her if she needs more circumstantial details. Like, where you were when the nightmares began, when it was (as exactly as you can get), what you were doing at the time, and whether anything else of significance happened in and around that time.

Vaermina asks the question before you can.

Human. You spoke of your so-called ‘nightmares’ persisting for fifteen mortal years.

“Are those different from immortal y-”

Was there a particular… context under which they began? A date of significance, or a position in which they would influence your actions?

“They began the second of First Seed, year 419. I was serving as a swordsman in the Kvatch Guard, morning shift wall duty.”

How dreadfully mundane. And chronologically irrelevant, months and miles from any event of significance. Did the dreams drive a change in your actions?

“The dreams quickly taught me to be wary of cultists.”

Did cultists ever pose a threat to you?

“Cultists are always a threat. They just happen to never be doing anything wrong whenever I, or anyone I know, sees them.”


I am beginning to suspect this is nothing more than a rival playing against my curiosity. For all the signs of a calculating thief, there is no apparent goal or timing to his actions. The culprit moves with a pointless inelegance, almost as though ac-

Vaermina must leave now for reasons entirely unrelated to the secret theory she just developed.

  • ZanAzoth

    I do like your depiction of Vaermina greatly.

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            Purple unicorned

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            …wait, damnit!

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          • 10 to the 29nth-ed.
            There. Do i win a prize?

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            Infinitied +1!

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        my dick.

    • No offense, but I thought Vaermina would look more epic. But she kinda just looks like a creepy dark elf woman.

      • ZanAzoth

        I agree, I was more or less commenting on her attitude, and the way she approaches everything. It’s quite entertaining.

      • cake

        I thought it was appropriate. it reminded me of the encounter with Azura in Morrowind.

  • Name Required

    Is that a Skyrim logo i see?

    • Expresate

      No, that’s the logo of the Empire. Skyrim’s logo is just a chipped Imperial logo.

      • MentallyUnstable

        Because it was the Skyrim nords who helped St. Alessia forge the imperial legion under the blessing of the dragon god Akatosh in order to rebel against the Ayleids. Thus the dragon became the symbol of Imperial Legion and Dragonborn.

        The symbolism behind a chipped Dragonborn symbol on the skyrim logo is because the Empire has been dissing the Dragonborn heritage.

  • CriminalScum

    Hermaeus Mora called, he wants his book back… thanks..

    • Denis

      Did Hermaeus Mora write the Tamrielic History?

    • Hermaeus Mora

      Vaermina really should know better. That’s my favorite Tamrielic History tome, too. Perhaps I should go to Quagmire and get it back now. If I collect late book fees in the form of souls, and compound the interest on a monthly basis that would be…. Oh my, that’s a lot of souls.

      • Samuel McAfee

        Hermaeus mora. I care not for knowledge but my favorite tome is Myths of Sheagorath

    • Laser Sandwich

      But that book says it isn’t due until 8/3/2*10^421, which is a dementedly long time in the future.

      • Decumus

        yes but that’s in mortal years. Immortal years it was due last week.

        • Dan

          Does this make that book one of the Black Books?

      • Nah, man, the ‘e’ is Era, not a mathematical term.

  • xom

    No! Wait! We need to know about this theory which supposedly is not the reason for you leaving!

  • Gensek

    Nightmares about kings and cultists in the same year as the Oblivion crisis, but before its outbreak in Kvatch… Yeah, nothing to worry about. Probably just Sheogorath doing TOTALLY RANDOM stuff. Nothing to see here; move along.

    • 65534

      Probably just Sheogorath doing TOTALLY RANDOM stuff.
      Mental image: Sheogorath posting on /b/.

      • Terithian

        Sheogorath is /b/!

        • Galen-Ra

          That is one of the truest things I have ever heard! :’)

          • The Madgod

            Sheogorath’s a lot less malevolent than /b/ I’d think.

            /b/’s not really that looney… there’s a method to its madness, namley, cruel shock value and pure chaos, the former being somewhat Molag Bal’s thing and the latter being more Mehrunes Dagon’s alley, especially when you see that “revolution” is part of his sphere, which ties in rather well to the Anonymous movement.

            Or perhaps I’d just rather not see poor Sheogorath as the Tamrielic version of the asshole of the internet.

          • A guy

            Well, that’s 4E Sheogorath. Pre-4E Sheogorath… you’d want to scratch the “a lot” part, but he’s much, much more random than /b/ – aside from the obvious exceptional event, of course.

          • The Madgod

            Ehh I dunno. A lot of his murderous intent is done at random and in passing. He’s portrayed more as macabre than strictly malevolent, at least in my opinion.

            Of course this is all opinion, so to each their own!

          • cheesybob1

            Who is this mysterious /b/?

          • Bmark

            if you dont know, you probably shouldnt.

            but yea i can see sheogorath having some interest in and/or relation to /b/

      • Kingkaor

        That just made my day.

    • Sheogorath

      I believe I was mentioned…

      • The Madgod

        Hello me. Already on the scene! Everything’s being taken care of. No need for panic… unless you like panic. I prefer picnics though. Better sandwich spreads.

        • LP

          I’m… leaving now. Please, enjoy my remaining cheese stuffed entrails stuffed with meat, Madgod. You should particularly enjoy that the name has nothing to do with it is, as they’re neither made of dogs nor particularly hot anymore.

          • The Madgod

            Sure, why not! It’ll go well with my good, unhealthy, sugary bowl of lettuce.

            And some calm, refreshing, soothing high caffeine energy drink to wash it all down with. Yes, that’ll hit the spot!

    • catchTwentythree

      I recognize the sarcasm here, but let’s not forget: Sheogorath is crazy, but he is NOT random. He’s a madman, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t perfectly capable of weaving a madly circuitous, complicated, far-reaching, long-term plot, and pulling the whole thing off without a hitch. Quite the opposite! He’s the trickster god of the Daedric pantheon; everything he does seems random, but he is very, very capable of furthering his own goals and deliberately impeding other Daedra if he disapproves of their actions.

      Which he might, on a whim. Because he IS insane.

    • This could also be the work of Boethiah, the daedra of plots.
      And I smell a plot cooking up, not just a random coincidence.

  • Well, whatever it is she thought of, it seems that even a month wasn’t enough to resolve it.

    • Denis

      I bet this is where the story of Gaius ends. Cliffhanger!!1

  • GrayRman

    This is a pretty cool story. Can’t wait for the next update.

  • Pumpkins

    I couldn’t help but to notice this:

    “Human. You spoke of your so-called ‘nightmares’ persisting for fifteen mortal years.”

    “Are those different from immortal y-”

    “Was there a particular… context under which they began? A date of significance, or a position in which they would influence your actions?”

    “They began the second of First Seed, year 419. I was serving as a swordsman in the Kvatch Guard, morning shift wall duty.”

    419? 15 years? That adds up to 434, which heavily implies that this is in fact a SEQUEL which takes place AFTER Kvatch has been rebuilt. Were you using one of those mods that make it possible? Or was that just a typo and you meant 418?

    • Kazerad

      On the previous page he says “nearly fifteen years”. He’s rounding up.

      • Denis

        Psh, in my game Kvatch burned in 435th

        • Dova

          Right now the Skyrim civil war is going on as Kvatch burns in mine.

          • A Nameless Adventurer


            I just resolved the Skyrim Civil War and Kvatch hasn’t even started burning yet.

  • Steve Potluck

    I wonder what Hermaeus Mora charges for overdue library books.

    • Kingkaor

      A couple hundred souls. Or maybe a danish, I don’t really know.

  • Tormuse

    “Almost as though ac-”

    Aaah! What was she about to say? It looks like it was going to be something really interesting!

    • Beidah

      I’m sure the word she cut off is “accident”, but I’m not sure what this clue can tell us.

      • Raves

        I believe this could mean several different things. One thought is that something is doing this by accident, perhaps a creature of immense power is moving through reality and it’s mere wake is enough to inflict these Monochrome nightmares.
        Another thought would be that perhaps some sorcerer or daedric prince is casting a spell or using an artifact and by doing so is creating a secondary effect that causes these dreams.

      • Raves

        oooh! another possibility is that someone in the future or from another dimension is trying to warn someone in the past/other world but is only broadcasting bits and pieces and the EMOTION that goes along with it (possibly because the person they’re trying to communicate with isn’t there or doesn’t exist yet).

        Perhaps people in the future were trying to communicate with great heroes of the past and warn them about some horrific event that was about to happen… when something went wrong. Instead of a clear warning, the spell started causing these nightmares over a long period of time and much earlier in these heroes lives then was intended. Thus what was intended to be a warning has unknowingly caused said heroes to become irrevocably damaged mentally actually worsening their chances of stopping said horrors. Think about how different Katias life would have been if she hadn’t had these nightmares: she wouldn’t have forced her family out of their old home (which was a castle right?): probably would have been discovered as a mage much earlier instead of being swindled by some petty fraud of a mystic: And with how fast she learns she might have become a powerful mage of great renown.

        Same idea with beardsmcgee there, this is a man of steel and resolve. This man looks like he has the will to overcome almost any obstacle but instead his efforts were put into finding a cure for his sickness. Who knows how high in the legion he could have risen if he had turned his focus to increasing his rank.

        • Goldcat99

          Wait then wow holy shit that makes so much sense.

        • MentallyUnstable

          But then this man of steel wouldnt be in Kvatch to defend it from the first Oblivion Gate.

          And Katia wouldnt have ended up in the jail cell that the Emperor uses to escape the Imperial City.

          Akatosh, Mara, Talos, Zenithar, Julianos, Kynerath, Shor, and Stendarr work in mysterious ways.

          And before you ask, I hate Dibella. Almost as mush as I hate Molag Bal.

      • piq

        I’m sure you’re right about the word.

        & the ideas it inspires make me love this plot even more than before.

      • xKiv

        Perhaps Vaermina left an oven on?
        Or the bath overfloweth?

        • L333t

          Right… Definitely…

  • cake

    quick! who’s associated with luck?

    • N

      Either Kynareth or Nocturnal.

      • Fishing4Food

        Nocturnal?Dream Thief?Ohhh…OHHHHH….

        • technoWeasle

          this theory sounds VERY promising, but I doubt it is a daedric prince.

    • DD


    • Woolytop

      Gorbuck or whatever his name is? The orc bandit?

      • Tex

        please, don’t you remember our dear Gharug gro-Upp?

        • MentallyUnstable

          Ill remember that bastard when I piss on his rotting corspe

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  • Denis

    Vaermina pose in [url=http://sunlightinwinter.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/redherring.jpg]purpose[/url]

    • Denis

      this is totally messed up, you see ^

  • Star1412

    =>Kaita: explain how Sigrid robbed you blind.

  • NoriMori

    Oh god DAMN it!

  • Casey

    Kazerad, again I want to compliment you on your use of minute detail to expression. Such as the close ups of Vaermina after she says “Great”, her eyebrows move up just a fraction as her eyes do, and the corners of her mouth disappear as the idea begins to dawn on her. Fantastic good form sah! 😀

  • Michael

    The dreams taught him to be wary of cultists. Called it! 😀 One for me, just need two or three more, and my theory is proven true! Mwuahaha- I mean yay. <.< Now we just need to discover the intentions behind Katia's nightmares and who is giving said nightmares to them. Although, considering that it is a warning to Gaius to be very wary of cultists, the possibility opened up that it could be another Daedra other than Nocturnal, trying to bring together a few fateless mortals so that they can stop the Mythic Dawn cult before the summoning of Mehrunes Dagon places him permanently in Tamriel, thus allowing him to obtain a large chunk of power.

  • Voice of Reason

    Gaius: Express frustration and/or hope-crushing realization to Khajiit

  • RampantSeaTurtles

    Can any one give me the link to Katia’s dream where she walks down the stairs as you scroll down? It’s the one that goes crazy insane at the bottom with the king that I think had tentacles.

    • ThatMadCat
      • Alex

        I will never get tired of watching that.

        • Kingkaor

          Neither will I. It’s so delightfully creepy.

      • RampantSeaTurtles

        Thank you. I tried to find it, but couldn’t.

  • Power

    I am liking Vaermina more and more.
    Thanks for those terrifying dreams the other night, by the way. I enjoyed them greatly. (I am not being sarcastic.)

    Gaimus- Dont try to stop her from leaving. Although, before she leaves, perhaps ask what this secret theory is. Swear you wont tell anyone. It cant hurt to ask, can it?

  • egg brother

    i cannot post of the forum. why is this?

    • Kazerad

      I had the thread closed for a little while since the next few updates are already pretty set-in-stone right now, and there’s already a lot of commands that are still applicable. I wrote a little bit about it in the last post of the thread but I might put a note in a more obvious place if anyone else is confused by it, I guess.

      • egg brother

        ok, thank you for explaining

  • Hermaeus Mora

    Oh, yes completely unrelated to the secret. Not at all related.

    • Akatosh

      Hey, where’s my ‘suspiciously mysterious answer’?

  • Relth

    Does anyone else suspect that the gods are trying to tell Katia and Gaius something? Katia is obviously VERY powerfull since she managed to light fires even when silenced by a magic neck-lace. This story is called PREQUEL. It must be for a good reason. But I have no idea where Gaius…

    Oh, no. I just had a bad thought. If I’m right – and I hope I’m not – further down the road somewhere Katia will… hold Gaius’s fate in her hands.

  • Bluescale

    If unknown then probably Lorkhan.

  • Sylamorase

    I’ve got a terrible theory. What if Gaius and Katia’s nightmares are mutually exclusive, but Gaius’ actually have a purpose? Kvatch is burned due to the actions of the Mythic Dawn, so maybe his nightmares were given as sort of a warning, so that he would be more suspicious of cultists and keep them from gaining a foothold. BUT we’re in this segment because Katia is bugging him and demanding explanations about his nightmares, likely distracting him and keeping him out of place to stop and cultist infiltration. Following this theory it would actually be Katia’s fault that Kvatch burned, which would also fit the premise of the comic.

    • ThatMadCat

      Well Katia’s dreams are about royalty and we all know that the two things that are being dreamed of here coincide before Kvatch burning. I honestly think they’re both being warned. It’s just that Katia’s nightmares seem to have warped from the reason they were created, what from what the golden text has said in them a while back about the fire and stabbing to be the opposite of what she had told them to do.

  • BLU Soldier

    Great work on the characters Kaz, they are all awesome and very well developed. “The secret to perfection is imperfection” the “flaws” of your characters make them look very natural. Looking forward to the next post.

  • Canuhearmenow

    Maybe Vaermina is looking at it all wrong.

    What if an Aedra is trying to contact Gaius/Katia, rather than a Daedra?

    • Kingkaor

      Well, if the Dream King is supposed to be Uriel Septim, then that actually makes sense. Remember, Septim tells you at the beginning of Oblivion, he says that “he saw (the hero) in his dreams”, so…what if Uriel Septim is having similar dreams, but swap evil, tentacled shadowy dream him with evil, tentacled shadowy dream Katia?

  • thatguy

    is it just me or does the logo look like a butt from this distance…

    • Akatosh

      Bwahahaha! I told that one to Talos and he mentioned something about that logo and your butt being made to coincide. Keep an eye out for Wulf, or some such, he might pay you a visit.

  • L333t

    >Demand why she needs to leave so suddenly.

    • Kingkaor

      Better yet, deck her in the face. That’d be funny.

  • A Cultist


  • Hm.

    Vaermina may have figured out that the nightmares coincide to future events and not past events.

    Or she may have gone meta.

    Or she may be off to (intentional or not) provoke Mehrunes Dagon to start the whole damn game.

    Or she may be off to visit the Aedra to figure out what the hell’s going on.

  • Hari Seldon

    Ask Vaermina to reveal her secret theory in exchange for giving her some service.

  • bob

    Um if his nightmares started in 419 and he’s been having them for 15 years that would mean the year is 434 which is after the oblivion crisis started so Kvatch should be destroyed making this not a prequel but an alternate universe to that of ALL the elder scrolls games where the Mehrunes Dagon hadn’t invaded because of the mythic dawn and the emperor staying alive changing the course of Tamrielic history from that point on.

    • BIG THEORY here

      I theorized that the nightmares could have something to with past events that occurred in a life of someone that Gaius is related to. Not genetically related to, but he could be related to this person by soul.

      Gaius could have the soul of someone that died some time, and Gaius could be related to them in that way. The person that died was involved with cultists in some way.

      In Elderscrolls lore, it is possible for one to inherit the soul of somebody else that died!
      Souls can also be transferred from one body to another via a ritual. In this case, it is possible that Gaius might’ve had the soul of another being put inside him through some sort of ritual, and he probably doesn’t remember it.

      Gaius must seek and find what his soul ancestry is, and Katia should probably do the same thing to.
      His soul ancestry could be the soul of a being that is not even human, perhaps a dragon, a fiend, anything.

      Remember that from Skyrim, your character has the soul of a dragon. It’s soul ancestry.
      And the oblivion mod, “Tears of the Fiend” expands on the elderscroll’s lore and says that you have the soul of some fiend.

      Remember, Soul Ancestry

    • Oh, sorry for another post, not trying to spam here but, to the person above me, he’s most likely means 3rd Era, 419. That is just two years after Dagoth Ur gets the Sunner and Keening. He’s probably not talking about 4th era 419.

      #rd era 419 + 15 more years = 3rd Era 434.

      Oh wait, you’re right. That’s only 1 year after the Crisis. It’s very strange that Kazerad would put this story in just one year afterwards. The fact that Kvattch was rebuilt that fast is also strange.

      Katia > Ask Gaius about this town’s history.

      • Alex

        It’s “nearly 15 years.” Gaius rounded up.

      • Goldcat99

        Yall know he was rounding up right?

        • So if he was rounding up, then the time he spoke to Vaermina was probably just a few months ago, and right now in the current story, the attack can happen anywhere between months from now, to seconds from now.

          Also, don’t forget about my post about “soul ancestry” for that could very well be the case.

  • Arctellium Nazur

    Katia: Delicately mention that you’ve heard a voice in YOUR dreams, and suggest that Vaermina be summoned to inquire further. It’d also give you a chance to get close to Sigrid and. . . do. . . stuff.

  • David Argall

    “Vaermina must leave now for reasons entirely unrelated to the secret theory she just developed.”

    You will please pardon me for not fully believing this statement.

  • Alex

    So how do you pronounce “Vaermina”?

    • Staada

      If you look on youtube you should be able to find video clips from the Oblivion and/or Skyrim quests about her and hear how NPCs say it. Though it may be inconsistent, I don’t recall. Some names are. (In-story this is probably due to regional accents or something.)

    • Kingkaor

      Vaer-mee-nah, I believe.

      • Eibhlin

        Yup. Totally pronounced vaer-MEE-nah.

        I only have to hear it said like every five minutes whenever I play Skyrim…

  • NineGoat

    Gaius is Sheogorath, no mortal may have a beard.

    • Sheogorath

      Don’t be absurd. He doesn’t have a beard. Obviously.

      That’s just an oddly furry mudcrab what has attached itself lovingly to his face.

  • Dan

    I have a theory that sounds absurd but is making sense in my head, and I don’t want it to: what if the two characters in the dreams are future visions of what the other will become? i.e. Katia will become a cultist and Gaius will become a king?

    • Blezmo

      No because his name is not Septim, Uriel, Titus or Mede

    • Dan

      How can Gaius became the king? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Tylor

    Katia probably has some important King-related destiny. I just hope it does not require dying heroically, Martin-style.

  • Hari Seldon

    Yes tell the guard about how the Mage’s Guild robbed you blind because they are SECRET CULTISTS.bb

  • dtlux14

    “There is no such thing as a red herring you daft fool.” Oh god, I love that part. I also love this story, though I have taken a break from it the past 2 days, I need to get back into it. Hard to believe it’s been 10 days since I started to read it.